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Chapter Fourteen

It had been exactly a week since it happened; since Karofsky broke into the house and . . . It had been exactly a week since the worst and most terrifying night of Kurt's life. But still it felt like he couldn't get away from it. It happened in his house, in his bedroom. He couldn't go down into the basement without hearing over and over the vulgar words that the psychopath had whispered in his ear while violating him. He couldn't lay on his bed without feeling that heavy weight on top of him, pressing him into the mattress. He had taken to sleeping on the couch in the living room just to try and stop the nightmares from coming. It didn't work.

Everything was so messed up. Kurt hadn't gone to school all week; he just couldn't face his friends knowing that they knew what had happened. And he knew that they knew. They had all been in the hospital waiting room when he had been discharged, staring at him with pity in their eyes. He couldn't face the entire student population; things like this had a way of getting out. He couldn't face the judging stares of the other kids; even if his friends believed that it wasn't his fault, everyone else would still think it was. So he hid; staying home with Carole on her days off or going into the shop with his dad to hide in the office and do paperwork. He just didn't want to be left alone. He was afraid of being left alone.

Then there was Blaine. Kurt had been avoiding his boyfriend since that night; since he had freaked out and yelled at Blaine in the hospital. He couldn't face the possibility of losing the other boy over this. There was no doubt in Kurt's mind that Blaine would leave the minute he found out exactly what had happened that night. How could he not? Kurt had essentially, however unwillingly, cheated on Blaine. So Kurt avoided Blaine; ignoring his calls in hope of holding on to that last bit of good that seemed to be all that was left in his life. It didn't really occur to him that by avoiding Blaine he was pushing him away.

It had been exactly a week since it happened. Kurt was curled up on the couch in the living room watching some mindless action movie with Finn. They were both silent; Finn was too involved with the movie and Kurt just didn't feel like speaking. Burt and Carole were in the kitchen, quietly discussing expenses for the wedding. Burt kept shooting worried glances at the two teenage boys in the living room. While Kurt was refusing to see anyone outside of their small makeshift family, he had latched onto Finn as though the taller boy was his only life line. Although, Burt mused silently, barely listening to Carole, Finn did kind of rescue him. This is probably a normal reaction.

It was nearly eleven at night when the doorbell rang. Not one of the four moved for a very long moment. Finn hadn't really noticed the sound since he was too interested in his movie, Kurt didn't want to see anyone who could possibly be at the door, and Burt and Carole were simply surprised at receiving a visitor at such a late hour. Finally Burt pushed himself out of his seat and made his way through the hall to answer the door. When he saw who exactly was out there, he sighed deeply before stepping outside and shutting the door firmly behind him.

"I thought I told you Kurt didn't want to talk to anyone." Burt stared at the boy on the front steps, a sad smile tugging at his lips.

Blaine crossed his arms defiantly and stared right back at his boyfriend's father. "I need to see him; to talk to him."

Burt sighed again and ran his hand over his head tiredly. "Look, kid. I wish he would talk to someone, but it will do no good to try and force him to talk about things if he's not ready to. The doctor said it could be damaging."

Blaine didn't back down though. "I'm not going to try and force him to talk about what happened!" He argued almost angrily. "I just . . . I need to let him know that what happened isn't his fault. That- that I don't blame him for anything that might have happened."

"You think he doesn't know that?" Burt snorted quietly. He couldn't believe the nerve of this kid sometimes.

"Actually, I don't think he knows that." The teenager finally dropped his gaze to the ground. "Think about it, Mr. Hummel. Why else wouldn't he want to see any of his friends? He's afraid of being judged for what happened."

Burt hated to admit it, but what the kid was saying kind of made sense. It sounded like something Kurt would do.

"Please," Blaine begged softly, looking back up at Burt with a pleading expression. "Please just let me talk to him. I promise that if he freaks out again I will leave and not come back until he wants me to. Please."

Damn kid has puppy dog eyes, Burt though as he stared his son's boyfriend down. Finally he sighed and relented. "I'll be watching. And if he gives the word, you're out of the house. Got it?"

Blaine broke out a relieved smile. "Yes sir," he replied, following the man into the house. They both paused in the doorway to the living room. Neither Kurt nor Finn made any acknowledgement to them.

"Finn? Can you come into the kitchen for a minute?"

"But it's the best part!" Finn cried, turning to face the man in the doorway. His eyes widened when he saw that Blaine was standing just a little behind Burt. Then it clicked. "I'm going to get some snacks," he said quickly to Kurt before getting off the couch and rushing into the kitchen. Burt followed at a slower rate, watching carefully the interactions between his son and son's boyfriend.

Kurt slowly turned to face the doorway, his own eyes widening when he saw Blaine standing there. "What are you doing here?" He whispered quietly, pulling his blanket tighter around himself.

"I needed to talk to you," Blaine replied nervously, shifting from foot to foot awkwardly.

This is it, Kurt thought fearfully. He's going to break up with me. He knows that I- I'm dirty, and doesn't want to be with me anymore.


Blaine's hesitant voice cut through his thoughts. He looked up into the other boy's hazel eyes, dreading the next words that he assumed were going to come out of Blaine's mouth. The silence stretched on for a long minute before Kurt couldn't take it anymore.

"I know you're going to break up with me, so just get it over with already."

It was Blaine's turn to be surprised. He shook his head frantically and sat down beside Kurt. "No no no, Ba-" He saw Kurt tense up at the name he was about to use and swallowed the rest of it. "Sweetie, Kurt. I'm not going to break up with you. I don't want to break up with you!"

Kurt blinked several times as he tried to process what Blaine was telling him. "Why- why not? I- I'm dirty, and I . . ." Kurt swallowed hard and had to fight back tears as he tried to stop memories from swimming to the surface again. "I cheated on you!"

"No!" Without thinking, Blaine reached out and grasped Kurt's shoulders gently. Ignoring the flinch, he continued. "You are not dirty, and you most certainly did not cheat on me! What happened last week? You didn't want it; any of it. What Karofsky did to you, you cannot be blamed for! You didn't ask for it, you didn't want it."

Kurt curled in on himself the best he could with Blaine's hands on his shoulders. "You don't know what he did, Blaine. You don't know what- what he said. I'm dirty, used. You shouldn't want me anymore."

Blaine sighed in frustration. He wasn't getting through to Kurt! "You are not dirty or used! It doesn't matter what he did or what he said, Kurt! What matters is that he was wrong! You did nothing wrong! However your body may have reacted, you didn't want it. You were violated, but you are strong enough to get through this!"

Kurt could only stare at the other teen, unable to comprehend the fact that Blaine honestly didn't want to break up with him. "Why- why?" He whispered hoarsely.

"Because I lo-" Blaine froze, staring into Kurt's wide eyes with his own equally wide eyes. But he knew in his heart that what he was saying was true. "Kurt, I love you."

Kurt let out a broke little sob and threw himself against the other boy, wrapping his arms around him tightly. "I thought- I thought you would hate me for what happened."

"I could never hate you, Kurt," Blaine whispered back, surprised at the sudden contact. Even in the shock he still slid his hands from Kurt's shoulders to wind around his back. "Never. And I'm going to be here, with you, for as long as you will have me."

Kurt clung to Blaine tightly, tears finally flowing out of his eyes. For the first time since what had happened, he felt like things could possibly be okay eventually.