Nighttime. A dark figure stood on the tallest peak of the mountain overshadowing the huge tropical rain forest below, the full moon lighting up the night sky. The dark figure turned out to be Zoroark, the monster fox Pokemon, who was wearing a dark trench coat and wearing a pair of black sunglasses with a dark classy hat.

"This is the place. Send in the secret weapon at once." Zoroark stated into his headpiece, smirking as he looked down at the forest.

"Yes, Master Zoroark. As you wish." The voice on the other line replied, doing an errand that Zoroark specifically ordered for.

Zoroark chuckled as she jumped down to the forest, disappearing within an instant.

Though they were pretty different, they have been incredibly close friends for so long, they practically treat each other like a brother and sister.

Bowser Jr. dodged the bullets that were shooting at him as he blasted back with his Paintbrush, the rainbow shots destroying the hovering robots that were chasing him and Toadette. Toadette dashed right next to Bowser Jr., winking as the two went through the various jungle foliage, dodging the bullets easily as Toadette proceeded to climb up one of the tall trees as Bowser Jr. ran around the trees in circles, causing the robots to explode in several pieces.

Even though one is a humanoid mushroom and another is a humanoid reptile.

"Toadette, you're open!" Bowser Jr. shouted as he tossed several rings up to Toadette, who caught all of them. "Be quick and don't hesitate, okay?"

But regardless, they had many amazing adventures. And regardless of the conflicts they came across, or dealt with each other, they always came through in the end.

"I'm going as fast as I can, Junior!" Toadette shouted as she used the rings to dash quickly, homing attack all of the robots that were coming close to her. Toadette then landed back down with Bowser Jr. giving each other a hug and then a fist bump as they left the jungle behind, all of the robots chasing them.

And it's that kind of dynamic team up that defines them greatly.

Bowser Jr. and Toadette In...

The Explosive Suitcase

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus