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Abbys Pov

I landed on the couch with a comfy "POOF", we were all in the studio. Matt was playing Neutron Star Collision to Chris and Dom for the first time, Chris was sitting on a swivel chair and Dom was lounged next to me on the couch. Matt looked at me and winked before he began to move his fingers masterfully across the piano. I know I should be watching Matt's hands but I was too busy looking at Chris and Dom's faces as their jaws dropped at how amazing the song was, I sat there smiling, proud of Matt. When he finished Dom said "That was amazing!" more congratulations followed about the new song he had composed. I went over and started chatting to Chris, asking how Kelly and the kids were; Matt and Dom were discussing how they were going to incorporate the drums or something. Just then my phone buzzed, I looked down and checked the screen. Work. I said goodbye to everyone and kissed Matt's cheek before running out to my car.

Dom's Pov
I was absolutely gobsmacked, like seriously, I jaw dropped at that song, I mean it was amazing. Clearly the lyrics were to do with Abby. Chris had gone out to call Kelly so I sauntered over to Matt. He was smiling. For no good reason. Then it hit me. "You're actually, seriously, utterly and completely falling for her"

"Couldn't have thrown in another adjective?" He said with a laugh. Another laugh. Oh yeah he was defiantly falling for her.

"Say it out loud" I said
"Say what?" He replied
"You know"
Uh no I don't know"
"Three words"
"Okay fine Dom, I love you, I've been keeping it a secret for all these years"
"Abby stupid"
"Just say it!"
"Fine, I love her"
A smile cracked on my face.
"Why did you need me to say it?"
"Well you never tell anyone you love them unless it's like really really serious, which means that you defiantly love her, which means Abs will be staying around longer, which means I get more sandwiches" I said with a triumphant grin.
'You seriously would do anything for food"
"Not your cooking, yuck, now Abby's cooking, that's something"

Abby's Pov

Matt and I were at his house discussing album artwork idea's over dinner when there was a knock on the door, Matt looked confused then I said "Dom's coming over to grab the leftovers to take home" then Matt had to laugh. I got up and let Dom in. "Mmmm smell's good" he greeted us with. I laughed and said "I'll go grab yours" I went into the kitchen and scooped the left overs from Matt's and my meal and put it in a container, I walked back into the room, Matt's phone rang, I gave Dom his food and walked him to the door while Matt answered his phone, "Thanks Abs" Dom said as he went out the door. I went back over to Matt who looked slightly,

"Can't we do it any other week? Fine, alight, thank you bye."
"Everything okay?" I asked Matt.

He took my hand and sat me down on the couch
"Matt what is it?"
"We have to go to New York for a few nights for an award thing they want us to play for"
Disheartened I said "When do you have to go?"
"Tomorrow and then three more nights"
"Have a good time" I said, trying to force a smile for him, which was hard seeing how he wasn't going to be in the same continent as me for four days
"No silly," He said looking at me humorously, "I want you to come with me"

Stewardess Pov

Thank god we were almost in New York. It was an eight hour flight, I mean it was better than the 18 hour flight the other day but eight hours is still a fair time, at least we were stopping at New York for a few days to get a break. I sighed as I put down my cup of tea, breaks over, gotta go tell the pilot it's time for him to tell everyone we'll be there in five minutes. I reluctantly got up and walked down the narrow aisle. As I was walking a cute couple caught my eye, the girl was curled up in a blanket sleeping on her boyfriends shoulder, while he was wearing gasses reading a novel and contently holding her hand. Sighing at how adorable they look I kept going and tried not to stare/ I reached the door to the cockpit and slowly opened it

"Captain Johanson? It's time to tell the passengers that we are 5 minutes away from landing" I said.

"Thanks Chloe" he replied back. He always was a nice man, maybe one day I would try striking up conversation with him. Pushing that thought aside I walked back through the aisle when a woman wanted help with something. The voiceover came on,
"Ladies and gentlemen this is your captain speaking, we are approximately five minutes away from landing, please fasten your seatbelts and get ready to disembark the aircraft. It's a chilly 12 degrees in New York folks, thank you for flying with us and we hope that you choose to fly with us again"

The cute couple were behind me, as I was helping a woman with her seatbelt I was half watching them. The man looked at her reluctantly before gently waking her "Abby? We're almost there" The woman stirred and lifted her head from his shoulder, slightly disorientated, then after a moment it all set it and she sat upright, shrugging the blanket off her. Unfortunately I had finished helping the woman with her seatbelt and no longer had an excuse to gawk at the pair.

I watch as the last of the passengers got off the plane, that man held out the woman's coat for her and helped her into it and then they walked out and down the steps into the chilly night. He wrapped one arm around her waist, pulling her closer as they disappeared towards the terminal and into the night. I sighed as I pulled my eyes away and hoped that someday I would have blissful happiness like those two appeared to have. I got up and went to go get ready to get off the plane myself and go have my break in New York.

Abigails Pov
"Are you sure it's alright Abby? I don't mean to put this all on you" Kelly said
"Yeah! Trust me it's perfectly fine, go have fun tonight!"
"Thanks a million again Abby!" She replied as Chris took her arm and they walked out. Kelly and Chris asked me to babysit Frankie for them because the only babysitter they could find in New York who was half decent could only take four more children that night, it was their anniversary and they were going out for dinner.
"C'mon Frankie!" I said enthusiasticly
"I wanna go see wha unlce Matts dooo ing" He said eagerly
"I picked him up with a "whoooooosh" sound affect and he laughed, I walked into the living room of the hotel room where Matt was, wearing a blue sweater. "Is unca Matt plwa wid us tonigh?" Frankie asked

"Sorry Frankie, Uncle Matt's gotta go" Matt replied to Frankie
I look at Matt quizzically, wondering where he had to go
"Sorry to leave you alone, I have to go tell the sound guys where I want all my stuff and everything for our performance at the awards" He sighed.
Matt grabbed his coat and kissed my cheek on his way out, "Don't wait up Abs, I'll be home late"

I picked Frankie up and took him to the now empty living room. We coloured in for while before there was a knock on the door, "Come in" I shouted and in walked Dom "Heard you get to look after Frankie, mind if I colour in too?" The funniest thing about that was that he was dead serious. Dom and I were howling with laughter all night while entertaining Frankie until he had to go. I picked up Frankie and turned on the cartoons, it wasn't long at all before Frankie fell asleep on my lap and I soon followed drifting off to sleep.

Matt turned the key and a sense of relief washed through now that he was home to Abby. When he walked into the living room he was stopped in his tracks by the adorable scene in front of him. Abby was fast asleep on the couch and Frankie was sprawled across her, they looked so comfortable. "She is going to make such a good mother" he thought to himself. He chuckled as he gently picked up Frankie, not wanting to wake him, Abby stirred and slowly woke up. "It's your bedtime little man" Matt said to Frankie and he put him to bed. Matt came back to the living room, where a just awoken Abby was still comfortably lounged on the couch. Matt scooped her up and said "I think it's past your bedtime too", they both laughed and Matt carried her to their bedroom and gently laid her down on the bed before taking off his shoes and crawling into bed himself.