"San Francisco's gone, San Diego is wiped..." Gus murmured as he was reading the newspaper in his taxi cab, shaking his head. "I don't believe this shit. Just what is causing all this to happen?"

BD Joe sped right by in his taxi cab, accidentally bumping into Gus as both of their taxi cabs got dents as a result.

"What the fuck, Joe?" Gus cursed as he grabbed BD Joe by the collar. "Give me one reason not to pound you into dust right now."

"...All right, it's because of them!" BD Joe exclaimed, pointing at the ChuChu mice who scurried all over their taxi cabs, with the taxi cabs and their drivers then being flattened by the big orange cats who were forever chasing after the ChuChus.

Los Angeles eventually succumbed to the wrath of the mice. As if they didn't already have problems with a certain mouse to begin with.