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Sebastian carefully lifted his hands to his mouth one at a time, using his teeth to pull his gloves off and tossing them aside carelessly. He gently ran his fingers through the fringe of hair covering Ciel's right eye, removing the eye patch that hid their contract from sight and letting that fall aside as well. He gazed at the pentacle that marked the child as his, a small smile on his lips.

Leaning down, he traced his tongue against the whorls of Ciel's ear, relishing the small shiver that coursed through the tiny body. "Do you trust me, Bocchan?" he asked, wanting to be absolutely certain.

Squirming slightly as his ear was molested by that crafty tongue, the earl frowned. "Of c-course I trust you." His breath hitched as Sebastian's teeth scraped his earlobe. "Just do it, already…"

Satisfied with the answer, Sebastian sat up to smile at him, long fingers running along the boy's cheek. They dipped to trace the lines of Ciel's collarbones, before calmly flicking open the first button of his nightshirt. Ciel's breathing hitched just slightly as Sebastian lightly stroked the tender flesh that was revealed, continuing down button-by-button, his touch never more than a gentle caress as he eased Ciel to relax against the pillows. The demon drank in the sight of the perfect skin, relishing how much better it was for Ciel to be willing. For a moment, his mind drifted to the look of fear his young master had worn when Lilitain was undoing his clothes, and he promised himself that he would never let that expression cross his master's face ever again.

Sapphire and amethyst eyes slid shut, and Ciel took a shaky breath. He wasn't used to being touched like this: so carefully, with the intent to cause pleasure instead of pain. Things like this had always been done to him, not for him. It had always been done for others' enjoyment. But now it was clear that Sebastian's aim was to make sure that he truly felt good. Still, he couldn't keep from whimpering as the last button was undone and the demon brushed the shirt open easily, letting the fabric pool on either side of Ciel's slender form. Resting one warm palm on the young lord's stomach, Sebastian reached up and began to pull at his tie. The offending length of silk was thrown off to the side to be retrieved later, followed by his already-unbuttoned shirt and waistcoat. The fabric slid smoothly from the demon's shoulders, and he immediately leaned down to catch Ciel's mouth in another warm kiss.

When he pulled away, his hand settled on Ciel's ribcage, his thumb leisurely rubbing circles over the delicate pink nipple and making Ciel whine. The child squirmed beneath the attention, his keening reaching a higher pitch as the demon began to pinch and flick at the sensitive nubs of flesh, feeling them stiffen beneath his fingertips. "S-Sebastian… Sebastian, w-what…?" Sebastian's hands stilled, and Ciel got his breath enough to ask, "Wh-What are you doing t-to me?"

"What do you mean?" Sebastian asked calmly, hiding his confusion at Ciel's question. "Does it not feel good?"

Ciel frowned slightly. "I-It does, b-but…" He shivered, and gestured vaguely at the area still hidden by his undergarments. "I thought we were… going to have… sex…" He attempted his usual assertive tone, but his voice got smaller and smaller as he spoke, until he was practically whispering, flushed with embarrassment. Somehow it made it worse, speaking their intentions out loud. This was a sin he had never dreamed of committing, after all.

Sebastian blinked dumbly, completely taken aback. Did Ciel really want to just…? But then he realized. His young lord's only experience in this sort of act was pain and rape. He knew nothing of the pleasure involved when lying with someone who truly cared for his well-being. The demon leaned down to kiss Ciel's forehead, and explained softly, "This is foreplay. It comes before the act itself, to make you feel good. Do you?"

Ciel nodded shakily, and Sebastian leaned down to catch a pert nipple between his lips. He savored the sharp moan he received, flicking his tongue lightly over the bud. Ciel writhed, unable to control his movements, and finally pushed Sebastian's head away. "Wait…" The older man obliged immediately, and Ciel sat up. "I want to… I want to touch you, too."

