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"I told you not to go overboard! And look! We can't even fit these in here!" Nemui grumbled to Amai, who was still trying to shove her numerous shopping bags into the trunk of the limo. Despite the drivers failed attempts, she was dead set of them fitting. Which certainty wasn't happening.

Haruhi sighed heavily.

"Shut your trap! Your making me loose my focus!" The Yankee growled at her slobby boyfriend, who lit another cigarette in frustration.

It was his third one in the last ten minutes, and Haruhi wondered when he was going to run out. She herself detested the smell of smoke, but Amai didn't seem to mind. She knew if Hunny reeked like that-

Wait! What am I thinking!

She shook her head, feeling frustrated and dizzy from having stood for so long of the side walk, and from the weird thoughts and feelings that where running through her. The entire day, Hunny had made her feel...Strange. Whenever she looked into his eyes, or got a whiff of his tantalizing scent, her dream would come screaming back at her like a banshie. Haruhi could feel his hands fluttering over her as they had in the realistic fantasy. Her heart had nearly burst when she had walked in on him after he had gotten out of the shower that morning, and the dazed girl nearly got a nose bleed when he had pinned her to the wall in the dressing room and said such...Seductive words to her.

What had gotten into him!

One minute he would be his smiling self, and the next he was...She didn't even know!

She frowned and made her hands into fists, tightening her grip on her bags, which she was still holding due to Amai's obsessive shopping. Honestly, the Yankee had about twenty bags, whereas Haruhi had two.

She hated it! She just wanted the feelings to go away!

"You okay Haruhi?"

She jumped a bit and went to look down to meet eyes with Hunny, but instead glanced at his chin.

Oh, that's right. He's as tall as me now...Thus the reason for the stupid banquet.

Another thing she wasn't feeling too great about.

Meeting the Shota's eyes, Haruhi blushed.

"You cold?" Hunny asked as the wind picked up from behind him, running through his hair and making his sweet, musky scent intoxicate her.

Uneasily, Haruhi put her weight on one foot, to get a little distance from him and to clear her head. She hadn't noticed how close they had been to one another until now, and she would almost feel his eat radiating from him.

The petite girl regretted doing so, because just at that moment a tall, lanky guy was walking by , coming in her direction rather quickly. He harshly bumped into her. Loosing her balance on the ridiculous shoes she wasn't used to wearing, Haruhi tripped over herself and fell onto the passerby.

"What the hell!" he yelled angrily, his face smashed into the side walk. Flipping over and harshly shoving Haruhi off of him and onto the cold street.


She narrowed her eyes at the guy, who was also giving her a nasty look.

"Watch where your going!"

"You bumped into me." She stated while in the process of getting up.

"You little-" Before the jerk could finish his sentence, he was hauled off the ground by Hunny, being dragged by his shirt.

Shocked, Haruhi quickly got to her feet with wide eyes.

"Hunny-Senpai?" She said nervously, waving her hands before her.

People around them stopped what they where doing to look on the scene. Mothers held onto their children, groups of kids her own age snapped pictures with their cell phones as elderly woman gasped and began to gossip amongst themselves.

"Is it Yakuza?" An old lady wearing a yukata asked another.

"A gang fight?" Another gasped.



"That boys pretty good looking..." A school girl gushed, making Haruhi frown a bit, but she was unsure why.

"Are they fighting over that girl?"

Haruhi sweat dropped.

"Someone get some help!"


Was it really such a big deal?

But, looking at the scene closely, it was easy to misinterpret what was going on.

Hunny was giving the man a death glare. One that could make even the scariest of men wet themselves. And, despite his size( He had to look up at the guy) the man was actually shaking and trying to pry off Hunny's small, yet strong, grip. But the Lolita-shota wouldn't budge, nor take his eyes off the mans. He simply stared at him, all the while his face was calm. But it was like the calm before the storm, ready to change on the viewer any moment and reek terror.

"Apologize." Hunny said in a steely voice that silenced the murmuring crowd.

Haruhi got goose bumps.

"What? Hell no! That slu-"

Suddenly, the trunk door slammed, and all attention was brought to the rather fearsome, tall Amai. Haruhi almost didn't recognize her new, carefree friend. This girl was scary, intimidating, and made Haruhi and the shaking guy simultaneously gulp.

