My Crazy Ninja and Gundam Family

Authors: Sora Hoshi, Neph Champion

Universe: Harry Potter X Naruto X Gundam Wing(later in the fic)

Rating: T ...though it may go up if it gets too...violet, bloody, etc.

Couple: You'll have to wait and find out! ^_^

Warnings: Swearing, smart!Harry, MAJOR OOCness/change-in-story-line, Pre-Hogwart's for a bit, girl!Naruto, non-evil!Itachi, not-dead!Uchiha-family, future Gundam Wing crossover slightly, non-angsty!Sasuke, trickster!Harry. Um...I'll probably add more so...yep!

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, Gundam Wing (don't I wish it for those two...) OR Naruto. Everything belongs to their respective companies...except for plot and the new character attitude-developments.

Summary: Uchiha Fugaku only wanted to visit his younger brother's family for the week, but the day he and his wife got there, tragedy struck. His brother's family and his brother were dead. The next morning the mourning couple wake up to find young Haruhi lying in a basket outside their door.


"English" in Japan/Elemental Countries

"Japanese" in England/United Kingdom

"Regular talking"


Important notes: This is a 2-way Round Robin at the moment I'm doing with Neph. She and I will be trading off chapters. There may be more than one author, but for now it is just the two of us. Also, Gundam will be introduce, except it will be much, MUCH later in the fic.

NOTE! Harry is called Haruhi throughout this fic!


Prologue: The Drop off

By: Neph

Minerva watched in horror as the Dursley's left the house, waving happily to the new "owners" of the house. A very intimidating black-eyed, midnight blue haired man and a nice black-eyed midnight blue haired woman, they both walked into the house and went about their day as normal. Who were these people? Dumbledore wanted to leave Harry here? She decided to get closer to listen to their conversation.

"…To bad about your younger brother, I was looking forward to meeting his wife and seeing our nephew…" The woman's voice was quiet and heavily accented, making it interesting to decipher and listen to.

"I know Mikoto; I was looking forward to Jamie coming home. Little Harry James Haruhi Potter-Uchiha, Lily and Jamie belong in Konoha."

"I wonder what will happen to little Haruhi now, Fugaku, I hope we can find him."

"We will, we will." Fugaku reassured her. "And when we do, we are going right back to Konoha."

"The whole clan will be mourning Jamie's death…" Mikoto let the silent tears fall since she was in the safety of their new summer home.

Minerva waited patiently for Dumbledore. Maybe Harry would be safe with this family, but she still needed to give her token protests.

Albus Dumbledore arrived a few minutes later, stealing the lights from the streetlamps and approached her calmly.

"Where's Harry?" Minerva asked.

"Hagrid is bringing him."

"Are you sure it…wise to trust Hagrid with this?"


"Here? These people can't be more different than us Albus!" Minerva told him.

"He will be safe here with his mother's family."


There was a roar.

"That must be Hagrid…"

The next morning Mikoto opened the door to get the newspaper she gasped at what she found on their front doorstep. They had rented the house from a couple with a baby of their own, making Mikoto miss her own children she had to leave at home for the trip. "Haruhi!" She breathed. "Fugaku! Come here!"

"What is it Mikoto? Something wrong?"

"No! Haruhi was on our doorstep and I think he was there all night! We need to get back!"

"I agree. I'll go pack, see if there was a note." Fugaku headed back up the stairs to repack their bags so they could head back to Konoha.

Mikoto found the note and let a few more tears fall before joining Fugaku. Fugaku read the note, his anger mounting at this Dumbledore's manipulations. They were leaving for Konoha, he didn't give a rat's carcass about Blood Wards or what not. He'd be safest with his family in the shinobi realms.

Meanwhile a quiet baby was found by Odin Lowe.


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