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Chapter 5

At an old Uchiha Clan safe-house that hasn't been actively used in over a quarter of a century, Uchiha Itachi was sitting quietly in the singular throne-like stone chair that was in the center of the massive bunker. The former ANBU Captain had his head down in deep contemplation as he sifted through the recent actions of his former home, Konoha, that he just learned of. He was quite shocked when a secret message from Jiraiya, the Toad Sannin, and even more so at its contents. The Uchiha prodigy studiously racked his mind planning out the many possible outcomes from the blond being exiled from the village he currently still protected, and the one that said blond used to protect. He knew that Danzo would try to acquire the secrets of his late sensei's knowledge and jutsu, or rather it would be a predictable move on the Elder's part. Especially, as he remembered the last time he spoke in length about said Elder before he left Konoha to protect her from abroad in the Sandaime Hokage's office.



The two ninjas stood in the office among the pile of dead Ne ANBU squad as the elder Kage could only scowl at the audacity of his rival having his own private military force! That is something that can only be authorized by the Hokage alone; and he certainly did not allow said man to have one! He then allowed some of his pipe-smoke to release from his mouth as younger man in the room, Uchiha Itachi, checked the dead for any hidden explosives and information.

"They are all dead Hokage-sama." Itachi tonelessly stated as he looked at his leader. "I believe it would prove wise to err on the side of caution and I were to place a high level Genjutsu around our location, and you can activate the S-rank Barrier Jutsu for your office, to ensure our privacy."

"I am already working on it." Said the Sandaime as he flew through several hand seals at a furring pace that one would think was impossible at his old age, but spoke of highly of his immense skill; even in his advancing years. "The jutsu is now active, and I see you've finished as well; impressive."

"Hai, I was told that you needed to speak with me regarding an urgent matter, Lord Hokage." Itachi spoke with utmost seriousness in his emotionless and usual monotone voice. Said tone of voice and face lacking in expression had become his trademark since he learned to mask his emotions and thoughts from those around him. As it was always important to guard your thoughts in the shinobi world, as failure to do so usually wound up costing you your life, or worse...your loved one's lives in your stead.

"Indeed, it concerns Uzumaki Naruto." Sarutobi stated. "As you are very well aware, Danzo is still trying to gain support from the council in making Naruto the perfect weapon of Konoha; well, for him period. But, so far the only thing keeping him safe is his last name. A name, in which, you are very familiar with. Seeing as Uzumaki Kushina only taught three people in Konoha Uzumaki-Style Fuinjutsu. Those three people would be in very high demand to teach others that style of Fuinjutsu or they'd be under immense danger. If would got out that she had a son, whom is heir to the Uzumaki fortune, treasures, bloodline, and their entire works on the subject of Sealing, then that child be under monumental danger for obvious reasons."

Hiruzen leveled the full brunt of his stare unto the ANBU Captain to impress upon the young man the seriousness of what he was going to say next. Given how intelligent said young man was, the glare was unneeded, but it'll get his point across all the better. "With that said, Kushina only taught Fuinjutsu to Minato, Jiraiya, and you. So, since Danzo cannot get his grubby little hands on you three, considering the recent passing of both Minato and Kushina, he will put all of his effort into gaining Naruto. With that out in the open, your mother was also acting as Clan Head of the Uchiha Clan since your father is away on mission for the village, and has been providing Naruto with some protection from the others. And with you and Shisui being his guards, Danzo is trying to call in all of his old favors to get the child, even though those efforts have come up short. Thank Kami-sama for small favors. But I fear that Danzo, along with the civilian-side of the Council will try to undermine my authority, you clan, and you and Shishu to gain said child, as either a weapon or dead are their only goals."

The only outward reaction that the young man gave away to show his leader of his thoughts on the matter was the slight tensing of the area around his eyes, the miniscule tightening of his bicep muscles to show that he was clinching his hands into fists, that were currently resting behind his back in the at-ease position, at the mere thought of someone doing that to his late beloved sensei's only child and heritage. "I completely understand, Hokage-sama." Replied Itachi. "My mother was the one who told me of this and believes that Naruto-kun is her late best friend's child; along with knowing who Kushina was romantically involved with, I can only come up with the assumption that Danzo is having the boy monitored to see if he inherited his mother's special Chakra-Chains, along with his father's high intellect; even by our standards. In which, if he plays his cards well enough, he may have a great chance of acquiring Naruto-kun through the use of the term 'Guardian', yes? And, should that fail, then he would try something sinister much like Orochimaru has done in the past to get what he wanted."

"Impressive. But, to answer you question, yes, I came to that conclusion myself as well." Sarutobi spoke in a prideful voice, before turning grim. "For now, all we can do is watch over the boy and eliminate his forces, one by one. But, we'll have to wait and see for now. So, enough about that. Any recent information about your father's actions against Konoha?"

Itachi looked straight into the eyes of Hiruzen, as to not show his disappointment, but it was all to clear for Hiruzen. "He has not changed his mind." Answered the young ANBU with a hint of anger hidden along the undertones of the short statement. "I fear my father may already be too far gone to be reasoned with and needs to be dealt with for the good of the village. However, not the entire Clan agrees with his methods of committing a coup against you and the village. All I can do now is to secretly move some of the innocents to an old Uchiha Safe house nearby, or Shisui and I will build one ourselves. I hope that this course of action is agreeable with you, Hokage-sama?"

"That is more than agreeable with me Itachi." spoke the Sandaime as he looked off into the distance. "I am very sure that Danzo knows about the coup and with the help of that aging whore Koharu. He will begin to move to eradicate the entire clan with the exception of you. This will allow him to turn his kunoichi into the prize 'bitches', while putting you out to 'stud', so to make a new Uchiha Clan that's 100% loyal to him and him alone. And when he has enough prized 'pups', he'll put down the 'stud' to ensure said 'stud' doesn't 'taint' his pups. Do you follow me, Itachi?"

"Wishful thinking is a poor habit for people of they're nature." Remarked Itachi with a small smirk gracing his face. "But, should the scenario turn sour, then I will leave the village and protect it from the outside. Just promise me to make sure that Naruto-kun stays safe from people both inside and outside the village, should said operation go south."

"I will do the best I can for as long as I continue to live and breathe." the aging Kage answered sincerely. "I would assume that you will be teaching Naruto his mother's legacy when you have the time for it."

"I would never dishonor Kushina sensei's legacy, and to not teach him would strip me of my honor and tarnish her own honor for showing such faith in me." The young ANBU said with the utmost conviction laced in his words, as his fully mature Sharingan unconsciously flared to life to show his undying loyalty to Kushina and her family, and steadfast seriousness that spoke volumes of his dedication. "Kushina-sensei taught me so much and it would only be right to teach him what I have learned from her." Casting a quick look over the aging leader's shoulder, he looked off into the distance noticing the time, "It is dawn already, Hokage-sama."


End Flashback

"How long has it been since that day?" Itachi muttered to himself. "Konoha has done nothing in recent years but trample on the ones who valued the village more than their very own lives, but seemed to praise the corrupt. 'No,' he quickly corrected himself, 'the village was created to become a symbol and beacon of peace, it's just the ones in power that are destroying such a selfless image and are not worthy of being saved!' He stood up from his throne-like seat and looked at the ceiling in such a way that if an observer looked closely enough, they'd notice that he appeared to be looking 'through' the ceiling and into the sky itself. "What would you have done in my place Kushina-sensei? I know that Konoha will be hunting me more so now than before." He quietly spoke unto his self.

Soon after uttering those words, the door to his left slid open to show nothing and no one entering the room with the exception of a single paper butterfly. As he reached his hand out to grasp it, the butterfly landed on his open palm and unfolded itself to reveal a simple message.

Leader-sama wants to speak with you.

Itachi could only sigh at the summon he just received. He had to travel to Amegakure no sato to meet with said 'Leader-sama',and on top of that, he found the village to be utterly depressing.



Yuki no Kuni: Days later

"I never thought I would see you in this type of a situation." Said Koyuki as she looked a bit confused by her guest. "I mean you are a very well known ninja to have just left your village, and to come here of all places. Konoha might suspect you coming to this country as we are among the list of countries that owe a great deal to your former team."

"I know, but the places where I would have normally sought asylum first would be the ones they would search for me. So, I couldn't go to those places and endanger the many innocent lives on my account." Said the man who revealed himself to be Hatake Kakashi. "I am unsure if you are aware of the recent happenings in Konoha."

Koyuki frowned a bit at that little tidbit of information she received from an unknown source regarding Naruto's exile. "Yes, I am well aware of what has happened to Naruto." She said with a icy tone in her voice. "I just do not understand how or why they could do such a thing to the most loyal person in the entire village."

