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The reason I wished to re-make this was before Floosh was going no where and Christy has gone through some very healthy character development so I wanted to express that where I wouldn't have to continue Floosh and work with her actual self elsewhere. Get it?

OC's I am using:

Addie McVim ~ PurplePandaPimp

Tuesday Acqua ~ California Gore

Reggie Rox and Chad Brookes ~ SmartZombie

Vean Redden ~ CVillianS -brotherlovelovelove-

Elsa Hunter ~ xXBeyondBirthdayXx

Adrian Keenan ~

Sadie Broflovski and Mallory Sacramento ~ MilaDreamer

Nicholas Acqua ~ Tight Hold On Death

Rose Dewitt ~ Laura

Laura and Lloyd McCarthy ~ Noodle311

All these fine OC's and their amazingly fine owners deserve a special spot right there. -heart-

I'll stop rambling now and get to the story.

Kyle's POV

I don't get jealous. Not really. I don't think I can name a single time I felt the need for what others had, especially when my life was pretty excellent. And it was probably true - that I never felt such a special kind of rage - when it seemed so surreal the second I watched that tanned Hispanic girl shoot a perfect basket from a long range. She dribbled it twice, stuck out her tongue in concentration, and in it went, so smooth and perfectly.

I was simply appalled. A girl standing at a mere five foot two shot a perfect basket on the first try. Perhaps she practiced more. Perhaps she was from a town so boring and out of order, there was nothing to do but shoot hoops all day. I mean, she did seem a little Mexican.

Confused? Let's start over. Rewind and jog my own memory cause, frankly, I'm still having a hard time believing it. It's after school and it's Thursday so of course I say goodbye to Stan and make my way over to the gym where each basketball practice was held. My team was put together on the whim that I would put into each other. I change into my attire; white shorts and shirt with the South Park cow logo on it. And when I step back out, my team is doing what they usually do.


Take Vean for example. Nice guy. Very calm and I applaud him for not cause as much trouble as one like Reggie would. But he seems resistant to go lengths for the game so I'm forced to forbid him from smoking in gym. This ticks him off a little but in the end, it works out. He steals the looks of an stereotypical sixties hippie. On purpose - I don't know. But I doubt a twenty-first century child would mistakenly grow out his hair past his shoulders and possess three hundred different tye-die outfits. So I give the nice guy the benefit of the doubt.

Then there's Tuesday Acqua. I think she only joined basketball because she's my best friend and wanted to spend leisure time in my presence but she's tall and pretty amazing at the sport so I didn't mind a bit. She's rich, too, so her outfit is a bit different than everyone else's. It's red and made out of denim. The shorts hug the top of her hips and the shirt is definitely tighter. I wanted to explain to her it didn't seem to fair but she just has this way of talking that made me push the subject aside. On the other hand, it does seem to fit nice with her long, orange hair and curvy body stature.

That's Reggie Rox. He loves to make puns out of his last name and I won't go into explanation how. Reggie is the kind that just doesn't care and sort of does what he does - very much unlike his Oscar-winning brother, Chad. However, I tend to admire his spunk but sometimes, he refuses to follow my orders as team captain. I believe he joined because Chad wants more extra curriculum in his grades, yet I don't think he really hates basketball. Which is most probably why it didn't take much for him to agree.

Addie McVim is an interesting story that even I, a person who's known her since childhood, still hasn't exactly figured out. Her, like Mallory Sacramento's, outfit consists of a dense variety of black shades. Addie walked around held her head up in a sort of pride that sometimes I wish I possessed. We dated once, back in the third grade, but she was always a bit too - how do I put this? - rough. I was simply relieved when she didn't go Carrie Underwood on me and beat my nonexistant car with a Louie Slugger after I suggested we stay friends.

And there's Elsa Hunter, who I didn't have much of an opinion toward. Aside from her stunning good looks and nicely shaped body, I didn't speak to her often enough to decide whether her personality - the subject that struck my curiosity most - was something I could tolerate or not. Either way, she follows directions finely and isn't too bad with wide shots. I'm very glad to have her on the team.

And there's my team; a couple of freedom writers. A real breakfast club. If I said I wasn't proud, I'd be lying through my teeth.

These observations were kicked right off my head when Butters came scampering up to me like a dog in heat. I quirked my eyebrow in his direction as he fell over his own feet and whimpering in pain.

"H-Hey, fellas."

"Butters. Wassup, dude?" Vean greeted, forming a lopsided chagrin and holding up a single palm.

