Land of heroes: DC Style.

Here we are and I won't lie to you folks, this was a BITCH to write! And I'm still not sure I got it right but here we are and there's no turning back. So for everyone who accused me of making the Chief a Mary Sue, this is for you naysayers, flamers and negative critics (and you know who you are) so you can stop your bitching and whining ok?

But moving on, saw Doc Strange and loved it, Marvel has once more delivered in that aspect…now if only they could stop fucking up the comics I would be right as rain but given that we're on the verge of seeing the end of CWII which has been one massive train wreck, Clone Saga II with the return of the multi armed body stealing fat ass and IvX aka AvX II where I don't think the X-men are going to make it out of because of this stupid feud between Fox, Disney and Marvel well you can tell I am in no move to deal with their shit.

Though I am hearing some good things about the Netflix shows.

Speaking of shows YJ + Season 3 = Awesome!

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Saw the end of Bleach…I'm not angry at Kubo for the rushed Quincy saga like many others but I am angry at Shonen Jump for pushing for the end. Still I am glad Ichigo and Hime got together, though I wish it hadn't resulted in the massive upsurge or IchiRuki stories…let it go people!

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"Whispering – Cortana speaking in the armor"

"Redeeming Bias speaking"


*Sound effect*

-Media or transmission—

Chapter 11 part 2: When the bats away…Hell will be unleashed.

Gotham City, 24 hours after the Bane incident…

The Master Chief was currently walking through the streets of the city to a designated car lot to pick up his temporary vehicle for his stay. His impression of the city the Dark Knight fights to protect is less than positive; there was simply something about the place that set him on edge, as if he was back on the battlefield waiting for an ambush around every dark corner and alleyway.

The trip had been relatively quick for the Spartan, using one of the Pelican's he had been airdropped with his gear into the Gotham River and swam to shore. They couldn't afford to garner the attention of any of the Bat's protégées should they had been left to guard the city while he was on a mission.

He was proven right as nearly mugged on no less than three occasions as he made his way. He had made sure the beatings he gave would leave his would be robbers out of action for a while and perhaps force them to seek less illegal means of acquiring money…wishful thinking on his part though.

Soon after he arrived at the designated location to pick up his temporary car, one 1971 Plymouth Barracuda, why Cortana picked that one he would never know. She actually chose it because she watched the Phantasm movies and just fell in love with it, though she of course wouldn't say this. As he squared away the necessary documentation his mind went back to how he came to be in the city that seem caught in perpetual darkness.


John was wondering if his infamous luck had decided to go on strike this day, the reason for such a thought came not just from his attack by Bane but by the grave news the Commander spoke to him once he was away from the hospital and police investigators.

"Can you please repeat that Commander?" He asks his CO as he sat on the couch with two of his friends on each side; on his right was Diana and to his left was Barbara. Both women were not the least bit pleased to hear of the attack or the fact he was hurt once more despite it being necessary to maintain his cover.

Standing to the left of the siting trio were the Amazons Donna, Alexia and Artemis who were silently listening. Sitting in the single chair was Miranda who looked grim and to her right was Cortana who mirrored her look making them look like sisters in a way.

"While you were at the hospital a call came, it was a message saying that the Ramirez family has been taken and if we didn't want to see them dead we are to surrender ourselves in 48 hrs. At a specific address in Gotham. If we don't they will be sending us a piece of them until all that is left is their heads."

John jaw tightened at that while his fists were clenched, Barbara took note of this and simply held his hand in support as clearly the news was affecting the super soldier. He looked at his longtime friend and partner for confirmation.

Cortana was not a happy AI as she nods, she had tried tracing the call but clearly whoever made the called used a disposable phone to call them. Her ire grew as she verified there was police evidence in the Ramirez home that indicated a home invasion took place.

"It was the Falcone family." John spoke up suddenly earning everyone's attention.

"Yes, yes that makes sense. We should have known that there would be retaliation for the death of Vincenzo, we just didn't expect it to be so soon." Miranda bitterly said as she sat in the lounge and rubbed her face.

"I do not understand, who is this Vincenzo you speak of and why would his family declare a blood feud on you Spartan?" Donna points out.

"A week ago the agency was hired to locate a young woman who had gone missing, after much work we discovered she had been taken captive by a man by the name of Vincenzo Falcone…I shall spare you the details of what he did." He adds at the end as he can see Artemis is getting worked up by what he is saying before continuing.

"I located her and followed when he took her to a warehouse where he was conducting some illegal transaction. We were discovered as I rescued her and a fight ensued followed by a chase through the streets that finally culminated in me shooting the driver which in turn that caused them to crash and kill him in the process."

"The problem is his mother, Sofia Falcone, she is the matriarch of the family and now she wants retribution for her son's death."

"And so she sent Bane after you." Diana finally concluded and got a nod in return from her friends.

"Then we must seek out this criminal and eliminate her and her ilk!" The fiery redhead fiercely demanded.

"I would agree but this feels like a trap. There is no guarantee the woman will not kill them should we agree to her insane demands." John inserts as he has a feeling that it can't be that simple.

No one knew what to say in the face of that, the Amazons felt for the mother and her children and the UNSC crew was going over what options to take…that is until John spoke up.

"I am going to Gotham and I am bringing them back home." The finality in his tone brooked no argument from them, even his CO.

"You know Batman won't approve of this and I don't think even you can hide it from him." Diana pointed out seriously as she looked at her friend in the eye when she said this.

Batman had made it abundantly clear that despite being a member of the League he would not allow any League business in his city unless it truly warranted such or the situation was truly dire. His reasons for such where he feared an escalation of hostilities should any super powered member were to act in his territory.

While the other members of the League agreed the UNSC crew believed that while reasonable in his worry they couldn't allow a threat to humanity, no matter where it came from, be allowed to move unimpeded. After all according to the files they had, men like Ras Al Ghul and the League of Shadows, the Joker and others had at times gained access to deadly bio weapons or tech that could do plenty of harm to more than just the citizens of Gotham.

So while they agreed to stay clear, they silently agreed among themselves to move in should the threat prove the need for it, Batman's pride and threats be damned.

"His approval is not needed, he is currently out of the city and his enemies have attacked me, retaliation is a given and more importantly I gave my word to them and you know me Diana."

"When you make a promise, you keep it." The princess said as she gave him a rueful smile as she has come to see how determined the man was to honor his promises…it was one of his more best traits in her opinion albeit one that got him in trouble from time to time.

