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Summary: Ulquiorra and Grimmjow raise Midori, while Szayel, Aizen, and Gin raise their three children, Isamu, Hikaru, and Chou. Third part to the GrimmxUlqui series.

Pairing(s): GrimmjowxUlquiorra. AizenxSzayelxGin.

Rating: M [this chapter] Language.

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Family Love

Chapter 13

"Hah… Grimmjow…" Ulquiorra moaned, his arms pulling his lover down to kiss him deeply as the fifth continued to thrust into the smaller body.

"Fuck Ulqui… you're so fuckin' hot…"

"Mama!" A sudden cry sounded from beside the bed, and a black-haired child bounced up and down in his crib.

"Not now Aoi…" Ulquiorra ignored his son, and rolled himself and Grimmjow over so that he was now riding the other espada.

"Fuck…" Grimmjow's hands were on Ulquiorra's hips, and both were thrusting against each other, their bodies sweaty and hot.

"Mama!" The little boy screamed, his hands shaking the crib loudly. "Mama Mama Mama!"

"He's not as quiet as Midori was." Grimmjow growled. "Boys are such a fuckin' pain."

"And to think that's what you wanted originally." Ulquiorra gripped his cock as he continued to bounce, before he arched and came all over his lover's chest. Grimmjow did the same seconds later, and he kissed the fourth's cheek, sighing.

"That was fuckin' awesome as always Ulqui." The quinta relaxed on the bed as Ulquiorra went to the baby crib and held their son, letting the boy eat from his nipple.

"Ow. No biting." He warned the boy, but Aoi just giggled and did it again. "Do you want to go without?"


"Then stop."

"Hey Ulqui, where's Midori?" Grimmjow sat up in the bed.

"I believe she is training with Hikaru and Isamu." The cuatra sat back down, and was wrapped up in his lover's arms.

"I thought we were supposed to train today."

"When you didn't show, she probably got bored and asked the twins to do it."

"Hm." Grimmjow rustled the mop of the year and a half old boy's hair, before pinching his nose gently. Aoi giggled, and reached to try to do it back, but obviously he was too short, so he settled for swinging his arm around instead.

"When I'm done feeding him, we could go find Midori if you want. She'll want to see Aoi again, and she might want to spar with you still, even though you blew her off." Ulquiorra kissed the quinta's cheek. "She might want to kick your ass if she sees you though."

"Hey, you said another swear babe. I'm really rubbing off on you, huh?" Biting his lover's neck, Grimmjow chuckled when the pale body shivered.

"I suppose, but you'll still never hear your catch-word from me, no matter what you do."

"I'll just get you pregnant again, then I'll hear it. I thought it was a one time thing when you said it giving birth to Midori, but then it happened again with this booger, so I'm starting to think it'll happen every time."

"You're an idiot. Now let go of me so you can get dressed and we can go see our daughter."

Ulquiorra walked with Grimmjow's arm around his waist, and Aoi wobbling beside him, gripping his finger so they stayed together.

The little boy kept giggling his sister's name along the way, happy he'd get to see her again. "'Dori 'Dori 'Dori 'Dori."

"Hey turd, what're you saying?" Grimmjow scooped his son up into his arms and held him up above his head.

"'Dori 'Dori 'Dori!" Aoi hit his hands against Grimmjow's head, then proceeded to pull on the blue hair, affectively removing some strands from the scalp.

"Ow! Fuck that hurts!"

"Language, and don't be so rude to him. Why can't you just call him by his name?" Ulquiorra took his son from the quinta, while the latter rubbed his aching scalp, before they heard the sound of a sonido, and a well figured girl appeared in front of them.

"'Dori 'Dori!" Aoi squealed, struggling to get loose.

"Hey Aoi. What are you doing?" The sixteen year old bent over, and caught her brother in her arms before she kissed his head. Grimmjow's face had turned deep red, and he turned away. Why did she have to wear a low-cut uniform? He didn't find it hot, because she was his daughter, but seeing as he used to chase after anything that had big boobs -which she kind of did- it felt really awkward.

