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Chapter 1: A Fallen Angel's Rebirth

Uzumaki Naruto found himself walking down into darkness as his memory kept trying to play on what happened. While his mind started to race with so many thoughts on what lead him to his current state. Because now everything was shattered in his own heart that he did not register anything around. His friends had betrayed him because the council saw fit that he was a threat to their village and told the so called truth of the Kyuubi attack. From that point on Naruto found out a simple truth.

He was alone.

As one by one, everyone of his so called friends. Came up to him and placed all the blame of the wrongs in their lives on his person. Though he was given at least 3 days to leave the borders of Hi no kuni (Land of Fire), none of it made a single worth. Because another truth had settled inside his mind at that moment again. Is that no one from Konoha would ever accept him as a human being. No matter how much he proved himself to be just like them. They were too blinded by their own hatred to see anything else.


"Uzumaki Naruto," Said Koharu. "We are here to give you the appropriate punishment for the attempted assassination of one Uchiha Sasuke-sama."

"But I brought Sasuke back." Said Naruto as he saw each member of the council look on him with hate filled eyes. Then turned to the one person he knew that would help him in this time of need. "Baa-chan, please believe me. I would never do anything to Sasuke."

"Be silent, Uzumaki!" Yelled Homura as he adjusted his glasses.

"Uzumaki..." Said Tsunade in a very cold voice that the blond jinchuuriki never heard from her before. "The mission was to retrieve Sasuke. Not fighting him to the point of near death and from eye-witness accounts during the Chuunin exams. Everyone saw you tap into the Kyuubi's chakra willingly and fought Hyuuga Neji to a similar state. Like it or not Uzumaki, but your actions do more than back up the claims of the people of our village."

"You can't be serious..." Said Naruto in a broken voice as he could see his dream being shattered in front of him.

"We are very serious." Replied the Slug princess. "Normally, crimes for attacking a fellow shinobi is death. But since you have returned the Uchiha back to our village. We have made the exception of banishment from our lands and I do believe that we are being more than generous." Tsunade said as she looked at the blond who just broke right before her eyes. "You have will have a limit of three days to collect your things and leave."

After leaving the meeting chambers of the council that day. Naruto made his way to the hospital to see Sasuke that night, one more time before he left for good. Only to see the Rookie 9 along with Team Gai looking at him with looks of disgust on their faces.

"Get out of here you Demon!" Kiba said as he punched the blond in the face. As Naruto made no attempt to even defend himself from the attack. He then saw Shikamaru extend his shadow to trap him as fast as he could. While Lee then started to beat him on his body with great with his speed attacks. Once that was done Sakura along with Ino three kunais that were followed by other objects from Tenten.

"Hinata!" Sakura called out as she saw the Hyuuga heiress look at her. "Go for that death blow with your Juken."

"Hai!" Replied Hinata as she ran over to Naruto with speed that no one had seen her use.

However just as her palm was going to connect with her target. Her fist had been stopped by a wall of sand that shielded Naruto from her, before she was thrown back. Seeing this made the active members of the Rookie 9's eyes widen in fear once more. Because then looked up to see that Sabaku no Gaara now stood between them and Naruto in a means to protect him.

"I will not allow you to hurt him any further." Said Gaara in a icy voice that made the Konoha gennin take a step back.

Sakura then stepped forward with a smirk on her face. "Only monsters would defend each other." she sneered at the red head for a moment. "But that one must pay for what he has done to our village!" She pointed at Naruto. "And there is nothing you can do anything about it!"

Gaara stood his ground in front of the blond. "We'll see about that." He said as the sand started to shift around his body. As it made the Konoha gennin run in fear. Once that was done, he turned to take him back to the hotel that he was staying at with his siblings.

From that point Naruto had told the three from Suna what had happened in the council chambers. Along with his punishment of banishment that was given to him by Tsunade. Hearing this made both Temari and Kankuro more than angry. Because it was Naruto who is responsible for their little brothers new meaning in life. Though it was going to be a very slow process for Gaara, they were very thankful for him. Gaara then offered Naruto a place in suna for his new home. But he had to decline, because it would cause trouble for the village of suna as that was something he did not want. So he told them that he would be alright by himself.

