Timed mines, lasers, bullets, saws, chains, the whole rocks! Zoroark apparently had the lighthouse rigged, as Bowser Jr. and Toadette were having a rough time getting to the top. Toadette screamed as she tried covering herself, her pink dress getting ripped up to the top, revealing her white panties and naked chest. Bowser Jr., despite taking on the injuries, pressed forward, headbutting or munching down on the chainsaws that came towards him, ripping apart the girders that were in his way. Both of the two young characters looked up, the suitcase having eleven seconds to explode.

"Quick, Toadette! Use your ponytails!" Bowser Jr. shouted.

Toadette nodded, allowing Bowser Jr. to toss her up as she spun her tiny mushroom ponytail, hovering to the top, she grabbed the suitcase, and tossed it through the open window, watching the suitcase fall. Bowser Jr. then rammed right through the lighthouse wall and punched the suitcase into the far horizon, the explosion causing the sky to turn yellow orange. Bowser Jr. then fell several feet below, exploding into several pieces of... well... lego.

"Seriously? Lego, are you real?" Toadette asked as she angrily stared at the screen, folding her arms with disgust. "Why can't you just say meat? It's not like this fanfic is gonna get censored by television, or something."

Well, that's the thing. We don't have the budget for-

"Bullshit." Bowser Jr. groaned in pain, being splattered all over the ground.

Several painful minutes later, after ROB arrived and told the officials of the city of Seaport what happened. the people all gave Bowser Jr. and Toadette a huge celebration. Toadette was enjoying her new dress, while Bowser Jr. was in a wheel chair, much to his annoyance.

"Isn't this great, BJ?" Toadette asked as she stared at Junior, giggling. I have a new dress, and I feel like a patch of fresh daises!"

Bowser Jr. groaned as he rolled his eyes. "Yet here I am, in a stupid chair, my wounds being a great hurdle on my part."

Toadette giggled, as ROB and the people laughed heartily, while Bowser Jr. continued groaning in pain and annoyance. Back at the top of the lighthouse, Zoroark was watching, somewhat disappointed but still having enough dignity to chuckle, not being seen or heard by anyone.