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Summary: "Do I love you?" wonders Alec leaning on a wall, sighting. "Oh, if I love you" he smiles. Jace&Alec. Spoilers City of Ashes.

Playlist: River Deep Mountain High –Tina Turner (Glee cough Glee)

Fandom: The Mortal Instruments.

Claim: Jace/Clary. Jace/Alec.

Words: 447

Warning/Rating: Angst, pretty short (?). Spoilers from City of Ashes, but aren't the big deal, really is more like an alter universe, since I don't think it fits here that Clary and Jace be siblings.

Note: Hello, spanish speaker/writer here, so...don't be rude, give it a chance, and let me know if I did something awful with your precious language.

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If I love you, you ask

(not to me)

Do I love you, my oh my

River Deep Mountain High~

"Do you love me?" Jace asks, his eyes are moving fast around her; she bites her lip. Either way she doesn't answer, probably thinking what to say.

Are you thinking the answer? That's not something you think about. Those are Jace's thoughts. Nobody has done that to him. He has that charm, that something that makes girls say "yes" to that answer really, really fast.

"Do I love you?" wonders Alec leaning on a wall, sighting. "Oh, if I love you" he smiles. You can tell he's smiling by looking his right cheek, I mean, you can see the dimple there, but if you would only look him in the eyes, you would say that Alec is sad and about to cry. I've always think you should trust more in what the eyes have to say.

He swallows. He's biting his lip. He really wants to enter that room and say: "I do, I do love you. I don't have to think it twice. And this…—he would stay quiet, trying not to call her a bitch—girl —the word would come out between his teeth—is thinking about it, because she can't tell, and that only shows that her answer is no. And I should repeat: mine is yes."

Oh. How he wishes he was that fearless. How he wishes he could just do it: tell Jace all he feels.

He remembers that time when he used the fearless rune, how he wish he wouldn't have gone for his parents, but for Jace.

"Yes, I love you" he hears Clary say.

Jace smiles and gets near her, probably to kiss her, but when he's near enough to smell her breath but far away enough to not touch her lips, he asks: "How much?"

"River deep, mountain high" answers Alec in his head, and he thinks how Jace would react, if he would be glad or would think it's the gayest answer he could have given.

"Like a lot" says Clary, shy enough to know, she's not sure.

"That sounds enough" says Jace and this time he kisses her.

Alec keeps leaning on that wall, and you can tell by his right cheek that he's smiling, but by his left one, you can tell he's crying, just a tear, a tear you can tell is for happiness… Alec has a hope he thought he would never find: Jace never said if he loves her, and much less how much he does it. He knows is a stupid hope, one he created to feel okay when he should be dying inside. It's like drawing an iratze in his heart, pretending the pain is gone, when it is there, burning.

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