Sonic's Triple Hedgehog Chase

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: I felt like doing a Sonic Adventure fic. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to their owners.

Sonic The hedgehog, the world's most renowned mammal, was relaxing in Seaside Hill during the nice, somewhat chilly night of Friday... in January. Because in Seaside Hill, it's always nice, no matter what.

"Ahhh... nothing like a little peace and quiet to really make you feel better..." Sonic told himself as he sipped his lemonade, placing it down as he relaxed on the smooth grass, his head resting on his yellowish elbows.

Amy Rose was coming nearby, running right towards Sonic as she fangirl'd as usual, screaming out towards Sonic as she waved. "Sonic! Hey, Sonic!"

Sonic groaned as he stood up, seeing Amy literally inches within his distance. "Oh great... Amy must have come looking for me." He sighed as he stretched his arms, about to dash away, when suddenly, he was blasted by Dr. Eggman, who was in his Egg Pod!

"OHOHOHOHO! Sonic The Hedgehog, what a surprise to see you here!" Eggman proclaimed as he zapped Amy, pulling her into his Egg Pod with a traction beam and then tying up Amy in a mere few seconds. "There! I nabbed your girlfriend, Sonic, and there's nothing you can do about it!"

"Sonic! Help!" Amy screamed as she struggled to get out from the tight ropes. "I can't believe I let myself get kidnapped like that! What am I, a bland stereotype?"

Sonic groaned as he got up, dusting himself off as he shook his right fist at Eggman. "Damn it, Eggman! The one moment where I can find peace, and you tear it apart!" He then pointed at Amy, bellowing with rage, "And she is NOT my girlfriend!"

Eggman waved his right hand at Sonic as he replied, "That's great and all, but check out these doubles." He then pressed his big red button, sending out twelve red colored Eggpawns to deal with Sonic. "I'll just let you have some fun with my robots, if you please."

Sonic rolled his eyes as he placed his right hand on his hip, his left arm limping by the side. "Please... when will you realize that your stupid robots have no real effect on me?"

Eggman shrugged, but he retorted as he revealed all seven of the Chaos Emeralds. "Ahh, but while you were too busy relaxing, I took the seven Chaos Emeralds!"

"As expected," Sonic stated as he rolled his eyes, "And judging by how things started out, I'm willing to bet that this will only be ten chapters long."

Eggman pulled his long, sexy mustache as he jumped up and down in his Egg Pod with rage, making Amy feel dizzy. "You think you're so clever, eh Sonic? I'll have you know that this can go for eleven chapters!"

Sonic smirked as he wagged his right index finger, tempting Eggman, "All right, then. Eleven chapters. I'll make it sweeter and get it done in eight." He then used his homing attack on the Eggpawns, defeating them quicker than a finger snap. Sonic chuckled as he folded his arms.

Eggman faceplamed as he sighed, shaking his head. "I knew I should have invested more time in them..." He tossed his arms about, proclaiming as he turned left and headed westward, "Whatever! You'll have to do better than that, Sonic!" He laughed hamfully as he took off, with Amy screaming her head off.

Sonic sighed as he shrugged, telling himself, "Well... I save the world every single day. A Friday night's no different." He then dashed after Eggman, collecting all of the golden rings that were sprinkled on the ground.

Shadow The Hedgehog was looking at the salty ocean before him, reflecting on how peaceful the beach was. Suddenly, he looked up, to see Eggman and Amy, looking back down to see Sonic dashing right past him. Shrugging, Shadow decided to follow Sonic closely behind.

Sonic glanced behind him, gawked to see Shadow joining him. "Ahhh! Shadow, why are you following me?"

Shadow smirked as he wagged his left index finger, replying snarly to Sonic, "Well, I just want to rub it in your face that I can do a better job at rescuing Amy than you."

Sonic snarled as he attempted to punch Shadow, but missed. "You're full of surprises! I wouldn't be surprised if you asked for a reward!"

Shadow laughed heartily as he placed his right hand on his chest, his eyes closed from laughing too much. "A reward, me? I'm way past that." He narrowed his eyes as he smirked, taunting Sonic again, "Though I wouldn't be one to judge how you go saving everything without taking one moment to rest..."

Suddenly, Sonic and Shadow both hit a brick wall. The two hedgehogs fell on their back as the brick wall was broken, Silver The Hedgehog emerging.

"Hey guys, I got bored, so am I late to the party?" Silver asked as he sheepishly smiled.

Sonic and Shadow glanced at each other, then back at Silver, sighing as they got up and dashed to the western direction. Silver gawked as he followed them, urging them to slow down as he began wheezing.

Dr. Eggman chuckled as he continued laughing, clearing his throat as he turned to Amy, gloating to her, "So Amy, as you can very easily see-"

Amy stuck her tongue out at Eggman, moving as far away as possible. "Keep it to yourself, Eggbelly! Yech!"

Eggman snarled as he glared at Amy, turning around and focusing on his driving.