Ulquiorra on the other hand, paid no attention to it. Sure he had noticed that his once little, innocent girl had become a young woman, and he had warned her about such revealing clothing before, but he never really felt embarrassed when she hugged him and her chest rubbed against his, nor when she leaned over to pick up Aoi. But Grimmjow sure grew nervous whenever that happened.

"Hey baby girl. Your 'mother' told me that you were training without me." Grimmjow regained some of his dignity, and faced his daughter once again. "Why're you doing it without me?"

"I'm sorry Daddy." She still liked to call him that; he melted every time she did. "You were running late, so I thought I'd practice with Hikaru until you came."

Ulquiorra snorted, finding a joke in his daughter's all-too-serious words, and he received a funny look from the blue-haired girl. "I'm sorry Midori." He said.

"'Dori! 'Dori!" Aoi played with his sister's long braid of hair that ended just above her bottom, and pretended he was tickling himself with it.

"Well, looks like we can fight now! I'm all ready to go!" Grimmjow stretched his arms above his head, before he smirked. "The question is, are you ready?"

Midori giggled, and gave Aoi back to Ulquiorra before she and Grimmjow got into a running stance, and raced away with sonido to the training grounds.

"Fly! Dragón de Oro!" Midori shouted, and a long golden dragon shot from the end of her zanpaktou.

Since it was Szayel who had really created the eggs for the children, he had needed part of a shinigami's reproductive system in order to create the solution that had gotten Ulquiorra and himself pregnant like a human -whereas Gin only needed a solution to create the womb- so Midori and Chou were technically only part hollow, and their zanpaktous took on the abilities of a shinigami's, meaning they didn't have a resurrección form.

"Hah, releasing it already?" Grimmjow laughed, standing back as the large creature curled around them, leaving them in a closed area.

"I did to make you release yours." The girl smiled. "Kitty."

"That's it!" Grimmjow growled. "Grind Pantera!" A swirl of dirt consumed him, and when it cleared, there the quinta stood in his released form, his face set in a deep scowl. "I'm tired of the 'kitty' thing. I'm a fuckin' panther, got it?"

"Ooh, such bad language Daddy. I might have to tell Hikaru on you." Midori laughed, then dodged an attack her father made, her body ducking down under his swinging arm. She then placed her hands on the ground, and did a three-sixty turn, kicking Grimmjow's feet out from under him so he fell flat on his butt. "I didn't even need my zanpaktou for that. You're getting weak now that you aren't allowed to fight Ichigo or the shinigamis."

"You're becoming a bigger brat everyday." The quinta stood up and rubbed his behind. "No… you're becoming your 'mother'.

Midori shrugged her shoulders, and made an innocent face. "What can I say? Spending almost all my time with him, turned me into him."

"That's not always a good thing you know."

"It is when it allows me to kick your butt everyday."

"Hmph." Grimmjow ran at the girl again, but the tail of her dragon smacked him away, before it laughed.

"Good boy." Midori pet it's snout, before kissing it, and the dragon nuzzled her affectionately.

"You could swear that thing has a mind of its own." After picking himself up off the ground, Grimmjow wiped his bleeding mouth.

"Well, all of them do actually." Midori hugged her 'friend' as much around its head as she could. "Mine's just more advanced than other's."

"'Dori! 'Dori!" Aoi pushed on the dragon's body from outside their enclosed circle, and the released zanpaktou lifted up part of its body to allow the boy through.

"Aoi. What are you doing in here?" Midori smiled down at her black-haired brother. "Daddy and I are trying to spar."

"Figh' too!" Aoi swung his arms and kicked his legs, pretending to confront some invisible enemy. "Figh' figh'!"

"Wow, Mom's taught you to speak pretty well." The girl rustled the boy's hair. "You're smart."