End Flashback

"Ero-sennin..." Naruto thought as he kept walking while looking at the clear blue sky above with his glazed over eyes. Though some where in the deepest parts of his heart. Naruto could truly see that the gama-sennin truly cared for him along with Iruka. He also noticed that Kakashi was nowhere to be found on that day and thought to write him off with the others. But still it was not enough for the blond jinchuuriki as he wanted one spot filled with that one person who would love him without doubt.

"Humph, it is typical for humans to fear power that their greed filled hearts cannot control." Said a voice that was like the very cold air of Yuki no Kuni (Land of Snow).

Hearing this made Naruto snap out of his gaze as he found himself on the edge of the cliff that Jiraiya threw him off. "Who's there!" Said Naruto as he got into a defensive stance.

"Ease your mind, child." Said the voice as it was very calm but still had a dangerous aura about it. "If you are looking for a physical body. Then I must inform you, that I no longer have a body to call my own."

To this made the blond jinchuuriki's body freeze up as he was talking to a ghost as he started to freak out. To this the wind blew against his body to ease him. However there was just something that Naruto could not entirely place on that wind. It seemed foul or darker than anything he ever felt in his life. "Your... there is just something about you that I don't like." Said Naruto as he heard a cruel laughter from all around him.

"heheheheheh..." The voice laughed at the blond. "You would not be the first one to say such words of distrust, child. Take heed of my words chi..."

"STOP CALLING ME CHILD!" Shouted Naruto as his anger was getting to him. "I have a name... Uzumaki Naruto!"

"It makes little difference to me." Countered the voice. "Because you are just that... a child. One born of unsurpassable power. Even if you did not have that parasite within your body. As it clings on to its own very existence and only speaks empty threats."

"What do you mean?" Asked Naruto as he became very curious.

"You were born powerful." Replied the voice. "However, the parasite within you is preventing you from attaining that power. Out of fear of something else."

Hearing this made the blond griped his stomach, while gritting his teeth. "That blasted furball... again it makes me suffer."

"Not entirely." Said the voice. "If you were to acquire my power. Then you will have a greater chance at taking the pathetic parasite's power for yourself. While it will only watch in humiliation for its own mistakes and you will have the power to do whatever your heart desires."

Naruto then raised his head as the last words came to him. "Whats in it for you though?" Asked Naruto as he did not seem very compelled to do as he was told. "I know that nothing comes cheap in the world."

"Indeed, nothing dose not come at a price." Said the voice as it sounded pleased with the blond's wit. "All that I ask, is that once you acquire my power. Is that you take my name as it was one of great fame and infamy along with fear in the heart of my enemies."

"Alright then." Said Naruto as he looked determined in his eyes. "What must I do?

This time the voice did not give any kind of response to the blond as a powerful wind blew from behind and made Naruto lose his footing as he started to fall into the darkness again. This time however things would be very different for him once he emerged.

Konoha: At the same time

"YOU DID WHAT!" yelled a very angry toad sage. "What possible reason could you have to banish Naruto!" Demanded Jiraiya as he looked at an annoyed Slug Princess.

"Naruto has become very dangerous to the village, Jiraiya." Said Senju Tsunade as she rested her head on her laced hands. "The level of damage that he caused Sasuke's body was near death status and I as the Godaime Hokage have to protect the village."

To this Jiraiya scowled at the woman. "You sound just like Danzo, Senju." Said the toad sannin as he saw the blond kage twitched her brow at his words. "I bet Sarutobi-sensei is spinning in his grave now."

"Now that is enough Jiraiya!" Yelled Tsunade as she looked ready to punch the man through her office wall. "As Hokage and being a ninja all together. The village must come first before personal feelings as there is no room for such. Clearly Sarutobi did not see things as such and look where that has gotten him."

The Gama sennin then narrowed his eyes as the Slug princess for saying disrespectful things about their sensei. "I never thought I would see you say something that sounded like Danzo. You of all people, who is a Medic-nin who saves peoples lives can be this cold.

