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It's to You

Paxton Powers shifts his eyes about within the gala hall inside of the main Wayne Powers office building, brows furrowed in bitter annoyance. The final preparation for the annual Trust Ball had been left in his care and all of Gotham was aware. He smirks briefly as a lovely young waitress, probably of legal age by the look of her body, brings over a sample delectable French appetizer to ensure the chef was on point. After tasting the creation he smiles pleasantly in approval, watching her butt swaying as she walked away. He just might ensure she got a raise. The speakers let out a humming scratch as the sound check proceeds, gaining Powers's attention.

The Trust Ball was just that – a formal gala where all of Wayne Powers biggest investors, partners, and so on would gather as a sign that they could still be relied upon for moral as well as financial support when the waters grew unstable…the majority weren't, but there were still some who could be trusted; and they were all friends and partners of Bruce Wayne since his younger days – proof that loyalty was truly a rarity. But the true excitement was the fact that Bruce Wayne regained immediate and complete control over his family's business again. Powers intended to make the ball as grand and extraordinary as possible – not for the sake of Wayne's success, but to hopefully persuade some of his elder rival's loyal lackeys to follow after him and join the part-time criminal's own business. And from there he could possibly sabotage Wayne Enterprises…patience was a tactful and incredibly troublesome virtue.

"Mr. Powers, sir?" a female receptionist with short blonde hair calls from the gala entry doors. She could use another raise too.

"What is it Cheryl?" Paxton questions, making his way over to her; blinking in surprise as she hands him an opal toned parchment document laced with an intricate and superior letterhead. "News from the board?"

"No sir," Cheryl answers with a strange glint. "It's a request from some new company to attend the Trust Ball. I just got off the phone with their CEO. She is considering tying her business with Wayne Powers."

Paxton smirks deviously. If he could convince this CEO to join Powers Enterprises instead. Nothing was better than fresh meat. "And just," he asks, overlooking the request form curiously, "what's the name of this little lady's company?"

Cheryl looks around and whispers, "Sir, if we may talk in private?" Paxton narrows his brows and leads Cheryl back towards a small enclosed office within the ballroom and shuts the door. He flicks on the light switch, closes the blinds shut and folds his arms as Cheryl leans back against the desk and stares at him. "I take it you got some info on the company."

Cheryl's expression turns pouty. "And just what were you doing with Marie?"

"Marie? That's off topic my dear."

"That whore of a waitress. I saw you staring."

Powers loosens his tie and grins. "Can I not admire? What's another piece of ass?"

Cheryl parts her legs as Powers lifts her up on the desk and begins kissing her neck. "Is there a true difference between ass and shit?" She gasps as Paxton moves forward with that look. "Don't you want my info first?"

Powers steps back, eyes practically burning with lust. "Better talk fast."

"The company is new, it wasn't founded until about five years ago. It's called Venym Industries – they've got branches surfacing everywhere lately but the main facility was down in Puerto Rico even though the CEO and the majority of her main staff are American; CEO sounds black though. I heard they're making a move back here. The CEO is from Gotham from what I've researched."

Intriguing…very intriguing. "Got a backstory on her?"

Cheryl shakes her head. "Not much. All I could find is that she's major young, younger than you, about twenty or around there – and she's got a kid…But that's not the best part. Apparently she's attained and saved up some ridiculous wealth. So far her company within itself is worth about 31.7 million – and it's just starting."

Powers' mouth practically breaks from shock. "Over…"he stutters, "30 million? And it's just five years old?"

Cheryl grabs her boss by the loose tie and pulls him back into her frame. "And the girl is worth almost a billion." Paxton's body grows frigid. She was worth double what he was. He had to have her. She introduced herself as 'Em' – probably short for Emily or Emilia or something. So…" her brows narrow seductively, "how'd I do?"

Powers unbuckles his pants swiftly while attacking her chest. "We just might have to make this, us, official." She begins to undress…success.

