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Thunder Clap

Haruhi Fujioka intensely focused on reading her history text book, desperately trying to memorize all the dates and names for her up coming exam. A bead of sweat rolled down her cheek as her large, shimmering amber eyes darted around the page, soaking in all the information she could. She bit her pink lips in concentration, frowning slightly at something she didn't understand.

The girl, disguised as a boy because of a blunder with the schools Host Club, was currently attending Ouran High school. One of Japan's top and most prestigous schools for the wealthy. She wqas at the school becasue of a scholarship, which she had earned beause of her dilligent studying. But the fact that she was in a Host Club...well that was a complicated story.

She couldn't believe she had actually been roped into something as ridiculous as a Host Club...And all because she had shattered some stupid vase! She figured God must hate her or something. Because now she was being forced to hang around some of the biggest idiots on the face of the planet.

Haruhi swore she hated dammed rich people, and she never thought she would actually make friends with some of the wealthiest kids at school. Hell, she hadn't thought of making friends at all.

The girl was so focused, that she hardly noticed the group of girls swooning at her from across the room, speaking of how smart and cute she was. Obviously mistaking her for a boy, juts how the members of the famous Ouran High Host Club had when she had broken that damned vase.

So deep in thought, she barely noticed the hands crawling up her frail back and trailing up her thin thighs. She didn't even feel the tall red headed boy smell her hair softly, a wicked grin forming on his gorgeous lips. Didn't even hear the squeal coming from the girls who where watching, drool now pouring from their mouths.

" Haruhiiiiii..." A voice whined in her ear.

She jumped as the slender finders on her neck ghosted across her delicate skin, causing goosebumps to go down her spine.

" Hikaru!" She snapped, shutting her book with a loud bang. The brunette pushed her chair back, which hit the twin in the chest, causing him to stumble back. She looked down between her legs to see Kaoru, smirking up at her. She frowned at him and stared down the younger twin.

" Dropped my pencil?" he tried, sweat dropping.

She narrowed her eyes at him.

" How'd you know it was me?" Hikaru pouted, taking a seat beside her at the work desk in the library. By now, all of the female students where staring at the three of them with big goo goo eyes. Haruhi huffed loudly, deciding that with her best friends around, she probably wasn't going to get any work done. Let alone being able to focus when two pairs of golden eyes and matching Cheshire cat grins where watching her.

" Your hands are rougher than Kaoru's because you play sports."

Hikaru snickered at his now frowning twin. " Girly hands."

Kaoru stuck his tongue out at his brother, but turned his predatory eyes to Haruhi, who was actually drifting off into space and staring blankly ahead of herself. She was thinking of the sale that was going down at the grocery store, and how she would buy some oranges on her way home.

" Haruhiiii..." The twins cried in unison, seeing how she was suddenly ignoring them.

She blinked a few times and dully stared at them. " What?" she asked in her monotone voice.

The twins frowned together and put their chins on the table top, looking up at her miserably. Everything they did was in unison, and she still couldn't get over how they could do that.

" What's got your-" Kaoru started.

" - Panties in a twist?" Hikaru finished.

She rolled her eyes and gestured to the mountains of books surrounding her.

" I was obviously trying to study."

Hikaru reached out to her and moved her hair from her eyes, then Kaoru came in and flicked her nose with his long finger. She just continued to stare at the two with a blank expression. She knew how to handle the two of them.

" Your too serious Haruhi." Hikaru grimaced.

" Ya, you need to loosen up." Kaoru chimed in with a smirk.

"Shut up and leave me alone." She mumbled and opened her text book, trying to find her page.

Suddenly they where both hugging her, obscuring her vision of her text book and causing all the girls in the library to get nose bleeds. They rubbed their faces to her head and she clenched her small hands into fists.

I really, really want to kill them right now.

" Oh Haruhi! I can see smoke coming out of your ears!" Hikaru declared.

" Your working too hard!" Kaoru exclaimed.

" Go away." She tried to say through their arms, but her voice was muffled.

They ignored her, continuing their cuddling and comments about how cute she was. She just sat there, knowing if she reacted then they would just do even more. She instead began quizzing herself in her mind, trying to remember what she had been studying about.

That it, until she felt a soft kiss on the base of her neck.

" Kaoru!" She hissed.

