A/N : A silly drabble series I'm trying. Each one will be inspired by one of the TV Tropes entries, at the page of the same name ending in org. I will take requests, though not all will be played straight - some might be brutally deconstructed or simply discussed in character rather than used per se. Others I will find by using the random trope button until I get an idea.

A/N2 : My goal is to add a drabble every time one of my favorite fics updates. So my joy shall be returned unto you.

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1. Casual Danger Dialog

"I'm just saying, I'm pretty sure Sokka tops."

Toph rolled her sightless eyes. "Look, I know you dated him, so maybe you don't want to see the truth, but Sokka is the little bottom boy in this relationship. Just look at them!"

"What, you think just because Zuko has more muscles, he's dominant?" Suki snorted. "Think about the relationship dynamics. Zuko may be physically strong, but let's face it, he's completely emotionally damaged. He needs an emotionally strong man take the lead, that is, top him like he's a mattress."

"I am thinking of the relationship dynamics! Zuko is a prince! He's been conditioned his whole life to take command, dominate any situation he's in. Do you really think he's submitting to some peasant every night? No offense, Snoozles."

"Yeah, no problem, thanks for noticing me. Say, do you two think you could debate my sex life sometime when we're not riding an airship full of comet empowered firebenders to our collective dooms?"

"Sorry, Sokka, if I'm going to die, I want Toph to admit I'm right first."

"Ha, guess we better live then, because I'm totally right..."

The water tribesman caught his returning boomerang and briefly considered beating himself to death with it. "Why didn't I back Zuko up with Azula and send Katara with you guys?"

Toph punched him in the shoulder before stomping a metal wave to knock down the latest wave of firebenders. "Because you'd be too busy getting topped by Zuko to get any fighting done, of course."