"Diana and Barbara, I will have to ask you to keep this to yourselves and deny you had any knowledge of this…best to have Batman only angry at me when I tell him what I did." John says to his fellow League member earning a look of surprise from the two woman and the other Amazons.

"But John, why tell him at all? With your skills you could do this quietly and quickly." Barbara asks him, not that she isn't touched he was trying to keep her out of trouble with the Bat.

"The team needs to stand together, which means that I can't just keep this to myself and expect everything to work out. If I lie and the truths comes out it will hurt the unity of the team and I will not do that."

"Yeah well he may want to boot you out of the League all together John, not that he can mind you since you are still under my command and therefore can't do anything without my say so as well as it would need to be a unanimous vote if it comes to that." Miranda pointed out as she would back the Master Chief in this mission of his, plus she was technically a member of the group albeit not as known so she was there when they set down their rules.

"Let us hope it doesn't come to that, Cortana any news on her location?"

"Yeah and all bad, this woman is either way too smart or way too paranoid since I can't find anything on her that is listed, no phone records or utility bills under her name or that of her associates. I think it's more to keep her safe from Batman as even the records I could find on Bane's known aliases don't show up…but I do have a location on where he was contacted last and it is for a pseudo information broker/kingpin of sorts, bringing it up now." The sentient machine replies as he her eyes light up and project an image before the group.

It showed a life-size model of a short, fat man in a suit clearly made for someone his size, the most glaring feature was his "monocle" which was in reality a broken bottle, and clearly the man had gone through some kind of ordeal to have such a garish item lodged there though that begged the question why it was still there.

"Meet Oswald Cobbelpot AKA the Penguin, a man obsessed with power, money, birds and weird as hell umbrellas." His AI partner says with a grim smirk earning some amused smiles from the women.

"He comes from old family in Gotham like the Wayne's but unlike them who flourished in the city his fell into obscurity due to perceived slights by the former. Oswald for his part is a student of the mean streets of London where instead of paying attention to his lessons in Oxford, he took to learning from less reputable teachers." Cortana spoke in clear distaste for the man, something they all shared.

"It seems he was a rather good student given all the trouble he has caused over the years." Miranda comments grimly as she saw the list of his crimes.

"Typical male pig seeking only to fill his unending lusts for wealth and power." Artemis added in disgusts, for the most part the others ignored where the sentiment came from and focused on the truths.

"Where can I find him Cortana?"

"Well Chief, he is always found in a club he owns called The Iceberg Lounge, it's where he does his dirty deals, illegal gambling and even rumored to have his own pit fights…the bloody, brutal and deadly kind. As much as I hate the thought of dealing with him the little shit is our best bet to find where the Ramirez is being held unless I can find something I missed."

"Then that is where I am going, Cortana prep whatever gear I need for the extraction of the family." John spoke with determination as he stood.

"Good luck Chief, not that you won't need it." Miranda replies with a smirk.

"I make my own luck Commander but thank you all the same." He responds before nodding towards Barbara and Diana who nod in kind. Now he had a bird to catch and shakedown, Cobbelpot had best pray he has the information or else the Master Chief will show him just how displeased he can get.

End flashback…

In either case, he was now heading over to the Iceberg Lounge; he would keep himself calm and cool as he dealt with the portly man. He hoped for once a fight wouldn't ensue, though he was prepared to do what was needed to save the family.

*Wishful thinking, that is all it is.* He thought grimly as he made his way towards the criminal's den. He soon reached the area the "Club" was located at according to Cortana's Intel, it looked like it had seen better days but looks could be deceiving, so with that in mind he parked the vehicle in a nearby alleyway.

He quickly made a check of his weapons, two FNH57's handguns as opposed to his usual 1911 Colt's holstered on each side of his chest. They were the military variant with hollow points for ammo and added addition to have nanites installed in case he needed to get rid of the weapons should he be caught.

Finally he placed on a watch with a very special function on it as he pressed the two top buttons, with a small whine his body was covered in a shimmering light before revealing a man with ebony hair and a scar over his left eye and lip and dark brown eyes.

The watch was actually an image inducer Cortana had built after studying the technologies of the criminals Dr. Light and Luminous who could manipulate light for various needs.

After making sure his disguised held he popped the hood and grabbed a silver briefcase from the passenger side before stepping out of the car. He fully opened the hood and removed the sparkplugs just in case someone got any funny ideas about stealing his ride; it was Gotham after all so no point in not taking precautions even if he was insured.

He approached the building with a calm collected look, he could not appear weak or things would go downhill from the very start. Once before the door he knocked three times and waited for the metal slip to open.

"Who the fuck are you and what the fuck do you want?" A gruff man demands from behind the heavy door.

Instead of responding immediately John simply grabbed the briefcase, placed his thumb on the built in scanner and opened it to reveal stacks of money in what appeared to be $500 denominations.

"I would like to speak with the Penguin in regards to information I need...please." He added as an afterthought in the end.

The man on the other side shook his head from seeing all the money before shutting the slit. John of course could hear what he was saying despite the obstacle.

"Boss, I got a guy here with shit load of money who wants to business with you."

-He a regular? — The Spartan heard another man with cockney accent ask, Cobbelpot more than likely.

"Nah boss, never seen him before, it's some big ass pale faced motherfucker."

-…frisk him and bring him to me directly.—

"Right boss."

John remained as stoic as when he first appeared as the man opened the door and leveled a sawed off shotgun in hand.

"Stand there and don't make any sudden moves." The grunt ordered, if he expected the Spartan to be intimidated he was to be disappointed as the man simply stood there with his arms held out to the sides.

The thug took his side arms and patted his legs with his remaining hand as best he could while making sure he made no sudden movements he then motioned for the Spartan to follow him after he was done.

The two soon moved towards the back of the building where a dilapidated pair of heavy set doors stood…except that the man pulled open a hidden hatch in the center of it and carefully inputted a 4 digit code.

That got the Spartan to raise an eyebrow as the doors slid upwards to reveal a lavish set of stairs leading down and a scene only found in Las Vegas.

*I have to give the man credit, he knows how to run an operation.* He thought as he sees many men, in either formal suits or something akin to gang colors, making bets while being served by scantily clad women in the center of the grand room. One the left he spotted a fully stocked bar with many taking advantage of it, on the right there were tables where he could deals were being, the illicit kind if he had to wager.