***** "I have reason to believe you did that on purpose." Bruce hobbles from the front door to the edge of the drive where his car was waiting. He directs a scowl towards Terry as he comes around the vehicle to open the door for the boss.

The now young man smiles sheepishly, "There were a lot of Jokerz out tonight."

"Suck it up," Bruce grumbles annoyingly.

McGinnis rolls his eyes, closing the door after Bruce slides inside with a labored grunt and dashes to the driver's side. He knew that in spite of the old man's complaints that Wayne was actually excited. They both knew what tonight meant: Bruce Wayne's last night of having to deal with Powers and the first night of regaining control over his empire. That was something worth celebrating! McGinnis ignores the accusations about them being late – Wayne knew by the way his apprentice drove that they'd get there on time; Ball started at 7 – Terry looks at the clock. 6:51? Oh, they'd make it with time to spare.

Terrence had attended the annual Trust Ball every year for the 4, 5 years – and it bored him to death every single time. Even the women were mainly much too old; or way too stuck up…the one night he loathed with passion. Nothing exciting ever happened at these things. Nothing. Before long the car comes to a stop outside of the main office and the two were heading inside, the sound of applause welcoming them. Barbara approaches, taking her old friend into a warm embrace amongst the activity of their arrival. It wasn't often that the Commissioner wore a smile…they'd do better to enjoy it.

Terry looks around, noting unhappily the sight of Paxton flirting with the help while still somehow managing to eye a group of women staring at him intentionally – the receptionist Cheryl's posture tense even from the other side of the room. Not that he really cared about Cheryl: a two faced, deceitful, coy woman whose lipstick was always too seductive and devious of a red and lovely eyes always glassed over in an undesirable coldness. Her body was nice, but everything that looked good wasn't good for you – plus he'd seen better…touched better. Compared to the frame of that lovely woman of the past who still had his heart Cheryl was a stick figure without definitive edges. How he missed that one girl…An unusual buzz suddenly drifts across the ball and turns back for the entryway: men had begun adjusting their double breasted suits while talking in almost competitive voices, the women whispering amongst one another in a manner laced in gossip, much too large jewelry blaring against the lights of the room. Even Paxton realized that there was something so much more important than exposed breasts, turning from the women and searching around the room for something.

Barbara sighs, motioning towards the main door, folding her arms nonchalantly. "Everybody's going in for the kill." The two Batmans look at her in bewilderment. She huffs with annoyance – ofcourse these two, the most exposed people of Gotham, would somehow not know…blame it on the suit. "Rumor got out today that some extra wealthy CEO is coming to town. Her worth is almost a billion, her company over 30.5 million…and her industry is new. Your clients are hoping to get in on the action."

Terry chuckles. "Jealous Barb?"

"More like concerned. The last thing I need is another power hungry corporate head with a twisted agenda walking my streets."

Bruce shrugs before stating in a mysterious tone, "Who really know? She just may be what we need…what we're looking for."

Other than talk of the mysterious millionaire the Trust Ball dragged on slowly and without purpose. Terry was starving – and even though the food was usually pretty good he hated the wait for it to be served. There were constant unnecessary "preparations". First there was the opening speeches, then the mingling while the kitchen help finished preparations, then everyone had to be seated followed abruptly by more speeches…and then the food came; and right now they were still at the mingling stage. He could've been out saving a damn hamster from the jaws of a cat right now – that sure as hell would've been more entertaining.

But then, just before the request to be seated for dinner came, the doors opened and in walked a slew of bodyguards; gaining the immediate attention and blazing expectation of the ball's attendees. A little girl, around the age of four or five, skips into the room with her perfect creamed skin and short raven black hair about her little head in intricate elf-like curls. Her eyes were as black as her locks, and an adorable giggle flowed out of her. She wore a beautiful purple "church" dress with a white ribbon tied around the waist and white shoes. The child looked so small and yet so incredibly vibrant. Terry thought she had to be the most beautiful little girl he'd ever seen – and everyone else had to be thinking it too. "Mama," the little one practically sung out.