"Figh'! Too!"

Hey booger! Go back to your 'mother'. Midori and I are fighting! We don't want you to get hurt!" Grimmjow grabbed the child by the collar of his uniform, then tossed him over top the dragon. Aoi giggled loudly, landing Ulquiorra's arms on the other side.

"Your father." He sighed, rocking the baby in his arms.

Meanwhile, Grimmjow and Midori had gone into a bare-handed fight, trying to punch, kick, and knee each other while also blocking the other's attacks. Grimmjow got the first hit in the match, sending an uppercut into the girl's stomach. While she doubled over, he kicked her in the side and sent her flying into her dragon's body.

She stood up coughing, then watched as her 'friend' swung its tail at her father again but he dodged it, laughing loudly. "Are you sure I'm a weak as you say? 'Cause right now I'm kicking your ass!" The two charged at each other once again, continuing their weaponless tussle, until Midori was able to hook her father in the face, before returning the kick he had delivered to her earlier. Her kick was still as strong as it had been when she was little, and Grimmjow coughed and gagged as blood poured from his mouth.

"Hey Daddy, are you alright?" Midori ran to the kneeling quinta. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you so bad, I-" Grimmjow suddenly swung at her, but her reflexes were quick, letting her grab the arm and twist it behind the man's back.

"Fuck!" Grimmjow growled, and grumbled even more when Midori placed a loving kiss on his cheek.

"I love you Daddy." She smiled, helping the espada to his feet. "Let's go get Chou so she can heal you, okay?"

"I don't need it."

The blue-haired girl punched her father's stomach and he howled in pain. "Yes you do." She said. Holding her arm out, she nodded to her dragon. "Retract Dragón de Oro." She said and it was sucked back into the shape of an unreleased zanpaktou.

Grimmjow returned to normal, and fell to his knees as he grew feeble from changing back into the weaker state. His daughter helped him back up though, and pulled his arm up over her shoulder so she could support some of his weight as they walked. Ulquiorra was sitting on the ground while Aoi clumsily kicked and punched his hands when he noticed his other two family members approaching. He looked at Grimmjow with an amused look in his eyes and the quinta just grumbled, ashamed he had been beaten by his daughter who wasn't even an espada.

"It seems that Hikaru's rule to no fighting has made you grow weak over the years Grimmjow." He said. "But I thought that fighting with Midori would have helped keep you in shape." He stood and brought Aoi with him, holding the boy in his arms. "I can only imagine how much my own power has depleted, seeing as I haven't fought anyone in many years."

"Always a fuckin' kiss-ass." Grimmjow smirked. "Even after all these years, you still listen to every order given to you."

"As I recall, you do so now too. I haven't beheld one instance where you have defied Hikaru, and I find it remarkable."

"Hey, shut up." The two exchanged a kiss. "Alright baby girl. Let's go find Chou. This really fuckin' hurts."

"Yes Daddy." The blue-haired girl nodded.

"Uncle Grimmjow, what have you done?" Chou stood in front of the quinta, her brown eyes wide as she healed his internal wounds. "Did you fight someone?"

"Only Midori. We were sparring, and she used a kick on me."

"Oh." The pink-head quieted down and continued her work, her face deep-set in concentration. She had mastered her healing skill by now, but it wasn't very often she got to use it, seeing as Hikaru refused to let anyone confront the shinigamis and engage in any potentially fatal battles. Some still fought amongst each other -like Midori and Grimmjow- but most had just settled for not fighting at all. Starrk was probably the happiest with the silver-head's rule, because he could sleep all he wanted now without having to worry about being attacked, attacking or meetings. Everyone was happy those stupid meetings were gone. They had hated sitting there for hours on end hearing Aizen drone on over pointless things, forcing them to drink his gods awful tea just because he liked it.