"Butters, you okay?" Elsa question. But she didn't bother helping the poor naive boy up. I allowed some air to escape my lips at the realization Butters was most likely running to deliver me news that I already knew and disrupting my practice. It's a ritual that had been going on for generations and many more to come. I almost considered not giving him the satisfaction of asking what was up but figured he would explode if I didn't.

"What's wrong?" I asked him and mentally slapped myself doing so. "I thought you were hanging out with Mallory today

"I-I was! But Kevin Stoley said his sister knew this man who worked at the Tweak Bros who told him that-"

"Get to the point," Addie harshly cut in, annoyance oozing from his vocal cords. Resisting the urge to kiss her in appreciation, I nodded for him to go on.

"There's a new kid in South Park."

Commotion struck. Tuesday's reaction was first, I noted, when she flung the sketchpad she was previously assaulting across the room and raced up to Butters. Vean stopped twirling his string. Reggie's head popped up from the video game he was playing. Elsa's face lit up as she allowed her book bag to carelessly splatter on the floor. Addie rolled her eyes, clearly not interested in the conversation, but perhaps utter amusement was the reason she joined the club.

"Is it a boy?"

"What's their name?"

"Are they hot?"

"Where did they come from?"

"We haven't had a new kid in years!"

"This so isn't worth my time."

Butters' eyes flashed with the prediction of a nervous breakdown. He didn't like attention, this I knew from past events, at least not to much of it. Too much pressure, I believe was the quote? How is it I've never seen him with Tweek?

"Guys, hush up!" I exclaimed, for the last thing I needed was a crying Butters. Silent waves rushed over the five beings. Signaling Butters to go on, I took a step back towards to door so as not to be stuck in the center of all the questions. See what I mean about me keeping them under control?

Butters continued, "Look, all I know is it's a pair of twins. A boy and a girl. Th-They're from Miami so I don't know why they'd want to move to a place like this."

"Oh my God, Jersey Shore is in Miami!" Elsa gushed. Her obsession was Jersey Shore was a feature that made her Elsa Salsa.

"Oh my God, I need to tell Nick!" Tuesday said, whipping out her expensive looking phone, scrolling down through her contacts, and pressing the device to her ear.

Vean's uneven fingernails scratched the halfheartedly shaven area of his chin."I wonder if the guy is hot..." Oh, yeah, did I mention he's bisexual? I, of course, don't have a problem with those who like the same gender but I'd just like to take this moment to say I'm straight. Sorry to disappoint those (like Bebe) who, at some point, considered me to swing that way. For an unknown reason, I was suddenly intrigued by the new members to Colorado, as well. My feet found their way back into the circle of mess.

Tuesday, shoving her phone back in her pocket, announced, "I had Rixon deliver them a surround sound system as a welcome gift."

"How did you know where they lived?" I asked her.

"Kyle, babe. There's only going to be one house with a moving van in the driveway. Can't be that hard." Her phone buzzed. She whipped it out and stared at glowing screen, a wide cheshire grin crafting. "He just found the house now. Oh, if I could only see their faces."

I adjusted my ushanka to a comfortable position. The suggestion of cancelling practice today struck my mind and I think I might have considered it. No doubt the thought of invading the space of newcomers would be the main topic of entire session. Which is something I honestly couldn't understand: Yes, the last person that was new here was Laura and her brother, Lloyd. This was almost six years ago and it wasn't a doubt the two had grown accustomed to South Park's antics. I can't exactly remember how much of a stir there was when those two arrived but if something as sudden as now could be so...annoying, I can only imagine when there was an anticipated arrival.

"They're coming to the school tomorrow," Butters said. "I-I guess you can meet them then."

Reggie, concocting his own little mixture of ecstasy and pessimistic abnormality, responded, "Fuck that. I'll stop by after practice. It shouldn't be hard to find. Tuesday's right; it should be the only house with a moving van."

Tuesday beamed.

My turn. "Oh, guys, practice is cancelled for today."

"Huh?" Elsa mouth twisted in confusion.

"Why the fuck is that?" fumed Addie, who I believe actually enjoyed the adrenaline rushes of each run-through we had. And I admit, it did seem pretty nice to feel sweaty and dirty after being caught in toe-freezing weather each and every day.

"I just remembered I had to take Sadie to the movies today. She really wanted to go see The Green Hornet, so..." And I slipped away without any further explanation.

"Well, peace!" was the last thing I heard escape from Reggie's mouth before exiting the gym.

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Sadie Broflovski and Mallory Sacramento

Laura and Lloyd McCarthy

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