Hey folks, long time no see. Just popping in here with the (possible) start of a new fic I'm doing, inspired by reading too much Rosario+Vampire. Not much to say here, except for those who have read the manga themselves, this story starts off as an alternate end to Season II, chapter 36, if Touhou Fuhai hadn't shown up when he did and Akuha found Tsukune, Moka and co. Speaking of which, though I personally prefer spelling her name as "Aqua," this fic is mostly for readers and fans of the series, and "Akuha" is the usual fan spelling in English. So that's just a little fun fact, and chapter 37 onwards never happened as far as this story is concerned.

What else... Well nothing much else here, except that oh, disclaimer! Ahem, I do not own Rosario+Vampire in any way, the series and all the sexy monster girls in it belong to Akihisa Ikeda.

I hope you enjoy and I'll see you at the bottom!

For Want of a Sister



"Tsukune, wake up, please!"


Tsukune roused slowly. His body shivered, fighting to shake off the dark stupor of unconsciousness that had just enveloped him for the last…well, it had to have been some hours at least. His mind still in lazy stasis, his eyes struggled to pry themselves open. But it was no use. All Tsukune could register was the deep blackness before him. And a tiny, prickly chill nipping at his face, gradually waking him enough to allow the most basic of thoughts to enter his mind.

What had happened? It seemed so long since he could remember not feeling like he was in a dream.

No, not a dream.

It was more like a nightmare. Slowly but surely, it was coming back to him. They had finally arrived in China—he, Moka, and the other girls—after their harrowing plane adventure. They had been graciously received by the Wong family, Fong Fong's parents, and invited to stay at their mansion. Shortly thereafter, Touhou Fuhai, one of the three great Dark Lords, had examined Moka's seal and came up with a method to fix the damage it had sustained.

That was where the horror had truly begun.

Tsukune, Mizore and Touhou Fuhai had been mistakenly absorbed into Moka's soul, a world of her memories. It was there that Tsukune soon witnessed the tragic truth: the truth of Moka watching her sister Akuha slice her mother, Akasha Bloodriver, in two; the truth of Akasha giving her life to save Moka from the recently awakened demon Alucard; and worst of all for him, the truth that the girl he had met upon first arriving to Youkai Academy, the girl he had so easily fallen for before he had even realized it, was just a fake personality created by the rosary Akasha had given to Moka, to seal away her power and allow her to live a normal life.

That had been the last straw. His heart broken, he had succumbed to the sky-engulfing darkness that had swept away Moka's shattered world of memories. He had felt lost in that chaotic river of Moka's soul for an eternity. But eventually, he had come upon a sobbing Moka, and had managed to confess his feelings to her back, although he wasn't sure he had heard her. It was at that moment, he remembered now, that a bright light had burst forth from the girl, swallowing Tsukune's own consciousness, delivering him into oblivion…

And now, he found himself here. Wherever 'here' was. His eyes still hadn't managed to get themselves open, since his vision was still nothing but darkness. Except…for a faint glow of light across from him, that looked like it was coming from behind a barely opened door.

But that means, my eyes really are open… Then, why is this room so dark? Where am I?

Suddenly he remembered, the last voice he had heard just a few minutes ago inside his head.

"Moka!" He screamed. Or at least, tried to scream. His throat wasn't too keen on producing sounds after a while of inactivity, so what came out was more of a ragged whisper, barely audible even to himself. His head bowed down, he tried to get some air into his lungs. That's right, he realized, it was only a voice inside his head he'd heard. Moka's voice, but his imagination nonetheless. Tsukune exhaled. His body felt heavy. His arms, too.

Why can't I move them?

Coming more to his senses, Tsukune realized his arms were spread out perpendicular from his body. He tried to bring them down to rest at his sides, but something was stopping them. He flexed his wrists and immediately felt the warm texture of leather binding them to…something. Some hard surface. What it was he wasn't sure. But it wasn't reassuring. What's more, even though it felt like he was standing straight, his feet weren't touching the floor.

What's going on?

Moistening his lips and gently clearing his throat, he tried speaking again. "Hello?" he called out, louder this time. "Hello, is anybody there?"

He let his words hang in the air a few seconds. Strangely, he thought he heard a quiet muffled sound in response, something like a light moan, but it quickly disappeared, leaving him in silence once again.

He waited a moment for another answer. Anything. But no sound came.

"Hey!" he shouted as loud as his throat would allow. He didn't expect to suddenly get an answer this time, but then—

"Aiya~, you're awake, are you?"

Tsukune froze. Why he froze he wasn't certain. There was something about that voice. Not just that it was a chilling voice that suggested a sadistically frightening owner, but there was something familiar about it. Tsukune tried to think, quickly digging through his memories as he heard footsteps approaching from some direction. Where had he heard this voice before? He could swear he had. It was definitely a woman's voice. But his thoughts were interrupted by the faint light he had seen earlier expanding, growing larger and larger, until the light from within streamed out fiercely, forcing Tsukune's eyes shut once more. He barely got them open again a moment later, and this time he saw a shadowy figure approaching him, heard the sound of her bare feet on the floor. A soft 'click' later and the ceiling lamp was switched on, dim though it was. Dim enough for Tsukune's eyes not to be overwhelmed again, and allowing him a look at the person in front of him.

What he saw was the last thing he'd have hoped for. It was a young woman, alright. An exceptionally pretty one at that, with wild black hair streaming past her pale neck, partly pulled up in subtle pigtails, two white strands dangling in front of her vampiric red eyes. She was wearing a black China dress spattered with red roses towards the bottom, with slits in the sides of the garment that exposed the entire sides of her bare legs and hips. And surprisingly, she didn't look much different than she had in Moka's memories. None of that really mattered to Tsukune at the moment, however, as the growing knot in his stomach robbed him of the ability to truly notice.

"Y-You!" he gasped, the memories from Moka's soul now catching up with him with the impact of a bullet train. "You're—from Moka's memories. You're Akuha, Moka's sister!"

A smile flitted across her face. A disarmingly innocent smile, though anyone who knew of her would know better. Tsukune knew better.

"So, you know about me, hm? I suppose I don't need to waste time with introductions then." She moved closer to him. "Now, whatever am I going to do with you, little Tsukune?"

The boy's eyes widened. "How do you know my name?"

"That little witch told me about you," she replied, casually flicking the hair before her face. "She told me a few things, at that."

"Witch..?" he repeated. Then he remembered. "Yukari!" She had been watching over their bodies while they slept, along with Fong Fong and Ling Ling.

