Baltimore, Early June in the garden

Annie's mother sighed. "Oh Honey, you look so beautiful!"

Wearing her grandmother's long, creamy satin dress, Annie glanced in the mirror.

"I can hardly believe this is happening."

"It's real, Honey. Sam's a wonderful man and Jonah is an absolute delight. You're going to be so happy."

"Annie? It's time."

She turned to find Dennis smiling at her.

"Thanks, Dennis."

He offered her his arm. "Are you ready?"

Annie sighed. "I've been ready for this day for a long time."
To her surprise, Dennis kissed her cheek. "You're absolutely breathtaking."

She blushed deeply at the rare compliment from her brother and hugged him.

"Thank you, Dennis."

"Is my little girl ready?"

She smiled at her father who stood in the doorway.

"Okay, let's go." He said as Dennis stepped aside to let his father take Annie's arm.

Minutes later he lead her to the garden where at least a hundred people were seated, waiting anxiously for Annie to become Mrs. Sam Baldwin.

Becky appeared at her side. "Are you nervous?"


Becky smiled. "Good. That's the way it should be."

The wedding march began, causing Annie's breath to catch in her throat.

"This is it." Her dad said kissing her cheek.

They walked down the aisle and Annie's eyes filled with tears when she saw Jonah, Greg, and Sam smiling at her.

When she looked to her left, she could see Betsy, Becky and Jessica (who was a junior bridesmaid; having insisted that she was much too old to be a flower girl), standing next to the minister.

She took Sam's hands and in front of her family and friends, vowed to love Sam Baldwin forever.
As his dad and Annie kissed in front of everyone, Jessica began to cry.

When the wedding was over, everyone came over to talk to them, and they had cake and all sorts of food.

"That was such a beautiful wedding." Dennis said.

She smiled and hugged him warmly. "Thanks, Dennis."

"Why are you thanking me?"

"Just... thank you."

"Shall we go, Mrs. Baldwin?"

It took Annie a minute to realize that Jonah's dad was talking to her.

"What? Oh yes... of course!"

Jonah's dad kneeled down to his level. "Now Jonah, you behave yourself, okay? And do whatever Aunt Betsy and Uncle Dennis tell you to."

"Okay, Dad."

When Jonah pulled out of Sam's hug, Dennis put his arm around Jonah.

"We'll be just fine, Sam. I'm looking foreword to getting to know my new nephew."
"Do you like baseball?" Jonah asked.

"Well, I've never been much of a sports fan. That was always Annie's favorite... baseball..."

Jonah lowered his head in disappointment.


Then he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"But, I guess it would be fun to go to a game sometime. I hear the Mariners are in town."

"Really?" Jonah asked with excitement.

To Dennis' surprise, Jonah hugged him. "Thanks, Uncle Dennis!"

"You're welcome, Jonah. Now why don't we go tell Annie and your dad goodbye before they leave on their honeymoon?"

Jonah looked over at his dad and Annie, amazed to see them kissing... Again!

Geez, was this going to go on all the time?


He looked up at his uncle Dennis, who was staring at his dad and Annie.

"I love my sister very much and I hope she and Sam will be very happy together."

Jonah couldn't stop smiling as he looked at his new mother.

"I think they already are."