Setting: chapter 14.

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Chapter 1

~ The Accident ~

Himuro Yukina's PoV

Two days ago was the day that I experienced something frightening: being carried like a princess. Although it looked fun and doing so would help with the novel, I was not going to do that again if I could help it. It was downright scary.

Yesterday was the day when Shigure bit the nape of my neck. It hurt, that shouldn't be surprising, but gave me a better idea of what it felt like to be bitten. And what I should or should not add to the story. I also got to watch as Mami clung onto Shigure like her life depended on it when mission 12 was finished.

Today was the day that Akira learned about Mission 12. He had kissed me on the side of my neck, healing Lilia like the caring knight he was, even though Shigure was watching.

And what am I doing right now? I am doing none other than updating my novel. Finally! With the events of the past three days, I have enough materials to continue the novel, and hopefully snatch back first place again.

Notebook by my side, I wrote my next chapter:

The Earl took in Lilia's unconscious form. He couldn't leave her lying outside the way she was so he picked her up, holding her delicately as if she were a fragile piece of ice that could break or melt at any moment. Carrying her like a princess, he walked towards the direction of the castle.

After a couple of minutes, Lilia stirred. The ice princess was wondering why she was feeling so warm when she realized that she was being carried by the one and only Earl. Blushing slightly, she was about to ask him to let her down when she noticed how she was being carried.

Lilia was absolutely petrified. Throwing her arms around the Earls neck, she buried her face into the hollow of his neck.

The Earl was surprise at this reaction, but soon overcame it and chuckled. "Is something bothering you?" he asked with a small smile.

"Y-yes. I don't l-like the way you're carrying me. Can you take a seat somewhere then let me off?" she answered in a small voice.

"Why, of course." Finding a bench, he sat down but didn't let the princess go. Instead, he tightened his grip on her and brought his nose to her neck. "You're blood smells absolutely delicious. I hadn't noticed since I haven't been this close to you before."

Moving his face, he gazed deep into Lilia's eyes. "Can I drink it?"

Helpless under the powerful stare, she simply nodded, bewildered.

Wordlessly, the Earl centered his gaze on the princess' lower neck. Lilia could feel his hand gently caress the place where he was planning on biting.

Slowly, the Earls hot breath got closer and closer to Lilia's neck. With each breath, she felt her body warming up a little more, felt a bit more out of control.

When she was finally bitten, she was burning. The bite had hurt, but compared to how her body felt it was as if the pain didn't exist.

The Earl didn't have any time to take any blood though, for Lilia's knight appeared and roughly shoved him to the side."What are you doing to the princess!" he cried out angrily.

"Well well, since Mr. Knight is here, seems like I'll have to go. Good bye, princess." Licking his lips and collecting the little blood that had seeped out, the Earl turned around walked away, out of sight in mere seconds.

Cain whirled around to find his princess sitting on the ground with a flushed face and slightly bleeding neck. 'That man, how dare he do this to Lilia!' he thought, seething.

Sighing, he attempted to calm himself down. The princess's health was more important.

Kneeling in front of Lilia, he bowed and requested, "The wound on your neck from that guy, allow a kiss from this knight Cain to heal it."

At first the princess did not answer. She merely stood up with regained composure and started to walk away in the direction of the castle. "I never knew you had such a power."

"Would you like to know more about it?"

Lilia paused and turned her head back to look at Cain. She was about to answer when suddenly a pair of arms were wrapped around her waist and soft lips pressed against the bleeding wound.


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At Kitami Shigure's House

In Shigure's room, his phone was ringing. Still half asleep, he wondered who would send him a text at 12:17 AM. Flipping open his phone, he saw it came from Yukina. 'Odd', he thought. 'She's never sent me anything before. Guess this must be important.' Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, he started reading the long text message.

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