BD Joe, as he was normally referenced by, was cruising around Sand Diego as he stopped in his yellow taxi cab, noticing something strange running his way.

"Huh... what the?" BD Joe stated as he squinted his eyes, which were cleverly hidden by his pitch black sunglasses. "What in the world is that...?"

Much to his surprise, the cool black taxi cab driver was taken surprise to see various vehicles on the road toppled over by what appeared to be a giant swarm of mice. But not just any ordinary mice... a bunch of Chu Chu mice!

"Oh lord... I better shut up and move my butt!" BD Joe exclaimed as he spun his steering wheel like crazy, taking off in hopes of not being toppled by the ChuChu mice, which were scurrying all over the California City as they were being chased by big orange cats, who were stomping anything and everything in their path, mainly chasing after the ChuChu mice, who were naturally their prey.