There had to be a an international gathering of many crime syndicates as it was the only explanation he could come up with for what he was seeing, from the Italians to the Chinese Tongs. And it wasn't just them who were garnering his attention, having memorized the files he spotted no less than four major criminals the Bat had faced on many occasion.

A stunning redhead with green hued skin dressed in a green one piece suit that was made of leafs that seemed enhance her body than just cover it. Across from her was a blonde woman who couldn't sit still and was dressed as some kind of harlequin doll or court jester.

*Pamela Isley AKA Poison Ivy, known Eco terrorist and genetically modified to produce and be immune to poisons. Harleen Quinzel AKA Harley Quinn, known associate of both the Joker and Poison Ivy, though the latter does not abuse her as the former.*

The redhead spotted his staring and gave him a measuring glance while the blonde gave him a cheerful wave that made him raise an eyebrow.

Further in there was another known Gotham felon, though this one was recognizable to his coin being constantly flipped and the scarred visage on the left side of his face.

*Harvey Dent AKA Two Face, former DA turned criminal with a compulsive need to decide everything with toss of a coin.*

The man in question only gave him a look of disinterest.

On another table was a man dressed like the Hatter and another wearing a green suit with question marks.

*Edwin Jervis AKA Mad Hatter and Edward Nygma AKA The Riddler, one specialize in mind control tech and the other is brilliant but obsessed with leaving behind riddles at his crimes."

Finally he spotted a beautiful brunette who sat with a meek redhead with glasses, an odd contrast to be sure but of course he knew who she really was.

*Selina Kyle AKA Catwoman, a world renowned jewel thief with a strong tendency to rob objects with a cat theme to them. On/off ally of Batman and possible romantic interest.* He thinks as he sees her.

She must have sensed him looking at her as she spotted him gave a smirk before winking at him. If she expected some stuttering or bashful response she was in for a disappointment as he looks at her for two seconds before dismissing her presence and focusing more on getting to the information broker…thus he missed her frown.

He was led further in to another set of doors where shouts and cries were being made. Passing through them led to another large room, only this was not a well-lit one with many people indulging completely in monetary vices but rather in one of violence as in the center was a pit the size of an Olympic swimming pool and encircled with chain linked fences and razor wire on top.

This was where the pit fights took place, currently being used by two men who were bleeding heavily as they beat each other while the crowd cheered or passed money around.

*I am beginning to seriously dislike this city.* He couldn't help but think as they made their way through the mob who cheered as one man dropped the other to the floor after a well-made right hook and then proceeds to continue the beating. *…truly dislike it.*

After another long hallway and a set of stairs leading down they reached a set of double doors.


"Boss? I got the guy with the cash I told you about."

"Let him and go back to your post!"

"Right boss…" the grunt replies before opening the door and motioning the Spartan to get in.

He stood tall an confident as he enter the office, at first glance it seemed the owner made it a point show of his wealth by having the finest furniture money could buy, coupled with a fairly advanced looking computer on the desk, well stocked mini bar, a pair of stuffed hyenas and a polar bear shaped rug he though was once an actual animal.

The man himself was wearing a suit he would bet was custom made for him that more than likely cost a pretty penny while smoking a fine cigar Johnson or Chief Mendez would appreciate and a glass of amber colored liquor in it. The most glaring thing about him was the ghastly "monocle" the report stated was actually the bottom of a bottle lodged in the man's face after one of his clientele took offense to the man's winning hand at cards.

Given that said man and his companion were never heard from again it was obvious who got the last laugh.

Next to him was a light bronzed skinned brunette dressed in a black with white pinstripe business dress that complimented her figure as well as the black rimmed glasses she wore. If he remembered correctly the files showed this woman was identified only as Candy and helped the man run the financial aspects of his operations or so it was believed as there wasn't much that could tie her into said illicit operations.

"Well what have we here? I hear you looking to make a deal with me and willing to pay top dollar." The portly man spoke with a smirk.

"I need information, I hear you are a man who knows things no one else does, and for the right price you are willing to share said information." The Spartan replies stoically.

"Heh, I may know a bit about this or that, you don't get where I am by keeping your head in the sand eh Candy?"

"Indeed you don't Mr. Cobbelpot, not if you want to thrive in Gotham." She replies calmly as she adjusts her glasses.

"Truer words were never spoken luv, but enough gabbing, what kind of information you looking to buy Mr…?"

"…you may call me Leonidas, I'd rather keep my true identity a secret while I am visiting the city Mr. Cobbelpot, don't want to attract certain people whose morality may compel them to get involved in my business." John answers in utmost seriousness as he stares the man down.

"Humph yeah I know the kind, bleeding heart tossers who don't know when not to fuck with another's business." Oswald spat as he took a drag of his cigar before releasing a puff of smoke "…back to the matter at hand, how much you willing to pay Mr. Leonidas and on what?" The man asks as he is about to take a drink.

"Half a million, 250 for the information now and the rest if it proves true and it is for the location on the current head of the Falcone family."

The glass pauses in its journey as its owner looked hard at the Spartan while his assistant was wide eyed.

"Well, well, we seem to have death wish eh? Now why would a charming bloke like you be going out of your way to mess with them my good sir?"

"They have something of personal value to me; I would like to retrieve it as soon as possible."

"Must be quite valuable if you want to cross that woman, though from what I heard now would be the worst time given her recent loss, such a shame when a parent buries their child." Penguin said in mock sympathy, personally he held no love for the fallen son of Sofia; he was a regular to his club so his money was always welcomed but he wouldn't mourn the bastard.

"Best time to strike then."

"Your funeral mate, but for that level of information I'm going to need a bit more than just half a mill…maybe a full million will jostle my memory." If the man showed any more teeth he would have resembled a shark not a bird as he grinned at the Spartan.

John for his part was preparing to engage in "hostile" negotiations before the door to the office opened to reveal a rather stunning blonde in an ensemble that mirrored Candy's in color. She spared him a glance before turning towards her boss who didn't seem to mind the interruption.

This was the other associate known to work with the man, one Tracey Buxton, rumor had it she met Oswald in the rowdy streets of London. It was believed he was grooming her to be his successor, which was a surprise since not many could have that level of trust from the crime boss.

"We got a problem boss, one of the fighters chickened out on us, now we got no main event." She calmly says to portly man who did not like the news he was hearing.

"Bloody hell! You find that little prick and have his goddamned arms and legs shattered, nobody pulls this shit on me! Nobody!"