"I grew up, Jiraiya." Countered Tsunade." I think it is time you did too and stop looking for your so-called destiny. That is nothing but a childs fantasy." Said the blond kage. "Besides... starting tomorrow, you will be taking Uchiha Sasuke as your apprentice."

"I refuse to do that." Said Jiraiya as he looked even more livid. "I have no time to spend on a spoiled brat who cares nothing for the lives of others and further more, you may insult me. But to say that my dream is something to that of a child's fantasy. Is where I draw the line." With that the man then turned his back on his blond teammate.

"Where do you think you are going?" demanded Tsunade as she saw the white head sage stop.

"I do not see any point in telling you, Senju." Replied Jiraiya. "I am going to look for my true student and I am not coming back. Until this village has redeemed itself. Which I doubt that will be happening anytime in the future."

"Jiraiya!" Called Tsunade the man still had his back to her. "If you leave here, then you will be labeled as a missing-nin with a kill on sight order or capture on sight order."

Jiraiya then let a smirk out of at the woman. "Then I guess Konoha will have to do without my books and spy network and-!" He was cut off from saying more. As a burst of power was felt throughout Hi no Kuni as this power felt very sinister in nature. While the people of the village began to panic in thinking that the Kyuubi has been set free and was on its way back to finish its work. "Has the seal on Naruto broken?" Thought Jiraiya as he felt the malice laced chakra of kyuubi wash over the village. However this was quickly replaced by another burst of power. That felt far more powerful that the Kyuubi no Kitsune. "What is this? This one is darker in nature." Without a second thought Jiraiya jumped out of the window of the Hokage Tower and made his way to the source.

Bottom of the cliff

In the darkness of the bottom of the cliff a pair of glowing blue slit eyes flared as it looked at the towering top of where he descended. The figure in the darkness then raised his right hand into the air and as soon as he did this. The sky quickly covered by black storm clouds at his command.

"I will no longer be bound by the shackles of the weak humans in this world." said the figure as he let out a smile that is one of cruelty in it. "Unlike Uzumaki Naruto, who allowed himself to be a puppet. I shall not and as promised. I shall take the name of the one before me. For I shall be known to the world as..." With that said silver haired swordsman flew into the cloudy sky above. Not without seeing the face of the Gama-sennin who arrived on the scene to see a person fly out of the cliff.


Athe the same time as Sephiroth flew into the sky, the two saw each other in slow motion, before Sephiroth left. Jiraiya did not need a second guess to know that is was his godson who flew into the sky. "That was Naruto..." He said to himself. Before sensing a few chakra signatures approaching his location and decided to leave the scene to follow the boy.



2 Weeks Later

It had been a few weeks since his rebirth as Sephiroth from attaining the power he needed to gain access of his full potential. Already he was finding the acquired knowledge and understandings of his locked away portion of himself. To be very pleasing as he gained full understandings of rasengan, along with being able to do it with one hand. What also came to a surprising fact due to his rebirth from darkness. Is that somehow his clothing attire had completely changed as well. He now wore a black coat that went down past his knees and having silver grey shoulder guards over the coat. Under the coat he had on a black skin tight, sleeveless shirt. Along with matching color pants and boots.

(A/n: Basically, it is Genesis's clothes with Sephiroth's coloring.)

His hair was no long spiky or that bright shade of yellow that made him recognizable to people around him. Instead the color was no silver in color and grown out that almost resembled Yondaime Hokage. Only that some of his bands grew a little over his eyes, while the back grew down to his lower neck.

(A/n: It is a mix between Minato's and Ichigo's hair style)

He no longer wore shodaime's necklace, instead he wore the stone on his wrist. Sephiroth did not really understand why he chose not to destroy the only link to that cursed village. Nor did he allow his mind to ponder such thoughts on the matter. Because it was of no true concern to him at the moment as he needed to make his own plans for his own life goals. "I do not have to time to waste on idle thoughts."