"You heard him," Amai said, her voice acidic and making a distant baby in the crowd of onlookers cry, "Apologize, douche bag." She spat on the ground and held her head up high, smiling a crooked grin that rivaled with Hunny's calm stare.

Haruhi decided to never, ever get into an argument with Amai. Ever.

The man looked real nervous now, probably because Amai's and Hunny's eyes where boring into him. Both glazed over with intimidation and menace.

She hadn't noticed Nemui come beside her, picking up her bag and taking a drag from his newly lit cigarette. He too was rather scary, the hazed look leaving his eyes and drawing attention to their extremely pale shade. He smiled at the man in a cocky way and he protectively stood beside Haruhi.

"Best do what they say man, or it's your funeral."

Haruhi stared with wide eyes at her friends, who never took their intense glares off the man. It reminded her of those old samurai movies she watched when she was little.

"I ain't gonna get told what to do by some little kid!" The man growled, trying to scrape up his pride. Suddenly, he whipped out a pocket knife of some kind and held it up to Hunny.

Haruhi's eyes widened and her heart fell in her chest. Beside her she felt Nemui shift uneasily.

"Hold it!"

Haruhi's large eyes peeled themselves off the shiny blade, and in the direction of the shout.

Emerging from the crowd was three police men.

The Leader(She guessed) was extremely fat, had the face of a boar, and sweating profusely. His breath was ragged, and Haruhi sweat dropped as he bent over to catch his breath. Beside him, a tall skinny man who resembled a lizard dabbed at the fat man's face with a pink rag, as a small man who looked like a door mouse and was about the same size as Hunny nearly fainted when he laid his eyes on the knife. Just catching up with them, looking as if she had walked, was a busty woman who wore a pink ascot with her uniform, had a giant blond perm, and reminded Haruhi of an American pin up model, what with her bright blue eye shadow and pink lips stick. She filed her long red nails with a nail file as she chewed some gum, not interested in the scene before her as she blew a large bubble.

Haruhi sweat dropped and sighed.

Some big help their gonna be.

When they saw Amai, Nemui, and the look in Hunny's eyes they nearly took a step back.

Haruhi didn't blame them.

"Hold it right there!" The fat man.

"This looks a little serious Sir." The tall skinny man said nervously under his breath to the fat leader.

"Don't worry boys, just some punk kids. Nothing we can;t handle." The pig said off to the side

"B-but...That kid looks like he's out for blood." the timid little mouse squeaked.

"And that guy with the piercings looks like he means business too..." Lizard added.

"H-he's scary..." Mouse nearly cried.

Haruhi and Nemui both sweat dropped.

"Who are these guys?" he asked Haruhi as he took a drag.

"Help...I think..."

"And isn't that girl Red Amuku?" Lizard gasped as he wrung the sweat covered rag.

The mouse man nearly wet his pants, "The girl who-"

The pin up model's bubble popped and she licked it off her lips, smiling seductively at Hunny, then moving her gaze to Nemui. She seemed to zero in on him as her eyes smoldered.

"Yummy." She purred like a cat, "Think that little girl's his girlfriend?"

Haruhi's eyebrow twitched and Neumi sweat dropped.


Behind the bumbling policemen, the gathered crowd whispered and snapped more pictures of the scene, which was;

A boy (Hunny) holding onto a shady looking man with a knifes shirt while a bloodthirsty Yankee (Amai) cracked her fists loudly, while a innocent by standard (Haruhi) and a punk who was underage smoker (Nemui) stood beside and watched.

"Men! Stop your whining! This is nothing we can't handle! If I have the courage, then so do you! We're a team!" Pig boomed.

"But Sir-" Mouse squeaked.

"I don't wanna hear it! Tokage, Unaru, get over there and get him." Pig ordered.

Haruhi and Nemui sweat dropped.

"Some courage." the smoker said dryly.

"Why do I have to?" The woman, Unaru, whined.


Skulking, Tokage nervously walked forward, followed by a seemingly reluctant Unaru, who actually put away her nail file.

"Hey, this ain't my fault!" The man said, "I was just walk'in and that bitch bumped into me!"

"P-put the knife down sir." Tokage said.

"Hey, ain't you listening! That slut-"

He didn't even have a minute to finish his sentence as Hunny grabbed onto his wrist and twisted it. Haruhi jumped, because she clearly head something snap. The man screamed, and instantly dropped the knife.