"Right boss, though that still leaves us with the current clusterfuck of having no fight to have our patrons bet their greedy little hearts out." She spoke casually to her boss before looking in the Spartan's direction, at first she gave the man an appreciative look as he had seen many women do, though that soon morphed into a more calculating look.

"Hey who is this tall drink of water?"

"A potential client looking to do something crazy and stupid." Candy replied as she found it foolish of the man to think he can single handedly take on one of the major crime families.

"He don't look like a regular luv, I mean anyone who comes to our joint is looking to do that still… can he fight?" The blonde said out loud as she gave him a measuring look before giving her boss a look he knew so well.

*That's my girl.* Penguin thought as a smirk grew on his face.

"Now there's a thought, here's a deal for you my good man, you fight three rounds in the pit and win all three and you get your information for free." The portly man offered.

"…just three and I get the information?" John replies with mild interest, or at least as much as he could fake because he wasn't stupid enough to think that it would be that easy or simple.

"Win three get it free, we have a deal?" Oswald offered as he held out his hand, he found it funny the man thought he could win without knowing who he had lined up.

John seemingly took his time to think over the offer when he really was weighing whether he should just get the information by more painful means from the man or go down this route and take care of whoever he send him quickly. In the end he extended his hand and shook the other man's hand.

"We have a deal."

*The sooner I do this the sooner I get the information and away from this man.* The Spartan privately thinks.

In the pit…

"Ladies and gents, we got a special treat for you tonight!" Tracey shouted into the microphone in order to rile up the mob before her and the Spartan who had removed his coat and shirt leaving only his white muscled T-shirt.

He surveyed the crowd and found a mixture of low level thugs, fancy dressed men and women as well as the rogues he saw as he entered including Selina and her partner following a man, probably her contact.

"Standing before me is a new comer to our little slice of paradise, let's give it up to the Mighty…the Powerful…Leonidas!"

He didn't know or care whether the cheers he got were real or not, he was just focused on the other side of the makeshift ring where he's opponents would enter from.

"And now this fine specimen must rise to the challenge and face the Twin Terrors of Mother Russia, the one armed Titans…let's hear for Hammer and Sickle!"

As she finished their intro two large men that rivaled him in size albeit fairly more muscular walked through the opening door. The one armed comment began to make more sense as he sees they were formerly conjoined twins given the large scar running across the entire length of their right/left flank. Both men were armed, one with a sledge hammer the other with a sickle neither seem to be showing signs of trouble wielding the weapon.

"Now gentlemen remember, this is a no holds barred fight, everything is legal you can beat, maim and kill so have at it!" The blonde shouts before moving away quickly to let the fighters go at it.

John knew something was up when he heard her say death was a means of winning.

*So be it.* He thought as he took a loose boxing stance, no need to give away too much on the first round. Hammer and Sickle ran towards their opponent weapons at the ready to take care of him swiftly.

Hammer reached him first as swung his weapon upwards and to left making John step back to avoid the blow before jumping into the one armed man's space while throwing a left hook to the man's jaw. Unlike Bane on VENOM this man was not as hardy as an audible crack was heard as he fell limply to the ground.

Scythe for his part was already committed to the attack as he went the opposite way of his bother and went for an overhand swing. Clearly he wanted to cleave the man in two, but sadly that didn't go as planned as John used the momentum of his punch to roll under the attack.

The next thing the man felt was a hard heel kick to his nose…


…this was soon followed by another heel kick to the back of his skull as his opponent reversed the direction of his foot with uncanny speed, strength and accuracy after connecting the first blow. Needless to say the man was out like a light soon after while the Spartan stood before his knocked out opponents.

Everyone in the arena was shocked by this development; no one believed they were going to be knocked out so quickly by a complete unknown. But they were all taken aback by the now standing man's actions, so much so it took Tracey a minute to reboot before she decided to move things along.

She waited for some of their people to remove the twins from the "arena", she would have chided them for leaving the weapons but it would make things more interesting should the man make it to round three. Of course she chose to forego such thoughts just as quickly as they came as she got ready for the next intro.

*It was a fucking fluke! It won't happen again with the next bloke.*

"Well looks like Leonidas came to play folks but will he survive his next opponent? A man who knows how to light up the town and who can shock you into an early grave…give it up for the Electrocutioner!"

Suddenly from the other side of the enclosure the doors opened to reveal the form of a close shaved headed man who at first glance appeared to be wearing a riot suit with orange highlights on the torso area. However this suit also had wiring from the chest to the metallic sections of his forearms where sparks could be seen being discharged.

The man gave off a cry of victory as he raised his arms as if some ancient roman champion about to enter the Coliseum, the crowd went along with it in kind.

The Spartan was wondering, in a manner that was somewhat uncharacteristic of him, if he had offended someone in a past life as he watched the man who had a fetish for electricity prance around before he turned towards him.

*Still this is a man responsible for innocent people being tortured and killed by his preferences in murder.* John thinks as he keeps his arms at his sides while his eyes narrow.

The killer wasted no time as he rushed towards John, arms raised and sparking, trying to end this quickly…he got his wish, just not in the way as he envisioned.

Now one must understand that John-117 was not the fastest Spartan, that tittle belonged to his "sister" Kelly-087. She was not called the rabbit just because she used herself as bait, no she was the fastest in and out of the MJOLNIR. The only time John pushed past his limits on speed was wearing the Mark V when he and Cortana were first partnered up…that resulted in him tearing a tendon.

But regardless of that limitation he was still faster than the average human, hence many couldn't see very well as he raised his right fist with lighting precision and speed as he smashed the man's trachea once in arm's length.

"Guh!" the Electrocutioner was wide eyed as blood flew from his mouth, he couldn't even voice the pain of having his throat practically crushed. The need for air came paramount hence he wasn't aware as the finisher came as John reared the same hand, though now it was poised with the heel at the ready, and thrusts it at full force and speed at the man's nose.


It didn't take a genius to figure out the man was dead as his body swayed side to side before falling onto his back while his eyes stared on ahead at nothing as cartilage and skull fragments sunk into his frontal lobe.

Once more silence reigned in the makeshift coliseum as they bared witness to another victory, though one with more bloody results.

"Fuck me sideways." Tracey uttered in shock, she was starting to wonder where the hell this man had come from. He didn't even look phased by what he had just done, no twitches, a smirk…nothing! It was like, like the man had killed so much it had lost all meaning to him.

