Korbin Dallas awakened with a jolt, ramming his head into his 'built in' shelving. 'Built in shelving'
had sounded somehow functional and charming coming out of the mouth of a realtor five years
ago. Somehow the lady had managed to make a cramped run down box of an apartment sound
like a 'cozy and functional bachelor pad with space efficiency'. The reason why he had fallen
susceptible to the realtor's manipulations could most definitely be attributed to one word: Divorce.
His heart had just been clean and jerked out of his chest still beating through a brutal and sudden
divorce when he had purchased this hovel. Having been kicked out of his home and cleaned dry
of his savings, a place within his budget with a view of relatively clean air had sounded like home.
Korbin swore under his breath he would remove that shelf. His touch of post traumatic stress
syndrom coupled with the shelf was giving him a daily head blow. Every night he'd have dreams
filled with gore and death. What do you get for being a retired special forces unit soldier? Some
medals, a couple of trophies and bad dreams.
He hit the wake up button and his apartment came to noisy life. The sound of the phone ringing
added to the noise.
"Yeh yeh yeh!" he whined, some good morning "I'm coming". He bet himself a cup of coffee that
was Finger on the phone. He took his sweet time getting to the phone before picking it up "Yes?"
"It's Finger, you sound like crap."
Korbin opened the door for his cat who immediately performed a couple figure eights around his
legs purring. He loved his cat. One thing he got was the cat, his cat. He was relieved his ex wife
had revealed the fact she hated cats at the divorce proceedings.
"Good morning sweetie" Korbin replied to his cat.
"Yeah I love you too Major, but you haven't called me that since basic training." Finger replied
"I was talking to the cat "Korbin made his way over to the coffee maker for the cup he won.
"Oh yeah, I forgot. You still prefer cats to the real thing."
"Cats come back." Korbin sipped his coffee, wincing at it's harsh acidic flavor, setting it down on
one of his shelves. Matches, he needed matches, because he needed a cigarette. One of four
a day these days on his plan to quit. He began to rummage through the shelf, turning over a
letter of commendation here, a medal of valor there.
Finger laughed "You don't need them to come back, there's millions of women out there."
Korbin grunted "I don't want a million women, I want one woman, the perfect one." He could
practically hear Finger shaking his head.
"There's no such thing bud" Finger replied.
Finger was practically the only friend Korbin had, they had been through the worst together.
Finger had gotten him the job as a cab driver at the worst time in his life, but when it came to
women they parted ways. Through all the heart ache Korbin still believed in romance and true
love, even love at first sight. Korbin turned over a frame, finding it had a picture of he
and Finger "uhg."
"I just found a picture of you."
"How do I look?"
"Like crap." He finally found his matches, promptly moving to grab a cigarette from the dispenser.
"Must be an old picture....Look Korbin, I want you to bring your cab in for a six month overhaul."
He lit his cigarette and spoke with it hanging from his mouth "It doesn't need a sixth month overhaul."
"Korbin," Finger almost sounded amused "how many points do you have left on your license?"
Finger's tone turned more forceful "I said how many points are left soldier?"
Korbin scrambled for a good number "At least forty, fifty points."Finger lightened up a bit with small
laugh "You're a lousy liar, I'll see you later" he hung up.
Korbin had been a great fighter pilot, and it made him a great cab driver for the most part, but his
cab didn't agree. Finger of all people would know that, he had sat next to Korbin for a thousand
missions. Korbin hung the phone up and grabbed his coffee, sitting down. The cat stared at him
from the counter sitting in front of it's cup. He poured some of his coffee in the cats cup, tapping
his mug to the cats.
This was going to be a long day.