"Where's Yukari? Where are the others? Where is Moka?" he demanded.

"Hmph, you're not really in a position to use that tone with me, boy," she snorted. "In case you hadn't noticed, you're my prisoner. Take a look," she gestured towards him.

Tsukune glanced down. To his shock, he had been stripped entirely naked. Well, almost. Akuha had been gracious enough, as much as you could ever call her gracious, to leave his underpants on, whether for modesty or sport he didn't know. Now that he could see clearly in the soft light, he looked to his sides, as well. He was once more dismayed to find he was bound to a large wooden cross, arms outspread, feet tied together.

Gritting his teeth, Tsukune turned back to his amused captor. "What the hell is going on?" he growled, trying to sound braver than he currently felt. "What have you done with my friends?"

Akuha sighed, obviously annoyed at the constant interrogation. "Fine, I guess I can indulge your questions, little Tsukune, since they'll be the last you ever get." Tsukune gulped nervously at the threat, although he couldn't help being annoyed at the 'little' she kept adding to his name. Wasn't she only about four years older than him? He wasn't little, and hearing her address him as such was kind of irritating. When he told her all this, she raised her eyebrow at him before giggling. "Oh, that's precious," she snickered. "You shouldn't be wasting our time with boring stuff like that. The thing is, as a human, you are so far below me in terms of power, ability and…everything, really, I can't help but see you like I would a little doggie. Compared to me, you're very weak and small, little Tsukune. It's got nothing to do with age." Tsukune blinked; the way she explained it made it so demeaning, he almost wished it was an age related insult.

"As for your friends," she went on, going back to his question, "I have no interest in them. The succubus and yuki-onna are sleeping back at the Wong mansion. I had to subdue the witch—Yukari, was it? And the Wong siblings are most likely dead," she shrugged. "Too bad, really. I don't actually like spilling blood, you know."

"You monster…" Tsukune's voice trembled.

Akuha affected a pout, looking offended. "I'm not so bad, you know," she chuckled. "I spared most of them, didn't I?"

Tsukune lowered his gaze, biting his lip hard enough to almost draw blood.

"What have you done…to Moka..?"

The hurt that now crossed the woman's features was more sincere. "What? Are you implying that—? I could never hurt my beloved sister Moka! What kind of person do you think I am?"

Even though Tsukune sensed that she believed what she said, he couldn't help but scoff. "Yeah, right. I've seen what you've done. I know what you're capable of, even when it comes to your family."

Akuha frowned and slipped herself a hair's breath away from her prisoner. "You've got me all wrong. I want nothing but the best for Moka, to protect her from the deep darkness inside of her. You do know, don't you?" At this she leaned in too close for comfort, practically whispering in Tsukune's ear. "That Shinso blood of hers. The trigger that awakens Alucard. Not to mention…those painful memories of her mother's death, locked away inside her. I'm sure you saw all that in her memories, right?"

Tsukune scowled. He wasn't comfortable with her being this close at all. Her face was right next to his, so near that her smooth shoulder was inches from his face. Tsukune wanted to be repulsed, but he had to admit, hers was far from a bad scent. His sense of smell had always been keen, even more so after being injected with Moka's blood, and now he could practically taste Akuha's vanilla-scented skin on the back of his tongue. But he quickly fought to brush those thoughts out of his mind. He recognized the truth in her words—he had seen those things himself. Still, he didn't like it.

"What're you saying?" he asked quietly, avoiding her gaze as she pulled her head back. Akuha gave him a pitiful smile. Reaching up, she cupped his cheek in her cool hand. Tsukune winced when she suddenly punctured his flesh with her nails, but she ignored his discomfort. It was a tiny prick anyway.

"You silly boy," she crooned, gently rubbing the blood from his face. "Do you think someone as insignificant as you could protect my Moka from such danger?"

"Like you can?" he shot back. "You're the one who almost got her killed by that monster!"


Tsukune tried to move his hand to cover the spot on his face she had just hit, but was reminded that his arms were bound. He imagined there was now a large red mark on his face, however. Hesitantly, he turned back to her. Akuha's eyes had narrowed dangerously into a glare. Tsukune was surprised to find that her voice shook with anger and, to his surprise, what sounded like pain.

"How dare you," she hissed. "What happened in the past is absolutely none of your filthy business." Akuha backed away from her hostage, turning her back on him. Tsukune grimaced, slowly growing to dislike Moka's sister more and more by the minute. He was trying to ignore the fact that she was related to the girl he loved. After all, what she'd done was horrendous. Even if she sounded regretful, it didn't change anything, he thought to himself.

After taking a moment to regain her composure, Akuha whirled back around. "Well," she continued, a deadly calm in her voice, "those subjects are not a human's concern. Besides…I have some questions of my own for you, little Tsukune."

Before he knew what had happened, Tsukune found the cross he was attached to falling backwards, landing with a loud thud onto the hard floor behind him, sending a wave of pain through his body. Akuha had used her Jigentou to slice away the bottom of the cross, below Tsukune's feet, collapsing it. With speed befitting her fearsome reputation, and to Tsukune's embarrassment, she mounted him. Instantly, Tsukune felt her lower regions rub against his briefs as she settled on him. He thanked the darkness of the room, or else she would've seen the immense and unwanted blush that spread across his cheeks. Although, with her powerful eyes, she probably noticed it anyway. Her smirk upon peering down at him wasn't reassuring. Tsukune was just grateful that his fear of the situation had for now kept certain things from 'rising.' He didn't know what she wanted, but he didn't feel it was something to get excited about.

"What do you want?" he asked.

"Hm-hmm. Remember what I said earlier? That witch Yukari told me some interesting things."

"W-What things?" he replied. What could she possibly be talking about?

The playful grin on Akuha's face vanished. "Things about my darling Moka…and a certain Tsukune Aono."

Tsukune swallowed. He realized from watching her, both in past and present, that the eldest Shuzen girl was lethally protective of and possibly obsessed with her younger sister. Any word that Tsukune had feelings for Moka that made it to her ears would surely make him a very unfortunate human. Whether or not Yukari knew this, what could she have said?

"I…don't know what you're talking about," he tried to lie. But she wasn't biting.

"Oh! Oh! Don't move them! They haven't come back yet! Tsukune's trying to rescue Moka, he needs her more than anything! He needs her to bring together the worlds of humans and ayashi! That's their dream!" she laughed, doing her best high-pitched Yukari impression. "Now then," she went on, bringing her head down to Tsukune's, "whatever could she have meant by that?"

