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Saya rose without warning, and although Haji had his arms around her frail form to help her, she needed no assistance. Something had happened in her head inside those brief moments of unconsciousness, sprawled on the white emptiness. She had been trying too hard the whole time, trying to listen to her head rather than her heart. She knew now, what it was she had to do. She had only to do it.

She turned back to Haji, who was staring at her with his neutral green eyes and expressionless as ever, although she knew he was waiting for an answer. She could barely imagine what he could possible feel about this mess, about this whole, horrible, confusing, taunting ordeal. She gave him the best answer she could- wrapping her arms around his neck and gently pressing her lips to his. A single, pearlescent tear rolled down her cheek, and it fell to the space beneath them. Pulling away ever so slightly, she gave him a genuine smile for what she knew would be the last time in a very, very long time.

"Its time, Haji." Haji stepped back slowly, carefully, as though she were a house of cards that he could destroy with the slightest, very gentlest touch. The look he gave her was not one of happiness; it was hope. Hope that she would make what he knew was the right decision in the very recesses of his mind. Hope that she would never regret it. Hope, even, that he wouldn't see her for millenia. Saya had to keep sharing her beauty with the world; she wasn't finished yet. He knew she would be, someday. Just not today. Haji smiled back.

"Goodbye, Saya." She reached out to take his hand in hers, intertwining their fingers one last time. She squeezed it tightly, mentally keeping herself from throwing herself back into his arms. She knew she had to be strong, to be the warrior she knew was buried inside the dark parts of her heart somewhere. He squeezed back, and she let their hands slip apart.

She knew her smile was watery and shaky as she gave him one last look, pinching the bridge of her nose as she turned slowly away from him, head down. She had to pretend he wasn't there just to walk away, concentrating on putting one foot in front of the other, venturing into the unknown -and suddenly beautiful- white. And as she felt the drowsiness coming on, Saya smiled once more, ready to go back. She knew this was what she was meant to do. But when she collapsed to the ground, Saya made sure she glanced back in Haji's direction. Over her shoulder, she saw the shadow of him one last time.
And then it was dark.

Saya's eyelids fluttered awake, her face pressed into the dusty, rocky ground. She could feel rough silt slipping up her nose as she breathed in and her nostrils burned, her wounds that covered her entire body assaulting her mind with an impossible intensity. She pushed it all away, lying there in the dirt with her face pressed to a jagged rock. An awareness of fabric on her fingertips crossed her mind, and her eyes widened slightly. The sword. Her sword. Her grip tightened instantly on the solid wooden handle, and she drew the arm in. One by one, she brought in the rest of her limbs until she could push herself up off of her crimson, scraped knees.

"Hello, sleeping beauty. It's been a full half hour, you know." Nathan grinned hideously when she met his shining, beady eyes. They were alive with blood lust and yearning, absolutely the eyes of a murderer. She did not reply in words, but in actions. Straightening her back and lifting her head on what felt like a broken neck, Saya glared at him and raised her sword once more, holding back a slight smile.

Saya Otanashi was ready to fight.

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