News update!

If you haven't realized yet, this story won't be updated any time soon. NO, this doesn't mean I've given up on this story. I have THIRTEEN whole chapters of this story that I've written up; I don't think that I'm willing to give up on a story that I'm willing to dedicate so much time to. Plus, I have to continously watch Merlin to get more of a firm grasp of the episode. That, to me, is pure torture.

There is no way in hell that I will allow this story to die out like this. Not when I'm so far(-ish) in. Not when I'm so dedicated to it.

And definitely not when so many of you have devoted time into reading each chapter when I did update.

And so, check out my author's page. There you will find some shocking news: I have made another account on Fanfiction. Why? Because I really believe that these past few years have changed me, and thus changed my writing as well. Which is why I made a new account so you will realize how different my previous stories, which are here, are from the ones I have poster on my other account.

You will find a link to my new account there. DO CLICK IT.

I have just posted the edited prologue of this story on that account. Favourite, like, alert, review - all that fun stuff.


For the very last time, Silent Knight over and out!