Don't say anything… Tsukune thought to himself. Akuha's eyes felt like they were burning a hole in his skull. She attacked Moka's own mother right before her eyes. She won't hesitate to finish me off either. Still, even though he felt terrified in her presence, a tiny part of his mind acknowledged that, sadism aside, there was a very attractive female on top of him. He barely noticed this thought, though, as he continued to stare up firmly at the vampiress.

Akuha was getting impatient at the boy's silence. "No answer? What a shame." She sat up again and pressed her fingertips against Tsukune's bicep. He cried out in pain as the flesh ripped under her touch, leaving a throbbing gash on his arm. Akuha looked at the blood that had gotten on her hand with obvious disgust, then wiped it off on Tsukune's bare chest. Tracing his muscles, the woman hummed with something like appreciation, unexpectedly. "Well, I'll give you one thing. You have quite a fit body, little Tsukune." Unconsciously, her tongue darted out across her lips before Tsukune could blink. Her hand moved again, this time to his other arm. Tsukune braced himself in preparation for another Jigentou stabbing, feeling her cold fingers pressing down on skin and muscle. "So tell me," she said, "what are you to Moka?" She pressed down slightly, just nicking Tsukune's skin. "Speak," she ordered, "or this time I won't make so shallow a cut."

This one was shallow?

"I..I don't know," he stammered. "I don't know what she feels about me." That was a half-truth. His feelings aside, he still wasn't certain that Moka saw him the same way. Of course, he had a strong suspicion she might; he wasn't so ignorant of the way she was around him, or the way she looked at him. And it couldn't count for nothing that she had given him her blood to save his life. But he would not be telling that to Akuha.

"And I suppose you want her yourself?" she asked, almost like she knew the answer already.

Tsukune paused. He knew that answer, too: it was a definite yes. He had even just confessed to Moka…sort of, when he was lost in her soul. She may not have received the message, but at the very least, it meant he had admitted his love for her to himself, too. Again, though, he was hesitant about saying anything like that to Akuha. Whatever her reaction might be to hearing it, it couldn't be good.

Instead, he went for a lie again. "We're friends," he said, forcing himself to stay calm. "We met at school and we've been friends ever since."

Akuha pursed her lips, studying the boy's face from the saddle of his lap. Tsukune couldn't keep her powerful gaze, and turned his eyes aside, aware that he was sweating nervously.

"You're lying," her cold voice reached his ears, "and pretty badly, at that."

Tsukune made to turn back to her. "I'm not ly—AAGGGGHHHH!"

In an instant Akuha had whipped her arm across her body, cutting into Tsukune's stomach. He snapped his head back in agony, a rest mist covering his eyes, feeling like a hammer had been taken to his temple and a knife to his gut. His blood splashed out into the air, some of it getting on Akuha's dress, covering the red rose designs with another layer of crimson.

"Hmph," she grunted after a moment, ignoring his desperate gasping, "You've gotten your lowly human blood on me. How rude."

Tsukune huffed underneath her, wishing his hands were free to hold his burning stomach.

"Calm down," she said dismissively. "It's not a serious wound. You'll live…for now."

Tsukune couldn't see her past the pain, but he glared in her direction all the same, breathing shallowly. It was now that she decided to dismount him, but he barely noticed. He felt his consciousness slipping. Only faintly did he hear her footsteps walking away from him, as he fell further and further back into oblivion.



What's this…it's soft…?

Tsukune's eyes shot open. Unlike before, he could see clearly right away. He was lying down again, except this time on a small bed. Taking a moment to gather his senses, he sat up to check his surroundings, but a sharp jolt of pain in his abdomen forced him back down. Tsukune grit his teeth and reached down to his stomach, where he touched what felt like bandages wrapped around him.

That's right. That demon woman tried to kill me.

Tsukune went over the recent events in his head. It was all too much to take in. Just a while ago, his heart had been broken when he learned Outer Moka was just a fake personality. He had barely made it out of the darkness alive (in fact, he still didn't know how he did it). And now, the Shuzen sister he had seen in Moka's memories, the monstrously strong child who could stick her fingers through a person's skull like it was pudding…he was completely at her mercy. Assuming she had any to spare. Already she had ensured the birth of a new scar on his torso to accompany the others, and who knew what more she had in store for him? With any luck, he figured, he'd get out this alive and with most of his body intact. But he wasn't betting on it. Especially now that he discovered a collar around his neck, with leash attached.

Why was she like this, he mused. How could someone related to Moka, whether Inner or Outer, be such a cruel person? They were blood relatives, weren't they? They did have the same father. Tsukune had seen in Moka's soul the motives behind Akuha's actions back then: to get the blood of a Shinso from Akasha and use its power to emulate her ancestor Alucard and destroy the world of the humans she detested. Small wonder she was subjecting him to bloody torture. But what was she after this time? Had her goal changed any? "Damn it…" he groaned, "What's going on here?" He closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths to steady himself. "I wonder where Moka is… I hope she's safe…"

"I thought I told you…"

The sudden voice made Tsukune's eyes snap open and brought his attention back to the present. Entering the bedchamber was, to his dismay, Akuha. She hadn't changed her clothes, although, his blood that had sprayed on her dress seemed to have dried. Interestingly she didn't seem too upset about the garment being stained.

"…that I would never let anything happen to my beautiful Moka ever again," she finished, closing the door behind her and seating herself on the edge of the bed, flashing Tsukune a surprisingly sincere smile. How could she look so happy after so casually causing his near-death, he wondered.

"What do you want," he asked, hoarse. "Why are you doing this?"

"Couldn't let you go dying just yet," she said, motioning to the wrapped wound, "not before I get what I want. Although it seems like I might've cut a little too deep…" she mused softly. "I didn't expect you to pass out so easily."

Tsukune blinked. He sensed some small amount of genuine regret in her words, and wondered if that was her attempt at an actual apology. Still, he knew it was most likely that any regret she felt here was for almost losing him as a chew toy, rather than concern for his well-being.

"Let's cut to the chase, little Tsukune," she interjected into his thoughts. Her face had lost the smile. "I know that you have a strong connection with my sister—pretty arrogant for a human don't you think? And I have a sneaking suspicion that she's taken a shine to you, too. You, a creature no more than a sewer rat next to her. Why? I don't know. But I'll tell you this," she frowned, "I don't like it, Tsukune. I don't like it one little bit."

Ignoring her insults, Tsukune tried to steel his nerves once more. "You're wrong," he protested, "Moka doesn't like me like that. Why do you say such a thing?"