"Whatever you wish, Bocchan." Sebastian, faster than Ciel could know what was happening, flipped their positions so that the child straddled his lower stomach. Once Ciel recovered his bearings and realized their position, he blushed again, tentatively reaching out to rest one small hand on Sebastian's chest. Spurred on by the demon's encouraging smile, he ran both hands over the pale skin before him, ghosting over the soft lines of Sebastian's muscles. He shifted his position, settling into the cradle of Sebastian's hips and earning a small moan, and leaned down to kiss over his butler's heart.

"…thank you." he whispered almost noiselessly. It was… different, to be allowed to touch in return, to not be held down, to have some measure of control. Sebastian reached up to wrap his arms around Ciel and pulled him up for a proper kiss. His young lord very rarely thanked him for things, and he knew that this had been something meaningful to the boy. One hand stroked down Ciel's back, slipping past the hem of his undergarments to caress the soft skin at the base of his spine. Ciel didn't react adversely, and instead the child purred into the kiss. The demon shifted just enough to allow his hand access to the flat buttons holding that last layer of fabric closed, and when he had undone them, he let both hands run over Ciel's hips, pushing the undergarments partway down and letting himself feel how smooth and perfect Ciel's ass was.

Ciel squeaked in surprise as the demon began to knead the supple flesh, mismatched eyes meeting Sebastian's. The candle still standing on the bedside table made the demon's eyes glitter like rubies, betraying the hellfire that lurked just behind the gentle gaze. He gasped at all the sensations, a breathy moan escaping his lips, and Sebastian purred contentedly. The butler pushed Ciel's undergarments the rest of the way down, chuckling when Ciel kicked them away, and carefully shifted the child to the side so that he could stand. For a moment, he just gazed down at the pale, lithe body. Ciel was flushed and trembling slightly from arousal, a slightly puzzled look in his eyes as he looked up at his demon. His small cock bobbed lightly against his stomach, and Sebastian wanted nothing more than to see the child come undone and scream his name. But he instead walked briefly into the bathroom, returning with the bottle of lavender oil that he used to scent the water. He set it on the bedside table, and began to undo his own pants.

Ciel's cheeks burned with embarrassment and desire, but he couldn't tear his eyes away from the sight of all of his butler's bare skin. He finally managed to look away as Sebastian returned to lie beside him, and whimpered with need when he was pulled close so that their bodies pressed together. "Se-Sebastian…"

"Yes?" the demon asked quietly, his hands petting every inch of Ciel that he could reach. "Are you all right?"

"I… I need…"

Sebastian smiled. "Let me give you what you need, kitten."

Ciel would have bristled at the nickname, but at that moment Sebastian shifted to resume laving attention on his neck, and he mewled instead. The attention lasted only for a few seconds, and then the young earl wailed as Sebastian wrapped a warm hand around his aching arousal and began to stroke slowly. "Y-Yes…! T-There! Aaaah~"

The demon's hands were like magic, caressing the length, rubbing over the weeping tip, even gently manipulating his sac. Ciel writhed and squirmed and clutched at the pillows, unable to stop the sounds he was making. He'd never felt such pleasure in his short life. Everything, all the sensations, it was too much and not enough at the same time. He begged and cried out, pleas for more mixing with moans and Sebastian's name until he was barely aware of what he was saying anymore.

Sebastian smiled, licking his lips. He continued to tease Ciel higher and higher, watching his face carefully. When he could see the boy was close to his peak, he stopped, smiling kindly at the unhappy look Ciel gave him.

"W-Why did you st-stop?" Even near-delirious with pleasure, he still managed to look terribly irritated with his butler. Sebastian chuckled, reaching up to brush a lock of hair from Ciel's sweaty forehead.