The lips on her neck stilled, and she felt both the twins pull away. She turned around to see them staring at her with wide eyes. She glared.

" H-how did you-" Hikaru began.

" - know who it was?" Kaoru finished.

Once her shivers had gone away she cleared her throat. Opening her mouth to answer, Haruhi was interrupted by the elegant voice of none other than their bumbling King, Tamaki.

She suppressed a groan as he made his way over to her little study corner, which was slowly becoming crowded.

The onlooking girls in the library squealed louder, making the vast hall anything but a place for quiet study.

The beautiful boy walked over, a large smile on his heavenly face. His violet blue eyes sparkled when they met hers, and she couldn't help but frown as he ran a slender hand through his tousled pale blond hair. The half french, half Japanese boy took pride in his good looks, something he wasn't afraid to tell or flaunt.

" Well hello my lovely little Haruhi, and how are you this fine day?" He asked in his strange pronunciation, flipping his hair and causing all of the girl nearby to faint. This time, her groan wasn't suppressed.

She answered by gathering her things, cramming all of her stuff into her bag as quickly as she could. Haruhi knew that once he and the twins combined their annoyance, she would be able to contain her anger, and the last place she wanted to shout in was a library. Plus, she didn't want to abuse them in public.

Once she had slung her bag over her shoulder, she turned to leave, only to feel the twins on either side of her. She ground her teeth in annoyance. She spun around, looking up into startled golden eyes.

" What?" Hikaru and Kaoru asked innocently.

" What's the matter with my Haruhi!" Tamaki wailed.

She made her hands into fists.

" Leave me alone!" She said harshly.

The three boys stared at her blankly. She was about to slap some sense into them, until she felt a shadow over her shoulder. She looked up to see Kyoya, clip board in hand, standing beside her.

He raised an eyebrow and looked down at her, probably feeling her stare.

She couldn't even stand being around the Shadow prince at the moment, which showed how annoyed she was. He was the only person in the Club- Besides Hunny and Mori- who didn't get under her skin like Tamaki and the twins.

But for some reason, Haruhi felt like she wanted to knock off his glasses.

" Something wrong, Haruhi?" He asked, frowning at her stare, which had turned into a slight glare.

The brunette blinked a few times at the dark haired man.

She sighed loudly, deciding that if Kyoya ( who only cared about himself) was asking her if she was okay, than something must seriously be wrong with her. She merely turned around and shrugged, then shuffled out of the Library. Before she left, she heard Kyoya say something like, " Giver her some space," and, " That time of the month."

Her eyes widened at his embarrassing conclusion, and the fact that he would even assume something like that. Haruhi thought Kyoya knew everything about each of the Host Clubs members. She thought that he of all people would have known she had just started her birth control.

Haruhi stopped walking down the hall as realization hit her.

Am I acting this way because of the pills?

She thought about it for a moment, but decided to just ask her doctor. He did say that she would have mood swings...But not this bad. Usually she could handle the Twins and Tamaki for a good solid ten minutes before she left. That was like, what, ten seconds?

The petite brunette shuffled down the large hallways, ignoring girls who swooned over her. She let out a big sigh when she arrived at the abandoned music room, opening the doors to find herself totally alone. She smiled.

Yes! Now I can get some work done!

She happily threw down her huge bag, not caring about making as much noise as she desired.

She sat down at the table Hunny usually ate his cake at, digging her history book from her bag and getting in a comfortable position.

As she began to read, she could help but begin to smell the sweetness of Hunny-Senpai, who's smell she guessed had permanently wormed it's way into the fabric of the chair, along with the smell of cake. She smiled softly, recalling the small boys smile and sunny attitude. Unlike the other Host Club members, Hunny didn't use his good looks to woe girls. He acted like himself. And she couldn't help but admire him for that. He and his cousin Mori both acted as naturally as she when it came to the club, unlike the others, who used acts from time to time. Especially Kyoya.

She sweat dropped. He was hardly nice on a regular basis.

Haruhi looked up at the grand ceiling, her thoughts once again returning to the small boy. It was strange to think that the little blond was actually an entire two years older than her! She shook her head, deciding that she needed to focus.

After a few moments of hardcore studying, it began to rain. Haruhi watched with a worried expression as the rain gathered on the windows in large clumps. She bit at her lip, hoping that it wouldn't get that bad. She hated thunder. It scared her so bad she couldn't move. Couldn't do anything.

