Title: Knightess

Summary: First in a series. Sir Andrew...a knight like no other. But this knight has an astonishing secret...Sir Andrew is actually a she! And because of this secret, both Morgana and Arthur fall for her! Oops? ArthurxOC, MerlinxGwen

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Rating: T

Silent Knight: Now, I'll always love Arwen [Arthur/Gwen], but I decided to go ahead and write an Arthur/OC. Don't hate me, please - but...just give this story a chance, would ya? That's all I ask.

Now, hopefully this story doesn't come off too cliche, you know - girl acting as a guy, becoming a guy, falling in love with the Prince...er, is there ever a story like that? I'm not too sure, but still, hopefully it's not cliche. Also, while it does follow Merlin, I am going to change a bit of the stuff around - like, for example, the order in which the episodes were aired. Hope you guys don't mind too much!

Remember, I don't own anything, except for the country Ergon, Andrea/Andrew, and the Wigum family! Everything else belongs to BBC. Duh!


Prologue: Coming Clean

Andrea Wigum would never truly understand Arthur Pendragon.

He was different than the Princes she had met, but at first she had thought that the differences were bad different. He was rude to people he had never met, never known, hostile, a jealous git, an arrogant fool simply because he could be, acts so careful for Camelot yet is clueless and careless half of the time about other things that are just as important as Camelot, and, well...the list just goes on.

But she should have known not to judge a book only be its cover.

On the inside, Arthur Pendragon was so different. He had multiple things that made him different than other Princes, but good different. He cared for people that he knew were in great need or in great danger, he saw beauty in things that people sometimes overlooked, if he got used to you he'd do everything he could to never let you go, he was caring and compassionate and reasonable and responsible...but all these attributes she had not seen at first.

When she had first met him - well, she never wanted to see him again. He had been ruthless, not wanting her to become a knight, simply because she "rubbed him the wrong way," or there was "something weird about Andrew Wigum." But this feeling of anger and irritation between them vanished as Arthur continued to not allow her to become a knight, deciding to go ahead and train her himself, and finally, allowing her to become Sir Andrew, noble knight of Camelot.

At the time, she had been acting as a boy, as her brother, Andrew Wigum, who no one knew was dead. It was a secret only she, her father and mother, and a handful of trusted knights in Ergon, the country which her father helped rule, knew of.

In other people's eyes, Andrew and Andrea Wigum were very much alive - but Andrea was deathly sick, and everything Earl Wigum, her father, tried, didn't seem to be working. Everyone in Ergon and other countries only knew that Adrea Wigum might not live to see her brother become Earl Wigum the Second. That was what everyone else knew.

That was what everyone else would have to believe for the rest of their lives.

Now Andrea was leaving Camelot, leaving Arthur, leaving Merlin, leaving everything she had grown close to behind, because Sir Andrew had to leave to become the next Earl in Ergon. Arthur had been furious, Merlin had been sympathetic, but that didn't change what Andrea had to do, what Sir Andrew had to do. Leave Camelot, and probably never come back ever again.

And, as she looked back at Camelot for quite possibly the last time, rain pelting down her small frame, Andrea Wigum was unable to stop herself from reminiscing the past, remembering the time she had spent here at Camelot, with Merlin, and with him, Arthur Pendragon...

Let the rain fall down, and wake my dreams,

Let it wash away my sanity

'Cause I wanna feel the thunder,

I wanna scream

Let the rain fall down, I'm coming clean

Silent Knight: So, the whole song-at-the-end-of-a-chapter thing isn't gonna continue all the time. Sometimes the song might be in the chapter itself, but if the moment isn't there, don't expect the song to be.

Anywho, the song is not mine, obviously. It's called Coming Clean, and it's by Hilary Duff.

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