"There are better things." the demon whispered, leaning down to kiss him again, reaching for his hands and lacing their fingers together. Ciel squeezed his hands, returning the kiss and trying to shift his body enough to press against Sebastian's. But the raven-haired man wouldn't allow it, keeping him pressed to the bed but also keeping aware of his reactions. If Ciel reacted adversely to being held down, he'd let go immediately. Eager kisses and disappointed whimpers were the only reaction he received, however, and he mentally admired the fact that Ciel was doing a wonderful job of pushing his fear away and enjoying himself. He pulled away, slipping the Phantomhive ring from Ciel's finger as he did so. He leaned over to set it on the side table and retrieved the bottle of lavender oil in its place. "This will feel strange, Bocchan. Do you still wish to continue?"

Ciel hesitated, swallowing around the sudden lump in his throat. He nodded slowly, and watched with trepidation as Sebastian uncapped the oil. This was the part that hurt, that horrific feeling of being ripped in two… He could still remember screaming himself hoarse, blood trickling down his legs and onto the filthy floor. But Sebastian had promised, Sebastian wasn't Them. Maybe it would be different this time…

He couldn't stop the small confused noise that escaped as he watched his butler dip just one finger into the oil before setting the jar aside. Sebastian smiled, shifting him gently to a better position against the pillows and nudging him to lift and spread his legs. "I have to prepare you, kitten. You are quite small and snug; I do not want to hurt you."

Once again, Ciel was promptly distracted from any indignation he might have felt at being called 'kitten' or 'small', this time by a sudden rush of comprehension and gratitude towards the demon. He had never been prepared before. For a moment, he was lost in his thoughts as he wondered how it was that humans could be more monstrous to one of their own than a creature of Hell. But Sebastian brought him back to the present with a kiss to his forehead and one slick fingertip rubbing against the entrance to his body.

Sebastian relished the small hitch of breath as he spread the oil over the small pucker. Meeting Ciel's eyes, he watched the child's face as he slipped that finger in all the way. Ciel's forehead creased with discomfort, but he didn't look to be in pain.

"Feels strange…"

"I told you, Bocchan." Sebastian kept his hand still, giving Ciel a chance to adjust to the sensations. Then he crooked his finger gently, searching for the tender bundle of nerves that would bring Ciel the most pleasure. He felt it beneath his fingertip and pressed, and the response was immediate. Ciel scrunched his eyes shut, blindly reaching for Sebastian. Pleased mewls spilled from his mouth, the sounds soft and kitten-like. The demon slipped an arm beneath Ciel's shoulders, lifting him up and allowing him to cling, hoping he would find the comfort he needed in the embrace. It would be torture if Ciel asked him to stop now, but Sebastian didn't want to frighten or hurt him.

He slipped the finger out, shifting his hold on Ciel so that the younger could nuzzle into his neck. Dipping his fingers back into the oil, he reached down again, this time pressing two into the tight entrance.

"Nnn…" Ciel whined, but made no move to stop him. Sebastian smiled into the little one's hair and tapped his fingers against that spot to make Ciel squirm delightfully against him. He scissored his fingers, slowly loosening the muscles, but when he added a third finger Ciel's grip tightened to something that would have been painful, had he been human. The child whimpered, "Hurts, Sebastian…" and his breath quickened.

Sebastian kissed his temple softly, using his thumb to gently stroke the edge of the stretched entrance before shifting to rub the sensitive spot just behind his soft sac. "Shh… The pain will pass, Bocchan. Focus on what feels good, and relax." He kept his fingers still, letting Ciel adjust to the intrusion.

When Ciel had finally stopped his muscles from trembling, relaxing against Sebastian, the demon very cautiously nudged a fourth finger against the tight ring. Ciel yelped, his short nails digging into Sebastian's shoulders, his face screwed up in obvious pain. The demon ceased the movement immediately, slipping his fingers out and just holding his master. "No farther with that, Bocchan."

Ciel looked up at him, still shivering from arousal and all the odd sensations. "B-But…" he whispered. "Don't you want me?"

