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Summary: Ulquiorra and Grimmjow raise Midori, while Szayel, Aizen, and Gin raise their three children, Isamu, Hikaru, and Chou. Third part to the GrimmxUlqui series.

Pairing(s): GrimmjowxUlquiorra. AizenxSzayelxGin.

Rating: M [this chapter] Language.

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Family Love

Chapter 1

"Daddy! Daddy!" Midori ran down the hallway, giggling, and waving, before she jumped into Grimmjow's arms. She was five now, and she was wearing a white dress made to look like a normal Hueco Mundo uniform. A green obi was around her waist, and she had blue forearm sleeves that stopped at her elbow. Her bright teal hair was just below shoulder length, and was pushed back with a headband, keeping her face clear, so everyone could see her big, green eyes, the whole reason she had been given her name.

"How's my girl doing?" The sexta asked, and kissed her tan cheek.

"I'm good." She kissed him back. "And I came here to find you! Mommy said that he wanted to talk to you!" The small girl giggled as Grimmjow tickled her stomach, then threw her over his shoulder, before walking towards their room. "Daddy! Put me down!" Midori laughed, and her fists hit against Grimmjow's back, as her legs kicked out in front of him.

"Hey! Be careful!" Grimmjow said, before tickling the girl again.

"Daddy! Stop it! Stop it!" Midori squealed, and struggled to get away from Grimmjow's hands.

"Midori, be careful. You'll hurt someone." Ulquiorra scolded, as he stepped out of the bedroom.

"I'm sorry Mommy." Midori pouted, as Grimmjow put her down.

"Hey Ulqui. Did you need me for something?" The sexta asked, leaning in to kiss Ulquiorra.

"Not in front of Midori." The cuatra ordered, but Grimmjow continued to lean, and pulled the smaller one closer, bringing their lips together. The sexta chuckled as he heard Midori pretend to gag.

"Eeew! Gross!" She squealed, pushing in between her parents. The two espada pulled away, and the girl latched onto her 'mother's' thigh.

"Grimmjow." Ulquiorra said. "I wanted to tell you that Aizen-sama is sending me to the human world, along with Ichimaru, and Granz. He has requested that, while we are gone, you watch Midori, as well as the twins, and Chou."

"What?" Grimmjow yelled. "Why the f-?" His mouth was covered by Ulquiorra's hand, as he continued to angrily yell profanity.

"Midori, please go into the bedroom." The cuatra said.

"But Mommy!"

"You heard me."

"Fine." The girl pouted, leaving the hall.

Ulquiorra removed his hand, and glared at the now-quiet sexta. "I can hardly believe that you chose to talk like that in front of our daughter."

"C'mon babe, why do I have to fuckin' watch them? Why can't Aizen watch his kids, and I'll watch Midori. It's fuckin' ridiculous that I have to watch all four!"

"Aizen-sama is very busy, unlike yourself, because you choose to slack off, so he doesn't have time to watch his own children. Just do it Grimmjow, and try to refrain from using such foul language when the children are around." The cuatra leaned up, and kissed Grimmjow's lips, making the sexta relax, and give in.

"Alright. I'll do it." He sighed.

"Thank you."

"Yeah yeah, but you're gonna owe me big time. You'll have to be extra sexy tonight when we take our 'bath'."

"I don't recall saying 'yes' to that. Midori will be in the next room, and I don't feel comfortable doing that somewhere where she could hear us, or maybe even accidentally see us."

"We can wait until she's asleep." The sexta smiled, pulling Ulquiorra close, and biting his lower lip playfully.

"Stop it! Someone might see!" Ulquiorra pushed the bigger one away.

"C'mon Ulqui. Everyone already knows we're together. Lighten up."

"It doesn't mean we have to put on a show."

"Mommy?" Midori asked, opening the bedroom door, and peeking out.

"What is it?" The cuatra turned to face his daughter.

"I'm sleepy. Can you come nap with me?"

"I have to go sweetheart. Maybe your father will go nap with you. He's always complaining about how tired he is anyway."

"Ha ha." Grimmjow said sarcastically, and kissed the cuatra's hair. "I'll see you." He said, and walked towards the bedroom.

"Bye Mommy." Midori waved.

"Good-bye. I'll be back soon." Ulquiorra nodded, and started off down the hall.

Grimmjow closed the bedroom door, and walked over to the bed, where Midori had climbed in, and was hiding under the blankets. He sat down on the edge, and pulled the covers back from over her head.

"Why don't you just sleep in your own bed?"

"Mommy always naps with me, and he said my bed is too small for two people." The girl sat up in the bed, and smiled. "Besides, you were the one who let me sleep in here with you and Mommy to begin with. It's really your fault I'm so spoiled."

"You are just like your mother."

"Well, I am always with him." Midori said, then grabbed Grimmjow's arm, and pulled on it. "Come on Daddy!" She begged. "Come take a nap with me! If you do, I'll make sure that when Isamu, Hikaru, and Chou come, we'll all be extra good."

"Don't bribe me!" Grimmjow said, climbing into the bed next to his daughter, and pulled the blankets up to cover them. "You're too smart for your own good." He sighed, as the smaller body snuggled close to his own.

Midori giggled. "I love you Daddy." She yawned, and kissed the sexta's chest, before curling up, and closing her eyes to sleep.

"I love you too." Grimmjow smiled, and kissed the girl's teal hair. "Go to sleep."

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