Dean lazily opened his eyes to see his little sister and brother staring quizzically down at him. After he got over the initial shock, he sighed. "What?" he grumbled. Five year old Lexie grinned scrambling on the bed, showing him her toothless gap where she had lost her first tooth a week ago.

"See, Sammy" she said, pointing at Dean. "De is awake. I told you" Sammy rolled his eyes. "Dean" Lex went on. "What day is it?"

"You woke me up to ask me what day it was." Dean asked, slightly annoyed, slightly amused. Leave it to Alexis to do such a thing. He sat up and couldn't help but want to smile. She was still in her PJs, and he curly blonde hair was disheveled. She looked like a tornado had whipped her around for awhile.

Her hazel eyes widened. "I didn't wake you up, you were alreadyup" she reminded him.

"Right" he said, sitting up and stretching once again. "It's Monday"

"Monday" she repeated, excitement lighting up her chubby face. "Do you know what that means?" She was literally jumping on the bed in excitement.

Sammy rolled his eyes again and went into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him. Dean looked back to Lexie, and pulled her off the bed, placing her on the floor, where she was still waiting expectantly for his answer. "No" he said, shaking his head, even though he knew very well what that meant. "What does that mean?" He went to their tiny kitchen (if you could call a motel room kitchen a kitchen), and searched for something that resembled breakfast food.

"De, I start Kindeygarten today!" Lex exploded, grabbing his arm and smiling widely.

"It's Kindergarten" Sam corrected, coming in fully dressed. He grabbed the cereal from Dean and pouring three bowls, handing one to Dean. "And we're going to be late"

"We got time" Dean said, putting a bowl in front of Lex. "Eat" he instructed, and she did do, spooning some in her mouth.

"Dean" Sam said, swirling his cereal around. His shaggy hair was hanging in front of his eyes. Dean made a mental note to cut it soon. "When is dad getting home?"

Dean tensed, looking at Lex, but she didn't seem to be paying attention. She was too busy playing with her food and eating as fast as she could. Now Dean knew why Sam had been sort of moody this morning. "Soon"

"When's soon?" he pressed, looking up at him now sadly. Their dad had been gone for a week now, even though he promised to be back to see Lexie and Sam off to school before heading to a new hunt. Dean stared at Sam, unsure of how to answer his question.

Eventually, he went with the truth. "I don't know" he said, eating a bite of cereal.

Sam fell silent, deciding for once not to fight Dean on that answer. He knew Dean really had to clue as to when he was coming back. He didn't really want to go to school either. It was always the same. He had given up trying to make friends a few years ago, since they never stayed one place long.

Lex was squirming now, waiting for Dean to tell her what to do. "Get dressed" he grunted out, noticing her.

She jumped off the chair and looked at Sam. He was wearing jeans. She looked in her bag and her face screwed up in thought. She pulled out a pair of jeans, her best ones that weren't dirty, and her pretty purple top that Uncle Bobby got her for Christmas telling her that she looked like a little lady in it. She was happy with her choice, and looked to Dean for approval. He wasn't paying attention.

She put the jeans on, pulling them up. She struggled with the button and frowned. She tried again, but Sam stopped her and buttoned it in two seconds. She pulled the shirt on and then Dean helped her get on her sneakers. He handed her a brush, which she pulled through her hair, and then was at the door. She was so ready to go.

Sam took her hand, and they walked down the block that way, all three of them, until they hit the elementary and middle school. Both Lex and Sammy were going here, so Dean stopped. Lex glanced up at him nervously and he smiled, trying to tell her with his eyes that it was okay and that she would be fine. She didn't seem very consoled though, and frowned.

Dean sighed, slightly embarrassed and kneeled down to her height. God damn those big brown eyes. Both she and Sammy had them, and he would fall for them in only a second. "You'll be fine, ankle biter" he grinned, his signature smile. "I promise"

"You prowmise?" she asked, her baby voice creeping out like it usually did when she was scared.

"Promise" He said, ruffling her hair.

"Okay" she said, staring back at the building determinedly. She stuck her chin out in a way that reminded him of his mother, and grabbed Sammy's hand. "Bye, De"

He watched them walk off, all traces of Sam's bad mood from this morning gone as he helped a scared little girl in the building. He knew Sam was still upset, but he wouldn't show it in front of Lex, at least not now. He sighed, and shook his head. He was actually really mad at his father for missing this. Lexie was growing up, and looking more like his mom each day. He looked at the other little girls and noted their perfect hair and little dresses. They looked so different then Lex. They looked normal. He watched them until they made it to the door and it closed behind them. Lex hadn't even looked back.

He kicked a rock and headed off to the high school. It was just going to be another day for the Winchesters.