He then looked around himself to see that he was indeed in the Kaminai no Kuni (Lightning Country). Because the village before him is set among the mountains along with a massive looking administration building that loomed over the village. Sephiroth looked the village for a moment on what he was going to do. However just as he took each step closer to the village he felt the traces of foul power signatures of jinchuurikis in the area and this seemed to intrigue him further. As he wished to see if their living conditions were similar to his very own back in Konoha.

Sephiroth then stop in his calm walk to the village when he felt a few presences around the area watching him. "I shall give you this only warning." Said Sephiroth as he closed his eyes. "If you do not show yourself. Than I shall hunt you down like the nuisance you are and kill you one by one... slowly."

"Who are you and what are doing in our village?" Asked a light blond haired woman with large bust-line.

"My reasons are of no concren of yours." Replied Sephiroth as he did not even look at the people around his person. "I will allow you to leave my presence without harm. However if you stay, than I will guaranttee that you will be left in less than a 100%."

The blond haired woman looked into the eyes of Sephiroth in an attempt to challenge the silver haired warrior. But soon regretted the action as his simple gaze was enough to make her step back in fear. "You are in our village and from your looks. I do not think that you would be foolish enough to take on the ninjas of Kumo and if you did manage to defeat us. I can assure you that our battle, will bring unwanted attention to you."

The silver haired warrior gave a very low chuckle that made the Kumo nins hearts beat rapidly. "Your psychological means to make me surrender are futile woman." Said Sephiroth as he closed his slitted eyes at the ninjas. "Because... how would you defeat one who does not posses anything of value or nothing to fear?" He said as he held away from his body and in a green flame. A nodachi type of sword appeared in his hand.

"I've had enough of this!"" said a Kumo anbu as he rushed to the silver haired swords man. "GET HIM! HE IS JUST ONE BRAT!" The anbu roared as he sped at Sephiroth via Shunshin. However, even with the increase in speed. The anbu saw the boy vanish before his eyes as he was coming closer to him.

The busty woman saw the boy then reappear in front of her with his sword lowered in his hands. Only to hear the sound of blood splatter on the ground behind the Sephiroth as he still had his eyes closed for the moment. The one winged angel then opened his eyes to inspect his sword for any traces of blood on the blade. But to his satisfaction, he saw none what so ever as he brought his sword at the Kumo kunoichi as the tip of the blade was merely inches from her neck. "I have given you my warning and you refuse to heed. Which resulted in losing the life of one of your own people. But I shall show you mercy one more time and I would wisely suggest that you take my offer or I shall crush you." He said as his body started to radiate with power once again in the form of lightning.

"Everyone stand aside." Said the woman as she looked at the ninjas with her. Only for a dark skin girl with red hair come up with a scowling look on her face.

"But Samui he just killed one of our friends!" Said the woman as Samui looked at her.

"I know that." Samui replied as she then looked at Sephiroth in the eyes once again. "But I rather not risk the life of another one of our friends to this one."

"A wise decision... Samui." Said Sephiroth as he walked past the ninjas in a very comfortable walk.

Once the silver haired swordsman was out of ear shot from the Kumo ninjas. Samui looked to one of the sides behind a stone to see an anbu break his genjutsu that covered his entire body. "You must report to the Raikage immediantely!"

With Sephiroth (Hours Later)

The newly reborn one winged angel walked along the village of Kumogakure no sato with his calculating eyes. He was very impressed with the village as it did not really affect the lands environment as Midgar used to, a very long time ago. This was also one of the aspects of gaining the powers of the previous fallen angel, was that he inherited all the memories of the man. The new One Winged Angel was very thankful that his era did not effect the planet as much as his predecessors did. However his slitted eyes started to flare up, when he remembered why he came to the village and that was to see the living conditions of the jinchuuriki. To which if he did not find up to his expectations. Then he would burn the village to the ground while hunting down those that believe themselves to be superior. He was then brought out of his thoughts when he felt a tug on his coat. Only to turn around to see a small girl looking up at him with eyes that showed innocence.

"A-a-ano..." Said the little girl as she looked up at the One Winged Angel.

"Is there something that troubles you?" Asked Sephiroth.

