Hey guys! I got a request to do a story like this. I know I mentioned things close to spanking in my other stories but never actually showed it. This time I am. I personally think that John would've spanked his kids. Anyways, this chapter does include spanking of a minor. Don't like please don't read. Thank you all and please review!

Dean was panicking. He had only left her alone for one minute, just one minute, and Alexis was gone. She was usually very good about following his instructions. Stay here, I'll be right back, don't move.

This time was different.

His dad had been gone for longer than he had anticipated again and Dean needed to restock on supplies. He had sent Sam to school and he had to stay with Alexis. She was only four and not in school yet. He had left with her to go to the store after lunch. She held his hand and walked with him, looking around at everything that caught her eye, which was everything. He wanted to go down the next aisle to get more cereal and left her standing at the stuffed animals which had caught her interest. It was only going to take him a second.

The moment he had returned and didn't see her there he knew that his dad was going to kill him. What if she had gotten kidnapped? What if she had been taken by some psycho?

He raced up and down aisles searching like a mad man. "Alexis?" he shouted. He got no answer, but many odd stares from people in the store. He ignored them. He had to find her. "Alexis?" he yelled again.

"Will Dean please come to the front of the store?" a voice said over the loud speaker. "Dean Winchester?"

Dean held his breath as he approached the front. As it turned out, Alexis had actually remembered what they always told her to do if she got lost. Go to the front of the store and have them paged. Get to an adult you can trust. He saw her and nearly squeezed her to death when he got to her.

"Dean," She said excitedly. "I got losted!"

"Thank you," he said to the store owner. She smiled and nodded. Forgetting about the stuff that he had come to the store for, he dragged her back to the motel room, which was right down the block by her arm. His relief had now turned to anger.

Alexis looked scared as they got back in the room. "Are you mad at me De?" she asked.

Dean's anger faltered slightly by that question. "I told you not to move," he said. "Do you remember what happens when you disobey dad?"

She frowned and her eyes widened. "Dean?"

"Come here," he said, as he sat on the couch.

She fearfully inched towards him. "You gon' spank me De?" she asked, starting to cry.

"Yes," he said, his heart breaking slightly. "You know the rules."

She cried as he lifted her over his lap and tried to block her butt with her hands. He pinned them out of his way and landed the first blow with a loud smack. She yelped and started to squirm.

"I'm sorry, De!" she yelled. "I'm sorry!"

"I know," he said, continuing. He landed five more smacks before she was sobbing. Once she stopped fighting he knew that she had enough. Only ten smacks total. He had gotten a lot worse from his dad.

He turned her right side up and hugged her, rubbing her back. "It's okay," he said, calming her down. "I forgive you."

"You still like me, De?" she asked, looking up at him with her brown eyes.

His heart broke. "Of course I do, ankle biter," he said, incredulously. "I like you a lot. That's why I want to be sure you won't run off again."

She nodded and buried her head in his shoulder. In that moment, Dean understood why his father had beaten his ass for such stupid things. It was never because he had disobeyed and was mad, it was out of fear. He understood a lot better then. "Love you, De," Lexie said again, hiccupping.

He smiled to himself. "Love you too, ankle biter."