"Don't insult my intelligence!" she snapped angrily, her eyes flaring up. "Do you really think I'm such a simple idiot? Do you honestly believe that in these past many years, I wouldn't have researched that seal Akasha gave to her daughter?"

Tsukune was lost, unsure of what she meant. She noted his confusion and continued. "I know allll about it. Most importantly, I know that when Akasha gave that thing to Moka, one of its properties was that it could only be removed by someone who cared about Moka. Her…destined one." She said that word with obvious disgust, as if she couldn't stand the thought of someone else being her dear Moka's chosen or destined companion. It almost sounded like she was offended. "As if anyone but me could take care of her like she deserves."

To Tsukune's bewilderment, the faintest blush crept up onto Akuha's cheeks as she said this.

What's with this girl?

"Anyway," Akuha cleared her throat, "what I'm getting at is, the Moka I just saw is her original self. Which means the seal was removed. And from the tiny witch's words, I'm guessing it was you who did it." Tsukune remained silent.

"But, what in the world could my Moka see in a lowly beast like you? How could she have such a connection with you?"

Tsukune glared at her in response. In his mind, he was trying to resist the hate he was developing for his captor. His fondest wish was for humans and ayashi to get along peacefully, but how could that ever happen if he came to despise the very sister of the one most important to him?

Suddenly, Akuha moved. She crawled her way up the bed, closer to Tsukune. He was thankful his arms were free this time, and he raised them up as a protective shield, knowing she could still just remove them from his elbows if she wished.

Instead, she just chuckled at him. "I am so curious," she said, reaching his body, "that it actually makes me tolerate being close to something like you." Sitting up next to him, she put her fingers to her chin and raised her eyes to the ceiling. "I haven't seen Moka in ages, and I haven't gotten around to asking her yet, either. So you tell me," she demanded, jabbing her finger into his bandage, eliciting a grimace from him, "what did you do to Moka to enchant her so?"

Tsukune couldn't respond. He was still taking in what she had said. Was he really Moka's chosen partner? True, he had heard Akasha herself explain the concept of Moka's special person, and he was obviously the only one who could remove the rosary, but he hadn't paid it much attention in the chaos of the situation. Now it was being presented to him plainly and clearly, and it sent his mind into a tizzy. What he was hearing, it meant she felt the same way he did, right?

Akuha reached over and gave his leash a tug. "I'm getting impatient," she warned.

"Moka…I'm her destined one..?" he asked.

Unfortunately, Akuha didn't like the hopeful look that crossed Tsukune's face. Her eyes deadened. He didn't notice until it was too late, but Akuha had sliced her arm across one line of the X-shaped scar on his torso, splitting the skin. It wasn't nearly as deep as her last cut—she didn't want him passing out this time—but it still stung terribly. Tsukune bit his lip hard, not wanting to give her the satisfaction of hearing him in pain again.

"Aww, does it hurt?" she teased while he squirmed. All too casually, she took some of his blood on her hand and smeared it across his chest. Then, thinking nothing of it, she brought her fingers up to her face, and her small tongue dashed out to lick the remnants of the blood off.

The effect was not something she had planned.

She paused, her mouth hanging open ever so slightly. Tsukune expected her to suddenly realize she'd tasted the blood of a human and vomit, before blaming him for tricking her somehow and reaching into his chest to rip his heart out. But she showed no sign of doing that. Instead, she smacked her lips a few times, prolonging the taste in her mouth, looking like she was considering something.

"Interesting…" she finally said. "That taste… How can a human's blood be so…good? So delicious?"

Tsukune stared. "Ehhh…huh?"

Akuha licked her lips for a moment then let out a soft moan. For a brief second Tsukune's fear was replaced by a small lust at the sound. The girl's crimson eyes were closed in rapture, and when she opened them again they were fixed on her captive. "Let me guess, has Moka ever tasted your blood, little Tsukune?"

He nodded despite himself, thinking back to the first time Moka had chewed his neck for her new favorite treat.

Akuha hummed. "I think I have my answer then. Your blood is so good, Moka couldn't help getting addicted to it, right? That's why she likes you so much, isn't it?" She didn't mention it, but something else she had noticed was that the taste of his blood was somewhat familiar. Why, she wasn't sure, but she had the oddest feeling of recognition when she tasted it.

In any case, she certainly sounded happy at seemingly discovering the answer to her original question herself. But Tsukune protested, "W-What? No way, that's ridiculous! I'm not making Moka stay with me using my blood!"

Akuha ignored him. She picked up his leash and twirled it absent-mindedly around her fingers, almost forgetting he was even there. "Hmm, now the question is, what to do?" she mused. She could just bleed him dry right now, she thought to herself, so there'd be nothing for her darling Moka to be hooked on. On the other hand, she had really enjoyed that free sample. It was shocking how good it was. Lowly human or not, it would be a shame to waste all that tasty blood.

Another realization popped into her head then. If that one bodily fluid was so enjoyable, how much so would be another type, drained from a place lower down on Tsukune's body? After all, the rush from the battle earlier and from seeing Moka again had got Akuha excited, leaving her with an itch below her waist. Why not give this boy the honor of scratching it? He could always be disposed of later. She smirked triumphantly. This might just be fun after all. Already she was pleased at the new plan taking shape in her head.

"I've decided," she announced.

"On what?"

She paused and looked him dead in the eye. "I'm going to get some more of that scrumptious blood of yours, and then, we're going to have a little fun."


Tsukune didn't understand, although he was still nervous at the ideas her words put in his head. "What? What do you mean fun?" he asked. Was she going to bite him some more, drain his neck of all its fluid until he was a corpse?

Akuha grinned and leaned in slightly towards him, wrapping the leash around her hand until she had yanked him the rest of the distance, bringing their faces an inch apart. "You disgust me, you know," she said, a gleam in her eyes, "And yet, that blood of yours. Sooo yummy. It's…stimulating."

Tsukune had no words for that. From their position, he was unable to escape her grip and trapped within her piercing gaze. On the other hand, terrified as he was, he couldn't help but take note that she was, if he was honest with himself, pretty cute in her own way. Well, she was Moka's sister after all, and Kahlua and Kokoa were also quite attractive; it must run in the family. But still, that didn't mean he wanted to see what her idea of "fun" was, whatever she meant by that.

"So you see," she continued, moving back and seating herself on his lap, "Hooking my Moka on your blood like that, and even making me crave it after one drop, that sort of evil deserves some punishment, no?"