The former Konoha Jounin nodded his head in understanding. "I honestly don't know the reason myself, and I have no real leads as to why Tsunade would suddenly turn her back on him now." He spoke in mild contemplation, as it was very unusual for the blond Kage to switch personalities at the drop of a hat like she did. Suspicious even. "I have little to no solid leads to explain her actions either, however, I do know that eventually, they will come here looking to negotiate with your country to solidify the treaty between both countries. Of that, you can be sure"

"Well, they blew their chance the moment they banished this country's hero!" She spat out before looking at the Copy-ninja. "So, what will you be doing now that you have left the village?"

"Honestly, I want to try to find Naruto." Kakashi admitted to the Daimyo of Snow/Spring Country. "But I do not have many leads as to where he might have traveled to, and from what I heard on the way here, Jiraiya-sama has too cut all his ties to the village as well. So, the only thing I can do now, is try to get into contract with Jiraiya=sama to see if he can use their shared summoning contract to tract Naruto down."

"Jiraiya... You mean the author of this?" She pulled out an orange book with the title 'Icha Icha' along the cover and then a movie-script of the same title to show him. "The author is or was from Konoha too?"

"Yes, in fact he taught Naruto how to summon toads in the first place." Kakashi spoke with pride in his voice. "From what I could tell, Naruto is a very quick leaner."

Just then a soldier came bursting through the door as he was breathing hard. "Excuse me for the interruption Koyuki-sama." He spoke while trying to catch his breath. "But we received some more news in regards to Konohagakure no sato."

"I do hope that it is at least important enough to cause you to barge in here like this." She spoke with all the authority someone of her station is expected to have.

The guard then nodded his head before bowing in respect. "It is Koyuki-sama." The man answered. "It seems that the Branch-Family of the Hyuga Clan has vanished from the village, and now various other villages are now searching for them."

"To enslave or to breed them I bet." Kakashi said to himself, but loud enough for everyone else in the room to hear. He then put a hand in the air to forestall their reactions to his comment and began to elaborate. "From what I can gather, if word has already spread to the other nations about the Hyuga Branch-Family's disappearance, then the other villages will take this opportunity to gain a powerful bloodline for their village. But for a maximum gain, they're going to make the those whom are old enough bare children, and for the males, they will but put out to impregnate loyal shinobi of that particular village. This is done to ensure the loyalty to their village. They will keep the most talented and knowledgeable of the Branch-Family alive, to teach future generations the Hyuga's taijutsu, the Juken; the others will most likely be killed after their usefulness is over."

"That's terrible." Koyuki said. "Ninja villages would sink that low to play Kami, just to ensure that their power grows above the other nations?"

"As harsh as this sounds Koyuki-sama," Kakashi spoke in a solemn voice. "it is true. And right now, they are going to be hunted down like animals. If they refuse, then the most likely case, is that the ninjas from any village will take the body back to their home to implant the eyes into someone strong or worse."

"Does anyone know where the refugee Hyuga have gone?" Asked the Snow Daimyo, and saw her guard nod his head. "Where?"

"Nami no kuni..." The guard stated.

Kakashi then looked down and brought his hand to his chin before looking at the Yuki Daimyo. "Koyuki-sama, I would like to have some of your guards accompany me to Nami." He asked as she looked at him with a knowing smile.

"You want to help them." She simply stated to the Copy-Ninja, who simply gave her an eye-smile and nodded his head. "Very well, tell the Captain to ready his best men to depart to Nami no kuni as fast as he can ready them! Also, Hatake Kakashi shall be in charge."

"Yes, Kyouki-sama!' The guard replied as he ran off.



Taki no Kuni:

The One-Winged Angel hovered in the moonless night sky for the first time since his arrival in this village. He gazed upon the stars as thoughts of his old dream still lingered at the forefront of his mind, but he truly felt no desire to pursue the Promised-Land anymore. He was unsure if this was the lingering influence of his original persona's, Uzumaki Naruto, doing or not, but his drive to find his perfect utopia no longer concerned him anymore.

But now, that was in the past and held no relevance to him now that he has his eyes set on something else now. He then swept his gaze down to an isolated patch of forest below him. He had captured a ninja team leaving the village of Takigakure to gather information about various issues, but mostly for knowledge of their village. Of course, they resisted in answering his questions at first, but he simply demonstrated his Doom spell, and then turned his finger upon the leader. To which, he count down the time until his death from twenty seconds and promised to do so to each one of his team as well. The spell proved to be just the type of incentive Sephiroth needed for the others to spill they're guts, before killing them painlessly. With information he received, he turned from the ashes of the former Taki-nin and set his sights in acquiring what he came here for.