The little girl looked nervous at the one winged angel as she tapped her two index fingers. Which resulted in Sephiroth remembering a certain Hyuuga heiress back in his former village. "...M-my c-cat...won't-t...come...d-d-down." Her voice stuttered as she looked at the silver haired swordsman with shyness.

To this Sephiroth looked up at a pole that has a few power lines connected by wires as the cat looks down at the girl. "Am I correct to assume that you want to have your cat returned to you." Said Sephiroth as he saw the little girl nod her head once confirm with his answer. "Very well then." Answered Sephiroth as he levitated off the ground up to the top of the power line and with great ease retrieved the cat without troubles. Once he finished the simple task of retrieving the little girl's pet, who smiled happily. When she was watching the one winged angel descend down to the ground where she waited. Sephiroth then gently gave her back the orange stripped cat. As he watch the cats owner along with the feline have looks of affection for the other as one would have with family. For a moment or two Sephiroth felt an ache in his person, while watching the display.

However his musings were cut short as he noticed people were looking at him awe struck murmurs for his deed in helping a child. Along with his ability to ascend into the air with great power that he seemed to posses on his person. It was something that no one had ever truly seen in the shinobi world to date in reality. Because most would not really lower themselves to do such bothersome tasks as help a child with their pet and would brush it off by say. That the animal will return home when it is hungry or when it wants to. But to the new One Winged Angel that is the current Sephiroth of this era. The small part that was Uzumaki Naruto still felt the needs to help people that needed it, whether it was big or small. The one winged angel then turned on his heels to continue his search for his current mission objective and that was to search for the two jinchuuriki. Only to feel the tug on his coat once more as he turn his head to the side to see the little girl smile at him.

"T-T-Thank y-you." she stuttered as this made the silver haired swordsman to nod his head and begin his walk around the village once more. "W-wait" she called out to the Sephiroth as then made him stop but not to face her. "W-What i-i-is you-r name? M-Mine is H-H-H-Hikari."

"My name is Sephiroth..." Replied the silver haired swordsman as he started to walk away from the girl who bowed her head at his retreating form.

The new One Winged Angel had decided to that he would have better chances of find thing two jinchuuriki at night. Than he would have at day time as he thought that he would have better chances of finding the said people. The only loose end was that he was not sure if he had the money to stay at an inn for the night and would have to resort to sleeping outdoors. After looking around the village for a place to stay for his short time in his current location. Sephiroth came across fancy furnished Inns as they gave the One Winged Angel, the impression of being expensive for only 538 yen that is the only money he had at the time. All the silver haired swordsman knew, was that he needed what money he had on him. Would be needed for food that would be good enough to last very long trips across the elemental nations.

After looking for a few hours as he was about to give up his search to find suitable accommodations to stay. He came upon on inn that looked very simple in furnishings that the ones he inspected before this one and decided to go inside for any vacant rooms left. But once he got inside the Inn, his slitted eyes nearly widen at what he saw.

"S-Sephiroth-san!" Stuttered/exclaimed the little girl named Hikari as she sat on a stool with a woman who looked to be her mother. As the said woman looked from the swordsman to her daughter for a moment or two.

Only to smile at the One Winged Angel who is standing right in front of them as he just looked at the two. "So you must be the young man that my little Hikari-chan is talking about earlier." Said the woman. "Thank you for helping my daughter in getting her cat down from the post today."

"It was no inconvenience to me." Replied Sephiroth as he still did not show a smile or anything that would make other ego grow. "But I would like to know if your Inn has any vacant rooms left. So I can rest my body for an hour or two."

Hikair's mother then brought out a check in book to see if she had any vacancies left. After turning a few pages in the book, she then looked up at Sephiroth with a pleasing smile on her face. "Well you are in luck." She said. "Because we have 2 rooms left, that are open."

"How much is the price?" he asked.

"Well... we charge about 244 yen for one night." She answered. "But since you help my little girl. How about... 120 yen?"

"That is acceptable." Said Sephiroth as he took out his money and paid for his room. "I will take my leave in 3 hours." He said as he went up the stairs to his room.