Tsukune gulped as she let the leash loose and began lazily dragging her finger over his bare chest. Akuha was a little surprised to find the blood flow from his scar has mostly stopped already. How did that happen? Humans definitely didn't heal that fast, even if it was a relatively light cut like this one. Under her gaze, the wound steadily healed more and more, the blood drying against the flesh around the cut, the sliced skin sealing itself back together; soon enough, no more blood escaped and Tsukune's chest was back to sporting the same old X-shaped scar he had had for some time now.

What the hell? Akuha was puzzled. Tsukune was looking up at her, his breath short. How was it possible that he healed already?

…Unless…something about his blood had changed. She frowned. If that was the case, then that meant something had caused his blood to be different. Something like—But no! That was impossible! Surely there was no way that he—no way that Moka would—

"Did you…" she gasped, comprehension dawning on her, "Did Moka ever give you…her blood?"

Tsukune knew by now she could see through any of his attempts at lying and averted his eyes, staying silent while he nodded almost imperceptibly.

"I can't believe it…" she uttered. "She gave it…to such a pathetic creature…" She looked shocked, horrified even. But that soon changed in a disturbingly quick moment as a furious hunger came to her eyes. Her gaze was now fixated on Tsukune's neck; and unconsciously or not, her fangs began to descend as well. At that moment her voice lowered to a whisper.

"It's mine…"

Then without hesitation Akuha lunged forward and before Tsukune could do anything, latched her teeth onto his neck.

He gasped, mostly out of shock. It wasn't that earth-shatteringly painful, especially since he had grown used to Moka's teeth breaking his skin. This was harder, but still tolerable. She sucked for several long moments, perched atop her 'meal'. "S-Stop it, please," Tsukune protested after finding his voice. Akuha withdrew her mouth from his neck and looked at him. He saw his blood coating her lips, her tongue dashing out to gather it all into her mouth, and caught a glimpse of her vampire fangs: definitely longer than Moka's.

"Mmmm…" Akuha moaned, visibly swallowing her treat. Tsukune gulped. A small guilt arose in him as he realized he found the sight just a little erotic. It didn't help that she slowly dragged her finger from her lips down to between her breasts, fingertips gliding along the soft fabric of the dress, her eyelids fluttering in ecstasy. "So good…"

Watching her, Tsukune suddenly felt something. Something possibly even more unwelcome than her canines had been in his throat.

He was getting hard underneath her.

No! No! he shouted to himself, feeling uncomfortable in his increasingly tight underpants, his cock straining to escape. Go back down, go back down! This couldn't be happening. How sick was he? Getting excited from her drinking his blood? He couldn't be turned on by her at a time like this. Scratch that, he couldn't be turned on by her at anytime! Even if she wasn't a murderous psychopath, she still wasn't Moka, wasn't the girl he loved. It was just wrong for him to get stimulated by her, in these circumstances or any!

"Please…stop," he repeated, quietly, shifting his legs slightly in a desperate attempt to hide his growing erection.

"What?" she replied, leaning in real close, filling his field of vision. Her eyes were filled with hunger; those two white strands of hair that dangled over her forehead tickled Tsukune's face; her pale skin was glistening with a thin sheen of sweat; her breath caressing his lips when she spoke. "We're just getting started."

With that, Akuha lowered her head back to Tsukune's neck. The boy felt the heat rush up into his face at the feel of her soft, moist tongue lapping at the puncture wounds she had made, trying to suck up any delicious excess blood. "Oh my god," he mumbled, hardly believing this was happening. Any pain that had been caused by her fierce nipping earlier was now being washed away by her more soothing ministrations, although Tsukune knew it wasn't for his sake she was doing it, but for her own taste buds. His uncooperative body could no longer ignore the fact that he had on his lap a very gorgeous female vampire who, whatever violent fate she might have in store for him later, was right now making him feel quite good. And he could no longer prevent his excitement, unwelcome though it was, from rising up high enough to just softly poke Akuha on her behind.

She stiffened. Tsukune swore to himself. This was it. He was a dead man now for sure. At the very least, Akuha would…remove the offending appendage. Bracing himself for her wrath, Tsukune started sputtering out apologies for his arousal as she sat back up, a serious look on her face.

"Ahh..umm…please forgive me," he muttered, cursing his weak, weak body, so easily surrendered to temptation.

"Eager boy, aren't you?" she asked.

"No, that's not—"

Interrupting him, she placed a finger over her lips, shushing him. "I told you, didn't I?" she began, and to both his shame and unbidden pleasure, she pressed her rear back against his arousal. "I do find you worthless, you and all humans, but your blood…it's overpowering my senses." Her breathing was getting heavier. "I was going to wait just a little longer," she took her lower lip between her teeth. Tsukune couldn't help noticing how she looked like Moka when she did that. "But…well, look."

She grabbed his hand and before he could stop her, slid it under her dress. Tsukune wasn't prepared for the feel of her bare wetness against his fingertips, her womanhood slowly enveloping them as she lowered herself. Tsukune's breath hitched. What was she doing? This couldn't happen. It wasn't right! It was so—!

So soft…the way her moistened folds closed tightly around his horror, he realized his digits had started moving slightly inside her, exploring the new and unfamiliar territory. He was zoning out, barely even noticing the sounds he was drawing forth from Akuha's lips, or the bright flush that swept across her cheeks. His fingers sunk deeper, and he absentmindedly slipped in another to join the rest. He stroked her, caressed her, felt her liquid passion coat his hand. Her soft panting grew louder as she found herself starting to enjoy this far more than she had anticipated. Soon she couldn't hold out much longer under this boy's ministrations; knowing that he had her coveted Shinso blood inside him should have enraged her, and probably would have, but the heat in her core was only making it add fuel to her flame. And the flame was growing.

Tsukune was now pumping her in earnest, his mind lost in a sensuous haze. Akuha had been robbed of coherent thought herself, and was reduced to gasping out in pleasure, resting her hands on Tsukune's powerful abdominals while she rode his fingers, taking them deep into her pussy as she thrust down. Before she knew it, the tight coil within her suddenly snapped. Rapturous convulsions seized her petite frame, and Akuha mewled out her ecstasy. Her head tossed back, she rode out her orgasm, coating Tsukune's lap with her juices; the boy stared blankly at her, his jaw slack, eyes focused solely on the erotic sight before him. When she was finished, she collapsed down on his chest, catching her breath. Tsukune stared past her, slowly registering what had happened, realizing his fingers were still in Akuha and were thoroughly drenched.

This…this is—

He quickly withdrew his fingers from his captor's quivering pussy and brought them up to his face, finding it difficult to maneuver with Akuha right on top of him. Staring at the coated digits, he felt a small sense of amazement and, dare he admit it, curiosity. This was the first time he had ever done something like this – he had barely even been "intimate" with Moka in any way, and now Akuha was casually forcing him through his first sexual experience.

