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P.S. mentions child death.

29 Dimensions

Epilogue 2

2 years later

It was nearly two in the morning as I entered the house. I tried to be as quiet as possible so not to wake my wife who was surely asleep despite her recent difficulties. I crept up the stairs, avoiding the fifth one that creaked, and stopped at the first room at the top. Leaning against the door frame I flipped on the light, illuminating the space. Tarps covered the furniture and a faint smell of paint still permeated the air. Oatmeal was the new color of the walls of one of our four bedrooms. It was the fifth color in the last few months.

As quietly as I could, I entered our bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed staring at my beautiful Bella by the glow of the bedside clock light. She was sleeping so peacefully. My fingers caressed her face before moving down her body to rub her stomach. I marveled at the roundness and what lay inside; our baby girl. It finally happened; I had the family I'd dreamed of.

She kicked against my hand on her mother's stomach and Bella stirred. I felt the tears start to sting my eyes as I leaned down to kiss her belly to calm my baby girl. I didn't want to wake Bella, she needed her rest…but I needed her.

I needed her warmth, her arms wrapped around me. The comfort only she could give me.

I started to crack, the tears forming in my eyes when I felt her hand against my cheek. She pulled me forward to lie on the bed next to her and I wrapped my arm around her as my face fell into the crook of her neck. She began stroking my hair when the sob broke from my chest, tears spilling from my eyes. My sobs shook the bed, my hands grabbed her tighter. Holding on to my love, my life, with everything I had as I let the loss take hold.

"She's not in pain anymore. She's in a better place," Bella whispered in a soothing tone, her fingers never leaving my hair.

Haley Cunningham.

She had been my patient for over a year and a half.

She lost her fight four hours ago.

She was only ten years old.

I cried for my loss, the world's loss, and most of all for her parent's loss.

I could now imagine the loss of my child. Becca wasn't even born yet, but her loss would tear me apart.

I don't know how long I cried before I fell asleep but I do know I was safe and secure in the loving arms of my wife.

It was late in the morning when I awoke to light streaming in through the window. I was sporting a splitting headache from all of the crying. Aspirin was needed, stat.

Stumbling out of bed I changed my clothes and headed down the stairs to find some aspirin and my Bella. After taking the much needed pain reliever I found Bella waddling around the living room. She was still in nesting mode and constantly cleaning and straightening. I watched her waddle around a little more before clearing my throat to catch her attention.

"Morning, baby. How are you feeling?" she asked as she waddled up to me. She was just too damn cute pregnant. Mental note; must make wife pregnant again and again.

"Better," I croaked. Her soft hands caressed my face and I leaned into her warmth.

Her face twisted slightly and I frowned in response. "What's wrong, baby?"

She gave me a struggling smile. "Just uncomfortable. I'm very ready for her to join us."

I placed my hand on her stomach and rubbed circles. "Becca, mommy and I are ready for you to come home now. You were due last week. Don't you want to join us?"

Bella's face froze, her hand flying to her stomach. I could feel something happening, her muscles contracting, before the clear liquid began running down her legs and pooling at her feet.

"Holy shit!" she exclaimed as we both stood in a stunned silence.

"Maybe I should start calling you the 'baby whisperer'." She joked, but it took me a moment to process all that was going on. This was odd for me. Suddenly I had lost doctor mode and was in first time dad mode.

"Shit! Umm… let's go," I said, grabbing her hand and turning toward the door.

"Edward, Edward!" she called. "Slow down."

Her hands grabbed my face, my heart was beating a million miles an hour. The baby was coming, so why wasn't she moving?

"Baby, we have plenty of time," she said, rubbing her fingers through my hair, soothing me. "It's a long process."

"Right," I said, finally calming down.

"I'm going to head upstairs and take a shower, change my clothes. Grab a towel and clean up after me, and then come upstairs, okay?"

I nodded and watched as she headed up the stairs with careful steps. As soon as I made sure she was okay, I grabbed a towel and cleaned up. The task helped my head clear. When I made it up the stairs Bella was just getting out of the shower. She was stunning, and my body reacted to seeing her beautiful, naked form that was ripe with my child.

She smirked at me. "I know that look very well, mister, but I'm afraid you're out of luck today. Our baby's about to come out of there."

"Talking about my baby only reminds me how that baby came to be," I said, walking up behind her and wrapping my arms around her, my hand caressing her stomach. "It was so much fun."

She giggled and rolled her eyes. "Come on, Dr. Masen, I need you to help me get dressed."