And then another voice, one so calm and familiar that is makes Terry's heart skip a beat in recognition, calls out from behind the guards, "Don't run away from me—," everyone's eyes widen in surprise as the reporters go on a field day while the mother steps forth into the open, "-Amunet." Her luxurious brown skin, those rich oak eyes, and that enticing body frame all being accented by an off the shoulder long sleeved crème gown that hugged her frame just right in mermaid style before flaring out and ending with an elegant train. But it was one thing that made the media and McGinnis recognize her: that round lovely face, accented by that unmistakable pixie cut neon pink hair.

"I don't believe it!" a reporter exclaims before the others. "It's you! The Gibson girl! Uadjit! What are you doing here?"

Max takes her child's hand and motions her guards to stay back. With a brilliant smile the young woman explains, "I'm here for the Trust Ball – and to do what I can to assist Mr. Wayne with his endeavors."

"But how?" cries out another, the camera flashes seeming to grow more defined.

Max turns her head towards him, that flawless smile never seeming to fade, making the people gasp in enticement. "I'm head of the new company I'm sure you've all heard about: Venym Industries we're here to pledge our honor to Wayne Enterprises. Isn't that right," she asks looking down at the little girl, "Amunet?" The child nods, hiding behind her mother's leg.

The attendees are speechless – never would they have imagined that Maxine Gibson, the girl who had been forced with the tech of Spellbinder, to return back to Gotham as a powerful corporate head. The words seemed unattainable. She had seemingly returned on the right track, and her beauty radiated with the good that was over filling her life. McGinnis can only ponder and remain dumbfounded: the last time he had seen his best friend was five years ago in her apartment, where they made love all throughout the night before she had vanished in the morning. She'd left him a letter stating they may never see each other again but she'd always have a part of him with her. And now here she was…Here…

Max shifts her gaze and smiles at the sight of her love standing there gawking at them with a blatant lack of finesse that somehow seemed attractive – she truly loved an idiot…her idiot.

**** The moonlight was so overwhelming as Max walked along the little garden path outside of the ballroom. Surrounding her were trees and various flowers from which the most calming fragrances expelled from. And in the center of the garden was a small pond surrounded by massive flat-topped boulders for sitting. She sighs softly, pleased that the night was turning out so well; extending out her hands as if taking in energy from the moonlight. People had been trying to get her into their hands (both figuratively and actually) all night; and the garden was just the rest and peace she needed.

A cocky smirk explodes upon her face in remembrance of Paxton's attempt to get Max to not only fall into Powers Enterprises, but into his bed as well. He had took her hand into his, kissing it seductively by adding a twist of tongue upon her wrist…his face immediately burned red from the strike she had gave him. It wasn't just the fact of the move he had made, but the perv had tried to add Amunet into the mix. Practically eating Max's hand before catching glimpse of the daughter staring with curious eyes; enough to make the Powers son to stop his attack on the mother and kneel down towards Amunet. "You have a beautiful daughter, Gibson," he complimented darkly. "I know her coming about must've been a hard one, but I can assure you, Powers Enterprises will do whatever we can, whatever I can, to keep you, and," he added while reaching out to touch Amunet's head, "your precious little daughter safe."

Within the instant Max had snatched her hostage hand from Paxton, yanked her daughter back with gentle force into the arms of a bodyguard standing behind her – arms extended out and ready immediately – and, with her free palm, slapped Paxton so hard on the jaw that the troublemaking head immediately fell back against the nearest table, disturbing the glass and plates – thankfully no food on them yet. With a fierce snarl like expression on her face, Max threatened, "Don't you ever think you've got what it takes to touch or threaten me or my daughter again! I'll buy your company right out from under your nose and sell the investments, collateral, you, to a diaper testing manufacture for triple the profit while the only enterprising Powers will be doing is making slimy old worn down mascot costumes for skitzy retailers in the slums!"