Wait, was that the right word, forcing?

Or…was she leading?

For as much as he tried to deny it, Tsukune was now more aroused than he had ever been. His fear had not fully fled, but now a small voice in the back of his mind was whispering to him, practically imperceptibly, that he wanted more. Tsukune shook his head when he heard the voice. No! He had to put a stop to this before anything even more wrong happened! But his erection was stronger than before, and showed no signs of softening. Slowly his lust was beginning to override his better judgment. For some reason, the desire he was feeling was alarmingly similar to the sensations he experienced when using influenced by his vampire blood during training with Moka, or during the many dangerous situations they had had to overcome in the past. As it did then, it was making his heart beat quicker, his blood get hotter; he was feeling more invigorated, more powerful, more raw and physical, and as a natural side effect, less inhibited. Having a woman's cum on his hand for the first time wasn't helping matters.

This was bad. He couldn't let himself get this excited! No, he had to put a stop to it quickly, before it went too far. But…how?

"Aiya~" The seductress atop him cooed, giggling teasingly as she sat up, finally recovered from her climax. "I didn't expect that to be so good!" Akuha grinned at the boy. She had rather enjoyed herself just now, quick as it had been. The human definitely had some talent with those fingers of his. She found herself wondering if he had the same skill with other, hopefully larger appendages. Akuha smirked at the thought, then, deciding to be gracious enough to reward the boy for his service, turned her head to the side, and took his raised fingers—coated with her essence—into her warm, inviting mouth. Her tongue danced around, cleaning him off, tasting herself. As she sucked off her juices, savouring the low groans emanating from her captive, she found herself starting to think that it might be better to not just kill him when they were finished, as she had originally intended. If she were to keep Tsukune alive longer, they could do this again another time. Whether he wanted to or not. Akuha didn't really care how he felt about it. Besides, despite himself, he actually did seem to be enjoying this a little. In any case, she decided, if she could play with him, take his blood—and take him—whenever she wanted, she could be satisfied. He might just make a good toy.


She laughed inside, repeating the word to herself. That sounded rather good, making him her permanent plaything. Her original plan until this point was born out of rage for having her Moka kept from her, and it ended with Tsukune's death. But this new idea, it seemed better. For one, it was a way she could keep him from corrupting her pure and precious Moka any further. She would be generous enough to let Moka come see him if she wanted, but she would be keeping them here with her, to make sure the boy didn't negatively influence her sister any more, with his fanciful and naïve ideas about "compassion" and "understanding" between ayashi and humans. Plus, she realized if she were to outright kill him, it might make Moka sad. As appalling as she found that to admit, it sounded like Moka was fond of this boy, and if Akuha killed him, then her dear sister might never speak to her again. She didn't know if she could live with that. Moka might decide she preferred those new friends she had made at school to her eldest sister and want to leave her. At this thought Akuha felt an unpleasant pang in her gut, a mixture of fear and sadness. She did not have very many things in life she cared about, but when it came to Moka, she loved her more than anything. Possessively so, to be sure, but only because…well yes, to protect her was one reason, but when she thought about it completely honestly, it was because…Moka was…

Gah! Stay focused Akuha Shuzen! she scolded herself, shaking her head to rid herself of those thoughts. She didn't want to dwell on that now. The point was, she loved Moka and wanted the best for her. And if she could keep her happy at the same time, all the better. So, it would probably be for the best if she stuck with this new plan. Yes, to keep the boy here as a prisoner, and use him to sate her hungers whenever she wished. Of course, Tsukune wasn't necessarily the only person she planned to have this fun with…

But that will come later, she reminded herself happily, greatly anticipating that event. It was already getting her excited again, the familiar tension in her core returning. But that was neither here or now. Right now she was still straddling the hard stomach of this vampirically enhanced human boy, finishing up the last traces of her cum that remained on his hand, raising a sultry glance to meet his wide-eyed stare. Still a slave to his unreleased hormones, Tsukune couldn't look away from her entrancing gaze. It almost seemed as if her eyes would not let him. He guessed it was her Charm ability. Kokoa had once told him vampires had that power, similar to the Kurumu's, but not quite as powerful. Even if that was the case, Tsukune couldn't break free from this spell either, and he could barely even answer her when she spoke again.

"Are you afraid, little Tsukune?" Her voice was oddly soothing.

"No…" was all he could manage to mutter, though he knew it was false.

Akuha clicked her tongue – she knew it, too, of course. "Still lying, I see. Silly boy, when will you learn that I can see right through you? Besides," she said, reaching up to cup his face with a tenderness that startled Tsukune, "there's nothing to be afraid of." Then, leaning in with hunger in her eyes, she seized his lips in a fierce kiss. Tsukune's eyes opened wide as saucers in shock, suddenly feeling her tongue probing his lips, silently asking for entrance. Well, silently demanding entrance was more like it. Finding himself unable to object, Tsukune's lips parted and Akuha's tongue dashed inside, dueling with the boy's own tongue for a dominance she easily achieved. She really was leading after all, he realized. As she explored his mouth, Tsukune tasted something strange. Not bad, by any means, just different. It was then that he realized, and the realization sent a stimulating rush to his groin, that he was tasting her own cum on her. Tsukune moaned, feeling Akuha pour more passion into the kiss, discovering every inch of his mouth she could reach with her tongue, and his eyelids grew heavy with increasing desire. Unconsciously releasing tiny moans into the vampire's mouth, he was being overcome by lust. This was too hot, he admitted. It was too unbelievable, too surreal, what she was doing to him was—

Wait…she…she's kissing me? Awareness suddenly dawned on him. But I haven't even kissed Moka yet!

He moaned loudly against Akuha's lips and started squirming beneath her, regaining enough cognitive thought to try to escape their liplock. He could feel Akuha's mouth turn into a frown against his, and she pulled back from him, nipping his lower lip with her fangs as she did, drawing both blood and a wince from the boy. Looking at him with slight irritation, she licked off the tiny drops that had managed to get on her lips and teeth.

"What's the problem?" she asked, annoyed at being interrupted. Although she would never admit it to him, she had found herself enjoying that a bit more than she would've thought. The boy had tasted so good, and his obvious inexperience with kissing was somehow a little endearing. "Was that not to your liking?"