She shook her head as she glared at the Spartan, she didn't care how strong or fast he was, it was time to put an end to this. So once the body was removed she stepped up to announce the final match and hopefully put an end to this lucky streak.

"Fuck it people! Live by the sword die by sword, that's the rule here so the pale faced pillock has fast hands. Let's see how his fast hands help him against this…!" she shouted as all the lights were killed suddenly as the doors opened.

John was tense as he felt vibrations on the floor, something big was coming his way.

"Tick…Tock…Time to feed the Croc!" A deep and animalistic voice sounded as two reptilian eyes stared at him.

"That's right people! We got one of the biggest & meanest motherfuckers in Gotham! Give it up for Killer Croc!" the woman shouts as she riles up the mob in favor of the cannibalistic killer. Turning to look at the killer's opponent she did not see a face full of fear or nerves, no what she saw was the pale man lifting a single eyebrow before settling his features into a narrow gaze at the reptilian creature before settling once more into a loose boxing stance.

*What the fuck?*

John just ignored the incredulous look and focused on his enemy who was looking at him like he was a piece of raw meat…which given the "man's" reputation he wouldn't be surprised if he was thinking that. His mind starts going over what solutions or strategies he can employ, looking down he sees the weapons the twins used so there was that in his favor, he just needed to get to them…which is when Croc decides to make his move as he charges at the Spartan.

For someone who was close to 9ft tall Killer Croc was surprisingly fast as he reached the Spartan's position in seconds with arms out to grab him in a hold as soon as he caught him and more than likely to bite his head off if he could.

John was in no mood for such a thing so he quickly rolled under the attack and moved to the fallen weapons. He was about to go for the sledge hammer when his instincts screamed for him to move, he did so as he jumps right just as the serial killers fists slammed into the ground.

*Fast.* He thought as he tucked and rolled before facing the deranged man.

Croc for his part grabbed the weapons in each hand and threw them in opposite directions.

"Nice try meat." The smirk the killer gave the Chief showed a row of fangs and some rotting meat.

John says nothing but tenses either way, things just had to get more complicated. Croc decided enough with the stare down as he lunges forward and surprisingly so does John.

The Spartan ducks under a right hook and the throws a left jab into the killer's stomach at full force, a normal man would be downed if not killed by the blow but Croc just grunts in pain before backhanding the man away who rolls into a kneeling position after shaking of the effects of the hit.

"Heh, THAT actually hurt!" He yells at the Spartan with sadistic glee.

*So he has a tough hide as well as increased strength, this just became more problematic.* The Chief thinks as he gets back up and gets ready for the next charge.

It soon came as the reptilian assailant charged in and took a swipe at him he ducks under and delivers an uppercut to the jaw. Again his opponent takes the hit but just grunts in pain instead of falling.

This time Croc grabbed his arm and swung him away into a nearby wall earning cheers and groans from the people.

Meanwhile up in the makeshift stands a certain thief was looking at scene with an analytical eye as she saw the pale skinned man get back up with no sign of being in pain.

*That man is not normal, I have seen Bats take a beating from Croc and no matter how much he thinks he can hide it from others I know he was in pain…but this guy is not giving away any signs of it.* She thinks as her eyes narrow as analyzes his fighting style as he continues to battle the cannibal.

At first she was curious, normally men gave her a second glance when they got a look at her but this guy just looks at her, like he was measuring her up and then went about his business. When she next spotted him again she saw he was headed for the Penguin's makeshift arena, despite Holly's silent protests she manipulated her contact to get involved in the betting while she studied him.

He was definitely big, pale, muscled but not overly so and held himself with discipline and seriousness, like Batman in a way but there was something there as well that made him differ from her sometimes paramour.

She didn't have a name for it until she saw the first to matches, lethality, this man was trained to kill and detach himself from it given how he didn't react at all when he struck down his second opponent.

*A new Player perhaps? I wonder if Bats has seen this guy before?*

Then out came Killer Croc and she thought it would be his end but the man was holding his own and didn't show any visible worry so again she began to wonder who he was to not show any fear of the deranged killer.

Back in the ring John was once more on the defensive as he dodged the telegraphed hits the maniac threw at him. He had block some strikes and learned that the man hit hard enough to numb him for a bit that he tried to refrain from doing so, Croc lack training and skill but his size, strength and endurance made up for the difference like a complete opposite of Bane who showed more skill and tecnique.

John timed another of the reptilian man's charge and grabbed one of the extended arms and used the momentum to Judo throw him onto his back. Taking a chance he rushed towards the stunned criminal and then grasps the right arm of the killer and pulls hard until…



Killer Croc cries of pain and fury caught everyone off guard as no one could believe this nobody could be doing this to one of the many killers only someone of the Bat's caliber could face off against.

With the exception of Harley who was cheering the beat down and the others were narrow eyed at that. Could this be the Bat in disguise? They each thought, only one discarded that idea immediately. Selina knew how Batman operated, he was not so detached as to inflict that level of damage on any criminal and more he was not above showing some emotion as he thought…this Leonidas did neither.

Killer Croc got to his feet cradling the loose hanging limb, of course that didn't last long as John quickly slammed his foot at full force into the left thigh downing the man again before he began to rain down punch after punch to his head as he tried to defend himself with his remaining arm.

At one point the Spartan batted away his arm and grabbed him by the back his head and pulled forward while thrusting his knee…



….and easily broke his nose.

At that point he Croc got lucky as he managed to grabs the Spartan by the neck and hurled him away into the fence that separated the combatants from the spectators. This however proved his undoing as the man landed next to the sledgehammer he had previously tried to use.

The Chief calmly stood before picking the makeshift weapon up with no sign of struggling to hold it before facing the cannibalistic murderer with indifference; He had taken his measure of him and found him to be nothing more than beast that thought it self a man and took joy in the kill and blood spilled.

Killer Croc meanwhile was overcome by rage, pain and fear…that last one only increased the first; he never feared the Batman but this man had made him afraid and he hated it. He looks to his enemy as he looks back at him with nothing at all being given away, that serves only to infuriate him more which drives him to pull hard on his dislocated arm and ignoring the pop of bone being set and letting the pain fuel his rage.

"I am going to tear you apart!" He shouts as he charges.

John ignored the man's threats and simply waited for Croc to come to him, once he was at arm's length he threw the makeshift weapon at the killer who out of reflex caught it before his world exploded in pain, the reason for that being the Spartan had reared back his right foot as the weapon flew and swung it forward between the other man's legs at full force.