The exact location of both their Hero's Water and the Nanabi Jinchuriki.

Later That Night

"Hey, did you hear about what happened in Konoha a few days ago?" Asked a gate guard. "That Sephiroth guy, appeared in the village and killed two of the elders in their village along with several of their ninjas. Now they are suspecting that he may have had a hand in the vanishing of the Hyuga Branch-Family as well!"

"No shit? I heard that he tore down the village's walls before escaping too." Said the other with slight fear laced in his voice. "I just hope that guy doesn't set his sights on our village because if he does, hell, I'd be the first one out the door! Let's face it, this guy took out a Jinchuriki in Kumo along with the Raikage without breaking a sweat! What chance do we stand against a guy like that?"

"None, because your lives are already forfeit." Spoke a cruel voice from behind the two guards, and the last thing they saw, was the shine from the Masamune. "Now return to the Life Stream." Was the last thing he whispered before walking through the only entrance into the village; or was, when he sensed the power of the Jinchuriki he was looking for near by.

The Nanabi Jinchuriki, Fu, smelled the scent of blood flooding the air near her location and quickly fled to see what had happened. But, she also felt the inner fear of her Bijuu stirring inside her body, as if it wanted to run away. However, the green-haired Taki-nin did no such thing, as she sensed that whomever this person was, they weren't entirely human. Unlike those humans that glared at her when her back was turned or like the times they brought food to her in a common bowl like she was some pet!

"Be careful Fu, this one is different from the others." Spoke the Nanabi as it gauged it's vessels opponent looking through Fu's own eyes. "there is something familiar about him, and yet so very dark in nature as well." As both her and Fu came upon the ethereal-looking man. They tensed upon seeing his gaze bore into their souls, but yet, he did nothing but look upon them.

"Allow me to introduce myself, I am Sephiroth." The One-Winged Angel stated in a calm voice as he slightly bowed his head for a second. "May I have the pleasure of knowing your name?"

"No! I refuse to give my name to a common human man!' Spat Fu as she glared at the silver-haired swordsman, who, just chuckled at her statement like it was some kind of joke. Upon hearing him continue his low laughter at her expense, she became incensed at the audacity of this man. Something that she wouldn't allow to continue without matting out his punishment. "What's so funny! Did I say something that you found humorous you worthless human pest!"

"I-Im-Impossible! H-How has he returned to this world? The Nanabi stuttered out fearfully. "Thi-This has to be an illusiong...a joke! How has he returned after so long and why did he return now of all times?"

"What's going on Okaa-sama?" Fu mentally asked her bijuu. "Do you know this human and is he dangerous to us?"

"Sephiroth is something that shatters the boundaries between Demons, Humans and the Kami themselves! He is beyond the term of dangerous, as saying something is dangerous means that you could beat the thing at a cost. All forms of resistance against this being is futile!" Yelled the Kabutomushi as it shook in fear from within its seal again. "The person is anything, but human. He could easily kill you without batting an eye-lash if he so desired. We can only hope that he will not threaten to separate us." Fu then mentally nodded her head in silent agreement with her Bijuu.

"My name is Fu." She spoke as evenly as she, in a vein hope to not show her growing fear of him. "Why are you here in Taki?" She flatly asked him trying to banish her growing anxiety of just being in his mere presence.

"Not many would have asked that question since I made my presence known to the Elemental Nations." Sephiroth stated in mild amusement. "Most would either run from a confrontation with me in fear or they would put on a very unconvincing display of false bravado in a vein hope of defeating me. But, to answer your inquiry, I am here for two simple reasons. One, to gain the legendary Hero Water of Taki, that your village is so proud to have. And the second reason, well, that reason stands before me right now."

"M-Me, you better explain yourself!" Fu demanded as the Nanabi inside kept yelling at her to not anger the person in front of her.

"Honestly, I am here to make you an offer." Said the One-Winged Angel. "That offer is simple. You can either accept to join me in a partnership, or you can walk away from me on your own freewill. But, you should also know that if I must, I will forcefully subdue both you and your Bijuu. In which, instead of being my partner, I will make the both of you nothing more than a powerful summon creature, while Fu, you will become nothing more that my private servant to do with what I please. Now, I know that my offer to you also carries with it a serious threat, but I would like to have you come with me of your own free will. As, should you choose to do so willingly, I will make whatever dreams you do have, a reality."