"N-no, it wasn't…I mean yes! Well, no, but yeah, it's just…" he tried to speak clearly. "It's Moka. We haven't…I haven't…me and her, and now you…" he was stumbling over his words. "…We haven't ever kissed," he finished softly. "I've never kissed anyone, actually…"

Akuha raised her eyebrow. "Well well, aren't you the romantic?" She didn't know much about humans, nor did she care to, but she was aware that many of them harbored strange notions of courtship, including placing a high importance on their first kiss. Quite frankly, she didn't get the fuss. Sure, it was her first kiss, too. So what? She wasn't a virgin anyway, having used her Fairy Tale subordinates to sate her physical needs a few times, she had just never bothered to kiss them. She didn't see the point really, and the only reason she had even done it now was because she knew it was often a part of human sexual interaction, and since he was a human, it might calm Tsukune down and make him more receptive to her. Well, that and the fact that she was so turned on, and his lips looked so tasty, especially with the memory of how good his blood was. But come on, she thought, it was just her mouth touching against his, and it didn't indicate anything other than that she was horny. Right? No, it definitely did not mean anything more than that.

…No matter how soft his own lips were on hers…how good that part of him tasted, just as she expected…how surprisingly cute she had found his little moans to be…

Hey, what the hell am I thinking? She slapped herself mentally for having such thoughts as those. At best they were just a harmless waste of time as far as she was concerned, and at worst, potentially dangerous. Either way, focusing on them would distract her from her current goal of simply using the boy to sate herself. And sate herself she would. Maybe it was just her hormone-clouded mind talking, but Akuha found herself thinking how silly Moka was for not having taken full advantage of this human yet, more than just taking his blood. The pleasure he had already brought her so far was nothing to sneeze at, vampire or not, and Akuha wasn't intending to let her new toy go to waste like her sister was.

"Don't get so worked up," she said, seeing he was still upset over it. That would not do at all. It was time to get to it, to make him lose himself in her.

At that she raised her hand to the top of her dress, then suddenly, with one swift downward motion, she had split it clean down the middle. Shrugging the tattered remnant off her shoulders, she revealed to Tsukune that she hadn't bothered to wear anything underneath; her pale front was fully exposed to him as the dress crumpled around her. A seductive grin spread across her features as she lifted her arms to cover her breasts from view. "I was only trying to get you relaxed for this."

"T-This?" he repeated. He knew what she meant, he was just having trouble digesting it. "Why…?" he asked. It was bad enough this girl had taken his first kiss, but now, his…

"Why?" She fixed her eyes on his once more. "I told you why. Your blood got me excited. And I will not just be left in such a state. You are responsible, so it will be you who I use for this."

Tsukune couldn't believe it. To his dismay, he saw that his erection had not gone down once, not during her orgasm, not during their kiss, and not now. "Please don't do this," he said, trying to get through to her, hoping against hope to change her mind. What was worse than understanding that his attempts were probably useless was the knowledge that despite that, part of him didn't want her to stop. Part of him—how small a part he could not say for sure—wanted this. Wanted her. No matter how hard he tried to ignore it.

Akuha heard his protests, but she could also see the desire kindled in his eyes. And she wasn't about to quit now. The fire had been raging in her loins ever since she tasted his Shinso-infused blood, and it had to be dealt with. Slowly she leaned towards him and licked a moist trail up the side of his face. "Aww, is little Tsukune nervous?" she crooned, covering his body with hers. "I know you're new to this, but you can't really be that bashful." Then with a quick movement of the wrist she removed his underpants, letting his cock spring up and smack her bare flesh. The sound brought a smirk to her face as she pressed down on Tsukune's chest, keeping him still with her inhuman strength while she lifted herself right above his throbbing tool.

"Oh well, I don't really care either way," she teased. "But who knows, you might actually enjoy yourself if you relax a little. No promises, of course! I did say I would break you after all, didn't I?" She let out a light giggle.

This was it, Tsukune realized, biting down hard on his lip, watching Akuha slide down on him, red passion filling her cheeks, her breath stilled as she covered his hardness inch by inch until he filled her snatch completely. She moaned quietly, motionless for a second so she could just enjoy the feeling of Tsukune inside her. God, he was big! Akuha was thrilled. Sure, she could see he had an impressive size just by looking, but having it inside her, stretching her out so easily, was better by far.

Tsukune looked on, his mind now fully overcome by overpowering need, watching Akuha as she began rocking her hips back and forth. The vampiress' expression had softened from her increasing lust, her mouth hanging slightly open, letting out surprisingly delicate gasps at the erotic sensations shooting through her lithe body at every downward thrust. Tsukune felt the moist slapping of their hips and in his lust-filled haze heard low moans reaching his ears; he realized moments later that they were his own. Having been the only one of the two not to orgasm so far, his arousal was breaking down his final barriers of resistance, made especially more difficult by Akuha's increasingly rough gyrations, swirling her hips around before slamming back down fully onto his invading member. As if against his own will, he saw his hands suddenly reaching out to grasp onto the woman's waist, gripping tightly, almost…guiding her, even. Guiding her movements on him, bringing her back down hard against his pelvis.


Worse still, he soon found his own hips thrusting almost automatically, by instinct, jerking them up to meet Akuha's down thrusts. She obviously appreciated his new efforts, for bending down she clung onto his broad shoulders while she rode him. Unable to help himself, Tsukune's arms wrapped around the girl, part of his unbelievably aroused mind desiring to be closer to her while they mated. His hands found her back, and caressing it he felt the sheen of sweat covering her bare creamy skin, her body perspiring from the energy she was exerting. Despite himself, Tsukune's primal instincts sought to match her efforts, guiding his hands to pull her right against his body and slam up into her over and over, the pace and force of his wild thrusting increasing by the second.


For her part, Akuha was thrown off balance by his sudden aggressiveness. Struggling to keep a hold on the younger boy's sweat-dampened shoulders, small whimpers started escaping her lips. His chest was rubbing up against her nipples, driving her even more wild. Tsukune was a little surprised to hear the sounds she was making, tiny moans and pants of joy at having her wet cunt so ravaged. It made her seem unusually vulnerable, which just aroused his inner beast even more. Clutching her to him, the small protests of No at the back of his mind now barely a whisper, he drilled into her tight, clenching pussy, thinking of nothing but savoring the feel of her inner walls around him as she was speared powerfully. Her vanilla perfume mixed in with the heady scent of her sweating body drifted into his nose, and leaning up his tongue began lapping at the sweet smelling skin of her neck. Through the storm of her lust, Akuha's mind registered pleasurable shock – she was getting more and more pleased at the boy's increasing assertiveness.