She returned to her work, and began writing down the names and dates she needed to remember so she could make flash cards and stick them places. That was one of her ways of studying. She would make tons of flash cards and put them everywhere! Her dad once opened the fridge and found on the milk carton.

A ear shattering roar of the thunder caused Haruhi to break the led of her pencil.

Her eyes became wide as the entire room was illuminated.

A place to hide. She needed a place to hide. A small-


The thunder cried through the gray sky with a sickening flash, causing Haruhi to cry out and abandon her seat, not caring about spilling her books everywhere. All that mattered to her now was finding a place to hide. Anyplace. Anywhere was fine as long as she could-


She covered her ears with her hands and curled into a ball on the floor, scooting under the small table. Tears streamed down her pale face as she screamed along with the thunder clap.

Mitsukuni Haninozuka's ( Also known as Hunny by his friends and fans at the Host Club) large, mahogany eyes snapped open. He blinked a few times, trying to clear his blurred vision. He had just been taking his daily nap, and had been having the loveliest dream about the most delicious cake he had ever tasted, when he had heard-



Hunny narrowed his large eyes, now in a horrible mood. As always, when he was awakened from his nap ( Which only happened on a rare occasion since everyone usually knew that by doing so they would face his wrath).

Mitsukuni let out a sigh, closing his eyes and trying to force himself to go back to sleep. It was only thunder, he was sure he could sleep through it. He was slightly in a bad mood already, frowning that he had been woken from his glorious nap. He snuggled into Usa-Chan, her soft fur lulling him into sleep.

He was almost asleep, when the sound of crying stirred him from his slumber.

Hunny's fair eyebrows pulled together as he slowly sat up, drawing the curtain that surrounded his loveseat slowly. His large eyes widened even further when he took in the sight of Haruhi on the floor, curled into a ball, under his small table.

The blond stared at her dumbly for a second, not sure as to why she was on the floor.


" Ahhhhh!" Haruhi cried, curling up even more.

His mahogany eyes widened as he remembered what Tamaki had said during the summer...About Haruhi being so afraid of thunder that she could barely move. Before then, Hunny had never seen her like that. Now he knew why Tamaki had been so upset. Haruhi never acted like she was afraid of anything...But now, she was acting like a frightened child.


With out a second though he was on his feet and, using his heightened speed, had one of his arms wrapped around her in mere seconds. Haruhi was surprisingly the only girl that was actually near his size, and they where actually only one inch apart from being the same height. Hunny took delight in knowing their was actually someone almost as small as him.

The sound of her cries brought his attention back to the sobbing girl.

" Haru-Chan?" he asked softly, his voice coming out like warm honey and barely making it over the sound of the pouring rain that pelted against the windows. He himself loved the rain, and couldn't help himself from feeling sleepy at the sound of it against the windows. It made him feel calm, relaxed.

He felt the small girl stiffen, and shakily look up to meet his eyes.

Hunny suddenly felt slight warmth rush to his cheeks when he took in the sight of her bright, amber eyes. They shimmered with her tears, causing her to look unbelievably adorable to him. He held back the urge to tell her so, considering she was crying, and merely gulped. He opened his mouth to speak-


Haruhi cried out, jumping in slight surprise and diving into his embrace. She nestled her head into his chest, and began quivering in fear. He wrapped his arms around her as her frame shook with her sobs.

Hunny blinked a few times, not really sure on what to do. He looked around the room hopelessly, trying to find some solution to ease the girls troubles.

His eyes fell on his loveseat, and he suddenly was overcome with an idea.

Using his freakish strength, he managed to lift Haruhi into his arms, even if she was bigger than him. The petite blond easily carried the girl to his napping seat, carefully lying her down, he drew the curtains all around them, making it impossibly hard to see. Hunny's eyes adjusted quickly, and when he made contact with the soft cushions, his sleepiness overcame him again. Not caring about the closeness, Hunny snuggled in next to Haruhi, who still clung to him in her terrified state. He rested the side of his cheek on the crown of her head as she buried her face into the crook of his neck, clinging onto his chest with her hands, pressing her forearms against his stomach.