"I don't believe you. I've heard the same line before from various humans and each one was lying through their teeth! You look too human to be trusted." She admitted to the fallen angel whom simply let loose a bone-chilling chuckle in return.

"And what makes being human so repulsive to you?" He questioned the green-haired girl who gained a thoughtful look.

"Humans are nothing buy liars, betrayers, and traitors! Anything that comes out of their mouths' are nothing but lies to get you to suit their needs. Then, once you've helped them in their quest, they abandon you to your fate!" She hissed out as her orange-hued eyes hardened. "They always talk about love and friendship for everyone in the village, but for a Jinchuriki like me, I'm not included on the list; as we, the Jinchuriki aren't considered human."

Sephiroth understood her plight, as he reminisced about his past as he turned his gaze to look upon the moonless sky once again. "I agree with you, as a fair majority of 'humans' cannot be trusted. As its these same humans of the Shinobi Era that endeavor to hide the ugliness they they have created." He said in a amused tone. "They do so because as they gaze upon their reflection, they only see their delusions of perfection, which they've built around themselves. However, they can never hide the true monster that dwells within the depths of their very soul. As its through their prejudicial view of Jinchuriki and anything else that they don't understand or cannot control, that has brought that monster out for all to see. No Fu, you see, it is we who are the true humans, and its the ones whom cover themselves in sheepskin that are the true monsters!" He vehemently stated while he turned his luminescent elongated-pupil onto her startled form. "So, tell me, what is your choice, Fu?"

Fu looked at Sephiroth with confusion, and slight fear, plainly written across her face as she digested the full weight of his words. "My choice is..."

Takigakure: 1 Hr. Later

The village of Waterfall was in a flurry of movement as various shinobi crisscrossed the village in a vein attempt to lock said village down to prevent anyone from coming or going. As it was only moments ago where a group of Chunin had found the slaughtered bodies of the gate guardians for the early night-shift. Both men were found practically eviscerated and almost bisected face down in the lagoon a dozen or so meters in-front of the waterfall that gave the village its name. Already, various theories were abound with whom the killer, or killers, could be, but the biggest problem was the lack of evidence at the crime scene. But, like always, the prejudicial shinobi of Waterfall were already looking to pin the blame on their resident Jinchuriki.

As one of the Chunin was looking over the evidence, or lack there of, he already knew whom he wanted to blame for this crime; if the vicious smirk that marred his features was any clue to go by. "Joshiro, I know who did this. I bet that this was that monster's doing! That little bitch has never known her place, and I feel, that its up to us men to show that little bitch her proper station in this village. What do you say?" Lecherously spat out another Chunin whom could sense his fellow comrades excitedly nod their heads in agreement. "Knowing that monster, it was most likely to be its doing, and this time, Sumaru can't save her, as it gives us the perfect excuse to make sure she knows her place."

Suddenly, the winds began to howl violently around them as the skies above began to rapidly darken with the occasional flash of lightning, and the rumble of thunder. With how violent the winds were, the shinobi of Taki were forced to cover their face to keep dust and other irritants from getting into their eyes. One ninja began start shivering from the freezing cold winds that pelted against their bodies' relentlessly. Abruptly, a kunoichi came stumbling out of a dark alleyway with her face frozen in complete terror. She then stopped to see her fellow ninjas in front of her with looks of concern as she was going to them for help.

"P-Please h-heelp-." She suddenly stopped in mid-speech when she felt a sting pierce her from behind and travel through her being. The shaking kunoichi looked down to shockingly see a demonic nodachi-type sword sticking right through her gut. Said woman, was too stunned to do anything other than drop to her knees as she began to spit up various fluids and blood. She soon slumped over to her left as her eyes closed, in what her comrades assumed, was the final time. Mere seconds later, the sound of soft footfalls could be faintly heard coming from the dark alleyway. The Taki-nin tensed as their flight or fight instincts kicked in, and for a moment, all was silent. The inky black darkness of the night was soon pierced by sickly luminescent green eyes, and yet, that wasn't what struck fear into the Taki shinobi.

No, it was the elongated slit-like pupil of her killer's eyes that made their lives flash before their very eyes. You would think that her comrades would be thrown into a rage upon seeing the face of her killer, but all they noticed of the killer, besides his gender being male, was his glowing eyes and the massive nodachi that was currently embedded through the woman's stomach. It was those very eyes and that sword that was the calling-card of the monster that was now listed in Kumo's Bingo Book; Sephiroth!