But even though the fighting between Soul Society and the residents of Las Noches had ceased, they were still enemies and did not confront each other, meaning that if any of the hollows wanted to stay alive, they did not leave Hueco Mundo.

"Uncle Grimmjow? Did you hurt yourself again?" The quinta looked back over his shoulder, and there stood Hueco Mundo's leader. She had on a long white dress -that was still the main color there although it wasn't mandatory like it had been with Aizen; any color was acceptable- and part of her silver hair was braided, then pulled back and flowing freely with the rest of her middle-of-the-back length hair. She wore blue armlets to match her bright blue eyes, and she carried her zanpaktou in her hand. She didn't use it to fight, but to protect its power. Her sensitive zanpaktou could be wielded by anyone who knew what it could do, and she wasn't willing to let it fall into the wrong hands; mainly her father's when he decided to become a hollow. Seeing as he probably had quite a few regrets, or things bothering him before he had died, she figured it was only a matter of time until he would become a hollow, and slowly try to grow stronger to come back to Las Noches, and take back what he had before.

"Hey Hika. I was just sparring with Midori, and she got me good. Hey, you look pretty good for sparring her too."

"My sister's an excellent healer." Hikaru smiled. "You can't even tell that I was also harmed. But don't get too upset, I gave Midori a few ugly gashes too."

"For someone who hates fighting, you're awfully violent."

"I only fight when I have no intention of killing. I sparred with Midori only for fun and practice, and I made sure Chou was right there in case one of us were seriously wounded. I insist that's what you do next time you wish to fight, okay?"

Grimmjow sighed, wincing as he felt some organs rearrange. "Yeah. I'll tell Midori too."

Hikaru smiled yet again. "Thank you Uncle Grimmjow." She turned around and left the room.

"There, all done." Chou dropped her hands to her sides. "Everything's back to normal."

"Thanks." Grimmjow stood and stretched, before he looked down and saw Aoi hugging his leg. "Hey booger. Where'd you come from? Mommy was supposed to be feeding you again."

"He ate already." Ulquiorra answered from the doorway, and the black-haired boy ran back to him. "He's definitely not as big a eater as Midori was. Sometimes it's not a good thing." The cuatra winced as he touched at his chest where milk was ready to burst out at any second. It was rather uncomfortable to have so much liquid in there, and to only keep producing more when he heard the boy crying or when his internal alarm signaled it was feeding time.

Grimmjow smiled, and walked to his lover, his lips brushing the smaller's ear. "I'm a big eater. I can get rid of your problem."

Chou blushed as she guess what the conversation was about, and quickly went to her desk to write, trying to ignore the other three.

"Num num!" Aoi suddenly whined and Ulquiorra winced again. "Num num!"

"Oh, now you want to eat?" Grimmjow shook his head. "You're such a little brat."

"Grimmjow, let's leave now. This is Chou's room, not ours."

"Oh right." The quinta turned back to the pink-head. "Thanks again Chou."

"Oh. You're welcome." The girl smiled and looked at the three over her reading glasses. "I'll see you soon hopefully."

"Yes." Ulquiorra nodded, lifting Aoi into his arms, and the boy tugged at his clothing, trying to reach his food source. The cuatra gave in from being so uncomfortable, and pushed his jacket aside to allow the boy his meal.

"Gin!" Szayel sang from the bathroom, and the silver-head peeked in.

"Ya want me ta join ya?" He asked, stepping into the room and shedding his clothes.

"Of course. I'm not going to take a bath alone, am I?" The scientist smiled up at his lover, before he was joined in the bathtub and kissed deeply. Suddenly, Gin sucked in breath, and submerged himself beneath the water. He reached out and caressed, then kissed the other's big belly, feeling feet kick him. He chuckled to himself, before resurfacing.

"They're really movin' around in there. They must be squished havin' ta fit inside yer tiny belly."