He inhaled deeply, and was surprised to find that she smelt delicious! Like no other sweet he had ever encountered. Hunny could name what it was...she smelt almost of chocolate mousse cake...But she also smelt of strawberries...He felt his cheeks flush once more, and his entire body grew ridiculously hot. She snuggled in closer to him, only making his intoxication worse when he felt her soft lips on his neck. He shivered involuntarily.

" H-Hunny-Senpai..." Haruhi whimpered, her lips moving on his throat, making his blood rush to his head, causing his head to swim.

He blinked a few times, trying to clear his head.

" Yes, Haru-Chan?" He answered, his voice a bit breathless.


Haruhi cried out and her small hands made fists in the material of the thin white, button down shirt he was wearing ( He had discarded his blue jacket and tie before he took his nap) as her body stiffened. He wrapped his arms around her, trying desperately to comfort the shaken girl, hugging her close to him like he did Usa.

Hunny ran his thin fingers through her dark hair, mesmerized by the feel of it in between his fingers. It felt the the purest silk of his finest kimono. As he ran his fingers through her locks, he felt her slightly relax, and the host continued his work running his nails along her scalp. He had witnessed Tamaki and the twins doing the same things to a few of their clients...But it was something the teenager had never tried. In fact, he had never actually held a girl before. He was starting to feel a little strange, having her so close to him...Pressing up against his body...

He closed his eyes as her scent flooded into his nose once more, feeling himself drift off into sleep. His eyes fluttered close and he continued his soft caresses, trying to clam her the best way he could. He felt his bad mood deteriorate as her scent engulfed him, causing him to slightly drift off, but never loosing consciousness. He felt like he was floating...Drifting...

Eventually, he felt her breathing begin to slow. The thunder and rain continued, so he was confused as to why she was so calm. He puled back from her slightly, and blinked a few times at what he saw.

She was fast asleep, her face calm and serene. He blushed fully now, aware of just how uncontrollably cute she looked while she slept...Her skin was the color of the finest of creams, her cheeks flushed a brilliant pink while her hair resembled fluffy chocolate. His eyes trailed all over her perfect features, and stopped on her plump, pink lips. He couldn't look away. Could tare his eyes away from the lips that had captured his attention. He felt a strange prickling in the back of his throat, and a heat to flood down his body. His brow furrowed at the thoughts he was getting when he looked at Haruhi's lips...


Hunny shook his head slightly, not sure why he had just refereed to Haruhi's mouth as delicious. He didn't know what was wrong with him. He decided he was just tired, and need to finish his nap. He was becoming delirious! Thinking such strange thoughts about his friend Haru-Chan. He smiled nervously.

I just need to finish my nap is all.

Snuggling back into Haruhi's warmth, trying desperately not to relish in the softness of her body, Hunny let himself fall into a deep slumber, smiling softly at the sweet scent that invaded his senses.

" Thanks Hunny..." he felt her soft lips speak onto his neck.

He smiled through his delirium and let the chills run up his spine.

Outside of the abandoned music room the thunder clapped once again.

Haruhi smiled softly, snuggling into the warm thing that was wrapped around her. She inhaled it's scent- whatever it was- and couldn't help but feel as ease. She loved the smell of it. It was sweet, but also musky. Smokey almost. It smelt exactly like the flaming plum pudding that Hunny-Senpai had let her taste a few weeks ago! And something else...


Confused by the strange smell, opened her eyes, guessing that it was some new perfume her dad was trying out. That or it was one of his friends. He sometimes brought a few of the "girls" home from time to time for a drink. Something she was just so thrilled about in her current state. She still felt miserable.

Instead of the walls to her bed room like she had been expecting, Haruhi opened her large amber eyes to darkness. Her dark eyebrows pulled together and she sleepily drew her head back.

As her eyesight cleared, her heart began to beat rapidly and a blush spread across her pale cheeks. She was currently intertwined with a sleeping Hunny-Senpai. His face dangerously close to hers, his arms wrapped around her thin frame and legs wrapped around her own. The flaming plum pudding smell captured her once again, and she realized it was him.

She blinked a few times, trying to clear her vision and will away her urge to drift off again. His smell was so intoxicating, so alluring, that she just wanted to curl back up and sleep.

You idiot! How long have you been asleep! You probably missed your classes!

She fought to remember how she had wound up in this situation.