Every man gave a collective groan at the sight and either crossed their legs or resisted the urge to protect their own manhood's with their hands while the few women present winced.

Croc could not really cry out though as he was not given a chance to as John took the hammer as it fell from his limp hands before he thrusts the head of the hammer like a spear into the other's abdomen knocking the air out of him before swinging it upwards and slamming it into the killers lower jaw hard enough his head snapped back.

The killer's problems didn't stop there as he was taken off his feet as John used the hammer as he swung low and hook the back his left leg. Croc slammed the back of his head but was denied unconsciousness as horrible pain lanced upped his body as the Spartan wasn't done as he immediately slammed the hammer into Croc's knee getting a sickening crack as a result.


He tried to clutch his damaged limb but his opponent was relentless as the augmented soldier's foot slammed into his broken nose. At that point John decided as he gazed at the beaten and battered villain as he moaned and whimpered to end this once and for all.

The crowd was crying out for blood but the Master Chief could care less, to him this was eliminating a threat to the safety of the people of Gotham, avenging all those this monstrous being had butchered and a means to gain critical information. He calmly moved towards the killer's head and once there raised the hammer high, the people seem to stop their shouting as they watched.

"N…no…p-please…m-m-mercy…" The cannibal pitifully begs him.

"…no." was the Spartans simple reply as he slammed the makeshift weapon dead center into Croc's skull with all the strength he could muster.


No one said anything as the man stepped away from the gory mess, some gulped and others turned away but no one commented as the man who slew one of Gotham's most infamous residents turned away with no sign of being disturbed by what he did and started to walk away.

Up in the stands Selina quickly gathered Holly and made for the exit with the excuse they needed to use the facilities…which Holly actually did in fact after seeing another man bash someone's skull open.

*Batman is going to flip when he hears about this.* The thief thought to herself as she helped her companion who she would make sure to give her a day to themselves to make up for dragging her there.

Back at the ring Tracey was still looking at the gory mess when she saw the man who slew Killer Croc looking at her with emotionless stare that really unnerved her.

"I believe your boss has something I want." He told her with the same deadpan stare on his face.

She gave a shaky nod before announcing him the victor, she cursed how her voice trembled a bit but this man worried her greatly. Afterwards she led him out of the ring and headed towards her mentor's office, hoping her boss had what the man wanted so he can leave ASAP.

The Penguin's office…

Oswald for his part had watched through the closed video circuit all three bouts, at first he thought the man may be connected with his nemesis but after watching him kill Electrocutioner he discarded that. No one who worked with the Bat was allowed to kill, not the women, not the kids and not even the punk from Bludhaven.

The man was good, frighteningly good, having mercenaries and assassins sometimes come to him for information had given him a gauge by which he could separate the great ones like Deathstroke and Lady Shiva from the pathetic wannabe's. This man was one of the former, he was sure of it, he had shown no emotion in the bouts and the less said about how methodical he was in his two kills showed he was well versed in the art of killing.

*I wonder if I can offer him a job?* He privately thinks before his eyes moved towards the slowly opening doors.

First came in his protégé Tracey looking to hide her nervousness, he didn't blame her because he didn't expect Killer Croc getting his skull turned into mash either. Then he came looking rather calm despite having killed two men, which just proved his theory about the man.

*Though why is he going after mob boss?* He recalled him saying they took something of personal value from him and in this world you don't go after the heads unless it is business or personal.

"Well looks like you made quite the literal killing out there eh? Never would thought Ol' Croc would bite it in the end but lo and behold our champion girls." He says to his female partners who said nothing but still nodded.

"I did as requested Mr. Cobbelpot, I won your three rounds so I believe you have something for me." John responds as quite frankly he wants this to end as soon as possible.

"Straight to the point eh? Well fair is fair, Candy be a dear and give the man what he wants."

The woman did as he requested as she stepped forward and handed him a folder. He quickly scanned the contents and memorized them.

"I believe this concludes our business Mr. Cobbelpot, I don't think I need to remind you that discretion is needed given the nature of the transaction." The Chief spoke neutrally as he looked at the man, a part him wished to leave as soon as possible without an incident but from the man's body language that was not looking like it was going to happen.

"Oh I know that Mr. Leonidas, but perhaps we can reach an agreement, after all I am but a humble business man and I do need to make a profit given the losses suffered by our previous transactions." The obese man smirked at the Spartan as he thinks he has the upper hand.

"I see, very well Mr. Cobblepot I believe I have a way to accommodate you."

John says as grabs the briefcase with the money and opened it after having his thumbprint scanned…then faster than the man and two women could see he reached in and pulled out a silenced pistol and took aim.


He fired twice into Penguin's chest and once at his head, the bullet having hit the garish monocle and shattering the glass before blood and gray matter sprayed on the wall behind him.

Then John turned the gun on Tracey…


As her lifeless body fell back he rushed towards the only other living person in the room and placed his hand over her mouth and the gun close to her abdomen.

"Do not scream or I shoot, nod if you understand?" He ordered neutrally to the woman who was panicking very quickly, he repeated the order and jammed the gun harder until she did as asked.

"Do you have access to his computer files?" He asks as he removes his hand.

"Y-yes, yes I d-do, p-please don't kill me!" She speaks through her sobs.

"If you wish to live beyond tonight you will do as I say to the letter and not even think of doing anything foolish."

"Okay, okay I'll do as asked." The fearful woman replies as she is now praying to not get killed.

"Boot up his computer." He ordered her as he pulled out his phone and dialed as she did as asked under his watchful eye.

"Cortana, we are going with our contingency plan, Penguin tried to push his luck."

-Of course the idiot would, scanning for wireless signals…and got'em. Initiating download, looks like someone was a busy little scumbag. Well no matter I got all the info John, we will stand by on how to distribute it once you come home.— His partner responds, he thanks her before cutting the call while keeping his eyes on Candy who still trembled slightly under his gaze.

"Did he have hard copies? Anything on paper?"

"In the safe, I know the combination."

"Open it, and there better not be a weapon in there." He implications were not lost on her as she moved towards the hidden safe hidden behind a family portrait on the left wall.

*How cliché yet also who would look for a safe in such an obvious place.* He couldn't help but think as the woman inputted the code into the safe keypad, she pressed the door inwards before stepping back.

He saw several satchels as well as stacks of money and there was a gun in there as well.

"The files are in the satchels?"