"Or they're just really fidgety like you are and can't stop moving." Szayel chuckled, his hand stroking his five month tummy where three little babies lay inside. Having mixed up on how many eggs he had planted into his body, he and Gin had accidentally conceived fraternal triplets, instead of just the one the were hoping to have. They had already had two others after their oldest three, and were planning on only getting a single child -the last one they wanted, yet they were now going to get three. They didn't care though, they liked having a family and raising kids.

"Sa is Ulqui gonna have anymore?" Gin asked, always a curious one.

"He's got a girl, and Grimmjow has his boy so I think they've finished with conceiving children." Szayel pulled Gin into another kiss. "Why do you care anyways? Are you planning on giving him a child?"

"Why would ya ask that?" Gin's eyes opened.

"The way you asked seemed as if you were wondering so you could have one with him."

"Hey! Ya knaw I'd neva da that. I ain't a jerk ya knaw." The silver-head pouted playfully, and Szayel laughed at him.

"I know you'd never do that. I apologize."

Gin smiled again. "Aw thank ya. I love ya sa much Szayel."

"I love you too Gin." They pushed their bodies together as they kissed a third time and rubbed themselves against each other for friction, wanting to become fully aroused.

"Mommy, Daddy, I can't sleep." A nine year old girl stood in the doorway and rubbed her eyes, her other hand gripping her nightgown. She had Szayel's eyes and Gin's hair, but a problem with the hair follicles on part of her scalp made her hair grow white, making it seem as though she had intentioally dyed a streak to look that way.

"Sayoko sweetheart." Gin motioned for the girl to come closer. "Da ya want ta take a bath with me and Mommy?" Sayoko nodded as she stepped forward, and a little boy ran in after her, a thumb in his mouth. "Da ya want ta join ta Koki?"

"Yes! Yes!." Koki began to pull at his clothes to take them off, and he blew his brown hair out of his face as he did so. Neither of his parents knew why he looked exactly like Aizen -except the fact that his hair was straight, while Aizen's had been wavy- but they both loved him as much as all the others, because the boy was so loveable and adorable, and because he was their child.

Sayoko slowly undressed, unlike her over-eager five year old brother and snuggled in next to Gin once she stepped into the tub.

"A little Daddy's girl." Szayel chuckled. "Just like Hikaru was."

"Hm." Gin's expression became a sad one. Hikaru had been a Daddy's girl, and then in the end, she had to kill the one she got along with the best. She looked up to him the most and even when she knew she had to kill him to save everyone, she still tried to give him a second chance. She had absolutely no intention of losing her father, but it was obvious that she couldn't let him live either.

"Oh, I'm so sorry Gin. Sayoko, kiss Daddy for me, he's feeling upset."

Sayoko stood up in the tub and placed a kiss on Gin's cheek. He suddenly grabbed her and pulled her into his arms, hugging her as he playfully bit her neck. "Daddy!" She giggled.

"Thanks fer makin' me feel better sweetheart." Gin kissed her forehead, and grabbed Koki as well, kissing him.

"I love you Daddy!" The boy squealed. "And Mommy too!"

"Me too." Sayoko smiled, then she yawned and curled up in her father's lap, her eyes closing.

"Looks like she's more tired than she thinks." Szayel chuckled. "Him too." He pointed to Koki who was leaning against Gin's side, the silver-head's arm around his little body.

"That means we can continya with what we started." The two exchanged a seductive look, then leaned forward and kissed each other.

Isamu lounged on his bed, his hand pushing his shoulder-length hair out his face. He sighed, turning onto his side when the door opened and Hikaru walked in. "Isa, I need to talk to you." She said, sitting down on the bed next to her twin.

"Hm. What is it?" The male tucked his sister's hair behind her ear.

"I can feel him." She said worriedly, her blue eyes looking deep into the other's. "He's getting stronger."