Sebastian pressed a firm kiss to his mouth before leaning his forehead against Ciel's. "Of course I want you, Bocchan. It's almost unbearable how much I desire to have you for myself. But we will have to work a little bit at a time before I can take you without causing you pain. If, of course, the young master permits us to continue these… rendezvous?"

The blush that still lingered on the child's cheeks darkened again. "I-Idiot…" he mumbled. Sebastian chuckled softly, and the boy frowned at his butler before reaching down with one daring hand and running his palm over the demon's obvious erection. Sebastian gasped, having not been expecting the bold move, and Ciel beamed at his success in getting the older male to react before tightening his hand around the thick shaft.

The first thing he became aware of was that Sebastian was right. He was at least as thick as four fingers, and Ciel was nowhere near prepared to accommodate that size. Instead, the young earl tried to imitate what Sebastian had done to him, stroking and squeezing in a somewhat-steady rhythm. From Sebastian's reactions, including at least one genuine moan, he knew he was doing a good job.

Sebastian personally found Ciel's innocence, which in matters such as this he had somehow managed to retain, to be quite endearing. The fumbling, curious touches were terribly arousing, and he knew that if Ciel continued he would finish very soon. He shifted onto his back, pulling Ciel to straddle his hips once again so that their erections rubbed together deliciously, and ordered softly, in a husky voice, "Rock your hips, Bocchan."

Ciel obeyed without thinking, shifting back and forth on his demon's lap, moaning at the pleasurable friction. His voice rose in pitch and volume as Sebastian curled his fingers around both of their lengths together, stroking to match the rhythm of their hips as they moved fluidly against each other. For one brief moment of clarity, he was thankful that the servants' quarters were on the other side of the manor. Then he was lost, moans and whimpers and pleas for more tumbling from his lips like prayers. And always, always, they included his demon's name. "S-Seb-Sebastian~!"

The demon smirked, leaning up just enough to breathe hotly against the boy's ear, "Come for me, Ciel."


And Ciel did. His vision flashed white, all of the heat and pleasure peaking as he released across his and his butler's chest and stomach. Sebastian came just a few moments later, and he reached up to pull Ciel down into a passionate kiss that was eagerly reciprocated. When they broke apart, the demon rubbed his thumb over Ciel's bottom lip and asked quietly, "Are you all right?"

"Yes…" Ciel murmured, his voice sleepy and content. "Thank you…"

Two expressions of gratitude in one night. The demon figured this must be some sort of record. But he understood the sentiment, and he sat up to smooth Ciel's hair before laying him on the bed. It was the work of a moment to fetch a washcloth from the bathroom and clean them both up, and afterwards Ciel immediately reached for the covers. He curled himself into the blankets, the perfect picture of a sleepy kitten, soft and warm, and Sebastian couldn't resist nestling up against his back and draping an arm over him. The child made a tiny noise of surprise, rolling over to look up at Sebastian.

"You're… not going to leave?" he asked, his voice barely audible.

Sebastian shook his head. "I had no intentions to, but if you do not wish me to stay…"

"N-No!" Ciel said quickly. "It's just… It's inappropriate. My parents were unconventional, but most couples do not sleep in the same bed, even after… something like this…"

"Oh?" Sebastian chuckled softly. "Are we a couple now, kitten?" He watched with delight as his precious little master turned the color of a strawberry and hid his face in the demon's chest. Resting a hand in Ciel's silky hair, he soothed, "I am only teasing, Bocchan. I will stay if you wish me to; after all, I do believe enough 'inappropriate' acts have already been carried out tonight. One more will do no harm."

The child huffed something that might have been another insult and nuzzled into Sebastian, drifting to sleep quickly after that. Sebastian smiled fondly, continuing to pet his hair for a few more minutes before deciding to indulge in some sleep himself. He shifted so that Ciel would be more comfortable and closed his eyes, wondering how he had ever gotten so lucky. After all, when the contract had been formed, he had never expected it to come to this. A lazy, content smile curled his lips, and he followed his small lover into dreamland.