Time skip (Night: Kumo)

True to his words, the One Winged Angel woke from his sleep that took only three hours. After leaving the Inn, he had decided to keep himself hidden from the ninjas of Kumo. So that his could search of the demon vessels in the cover of the night. However he then suspected that the people of Kumo, minus the Inn keeper knew of his presence in town. Because the streets showed no signs of people walking around the streets. He the remembered from helping that little girl, that he had seen a place that looked to be training areas. He then made the choice to take care of his enemies.

Sephiroth walked passed by eight training areas that were away from the living areas of civilians. He then found a location that he deemed suitable for a battle with anyone that followed him. However the One Winged Angel then showed a pleased look on his face as he felt power that was not human approaching his location. He then turned his gaze on to the full moon that hovered in the sky as he felt a very powerful aura coming from it.

"So your the guy that met with Samui's team outside the village earlier." Said a voice that came from the One Winged Angels back as it sounded to be that of an older girl in her late teens or early twenties. "Your very foolish to stay in the village after killing one of our comrades."

Sephiroth then finally turned around to see the owner of the voice as she had a very long pony tail. That is going down in a braided fashion, which gave the SOLDIER remnant a satisfied look on his person. Because it really did sicken Sephiroth, that the kunoichis of Konoha. Cared more about love then they did for their country. "I see... so you are the jinchuuriki." Spoke Sephiroth as he saw the woman flinch at knowing what she is. "I must say that you have saved me a great deal of time in my search. But I hoped that I would get to encounter the other jinchuuriki as well."

"Since you know of me..." Said the blond girls as she brought out a tanto from her back. "I can't let you escape the village or to breath for that matter."

"Come and try..." Replied Sephiroth as he saw the female jinchuuriki get into a defensive stance. "To whom will I be defeating with minimal effort?"

The woman did not say anything for a moment as she was having an internal battle within herself. "Kitten, I don't think we should be fighting this one." Said a voice in her mind as she did not take her gaze off the One Winged Angel.

"What are you talking about?" Asked the woman as she knew that her bijuu could see through her eyes. "This brat has killed one of my few friends in the village and he must pay with his life."

"For once in your life, please listen to me!" Pleaded the bijuu as it looked into the eyes of Sephiroth and for the first time felt utter fear from a simple gaze. "He is not human. We can't defeat him."

"Just watch me..." The woman said mentally. "It's Nii Yugito and you are?"

"Sephiroth..." Replied the silver haired swordsman as he could sense fear coming from the bijuu within the woman.

"N-N-No... Not HIM!" Said the Nekomata as he hissed in fear of the male that stood before her and her vessel. "Kitten, we must run away!" Yugito did not give the Nibi any attention as he kept hissing at her as she looked at Sephiroth with anger filled eyes. "I am going to show the reasons why I am a jinchuuriki!"

Despite hearing what was said to him just seconds ago, Sephiroth stood his ground. As he watched the blond jinchuuriki become consumed in blue flames that rose to the ground and started to take a shape. It only took moments for the fire to stop rising from the ground as it took the form of a two tailed cat with a blue flamed body. To this, the One Winged Angel let out a small smirk at his new foe. While looking at the beast with calculating eyes on his method of battle.

"A body made up from the flames of the dead..." Said Sephiroth calmly before spreading his hands out a little. "But I am very curious to see how you will battle against the very flames of hell." The silver haired swordsman then began to levitate off the ground high above the Nekomata as clouds began to gather in the sky.

Shinobi's of Kumo had gathered around when they felt Yugito unleash her jinchuuriki mode in a training ground. But as soon as they arrived along with the Raikage to see what made his niece transform. However just as he arrived with a few other ninjas, including his brother Killer Bee. They saw a person rising high into the air, like he was some sort of angel of some kind. But that soon changed with burning red flames shot out from the ground in the form of a tornado and then a hand shot out from the flames in a pulling motion. A head started to emerge from the flames as it looked like a wolf with big curved black horns. Then soon it pulled it's upper body out as it had muscles that could put the Raikage to shame. On it's arms were black gauntlets that were mainly black with yellow metal on it and with a red jewel in the center. Finally the creature brought out it's legs that are hoofed along with a flame tip tail.