Isamu sat up and hugged Hikaru close, his hands patting her back as she gripped his uniform and cried into his shoulder. "Don't worry. We'll be alright. It's unlikely that he'll ever become strong enough to harm any of us. The only way that would happen would be if he found the hokyoku."

"Then he'd have to confront me to get it, because I always carry it with me. But I don't want to see him. I'm scared Isa."

"Don't be. You're the leader now, so if he ever tried to touch you, all of us would protect you."

"But… I don't want anyone to get hurt." Hikaru's grip tightened.

"Please don't worry Hika. You'll be fine. I promise."

"Grimmjow." Ulquiorra looked to his lover that sat across from him in the tub.

"What Ulqui?"

"I thought you said that you were going to fix my problem." The cuatra moved onto the quinta's lap. "I'm still waiting."

"Fuuuck…" Grimmjow growled, before slamming Ulquiorra against the other side of the tub and kissing him roughly. His hands slid up the smaller body, until they found bright pink nipples and squeezed them, earning a moan as Ulquiorra arched his back. The quinta's mouth released his lover's and began to move down, stopping to bite at the pale neck before going further and sucking on one of the leaking nipples.

"Harder…" Ulquiorra ran his fingers through the other's blue hair, pulling Grimmjow's head harder against him.

The larger chuckled and switched nubs, letting leftover milk dribble down his lover's flushed body. He sucked in more of the warm liquid before leaning up and kissing the cuatra once again. Their mouths opened and the milk passed between them, which Ulquiorra then swallowed.

"How is it Ulqui?" Grimmjow smiled, his fingers moving down to probe the other's entrance.

"It feels a lot better now. Thank you." The fingers pushed in, and the cuatra groaned, his fingers pulling Grimmjow's hair roughly but at this point it was only sexy -not painful. Ulquiorra was stretched, although he didn't really need it as bad as he used to since he had loosened up a little over the years, but he was still tight.

"Fuck babe, I can't wait to get inside." Grimmjow bit the pale neck and his lover moaned loudly.

"Hurry up and enter already…"

"You got it." The quinta pulled his fingers out, then shoved his cock into Ulquiorra's body, hitting his prostate immediately; after all that time he had the location memorized. He moved quickly, knowing that the cuatra loved when he went rough and his teeth sunk deeper into his lover's skin until blood ran down in rivers, but it only aroused Ulquiorra more.

His voice came out as nothing more than moans, and his fingers had squeezed the blue hair so tight, they were now stuck. He didn't care though, he only focused on how good Grimmjow was making him -as usual.

"Ahh… Grimmjow touch me…" He ordered, and shouted in pleasure as his cock was grasped. Grimmjow pumped quickly, matching his thrusts and it didn't take long before his lover arched his back and released between their bodies. The quinta followed, releasing his teeth from the cuatra's neck only to watch blood gush out.

"Fuck. I did it again." He grumbled, his hand pressing against Ulquiorra's wound to stop the flow.

"It's alright. It will clot soon." Ulquiorra kissed Grimmjow, and his lips curved upwards the slightest bit, but the quinta caught it.

"Holy fuck Ulqui! You smiled!" He said, but the cuatra turned his head and blushed.

"No I didn't. I'd never do such a thing." He scoffed.

"Liar. I saw you. It was really nice to see actually." Ulquiorra turned his head back, his green eyes widened. "C'mon Ulqui, do it again." Grimmjow kissed the pale lips gently. "C'mon, do it. Do it. Do it. Do it."

"Alright!" The smaller blushed again, before he smiled. A large, genuine smile and Grimmjow couldn't help but hug Ulquiorra tightly.

"Fuck you're awesome." He smiled himself, before bringing their lips together another time. "I love you so much Ulqui."

"I love you too Grimmjow." Ulquiorra smiled again.

Sayoko means Evening Child [because Hueco Mundo is always night]

Koki means Vast and Strong

Aoi means Blue [because his eyes are blue, and because it's Grimmjow's color, while Midori has Ulqui's (green)]

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