"Yes, blackmail materials and account numbers are in there in case things went south." The woman replied before giving the lifeless bodies a look, clearly things did in deed go south in the worst possible way.

"Bring them to the desk and empty my briefcase and place the files in."

Once more the woman did as asked, she silently took note as she emptied the case that the money shown was not all real.

"You never planned to let us live did you?" She couldn't help but comment with dread.

"Cobblepot most definitely not given his past and present crimes as he thrived in a world where he used extortion and the looming threat of death to get where he was while innocent bystanders were caught in his wake. His protégé was a stroke of luck as I refuse to let another take over his criminal empire and let her loose on the people." He explains before pining her with a piercing gaze.

"As for you? You may yet live to see tomorrow, as I will offer you something rarely given, a second chance. These rarely are given to people like you and if you think you can pick up the pieces of his empire or join up with someone else I will know and shall not be merciful a second time."

And she knew he was dead serious about his threat, she didn't know who he was but she instinctively knew he would come for her like a veritable grim reaper if she should throw away this act of mercy.

"Now turn around because I am going to knock you out, afterwards what happens is up to you, I don't care if you take the money from the safe and stay in the city or start somewhere fresh but do not forget my warning." He spoke to her, she reluctantly did as ordered and he in turn struck her hard enough to lay her out.

He checked her to make sure she was fine before standing up and getting his things squared away, he did seal the safe again if only to guarantee the money inside remained untouched before leaving.

Soon he was near the entrance again where he found the guard having a smoke, though upon seeing the Master Chief he was startled by his presence.

*He must have seen the fights.* the Chief thinks.

"Deal is done, now my weapons please?"

"Y-yeah sure man, whatever you say."

Nervously the sentry gave him back his guns, clearly not wanting to hassle the man who killed one of the city's most infamous killers.

"Thank you and have a nice night." Was all he said before finally leaving.

John made his way to the vehicle and once there popped the hood and put the spark plugs in.

*Time to end this.*

Beneath the street near the Falcone Mansion…

After securing the location of the Falcone Mansion John had asked Cortana to use the Dawn's sensors to give him a bird's eye view. From the information he had received it was quite guarded with several of the woman's armed flunkies patrolling the perimeter, high fence walls and cameras placed in key points.

He had to give them credit, they were clearly prepared for intrusions, most likely from the city's heroes…too bad for them it wouldn't be enough. His partner had shown him city blueprints that showed a power junction box that fed electricity for the whole block.

After parking away from the view of others he entered the sewers and navigated towards it, once he got there he set a demo charge to knock out the power. Although he regretted having to leave the whole block in the dark it would arouse suspicion if only one house was affected.

It was bad enough if the thugs got a few rounds off, at that point he would be working against the clock as the police would intervene and that would make the criminals desperate, fearful and stupid and that would lead to the family's death.

He soon returned to his vehicle and changed into some pitch black clothes and mask to hide his identity and then proceeded to go over his equipment Cortana had arranged for him.

Two FN Five-Seven's Tactical, loaded with a 20 round cartridge as well as with the hollow point variant ammunition and both modified by Cortana to allow for a silencer attachment.

A P90 USG, loaded with a 50 round cartridge as well as the same caliber bullets as his pistols as well as the addition of an attached silencer on the barrel.

Kel-Tec KSG pump action shotgun loaded with 15 x 12 gauge rounds in case things went south and stealth was no longer an option.

And the ever reliable Helljumper's toothpick, it would see much work tonight should things go awry.

4 concussion grenades, a can of C7 demo explosive, ammunition for his guns, a high tech visor which would allow him an assortment of vision modes from night vision to infrared and finally a communicator to stay in contact with Cortana.

Once he readied himself and his gear he made his way towards the west wall, choosing that direction as it was where there was a backdoor into the mansion through the kitchen.

He applies the foam to the wall in a steady stream for his exit once he secures the family and places the needed detonators in their appropriate spots before stepping back.

"Commencing operation." He quietly spoke as he readied the detonator to kill the power.

-Affirmative Chief.—

Soon the explosive he set went off and he activated his visor as the neighborhood was engulfed in blackness. He soon vaulted over the wall and razor wire and landed on the other side. He pulls out his P90 and sees a few guards looking around wildly, clearly they didn't think to include a flashlight attachment to them or install emergency lights.

*More to my favor then theirs.* He thinks as he reached the door but ducked in the bushes as he saw someone coming with a flashlight. He stayed still and quiet as the unknown grunt came out, he listened to him argue with two guards outside about what was going on and what to do before going back inside.

*Time to go to work.* and with that thought in mind he leveled his rifle at the first guard and pulled the trigger.

It was slow and methodical how he went around the perimeter taking down the opposition. He went for head shots, quick and painless though a part of him wonder if they deserved such a clean death, he pushed on regardless until he finally changed the clip on his weapon as he stood over a trio of bodies.

He made his way back to the area he started at to enter through the kitchen. It was at that moment that a guard from within appeared just as he reached the door.

"What the fuck!?" The man shouts raising his gun before the Spartan's hand lashed out and gripped his wrist hard enough to bruise…unfortunately it also caused him pull the trigger.


*Damn.* John cursed before performing a text book Judo throw on the hapless man and slamming him into the grass.


The unknown man troubles ended as he felt something pierce his chest and heart and then he knew no more.

John sheathed his knife and pulled out his rifle as voices were heard inside.

"Where did that come from!?"

"Get to the madam and secure her!"

"We need lights dammit!"

"Where the hell are the others!?"

John ignored all that though, he needed to get to the family first or the situation would get ugly and complicated.

He moved quickly past the kitchen into a hallway, two guards rushed in and died in a hail of gunfire before another ducked back in and fired at him from around the corner.

"Get the fuck over here now!" The man cried out before firing on the Chief again.

- Chief you need to hustle now! – He heard Cortana say urgently.

"Affirmative." He replies before sprinting during the lull and them going into a slide that left him past the curve and facing a shocked thug who could do nothing as he was gun downed.

He quickly got up and moved forward, his path took him towards the main entrance of the building. He sees movement ahead and pulls up his rifle just as four thugs come through the hallway, before they can react they are struck down in a hail of gunfire.

However from the stairs a trio of shooters appeared and fired at him, he quickly began to move as one bullet smacked his rifle away and another struck him on the side of his head making him fall on his left side and remain there. The trio stopped firing and quickly made their way down to confirm the kill…however that would be their undoing as the Chief suddenly sat up with one of his side arms in his right hand and began to fire at the goons who were to shocked to pull up their weapons.