"Normally, I would never have soiled my blade with the blood of a coward like you woman." Said the One-Winged Angel as he glided toward her from behind as he picked her up the scruff of her uniform and brought his head down to whisper into her ear. "I know that you are still alive woman. I also know that your body is currently in a state of shock, but should I end your miserable life quick or make it as slowly and painful as I possibly can; just for your act of cowardice?"

"P-Pleaasee, ma-ke it quick, I-I beg y-ou mercy." The Jounin pleaded with her soon-to-be killer who just smirked at her pleadings.

"Mercy is wasted on foolish people like you, perhaps, if you were brave." He spoke in a tone that was laced with cruelty. "But for the likes of you, I will give none. Moreover, to use an innocent child as your private shield to save your own life is something that I cannot forgive nor tolerate. Nor, shall I allow you to try to make amends."

Sephiroth then grabbed the handle of Masamune as he slowly started to turn the blade clockwise every so slowly, as if he was speeding up the amount of time she had left before the Shinigami came for her soul. All the while listening to the woman scream in agony he showed no emotion. Only for the Taki-nins to growl in anger at seeing such a display of cruelty in front of them. But both ninjas knew they stood no chance against someone of Sephiroth's caliber. Finally, Sephiroth violently ripped Masamune from the kunoichi, bathing the area in her life-sustaining fluids.

"Now the only question is, what do I do with you two?" Said Sephiroth locking his cold calculating eyes upon them. "We both know that whatever you have in your arsenal will only delay your death, if not make said death extremely...painful. I could allow you to seek out your leader for help, but that would just attract unwanted attention and cause me to be in this cesspool of a village mere moments longer than I originally intended to. Maybe, just maybe, you two may be of some use to me and I just might allow you to leave with your lives. But, I would think your answer to my query very carefully. As I will suffer no fool nor will I think twice of wiping Taki off the map should you make this...troublesome."

"W-What do you want?" Asked a Chunin, as both he and his partner were hoping the man before them kept his word.

The One-Winged Angel nodded his head in approval as his lips twitched into a small smile. "I wish to acquire the Hero's Water." He pushed a little further when he saw both Chunin flinch at the thought of what this monster could do with something so powerful. "How about I make your choice easier to answer for you? Here's what I can do, should you decide not to help yourselves while helping me. I can end your lives through much more agonizing means, as my sword should never bath in the blood of weak cowards more than once per day. I promise you it will be the most painful of ways that I know before sending you back to the Life Stream. It is your choice really, die now or live to a ripe old age."

"...Follow us." They both instantly replied.

"Thank you, and before anything else." He started to add. "As soon as I acquire the Hero's Water, I would strongly suggest that you leave this village as fast as you can."

"Very well, Sephiroth-sama." They both replied as one, which earned a raised brow from the man before he simply shrugged it off and continued on his way.

"You sure do get more and more popular by the second, Sephiroth-sama." Said Fu as she calmly walked around the corner. " So, why do you need that 'water' in the first place?"

"I merely wish to analyze the properties that make up the water." He replied casually. "As I believe that it may help me in the future." He noted as he turned to Fu. "Do you know anything concerning the Hero's Water?"

Fu shrugged her shoulders at the question, but replied nonetheless. "No, not really, as what I do know about the Water is generic information and limited at best." She answered. "But, I shall tell you. All I really know is that whomever drinks the Hero's Water will have their overall chakra reserves increased exponentially. However, it is only for a limited time and the aftereffect is normally death."

It had been a couple of hours since Sephiroth came to said village and located the Hero's Water. He sensed that the Chunin had fled the village, taking his more generous request seriously, though it was of no importance to him whether they lived or died anyway. He noticed Fu taking in the sights around the more wealthier areas of the village as she had rarely been allowed inside the villager. She was normally regulated to guard/attack dog more often than anything else and never witnessed this side of the village. A fact that made the One-Winged Angel frown, as it would be a never ending cycle for Jinchuriki in the future. It needed to be stop at once; by his own hand or another didn't matter as long as it ceased being the norm.

Sephiroth was jarred from his thoughts when he sensed something incredibly powerful nearby. Something that only he could still sense, as the world now could no longer sense the power of Mana anymore. He was torn between wanting to investigate this intoxicating power source or completing his objective. He abruptly stopped walking, which immediately caught the attention of his new travel companion.