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"What is that thing!" Said a frightened Kumo nin as he was not the only one in fear.

"Ifrit..." Said Sephiroth as the creature turned its attention to the One Winged Angel in acknowledgement. "Finish this... In one blow." Commanded the Sephiroth and was answered with Ifrit saying. "As you wish, my master."

The creature of flames reeled it fist back as it started to no longer burn in its unholy flames. Before hitting the Nibi dead in the stomach as the said jinchuuriki too was frozen in fear at the sight of Ifrit. Once the flamed summon's fist made contact with the blue flamed body of the Nibi no Nekomata. The said creature then let out a painfull hiss from the impact of the One Winged Angels summoned beast's strength. Ninjas around watched the battle of beasts in awe at the display of power. Then saw that the Nibi's flamed body began to go down after being hit from the towering flamed beast. Until finally the body of the Nekomata was no more and Ifrit let out a victorious roar. Before dissipating into flames.

Sephiroth then landed on the ground next to the unconscious form of Yugito as he hair was sprawled out. "I would have expected a challenge from a powerful tailed beast. That you ninjas of the Elemental Countries that you fear so very much." Said the fallen angel in a disappointed voice that echoed around him.

"Be that as it may you brat." Said a gruff voice from his left as a large muscular dark skinned man approach with a hat that said Raikage. "But as I see it. You are no longer at full strength from that Kuchiyose you called forth and I have the advantage over you." Said the Raikage as he took his kage robes of to show that he is in full battle gear. "However, I am willing to over look your transgression. If you pledge your loyalty to Kumo right now."

To this the One Winged Angel let out a low bone chilling chuckle at his opponent. "I sense that you do have some skill on your person. However, I will not allow myself to be controlled by the hands of weak humans. Like the people of Konoha were to me before they banished me for returning an undeserving inscet."

The Raikage then let out a disappointed sigh. "It is really a shame. That I have to kill one of your strength." Said the Kage of Kumo. "My name is Hiroshi and I already know your name as you introduced yourself earlier. Because Samui here heard you say it before my niece went full Jinchuuriki mode on you, Sephiroth."

"Since we do not have the need to introduce ourselves..." Sephiroth trailed off as he disappeared from everyone's sight, only to reappear behind the Raikage with his sword held lazily in his right hand. "...We do not need to make our battle theatrical." He finished as the Raikage's blood shot out from his body from multiple cut wounds and the shouts of "RAIKAGE-SAMA!" could be heard from ninjas around the training area. The One Winged Angel then turned his gaze to Killer Bee who is holding Yugito in his arms. "Be wary of people who travel in pairs. That wear black cloaks with red clouds. Because these people are on the hunt for Jinchuuriki." He said before flying into the night sky and left Kumo faster than anyone could travel.



With Jiraiya (Else Where)

The Gama Sennin found himself in one of the bars that is a locations in his spy network. He sat in front a woman with very long purple tinted black hair. Wearing a very sexy shrine maidens outfit that showed off her curves. "Long time no see, Jiraiya-sama!" She squealed happily at the toad sage who just gave a cheesy grin.

"Ooohhh! Saki-chan." Said Jiraiya as he felt the woman's bust smash into his chest as he gave a perverted giggle. Before he remembered the reason for visiting set into his mind. "Sorry, Saki-chan. But I have actually come here on very serious business." He said in a very serious tone of voice that matched by his facial expression.

This made Saki let go of her favorite customer so that she could see his face. Which she had seen many times before nodding her heard in understanding. "Come this way then." Said Saki as she walked into the back of the bar, being accompanied by Jiraiya. It did not take long for the two people to come into a very relaxing sitting area that is hidden underground. "So what is it, that has you not being your normal self?" Asked Saki in a different voice as she poured each other a drink.

"I am looking for someone." Answered Jiraiya as he saw Saki gave a slight smirk.

"Is this about those guy of that Akatsuki again." Replied Saki as she gave the toad sage a wary look. "I have already told you, what Itachi told me the last time you were here. They have gone into hiding once more and Itachi-san said that making reports will be a little bit slower than usu-."

"It is not Akatsuki this time." Said Jiraiya as this caught Saki off guard.