"G-god!" she gasped, "So g – ahh! S-so good!" If she had been standing, her knees might have given out as the boy's lips trailed hungrily along her throat and jawline.

Tsukune was too absorbed in her to reply, pounding into her with a strength that surprised even him. If Akuha wasn't a vampire, his thrusts might actually have hurt her, especially with the added power his blood was giving him. The sound of their moans and wet hips slapping together filled their ears, drowning out all else as they lost themselves in each other's bodies. Lips, tongues and teeth sought out any skin they could, and Akuha's fangs once again sunk into Tsukune's flesh, muffling her erotic cries against his naked shoulder. Tsukune gasped at being pierced, but found it only spurred his lust on further; his hands slid down to the girl's ass, digging his fingers into her well-shaped behind, gripping it possessively while they rutted. Akuha was glad he couldn't see her blush harder when that happened. Tsukune could feel only her hot, sweaty body pressed flush against his, her fangs anchoring her head next to his, her jet black locks tickling his face as she rocked against him, everything about her now driving his sexual frenzy.

But for all his vigor and passion, Tsukune was still pretty inexperienced when it came to this, and the ecstasy that Akuha's sensuous body and tight depths was giving him was quickly pushing him to his limit as she bucked her hips violently against his, screaming her wanton bliss against him. He could feel himself approaching his much needed orgasm; his cock straining inside her, he felt the tight coil within his own core reaching its breaking point.

"Oh—oh god," he grunted, "Aku—I'm…I'm gonna—!"

She knew what he was trying to say, and after a few more short pumps of his cock, she managed to begrudgingly slide it out of her – as much as she was enjoying herself, there was no way she would risk pregnancy by this human. Shifting down to her hands and knees, she quickly engulfed Tsukune's length in her mouth, as much as she could fit, while her fingers found her own sopping arousal. That was it for Tsukune. Feeling her lips and tongue sucking and licking his throbbing tool, his body tensed, his hips jerked up forcefully and he cried out his climax to Akuha's ears, emptying himself down the throat of Moka's eldest sister.

Feeling him start to spurt in her mouth, Akuha experimentally allowed herself to swallow the first jet, hoping it would be as good as his blood was.

She wasn't disappointed.

Whether it was from the influence of the Shinso blood or not, Akuha didn't care. He was delicious, and she hungrily swallowed as much as she could keep in her mouth. The sensation of having his cum splashing against the back of her throat combined with her fingers wildly frigging her pussy was also enough for her to reach her next orgasm; her thumb pressed down on her clit, she let the euphoric waves crash into her, gushing out all over her hand and the bed covers.

Tsukune was still seeing spots on the back of his eyelids while the vampiress consumed her meal. He could feel when she pulled her mouth off his cock and wailed out her ectasy, signaling she had just cum again, too. As the last drops of semen spilled from him and Akuha let her head collapse onto his cum-covered lap, his body began to come down from the raging hormonal high it had just endured, and the full weight of guilt suddenly came sinking down in the pit of his stomach with the realization of what he had done.

"This can't be real..."

He had just had sex with Akuha Shuzen. The "Black Devil," member of the hateful Fairy Tale group, powerful warrior of the dreaded vampire family Shuzen, the woman who had just a little while ago carved new gashes into his body…and Moka's own flesh and blood. Tsukune felt most horrible at that last part, although his body gave a few more shudders as Akuha took it upon herself to clean off the rest of his cock, her tongue swirling around the deflating shaft and now empty balls to taste as much as she could. Unfortunately for him, this only served to remind Tsukune that for all the shame and guilt that was coming to him, it was extremely hard to deny that what had just taken place had felt…good. Really, really good. Unlike anything he ever imagined, although usually his fantasies involved Moka, one or the other of her, or both. And sometimes Kurumu would slip into one and spice things up, or Mizore, or Ruby, or others, and even that one time, completely unintentionally, Yukari. But none of that could matter now no matter how amazing it had felt. He'd had sex with Moka's sister, and there was no changing that.

Trying to block out the negative feelings that were coming back to him now, and still a little groggy from the strongest orgasm he had ever experienced – not to mention his first time having sex – Tsukune didn't really notice when Akuha took her lips off of him, having finished her own climax as well. Nor did he pay much attention to her crawling back up the bed and resting her chin on his slick chest, gazing at him with a very self-satisfied look in her eyes. Clearly she was pleased with herself for what she had just accomplished: she had taken Moka's companion and tamed him utterly, making him forget about everything else but her, using him to satisfy herself. And of course, deciding to keep him alive afterwards. More and more she was congratulating herself for having changed her mind about killing him, since she was already looking forward to the next time.

"So did you enjoy that treat, little Tsukune?" she asked, teasingly. "Actually, I don't think calling you little is appropriate now," she laughed, brushing a finger against her slit, which was dripping out the last of her juices. These sheets might need changing, she thought to herself, amused.

Tsukune gazed wearily down at her, her red eyes having lost very little, if any, of their sultry carnivorous passion as they roamed appreciatively up and down his upper body. The still heady scent of their sex in the air and on their bodies was clouding his mind, making it difficult for him to get out a full reply. "You…you made me… I didn't want that…"

Sighing, Akuha suddenly moved and reached over his head, as if trying to grab something. She tisked above him. "Please, who're you trying to kid? You were loving that, and who can blame you?" Tsukune scowled in silent response, not wanting entertain that notion. "It must have been an honor," she went on, stretching, "for a human such as yourself to actually mate with someone like me. Don't you think so?" He blushed a little at the question, despite hearing a touch of playfulness in her tone. The blush only intensified when he realized her petite breasts were hovering right over his face, filling his field of vision.

"But anyway, now that we're done with that fun little activity," she said, finally reaching what she had been aiming for. Tsukune heard a small click, like something being switched on, followed by a soft rustling off to the side. "Now that we're done with that, I have a little surprise for you! You see, I've decided to keep you alive. I'll explain later, but all you need to know now is you'll be staying with me for the time being. And before you try anything funny, I have something I think will keep you here. Look, we have company!"

Confused, Tsukune had no choice but to direct his eyes to where Akuha was now pointing as she took a seat right next to him on the bed.

What he saw caused him to gape in shock.

It can't be…there's no way!

There, behind an innocuous curtain at one end of the room that he had not even noticed before – a curtain that had just been pulled aside by the switch Akuha hit – was what must have been the source of the quiet muffled noise he had heard earlier, soon after first waking tied to the cross. Lying on a bed of her own, gagged and unclothed except for some lacy bra and panties, staring at the pair with wide eyes was—


To be continued...?

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