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Queen Kobra


She was angry…furious as hell that he would dare come and try to save her. As if she needed to be saved from the likes of him! Didn't the stupid Bat know what would happen now? Obviously not – or if he did, her once best friend was in denial, trying to resist the idea of her becoming what he feared the most. His ignorance would get him destroyed. It was over…everything that once existed in life was now changed and altered and there was nothing he or anyone else could do to fix it.

Batman stands before Zander with a bataraang in hand, prepared for the fight he knew was coming. What he didn't foresee however was who the real enemy was. He never would have imagined this and that was what made everything so desperately terrible. "Give it up Zander," Batman demands.

Zander, his accent flowing smoothly through the air, folds his arms across his chest observing the vigilante hero with a look of pure annoyance. He was growing beyond tired of the Batman's interference with Kobra affairs. "We will never stop. No matter what you do Batman, Kobra will always rise to strike again – our venom twice as deadly."

"I could care less about you and your sense of power. I came for the girl."

Zander smirks. "My queen? What makes you think you'll have her? Have you forgotten the agreement she and I made?"

The teenaged Dark Knight snorts angrily. He could hear the unsure disagreement to Zander's words by Bruce through the comlink. Wayne also hoped with a heavy heart that the promise had no true depth and purpose. "Your queen?" Batman repeats with disgust. "She's not your anything. Max is leaving with me!"

And in that moment a smooth voice resounds from his left, contradicting, "I'm not going anywhere." Batman pivots to find Max standing there slightly between him and Zander. He gasps at her appearance, her pink hair glowing brightly, her brown skin perfect and beautiful. The smile on her lips nearly makes the hero double over. For a moment Terry, the teen inside the suit, remembers how happy that smile was; he could see the caring in her eyes. Oh how he missed her! For so many months he kept Max's lovely face in his mind, forever preserving the memory in hopes to never forget her – as if he ever could. She was his best friend. The impact that Maxine had on his life was beyond noticeable, and to have her taken from him like she was…it tore his heart to pieces.

Yet, after looking at her longer it strikes McGinnis that she was different. She wasn't his Max…not anymore. Her nails were long and sharp, and like many Kobra operatives she also had fangs in her mouth. And her attire was different, sexy, but not Max: a cream crop top fit tightly to her chest – a golden Egyptian styled collar clung to her neck and shoulders. Max's toned stomach looked all together delicious, the faded abs adding a detail to her figure that was mesmerizing. On the girl's legs she wore a pair of cream pants with golden flat boots that came up above the knees. Something green was wrapped around Max's arm over a gold bracelet. At first, Terry isn't sure what it is…until it moves, slithering down her arm unto Max's upraised hand. It raises its head, and from the back spreads the all too distinctive hood. Batman cringes at the Cobra as it hisses threateningly at him. Max caresses the snakes head delicately with her finger while she stares at Batman strangely, as if in deceptive coy, her smirk filled with such…evil.

But out of everything about Max that had changed, what Terry notices the most was her eyes: cold and heartless. Whatever Kobra had done to her, he didn't like it. "What the hell are you talking about Max?" Batman asks once he notices the seriousness in her voice. "What reasons could you have for staying?"

"I have two, now that you mention it: 1. To keep the people I care about safe. Kobra likes me so well they'll do anything to make me stay."

"Oh yeah," Batman says sarcastically.

"Two," Max continues, ignoring his remark, "the people here treat me good. I'm loved by these people better than by anyone else out there. They don't use me for their own selfish reasons," she adds with a cold underlining message to her once best friend.

Catching this, Batman frowns. This made no sense to him. Why was she saying these things? "Your friends care about you…your family –"

"My family?" Max asks with a burning animosity. "The fools who pretend to care? No…Kobra is my family now."

Terry tenses. He could tell that she meant every word and this is what disturbed him the most. They must have brainwashed her – that had to be the answer. Max had tried for so long to be the hero, to fight alongside Batman and help the weak the best she could. There was no way she could have fallen to the dark side…could it? Batman gulps, noticing the Kobra operatives filing into the room with their weapons ready. Zander leaves from his chair and strolls to Max's side. He brushes his fingertips along her neck and Max lets out a sigh of satisfaction.

"I saved you once…I can't – won't do it again. Besides, I like being bad," she pulls out a gun and points it at the vigilante, the cobra hisses in her hands, swaying its head back and forth, "it's so shway, and the power…ah, I have never been so powerful." Max smiles softly, "Bye-bye Batman."

"Max," McGinnis cautions, raising his hands. He didn't want to fight her, it just wouldn't be right. Bruce yells for Terry to scat – sensing that Max was willing to pull the trigger.

The African beauty narrows her eyes angrily. "It's Queen…Queen Kobra." She pulls the trigger and the gun fires…


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