The hostess then blinked her eyes a few times for a moment. Before placing her head on her hands as she gave the man an interested look on her face. "Oh my... So what is it that has you like this all a sudden." Said Saki as she had a playful grin on her face. "Are you cheating on me with another bar hostess and I thought that you said. That if you wanted to have a threesome or more. All you had to do was ask me."

"Pfft, I wish it were that." Jiraiya said as he went dreamy for a second or two. Before going back to his business state again. "No, this time it is a boy that I am looking for."

"Oh Jiraiya-sama..." Wailed the hostess. "What have I done wrong to stir you away from the pleasures of women."

"BWAHAHAHAHAHA!" Laughed the Sannin along with the woman across from him as they calmed down. "Again no, this time is my godson... who I failed to protect from his sufferings." He said as he looked down in shame only to feel a hand on his back and another on his wrist. "I really screwed up this time." He said as he saw the hand gave his wrist a gentle squeeze.

"Jiraiya..." Said Saki as she looked at the depressed man who did not raise his hand. "I know that you had a good reasons for why you had to leave the village. Because you said that around the age of five. You wanted to protect the village and him from any threat that lurked from his father's enemies and with Iwa. Well you know they will never let go of their own hatred for the Yondaime in your village. Though if it meant leaving him unprotected for a few years along with Orochimaru promise to destroy Konoha still lingered. What choice did you have?"

"I know..." Said a tired sounding Jiraiya. "But still it is no excuse for me, leaving him to suffer."



Days Later (Sephiroth)

The One Winged Angel found himself sitting on a chair in a room with metal walls all around him. He looked at a 3D monitor in front of him as it was showing him other rooms that were like the one he is in. However the other rooms on the monitor were doing a few things that only the One Winged Angel knew of the happenings as he watched with a pleased smile on his face. He then typed in something on the key board in front of him. Which made the monitor change in front of him to show a strange looking object that spun very slowly. However he was brought out of his musing when an alarm went off.

"What is the meaning of this?" Asked Sephiroth in an irritated voice.

"My apologies." Said a voice that came from all around him. "But we people coming into the area."

"Are these intruders in the facility?" He said with his voice being in clam tone.

"Negative." The voice replied. "The security feedback show no one in the facility at this current time."

To the Sephiroth crossed his fingers as for a moment. "Is it possible to show me. The intruders?"

"Affirmative." Said the voice as it brought up a screen of three people making camp in the forest. Sephiroth just stared at the people on the screen for a moment. Until another alarm went off again.

"Are there more intruders?" Asked the silver haired swordsman.

"Correct." The voice Replied as it brought up another screen to showed three more people in the forest.

"It looks like I am going to have to look up Project Strahl on an appropriate time." Said Sephiroth as he got up from his seat and summoned his Masamune to his hands. "However, I must pay my unwelcome guests a visit." With that said, the One Winged Angel left the room and began his hunt.

With the intruders

"I can't believe this!" Complained a boy as he stretched out his arms. "Why would Tsunade-sama have us look for some stupid bug. To track down that demon of all things?"

"Uzumaki is a big threat to our village." Shino replied in his usual voice. "As such, allowing him to live. Is very unwise."

"B-but what i-if we c-c-can't defeat him Shino-kun." Said Hinata as she was preparing their meals.

While in their having their conversation among themselves. They were not aware that the New One Winged Angels, who is floating above them. Watched his prey with calculating eyes on how he would make them regret their actions on his person. As they would be the first to go into an one winged nightmare. That they would never be able to wake up from, ever again.




Well that is a wrap for Nightmare Reborn and I hope you have enjoyed this first chapter of this story. As a good friends of mine named Namikaze09 asked me if he would like to adopt One Winged Nightmare. To which I agreed to let him. I am keeping the pairing a secret that only me along with one other knows. So see you in the next episode of this fic. Well I will be working on my Sennin vs Avatar and Ryuujin Sennin fics along with a another re-write of Naruto: Entrance Into Fantasy. I do hope that I had captured a good mix of a good Naruto/Sephiroth personal in this fic.