"Is there something wrong?" She questioned, only to receive no reply from the man. A few moments later, he began making the necessary hand-seals to produce a Kage Bushin. As Sephiroth released the required chakra needed to complete the jutsu, upon landing on the modified Tora-Seal, a clone instantly fazed into existence before taking a cursory look around that area and turning to face its creator.

"I need you to go with Fu to acquire the Hero's Water." He stated to his clone, which simply arched a delicate silver eyebrow in return. "Surely you can sense it as well?" Sephiroth questioned his clone. For a moment, the clone closed its eyes before abruptly reopening them, and it then quickly walked over to Fu to follow her to get the Hero's Water. Its master said nothing more before leaving the two by sinking into the shadows of the night, to find the cause of the power he had sensed.

"What was all that about?" Asked Fu, as his sudden actions befuddled her.

"All shall be revealed by the end of this night." The clone answered as he started to walk towards the direction of the shrine which held the Hero's Water of Taki.

With the real Sephiroth

The One-Winged Angel could feel that the being of the power he sensed was getting stronger the deeper he walked into the area of Taki's forests known as the Weeping Trees of the Forgotten. Said area was named for the way the trees produced their own water, which fell from the leaves in such a way that made them appear to being weeping. Also, because the area was enshrouded in heavy mist that many shinobi have disappeared into, never to be seen again. After several minutes of walking, he came upon a well hidden cave that was easy to overlook, even with a strong source of light, as the cave was in the darkest area of the forest. He was not entirely sure of why other ninjas could not see the entrance, as a large enough group with either a shinobi whom held a Dojutsu, or was skilled in Fire Manipulation, should have come across this cave. It was possible that because of that fact that the people could no longer sense Mana, it blinded them to what was right in front of them. As he felt the slight prodding of Mana upon entering this area of the forest, but right now was not time to ponder about what is and isn't. Carefully looking around, he entered the cave with his sword drawn as he moved in. Out of the inky blackness of the cave, a bolt of lightning shot at him, which was so sudden, that he was forced to block the lightning with his blade.

Sephiroth stood fast against the lightning, but before long, the blast of lightning caused his sword to fly from his grasp, forcing him to release his power to protect him from being injured. Such an injury would place him at a serious disadvantage against such a powerful foe, which he has yet to even see and can only judge their power bywhat he had felt. Then, he felt it. The presence of the owner of this power he was so intimately familiar with. Said owner poured more of his energy into his attack, once again forcing Sephiroth to answer in kind by releasing his own power to even higher levels. It was now a battle of willpower and attrition!

"So long has it been since a mortal has arrived to gain my allegiance." Spoke a booming voice that sounded as if it came from every direction around Sephiroth. "Mortals have long since closed their ears to our whispers in the currents of time. Perhaps they fear us for not being able to be turned into puppets to fight on their whimsical whims, or maybe because they envy power that they cannot have." Mused the booming voice once again.

"Who are you." Asked Sephiroth.

"My name... has long been forgotten to and by you mortals." Sneered the voice. "But, you seem different from the ones who use bastardized versions of my power, my element, my domain. Everyday they spit in my face with their attempts to acquire my power! But, I sense that you wield Mana within your body and you have gained the allegiance of the Shiva Sisters, whom use to be, one singular being. Now, they have evolved into a stronger form, the Goddesses of Ice and Darkness are kind in nature. But do you have what it takes to gain mine allegiance, Quezacotl, the God of Thunder and Lightning!"

"What!" Shouted out the One-Winged Angel in a state of complete shock, as he quickly questioned what happened to the Elder God of Thunder and Lightning. "What happened to Ramuh?"

"That name... it has been so very long since I have heard my old name again." Quezacolt reminisced as it decided to show itself to the one whom spoke his ancient name. Soon, bolts of blue, white, and green-colored lightning began to pepper that ground as they started to form a green bird-like being. "No longer am I known as the ageless mage that was Ramuh! The raw and untold power of lightning was too strong for that meaty husk of mine, so, it had changed me into what you presently see before you. Now, show me your resolve young one!"

Quezacotl then lowered its head while expanding its massive green wings as lightning started to charge from it's entire body. Sephiroth knew this was going to be a difficult challenge to acquire this summons' allegiance back on his side. Unfortunately, this was not going to be just a difficult battle, it was also a test to prove his will; both to Quezacotl and himself. Sephirtoh then sensed that the power of Quezacotl's lightning was more powerful than it used to be when he was known as Ramuh. Quezacotl's power was so great that it made his arms begin to shake, almost dropping Masamune int the process, and was forcing him down onto one knee!

