Sonic The Hedgehog dashed forward, grabbing all of the shining sparkling rings that were in his path as he continued running forward, easily knocking away the Eggpawns that were in his way. Shadow The Hedgehog and Silver The Hedgehog were right behind, trying to keep up to Sonic's incredible speed.

"You know, Sonic, you could slow down a bit for us!" Silver shouted as he placed his right hand on his chest, puffing in and out for some breath.

Shadow folded his arms as he nodded in agreement, being able to hold his breath better. "Yeah, it's not as if we were born with natural speed."

Sonic glanced back and smirked, shouting back to them, "Don't worry, you'll get the hang of it in no time." He then went over seven different loops, embracing the beauty of the huge tropical jungle foliage within Seaside Hill.

Due to the extreme lazyness of the author, we had to cut the chase sequences short. We apologize. No, sincerely, we apologize.

Shadow and Silver both panted as they finally reached Sonic, who was impatiently waiting for them, his arms folded and his right foot tapping. Shadow and Silver both shrugged as the three humanoid hedgehogs turned around, looking up, to see a huge floating purple screen float towards them, an image of Dr. Eggman appearing, with Amy struggling in the background.

"Sonic! Shadow! Silver! So good for you three boys to get here!" Dr. Eggman boasted as he did wonderful poses for the amusement of the hedgehogs' annoyance, "But I'm afraid you're little charter ends now."

Sonic, Shadow, and Silver gawked as the ground shook, a robotic red colored scorpion popping out from the ground and grabbing Sonic and Shadow with its piercing arms, leaving Silver for attack.

"Now, Egg Scorpion, make quick work of them!" Eggman commanded as the floating screen hovered to the right, Eggman watching the battle as he laughed boastfully, rubbing his hands together.

Silver gulped as he got into a battle pose, the Egg Scorpion hissing at him. "You may be huge, but I can take ya!" Silver then screamed as he dashed towards the Egg Scorpion, firing psychic blasts to its mechanical face.

The Egg Scorpion grabbed Silver and smacked him on the ground several times. Silver groaned as he got up, whacked into the air by the mechanical tail of the Egg Scorpion. Silver turned around, and dove right towards the machine, firing several psychic blasts downwards. The Egg Scorpion screeched as it tried snapping Silver, but kept missing. Silver then rested on the claw holding Sonic and Shadow, jumping off as the Egg Scorpion knocked the two hedgehogs out. Sonic and Shadow landed on the ground, looking at each other and then at Silver, as the three hedgehogs all spun dash into the Egg Scorpion, causing it to explode in a beautiful, fiery fashion.

"Wow, Silver, you actually did pretty good." Sonic complimented as he patted Silver on the left shoulder.

Silver chuckled sheepishly as he waved back at Sonic. "It was no problem. I just had to act, and well, give it my all."

Shadow scoffed as he folded his arms, unimpressed by Silver's efforts. "Peh. Nothing unique. I could have done that with my eyes closed."

Silver shook his fists angrily as he held back his rage at Shadow. "Come over here and say that, Shadow, I dare you!"

The floating screen came hovering back towards the three hedgehogs, with an unamused Eggman folding his arms, his right eyebrow raising. "Humph. So, as usual, you triumphed over my mechanical masterpiece. No matter, I'll still wipe those cocky grins off your faces! Ohohohohoho!" The floating screen then hovered straight into the clouds, Eggman's boastful laugh still being heard.

Sonic chuckled as he gave a thumbs up, pumping his fists together as he turned briefly to Shadow and Silver. "Well, what are we waiting for? Let's give that Egghead what for!"
Shadow and Silver nodded as they closely followed Sonic, the three of them heading westward to the north as they left behind the beautiful tropical paradise of Seaside Hill and headed for a new area, the energetic Casino Carnival Zone.