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Sick Fool

Natsuki walked through the hall of her and Shizuru's appartment carrying a bowl she'd filled with fresh water. She made it to the bedroom and carefully opened the door, not wanting to disturb the other occupant in the room, who was currently laying on the bed, covered with the sheets and a damp cloth on her forehead.

Upon hearing the door being opened, the brunette laying on the bed spoke in a low tone, her voice hoarse.

- "Natsuki?"

- "How are you feeling, Shizuru?" - said Natsuki, walking to the side of the bed and placing the bowl on the night stand.

- "Much better thanks to my Natsuki's wonderful nursing abilities." - said Shizuru in a teasing tone.

Natsuki blushed at the teasing comment, but if Shizuru was able to tease again then that meant that really she was feeling better. Natsuki took the cloth placed on Shizuru's forehead and replaced it with a fresh one from the bowl.

Carefully, she washed Shizuru's forehead clean of any trace of sweat caused by the fever. The motion was full of care and love, Shizuru could preceive, and she simply smiled at the show of affection. Natsuki had been more affectionate with her now that they lived together; she was more sweet and thoughtful toward Shizuru. Natsuki had already finished cleaning Shizuru and left the damp cloth on Shizuru's head to help ease the fever. Natsuki scowled a little at seeing her beloved sick and, without thinking, she said.

- "Really Shizuru, you are such a baka for catching a cold and getting sick."

Shizuru chuckled at the comment, which caused Natsuki to raise an eyebrow.

- "What?"

- "I believe that Natsuki is quite mistaken with that statement."

Natsuki made a puzzled face, not really getting what Shizuru was talking about. Shizuru smiled at her beloved and said while supressing a chuckle.

- "I can't be a baka if I caught a cold now, can I?"

Natsuki blushed and in a frustrated tone she simply said.

- "Shizuru! You know what I mean!"

Shizuru smiled broadly at her lover and, closing her eyes to rest, she decided it was time to give Natsuki a break, at least for today.


Note: In Japan there's this belief/saying that fools doesn't catch colds.

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