Non doveva succedere

(It wasn't meant to happen)

Shot uno: Jiatíng (Family)


Summary: Fon never wanted to be an arcobeleno. He never wanted to leave his wife and daughter. But when he gets the chance to be a family with his granddaughter, he will not give up the chance.

Fon never wanted to be an arcobeleno, but it was his duty and so he did it. He left his wife and his daughter, who was just shy of 4 years old. After the change from adult to baby he couldn't go home, he could not face his wife and his daughter. How was he supposed to explain to his daughter (who looked older then he now) that he was her father.

So he ran away and started traveling china. In the time period of 20 years he challenged many strong fighters and trained, and trained, and trained some more. What else was he to do?

One day though, he decided that he would check up on his wife, who must of by now remarried, and his daughter. What he saw was destruction.

The dojo that he had lived in with his family was burned to the ground, the ashes blowing in the wind. He could feel the tears threatening to spill. Damn his child like instincts. A sudden wind gust blew through the area, carrying something with it. A picture with a caption on the back.

Fan and I-Pin

I-Pin 2 years old

His daughter, his Fan had a child. He was a grandfather… He looked up to the sky, the sun so mockingly bright and the sky so clear. His mind was in a chaotic storm, so much like his flame.

He cried.

Three months later found Fon in Beijing. He was just walking the streets, in the shadows of course, when he heard the screech of a child. He turned the corner and he froze. That… That was his granddaughter. Normally he was a calm peaceful guy but when he saw those damned mean trying to attack his precious granddaughter..!

He quickly started to attack the men, using his Gyoza-Kempo. After they where all taken care of he turned to I-Pin who was watching in awe.

"I-Pin wants to learn, please teach I-Pin!" She asked him, her cloths ripped and dirty.

Fon looked at her and smiled. He wouldn't let her know who he was to her, but he was going to be the most caring Master he could be.

It was the least he could do for his wife, for his daughter... for his granddaughter.

A/N: Okay, so this is going to be random shots that I make of what I think some characters pasts are. Most of them are going to be tragedy but some are going to be happy. There is going to be AU, Het, Slash, and anything else I want (because I can) Up next is a Mukuro/Tsuna shot, look forward to it.

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