"Yes, Mrs. Masen." I kissed her forehead and we walked back into the bedroom.

Half an hour later, bags in hand, wife on arm, we were on our way. Our fingers were linked together for the drive, Bella bouncing with excitement. My nervousness was washed away by her mood.

Emmett was working, but Rosalie came by with Alice. Jasper was on duty at the hospital, so he stopped by every once in a while.

My beautiful Bella helped calm me. I didn't think I'd be the one to freak out, I thought it would be her, but I was a little out of my element being on the other side of the sheet. She was so strong and brave through it all.

Twelve hours after arriving the cries of our baby girl echoed off the walls of the delivery room. I couldn't keep the smile from my face or the tears from my eyes.

I leaned down and kissed Bella's forehead, wiping away her sweat matted hair, then kissed her lips. She looked tired, but she was still glowing with happiness. My beautiful Bella, my love, my live, my wife, and now the mother of my child.

The nurse put Becca on Bella's chest and the tears began to fall as she looked over our little girl. She grinned up at me, the smile overtaking her face.

A little while later, wrapped in a pink blanket, I took her out to the waiting room to show her off to our waiting friends and family.

They were fawning over her, exclaiming how precious she was when my attention was caught by a very sad face.

"Dr. Masen?"

"Sue…" I trailed off, my smile fading. Our friends stepped back for a moment to let her through, the poor mother that lost her own daughter not twenty four hours earlier. "I'd like to introduce you to my daughter, Rebecca Haley Masen."

I watched her eyes widen at Haley's name before tears formed. She reached out to stroke Becca's cheek, her lips quivering.

"She's beautiful. I'm sorry to inturupt. I heard you were here and wanted to thank you for all that you have done for us and all that you did for Haley. We couldn't have had a better doctor."

Tears began to fill my eyes. "Haley was a wonderful girl," I told her before adding, "She's not in pain anymore."

She nodded, her expression showing her distraught. "I know. She was very fond of you. She never took to any of her doctors, but from the beginning she liked you."

Sue's husband walked to stand behind her. "Edward, Haley asked us to give this to you," he said, holding out a bag toward me. Alice took it from his hand. "She was hoping to give it to Becca herself, she really wanted to meet her."

"Thank you, so very much."

"We'll let you get back to Bella, we just wanted to give that to you and let you know Haley's service will be in two days. Thank you again, for everything you've done for us," Sue said, wrapping her arm around me. She looked at Becca, smiling and holding her little hand. "She's beautiful."

"Thank you," I replied.

They headed out and I stepped back into Bella's room. Alice brought in the bag and headed back out as I set Becca back in Bella's arms.

"Sue gave us a gift…it's from Haley," I said, picking the bag up off the floor and placing it on the chair next to her.

Moving the tissue paper out of the way I pulled out a beautiful little dress. I showed it to Bella, earning an "awww" from her. Beneath the dress was a folded up blanket.

It unfolded as I pulled it out, exposing a handmade quilt with butterflies and wildflowers, the backing the same oatmeal color we'd just painted Becca's room. Stitched at the bottom was "Becca's blankie".

At the bottom of the bag was a folded up piece of paper. With shaking fingers I opened it up to find Haley's handwriting.

Dear Dr. Masen,

I know I'm dying (despite what my mom wants to be true), but what I don't know is if I'll make it to see your baby born. I asked my aunt to make this quilt for her, telling her exactly what I wanted. I hope you and Bella, along with Becca, like it.

Thank you for being such a good doctor. I know you tried your hardest, I'm just not strong enough to fight it anymore.

Thanks for everything.



I folded the letter back up and wiped the tears from my eyes. I looked up to find Bella crying as well. A warmth spread through me as I looked down at Becca, my fingers moving gently across her soft skin.

Even though Haley didn't make it, from her kind words I know I at least made a difference in her life, and that was what mattered most. Haley helped show me the love between a child and parent. A love I knew so much as I stared down at the beautiful newborn in my wife's arms.

Leaning down I kissed my wonderful wife, mother of my baby girl, and hoped I would never have to go through what Haley and her family had.

Staring down at my girls my chest clenched tight. Thinking back I couldn't imagine what my life would be like if I'd quit the site when I'd been thinking about it. I never would have met Bella, and I wouldn't have Becca.

My life wouldn't be nearly filled with the joy it was. My heart filled with love, married to my soul mate, spreading our love with Becca, a making of the two of us.

Twenty Nine dimensions – one love.