As she wondered, Hunny-Senpai's hot chocolate colored eyes flickered open.

Her pulse quickened when she noticed the beautiful sparkle his eyes had, and how when he woke up they weren't as large and child-like. From where she was lying, he seemed taller, and bigger than her. She looked up at him with large eyes, a blush slowly spreading across her cheeks. A soft smile spread across his plump lips, and she was sure he could feel her heart beat, they where so close!

" Feeling better?" he asked, his voice making her feel light headed. It dribbled over her like warm honey.

She blinked a few times, trying to calm herself. But his smell...It was so strong. So potent...She felt like she was being drugged...She was light headed.

" Uh?" She asked stupidly.

Hell, she felt like one of those idiot fan girls that doted around the club like mindless drones.

But why? This was Hunny-Senpai! The Lolita! He was supposed to look like a child!

" You where crying because of the thunder. Do you feel better now?" He asked, not masking his concern.

She couldn't get over how his voice sounded. So different. So...

" Ah, um, ya. Y-ya, I'm fine." She stumbled over her words like a moron.

He raised an eyebrow. " Are you sure? You sound flustered. " He smiled.

She tried to push away from him, but she couldn't. She was already pushed against the back on the love seat. His eyes weren't like they usually where at the club...They weren't large and childish, but focused. She had only see them like that a few times...When he was in a fight. Or threatening someone.

Before she could answer him, the curtains that surrounded them where drawn abruptly.

Hunny and Haruhi both jolted in surprise, and looked up to meet Tamaki's horrified expression.

Haruhi's shock turned into a grimace. She could only imagine the immature things her clueless Sempai was imagining.

" H-H-Haruhi!" Tamaki wailed.

She frowned. " What?"

His mouth fell open, " What do you mean what! Care to explain what your doing napping with Hunny!" Tamaki asked harshly, just as he had when he had seen her in Kyoya's room at the beach.

Before she could answer, the blond who was till embracing her did for her, " There was lightning and Haru-Chan was scared! I let her sleep with Usa-Chan and me!" His eyes where suddenly the size of saucers and his voice was no longer dark and sultry like it had been moments ago.

She shook her head as she sat up. How could she have even considered being dazzled by Hunny? He was like a child!

" Hey boss did you fin-" The twins said in unison, but stopped once their golden eyes landed on Haruhi, and where she currently was resting. She noted that Hunny still hand his arms around her.

She couldn't help but notice the way Hikaru's hands turned into fist's, and the hurt in Kaoru's eyes. She didn't understand these reactions. It was Hunny! It's not like-

" Hunny! Did you defile my little girl!" Tamaki asked, outraged.

Haruhi sighed and untangled herself from the small eighteen year old's body. She noted that they where exactly the same size.

She stood and smoothed out her jacket and pants.

" Tamaki-Senpai, it's Hunny-Senpai. He couldn't defile me if he wanted to." She stated, and made her way over to her things, completely ignoring the stares she was getting from both Tamaki and Hunny.

" But you two where-" Tamaki began, but Haruhi interrupted him by throwing one of her larger books at him. She hit him upside the head and he scrambled back to his corner and she glared down at him. She felt her calm slowly slipping away, and her old anger from earlier that day flooding back at her.

She seriously wanted to rip Tamaki apart.

" Nothing. Happened." She ground out, then, taking in his terrified expression, turned her back to him. Only to bump into the twins. She looked up at them, sighing and blowing her bangs from her eyes.

She met sad golden eyes. She groaned.

" Guys! Nothing happened! Don't be stupid!"

The twins turned angry, and they placed their hands on their hips.

" We're not angry! We just don't understand why-" Hikaru started.

" -you would sleep with him and not us!" Kaoru finished.

She blinked a few times, then grabbed another book and hit them both up side the head, sending them into he corner along with Tamaki. They held onto each other and trembled in fear.

Haruhi turned to leave, but before she did, she met Hunny's eyes. She noted they were no longer large, and held the same intensity they did when she had woken. She felt her heart beat a little faster, but she quickly pushed the thought away. She smiled at her Senpai.

" Thank you for protecting me Hunny-Senpai." She bowed slightly.

She heard the three boys in the corner hiss like cats.

Hunny blushed softly and scratched the back of his head.