As the three fell two more rushed from the entryway to his back for him to roll onto his stomach and fire the remainder of his rounds.

*Barbara will not be happy to hear I got shot in the head.* He idly thought as he stood up and exchanged magazines before checking his rifle, from the look of things it would not see further use as a bullet lodged itself in the firing mechanism.

He simply accepted that before activating the self-destruct feature all his weapons carried, it was better to leave little to no evidence. As pulled his shotgun he winced as the bullet that struck his head was pushed out by his accelerated healing.

-John you need to hurry, the police band is getting a lot of calls on gunfire at your location.—

"Roger Cortana." He responded as he cocked the shotgun and ran up the stairs two steps at a time before entering the hallway. It was run and gun at this point as he shot his way through the thugs blocking his way, as he neared the last turn he ducked back as he was met with a veritable firing squad.

"The boss said we get a bonus for your death so make it easier on us and step out fucker!"

If it was in him he would have rolled his eyes at the sheer stupidity of the man.

"Here's my counter offer." He replied as he flung an round object at the group.

"What the…!?"



He stepped back into the hallway and the broken, bloody and in some cases dismembered remains of the group. One man was half dead and struggling to crawl away…he didn't get very far as John shot him down twice in the back without pausing his stride towards the room that contained the family, no mercy or quarter was to be given to any of these men.

"Cortana, sitrep."

"The family is close by but aren't alone, I count three in there with them and the cops are on the way."

"Let's end this then." He replies as he moves towards the room that holds the hostages.

As he reaches the room he tenses, he would need to be careful or the family will be killed. So standing next to door he knocks three times and ducks as bullets fly through the wood.

"STOP SHOOTING YOU FUCKING IDIOTS!" A woman cries out over the screams of the family. He needed to think this out and fast as the shots stops and his enhanced hearing on heard the weeping of the children and their mothers voice trying to soothed them.

"Now listen up whoever is out there, you have caused me a lot of grief and cost me a lot in damages and manpower to get here and I think I know why so get in here or I blow these fuckers away!" Sofia shouts behind the doors.

Inside he can hear the children whimper while their mother desperately tries to reassure them that they will be alright.

"All right, I'm coming in."

He approaches the door slowly and gently opens it to find two men pointing their handguns at the family while Sofia held a gun at him while she looks at him venomously.

"Loose the fucking mask and drop the guns asshole."

One look at the scared family made his decision for him as he dropped his shotgun and handguns to the sides before taking of his mask.

"You killed my son you mangy bastard!" Sofia spat with growing anger.

"…your son got himself killed."

"Shut up! Shut the fuck up! My son was everything to me and you stole that…you and this whore took him from me!" She yelled as she pointed the weapon at the girl while Maria shielded her children while sending the Spartan a pleading look.

*Need to end this now.* He thinks as he goes over every option he can think of until one very high risk idea comes to mind.

"I see now where your son's cowardice comes from then."

That stopped the crime boss cold.

"What did you say?"

"Your son looked too pathetic to even put out of his misery as he slowly bled to death. Quite frankly one would wonder how he survived in your world being so weak…"


His head snapped back as a the bullet struck his fore head before he collapse onto the floor. Sofia felt no satisfaction as she lowered her still smoking gun and stared at the corpse.

*For you my son.* She thinks before looking at the family.

"You're next bitch, and it won't be quick and painless like that piece of shit." The woman spat at the mother as she cried as she held her children close to her. Nobody noticed the Spartans hand move towards his handguns and looks at the back of the woman and her two goons.

"I don't think so." He finally said as he sat up much to everyone's shock, thus they were too late to stop him as he aimed and fired at the armed men and woman.

The last thing Sofia thought as her body was struck by several bullets was how she could have let this happen and failed to avenge her son…then one bullet found its way into her head and she knew no more.

For a moment no one said anything, John simply checked the bodies before moving towards the family.

"Are you all alright?"

"…" They all just looked at him in shock until the boy pointed at his forehead.

*Oh right.* He thought as he reached an pulled of the flattened bullet off. He had to block the nanites from healing him to keep his ruse.

"Metal plate." He says as he offers his hand to them, getting a shaky nod from the mother who reached out.

"We need to go before the police arrive, they may have been some on her payroll so no telling how they will react to her death." He says to them as he helps Esmeralda who favors her wounded leg.

The clings to him while the mother is doing her hardest to not break down in relief as she holds her son close. They grim sight of dead bodies is something she wished to spare him further so she holds his head towards her as they make their way through bloody halls and towards the main entrance.

Once outside he pulls the other detonator and hits the switch, the family flinches at the sound of the explosive going off but say nothing as they continue their trek, sirens can be heard approaching as well as the steady beat of a helicopter meaning the GCPD will not long and have air support.

"Let's hurry." John says to the matriarch as they quicken their pace towards the makeshift exit and safety of his vehicle.

They soon pass the wall just as a beam of light hits the main entrance and a crash is heard as a car rams the gate. By the time the others arrive the Spartan and the family are already in the car and calmly make their way to the city limits.

Finally the realization that they have been saved and are going to be ok proves too much for Maria as she sits in the passenger seat and finally she breaks down in tears as she grasps his shoulder and sobs in relief.

John stops the car and lets her vent, he wasn't much to offer comfort, more so because he didn't know how really. During the war he would often tell civilians they were safe and alive but it often fell short in his opinion as they look at him and his brethren with disbelief or not thinking he really cared when he did.

In this case though he simply chose to hold her as she cried while her children held each other, it wasn't much but often seeing people hold onto Superman, Flash or Diana after a trying ordeal and they in turn reciprocating to offer comfort worked so he took a page from their book so to speak.

They all soon fell asleep so after making the mother more comfortable he continued their trek.

*Mission accomplished Cortana, heading back to base*

-Roger that Chief, we'll keep the light on for you, and good work John.—His partner kindly says to him which makes him smile a bit. There would be much to do with the information he gathered as well the needed meeting with the League for his actions but the results would be worth the consequences.

All in all the mission was a success, lives were saved and enemies were dealt with and that was a good day in his book.

To be continued…

A/N: The meeting with the League and obviously the Bat will be more of a flashback than a whole chapter but I will say this the Chief is not going to be thrown out ok? I may have him be suspended but he will not get expelled for what he did.

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