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It's me. Ashes. Ashley Serena Hailburrow. Ashley … Ash … A.S.H. … Ashes … all nicknames, not much of a difference. I'm pretty special.

But two months ago, my parents were murdered. I barely got away. Afterward, I was hit by a van. I survived. The people in the van kidnapped me. They injected me with some type of liquid. They kicked me back out of the car.

I ran. Ran. Ran. Far away. I hitched a ride on a train car and jumped out. I ended up here. North Carolina.

Now I ended up here. On this island. I moved in with my cousin. She just turned eighteen and I found out where she lived. I knocked on her door and she took me in without a second thought. Now she gets books for me and has me read them all day. She hasn't once questioned me of the nights it took to get here. Not once about the night I was hit and kidnapped. Not once about the … tr-tragic … tragic … murderous … incident.

"I'll be back around five. If I'm not back by then, make yourself dinner. Got it Ash?" My cousin Kristin said.

I nodded. I was always a quiet one. And I was pretending to read my French to English dictionary.

She walked out the door with a few backward glances.

As soon as the door shut, I cut my act of reading and chucked my dictionary across the room and down the stairs.

"Agh! Friggin' French." I muttered as I sat back in my chair and crossed my arms.

A loud, gruff noise out of nowhere made me jump. I jumped out of my chair and looked out the window. My eyebrows scrunched together. But then I saw it—barely. It was a flash. A flash of color, to be exact.

A little baby wolf. Er, a puppy. It looked like both. But it couldn't … could it?

I grabbed my bag, slung it around my shoulder and grabbed my jacket. I hurried outside and pulled my digital camera out of my bag.

What was it?

I squatted down and turned my camera on. It loaded and I heard a loud ding resonate from it.

I smiled as the wolf—dog—thing stuck its head out from behind a tree.

I got down on my stomach and aimed the camera at him. I turned off the flash and snapped a picture. It made a noise as it took the picture and scared the poor animal off.

I pursed my lips and sighed.

The dog—wolf—thing stuck its head out again and cocked its head to the side ever so cutely.

I beamed. I didn't scare him off!

I set my camera down and put my head on the ground. Dogs usually felt safer if you were shorter—aka, less superior—to them.

I held still and ten seconds later, something nudged my head. I froze, trying not to jump. The dog nudged my neck now and gave it a slobbery kiss.

I slowly rolled over on my stomach. He licked my cheek. I smiled and giggled. I slowly reached up to pet him.

"Hi, little guy." I cooed softly.

All of a sudden, my head connected with a knife.

I rolled over onto my side and screamed. I gripped my head and tugged on my hair. My screams pushed up an octave.

Hi. Me Cooper.

Me … Cooper? I was so mesmerized by the voice in my head that I completely forgot about my pain.

Wait, did the dog just introduce itself to me?

I sat up and gathered the dog in my lap. I absentmindedly twirled his tail in my other hand as he sniffed my shirt.

"Cooper? Coop?"

I jumped to my feet and pushed the dog out of my lap. He bounded through the bushes, towards the voice.

I grabbed my camera and turned it off. I stuffed it in my bag and began walking up the stairs to my front door.

"Who's there?"

I glanced over my shoulder in time to see a boy with mocha colored skin emerge from the forest.

I cocked my head to the side.

He glanced around until his eyes spotted the steps. He followed the steps up until he saw my feet, which were undoubtedly frozen in place.

He followed up my feet to my head.

"Who are you?" he asked curiously.

"Uh, Ashes." I replied softly. I'm not the most … what do you say? Out-loud-ish person in the world. So … in short … I'm kinda shy. Well, very shy.

"I'm Shelton. What are you doing?" He asked.

"I live here. What are you doing?"

"Going to mine and my friends' bu—I mean taking Cooper, here on a walk." He grinned sheepishly.

I nodded awkwardly. "Cool." I said slowly.

"So … Ashes, is it?" I nodded so he continued. "That's an odd name. Haven't seen you around … don't go to school?"

"No …" I responded quickly. "I'm new here." I smiled sheepishly and scratched the back of my neck.

"Of course you are." He annoyingly rolled his eyes and raised his eyebrows. I always found that annoying.

"Well who asked you?" I replied sharply, angrily.

"It's just that … I'm sorry if I offended you. It's just that I haven't seen you at school." He grinned.

"Listen, Shelton, is it?" I copied his question in a mocking tone. "Haven't you ever heard of sarcasm?" I rolled my eyes.

"Snippy. Cute." He smiled.

I looked away uncomfortably.

He continued after I didn't reply. "Juliet, Juliet, let down your long hair." He grinned, getting down on a knee, trying to act like Romeo.

I leaned towards the railing, placing my elbows on it. "That's the wrong play, you idiot."

"Not how I look at it."

"Well how I, a somewhat normal person, looks at it as two different plays." I rolled my eyes.

He grinned and stood back up. "Somewhat?"

I looked up at the sky guiltily, awkwardly, uncomfortably. Of all the words in the world, why must I have picked that one? I mean for God's sake, I was just getting a telepathic message from a freaking dog!

"Um … I just … I meant—"

"It's fine. I'm just like you. Trust me. You have no idea."

I cocked my eyebrows. "You have no idea." I whispered.

He stared at me oddly, then shook his head. "What was that, smarty girl? Know-it-all girl?" He grinned and said the last part quietly.

I rolled my eyes. "Goodbye Shelton. I have to study French."

He smiled. I started towards the door.

"Can I get your number." I froze, my hand on the knob. I let go and walked towards the railing.

"Get ready. Ready? I'm going to say it? Ready?"

He nodded.

"115-N-E-V-E-R." I smirked and walked towards the door. "Goodbye Shelton."

I closed the door before ever hearing his response.

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