Bruce thought the gesture was so hilarious an actual grin and chuckle managed to explode onto his face; earning the horrifying embarrassment of Paxton. His skin tone flared to a dark shade of red, exclaiming loudly he'd have no part in supporting or promoting a criminal whore and her bastard daughter…well, it didn't sit well with the committee nor the attendants of the Trust Ball; Paxton was forced to leave his own party – and no one acted heartbroken over it except for Cheryl Richardson, his pretty little secretary whom he fired a few seconds after for "impudence". Max laughed. Cheryl screamed bloody murder, and had to also be escorted off the premises.

"Leave it to you to bring up some excitement."

She grins softly, turning her upper torso back towards him as the moon light glistened across her frame like some mystical entity. "I'm the Queen after all." He looked somewhat a mixture of tired, flustered, and relieved; as if he had been searching for her all night. "You must've really been calling my name out huh?" What a brilliant reference to the letter she'd left him those years ago.

McGinnis slowly approaches as if he were afraid she would vanish like a dream if he wasn't careful. "What happened?"

Max looks back at the lunar planet – might as well get in all the information while everything was going good. "I realized life would be too complicated for me at the time here in Gotham. I had to redeem and punish myself – so I left. I revoked my claim on Kobra and gave control to Raphael instead. I still have pretty strong ties with Kobra and its members – they say I'm the only Queen. Truth be told, sometimes I even miss it." Max dusts off one of the boulders and sits. "But I couldn't escape that easily. Kobra and I shared lives; so no matter how much I tried to persuade them otherwise many of the operatives followed after me."

Terry nods, starting to piece everything together, sitting beside her comfortably just like they used to so long ago. "Your bodyguards?"

"Same members of my Imperial Guard – dumbies," she scorns with a loving lure. She watches as Terry slowly reaches out and takes her hand. How wonderful that felt. "Then that's when I met up with you…that morning we all left and headed to Puerto Rico. The mansion we stayed in was once a Kobra nest…but it was our home. I was smart, keeping profits from my days with Kobra and investing them thoroughly. That's how Venym began. It was the perfect cover up for all of my 'employees' and 'exceeding' wealth. I couldn't turn my people away, so they live and work with me just like in the old days. Some still prove 'useful' but I love them. Anyways, through the name Venym and my power and influence from past endeavors I've made a change…but it was still empty," Maxine adds with a puppy pout, gazing up at McGinnis longingly. She looks deep into his eyes. "I was still empty." Her fingers massage his knuckles. "I…Terry I missed you-!"

She doesn't have time to finish; Terrence forces his lips upon hers in a longing attack, allowing the old memories and desires to resurface within them. For so long he wanted to be with her again – and the man needed the proof that this wasn't just some dream. Within that simple kiss, an entire conversation proceeds between, so to the point that once they finally pull away they can only gaze into each other's faces, sharing gentle pecks upon one another's cheeks. Finally. "Where's Amunet?"

"Sleeping in the chair with one of my guards for the night. She's taken quite a liking to him."

McGinnis raises a brow. "That guard," he ponders, remembering the man giving McGinnis a huge smile although his attitude seemed somewhat…robotic. "He isn't…?"

Max smiles. "Zeta's camaflouge is growing better if you couldn't recognize him. Amunet loves that metal heap, don't ask me why; probably the same reason I do."

"Alright then," McGinnis suddenly declares, pulling Max to her feet.


"Let's go get her together."

"Get her?"

Terry kisses Max's forehead. "Things have been difficult, but I do love you Max. And we're going to work through this together. You've been forgiven – and it's time you start over; just not so secretive anymore." He gently pulls her towards the open doors. "Let's go get our daughter."

Max pauses at first, not really sure of how serious he was being. But the look on his countenance was sincere, and she covered her eyes with her free hand, trying to fight back the tears. "Yeah," she states as he pulls her forehead to his lips once more before leading them back into the ball, "let's get our daughter." They walk inside, preparing to face everything, the media, the speculation, everything, just as they were entering through the doors – hand in hand.

I've seen every sunset, and with all that I've learned…it's to you, I will always – always…Return….