"Whats the matter dobe, scared?" Sasuke's voice rung through his head, which made him snap back up onto his feet.

"You will never be anything compared to an Uchiha."

"Get out of here you demon!" (Kiba)

"Hinata, go for the death blow with your Juken" (Sakura)

"Now you know why the reason for my family's suffering." (Hinata)

"Because Uzumaki is a threat to our village and thus, should be eliminated." (Shino)

"Yeah! We'll make sure that his daughter will be a broken slave." (Kiba)

Sephiroth then felt his anger burning once again from remembering those words that were sneered or shouted at him as he started to fall down on his final knee. But then he remembered that Jiraiya had defected from the village along with Kakashi not too long after he was exiled. Then, Neji along with the Hyuga Branch-Family members who were against Naruto's banishment. Remembering all this caused him to get back up onto one foot as those memories renewed his strength as he remembered that he was not alone and had people that truly cared for him!. Suddenly, a memory from a few days ago, before coming to Takigakure, slammed its way to the forefront of his mind.


"Does it bother you?" Sephiroth quietly whispered as he sat in the control room of the hidden Shin-Ra lab. "To know that I have taken the name of your most hated and feared enemy?"

Just then, the ethereal form of one Tifa Lockhart appeared behind the former blond ninja. She looked to the ground for a moment as she was a bit uncomfortable about him taking ownership of such a feared and hated name. "Honestly, yes. I am a bit bothered by you taking his name, but only somewhat." She answered just as quietly, but with more force to show him that she also understood. "But, I know, beyond that shadow of a doubt, that deep down you will always be Uzumaki Naruto! A person who cares a more about those that he considers precious than even his own life!"

"How can you be so thoroughly convinced that I still have any trace of Uzumaki Naruto left within?" He asked curiously to the Jenova war hero.

Tifa could only just smile at him. "I just do, and I know that no matter how far you push yourself," She spoke quietly. "you will always care more about those closest to you; whether you know them or not. Never lose that side of you, okay." With that, Sephiroth was once again left alone to this thoughts. Could she be right?

End Flashback

Sephiroth then started to actively fight to get back onto his feet while using every ounce of both mental and physical strength he could muster out of himself. As the lightning continued to increased in both power and frequency against the silver-haired teen, Sephirtoh brought his blade back around to the left side of his body, in hopes to deflect it. Stricken with a thought of madness, he decided to end this battle quickly, and with one fluid movement, he sent the lightning careening right back at its creator with an upward slash attack. Quezacotl, who was stunned in disbelief that someone would use such a suicidal move, was left wide open and was struck down by his own attack. As the attack's power dissipated, Quezacotl fell back down from the air and landed face first on the floor.

The One-Winged Angel then used his sword as a crutch to keep himself standing upright as smoke rose from his body. He suddenly felt a pair of arms embrace him from behind for a moment, as if to steady him or to show him something more meaningful he was unsure, but as he looked over his shoulder a moment later, he only saw thin air, smoke, and debris from his battle. Before he could ponder more about whom was embracing him and why, his attention was interrupted by a loud rumbling sound across the cave.

Quezacotl had started to get up off the ground from being hit with it's own elemental attack. The being of Lightning and Thunder rose it's head to look upon the one whom bested him in combat. "No one has ever made me feel the sting of pain from my own element." The summon spoke with a hint of ironic-humor in his tone. "The world has changed greatly and we have become nothing but old myths and fairy tales to mortals. However, you have shown strength that none possesses in the current time. And thus, I wish to know your name?"

"My name is Sephiroth." He answered.

"Very well Sephiroth, you have earned my allegiance." Quezacotl spoke. "Call upon me, when you wish to show those mortals that power of legends, myths, and fair tales once again!" Quezacotl commanded with a booming voice. Soon after, the embodiment of Lightning and Thunder vanished becoming an orb of white light, which then flew into the body of the one who became the first to best it in combat; the One-Winged Angel, Sephiroth.

With his battle against Quezacotl finished, Sephiroth felt the presence of Fu and his clone approaching his location. By now, he assumed that she, along with his clone, have located and attained the Hero's Water, and their time in the village of Taki is over. All that was left, for the moment, was receiving a favorable answer from Sabaku no Gaara.

"I really hope that you do not become my enemy Gaara." Sephiroth whispered into the night sky as he once again gazed upon the moon.



To Be Continued

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