So tell me, Professor, you stand there so grim,
Your potions and cauldrons before,
Do you ever try to relax, or take time
To try to enjoy your life more.

Your lack of respect, and the question so blunt,
Miss Granger, ten points you have lost.
Desist from this foolishness. Cease it at once,
You should have now learned, to your cost.

Professor Snape, you must forgive me again
I wish to determine your likes.
What makes you tick, and what do you seek out?
Great artwork? Good food? Mile long hikes?

Miss Hermione Granger, you still do not seem
To realise I hold my thoughts close,
And were I to tell you the thing that I want,
I've no doubt that you'd find it gross.

But Snape, look, you're trembling. Your face gives away
That something that you hold quite dear
Is making you shake. Could it be that the item
Is possibly, maybe, just here?

Hermione, your hand on my face is a shock
And yet it is warm. And so soft.
Step closer, and let me enfold you. Come near
And please say that you haven't scoffed.

Why Severus! Both of your arms are so strong,
And holding me warmly. I swear
That from here your eyes are quite lovelorn, and my!
I can't keep my hands off your hair.

My dearest Hermione, how did you deduce?
How ever did you see my heart?
I love thee, and have done for years, so pray tell
That never now should we two part.

Beloved of mine, sweet and caring dark man,
Whose love I have secretly craved,
'Twas also your wish, so how very apt
That this was the present I gave.