" Oh, it was no problem Haru-Chan! I was just trying to make you feel better! That thunder really scared you!" he explained, his voice still high.

She smiled, taking in his character change slowly. She guessed that he was different when he woke up, like she had seen before countless times when people would try and wake him. Which was a bad idea...She shivered at the memory of Hunny almost killing Tamaki. She didn't even like him that much and she still had felt sorry for him.

Turning to go, Haruhi ran straight into Kyoya and his clip board, bumping her nose painfully. She rubbed her nose and stared up at him with a glare, which he returned by raising his eyebrow.

" I talked to your father today." He stated.

She frowned. " And?" She hated that the cheap skate and his father actually conversed behind her back.

" He informed me that the entire apartment building was being evacuated do to a rodent infestation, and that you would have to find a place to stay for the time being." He said, returning to his clip board.

Haruhi groaned. She was having possibly the worst day of her life. It almost topped the day she broke that stupid vase.

She could almost feel the joy radiating from the once sad corner.

She braced herself for impact, closing her eyes and counting in her head...


" Haruhiiiiii!" The twins shouted, wrapping their arms around head and shoulders while Tamaki latched onto her waist.

She groaned.

" Oh please Haruhi! Stay with us!" The twins shouted.

" Stay with you devilish twins? I think not! My little girl will be staying with he daddy of coarse!" Tamaki declared.

Kyoya cleared his throat and pushed up his glasses with his middle finger.

" Ranka specificity asked not to allow Haruhi to stay with Tamaki."

Oh thank god.

" WHAT!" The prince screamed, clearly appalled by the idea, detaching himself from Haruhi, only to wrap his arms around Kyoya's waist and sob. " But why! You can't allow my precious Haruhi to stay with those demons!" He looked at the twins nastily.

They both stuck out their tongues in unison.

" You loose Tamaki! Haruhi is-" Hikaru started.

" - going to be sleeping with us tonight." Kaoru finished, taunting the blond prince.

Haruhi's eyes widened and she couldn't help the sense of dread that washed over her. Suddenly she imagined the twins trying to get her to sleep with them...She gulped. She couldn't possibly stay with them! They where worse than Tamaki!

Haruhi couldn't believe she was going to do it but...

She looked at Kyoya with pleading eyes.

He frowned and cleared his throat, taking a step back, clearly giving her a no.

" You can stay with me Haru-Chan." A sunny voice said from across the room.

She struggled to turn, because both of the twins still had her entangled in the web of their arms. She turned to see Hunny tying his tie and slipping on his jacket. He smiled warmly at her, and his eyes sparkled.

Haruhi couldn't help but smile.

" Are you sure? I don't want to impose." Haruhi said tentatively.

He smirked and waved a hand in front of his angelic face. " It's fine! Seriously! I'd love to have you over!" The boy picked up his rabbit and hugged it tightly.

The arms around her tightened.

" No! Haruhi is staying with us!" Hikaru declared.

" You already got your time with her today, Lolita boy!" Kaoru added.

Haruhi groaned. " Isn't this my decision!" she hated when they did this!

" No! It most certainly is not Haruhi! As your father I will decide who you can spend your time with! And both the company of those demonic twins and the fiendish bunny child are simply too risky for my delicate little flower!" Tamaki said, beating away the two twins and wrapping his arms around her shoulders. She had not trouble pulling away from him, and backing into someone again. She whipped around angrily, ready to bite whoever it was.

She craned her head back to look up into the face of Mori.

He looked down at her and smiled very faintly, then placed his giant hand on her head.

" Haruhi can stay wherever she wants." His deep voice drawled out.

" That's right! And she's chosen to stay with me!" Hunny said happily, dancing over, hooking his arm with Haruhi's. He planed a hand on his hip and smiled at the now glaring boys. He tore his eyes off them and met Haruhi's eyes. She blinked a few times.

" Do you have all your things, Haru-Chan?" he asked sweetly.

She gestured to her heavy bag, and before she could say anything, Mori took it from her and put it over his shoulder. She was about to protest and Hunny began to drag her forward.

" This is going to be so much fun Haru-Chan! Now you can come and eat cake with me on my special cake night!" He said happily, totally oblivious tot he death glares he was getting from Tamaki and the twins.

Haruhi couldn't help but smile at the boys obliviousness.

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