And then everything was a blur.

Haruhi and Nemui watched with wide eyes.

The crowd gasped as the man was suddenly on his stomach, Hunny pinning him down effortlessly while he squirmed.

"Fuck..." Nemui breathed.

"Whoa!" Tokage gasped along with Unaru, how's mouth dropped open along with her wad of gum.

"What are you staring at idiots!", Pig boomed, "Cuff 'um!'

Tokage jumped a bit, then got out his hand cuffs with shaking hands. Hunny, seeing how nervous the man was, took the cuffs from the mans hands and snapped them on effortlessly. He smirked down at the man.

"Nobody calls Haruhi names and gets away with it." he said in a cold voice.

Haruhi felt her blood rush up to her cheeks and her heart beat sped up.

It was things like that that really made her feel dizzy.

Nemui slowly clapped and laughed.

"Hunny! You the man!" he cheered.

"Little cutie pie's got some kick!" Amai grinned.

As Tokage dragged the fussing man away, who was complaining about his broken bones, Unaru stayed behind to smile seductively down at Hunny.

Haruhi's eyebrow twitched.

"My hero." She purred, even thought he hadn't saved her at all.

Instantly, the people swarmed all the around Hunny. Little kids pulled on him, while mothers and schools girls gushed over his cuteness. Haruhi was momentarily reminded of the incident with the nurses as Hunny was lost in the ever growing swarm.

But she smiled anyway.

Hunny really was amazing...

she was about to cheer out to him, when suddenly someone grabbed her from behind, placing one hand over her mouth as his other arm wrapped around her arms and waist. She lifted her up effortlessly.

Beside her Nemui cussed under his breath as his cigarette dropped from his mouth. He went to tr pry the man off, but stopped when Haruhi felt something cool press against her neck.

"One more step and she gets it." The surprisingly young voice said.

She stared into Nemui's wide, icy blue eyes as she felt herself being dragged into the crowd. She hadn't noticed how many people where around them until now, and soon she was caught in the swarm, loosing Nemui and the cluster of people who still had Hunny ensnared.

"Try to struggle and I'll slit you throat," A young voice whispered in her ear, "Your little boyfriend sure has some nerve, beating up my friend like that."

Haruhi's eyebrow twitched at the word boyfriend, despite her situation.

"But judging from your clothes and that nice car, I'm guessing he would pay any amount of money to get you back."

"That was amazing!" Someone gasped from the crowd.

"Did you see that mama!" A little boy beside them pointed at something behind them.

"He's like a super hero mama!"

The man was suddenly ripped off of Haruhi, who dropped to the ground. Quickly, she turned around to see what had happened.

Her eyes doubled in size at what she saw.

Hunny was spinning in the air in front of a half standing man, who was badly beaten up already. His short leg came out, and almost as if he was dancing in a ballet, he gracefully kicked the man in the face, sending him flying to where the scrambling policemen where.

Landing on his feet, Hunny stood with his back turned to her for a moment. He was still in a fighting stance, and the wind picked up and ran through his blond locks.

Her heart began to beat fast as she looked at him.

He had just saved her...Really saved her.

The blushing brunette watched at Hunny broke through the crowd and walked over to her, his eyes averted to the ground and a dark shadow hiding his expression. Haruhi didn;t know what to do. She was froved on the ground. She couldn;t get up. Couldn;t move.

Surprisingly, Hunny drooped to the ground, his face still concealed, and pulled her into his arms.

Her eyes widened as he burried his face into her neck.

Stunned, Haruhi blinked a few times as her cheeks felt hot.

"Senpai?" She whispered.

"are you alright?" he whispered, his lips moving on her neck. He pulled back a little bit to look at her.

Haruhi was surprised by his face. He still looked feirce, but his eyes where glassy with brimming tears. Concern broke through his features, and pain. "D-did.." He cleared his throat, "did he hurt you?"

haruhi's eyes softened.

"N-no, I'm okay." She smiled.

Hunny pulled her into another tight embrace, causing the crowd to gasp and snap even more pictures.

But Haruhi hardly noticed them.

She was in her own little world now.

"I...I'm so relieved..." he whispered, his voice quivering and alomost destroying the ferocity he had portrayed.

Haruhi was at a loss...

Floating as Hunny's strong arms held her to his warmth. His delicious smell engulfed her, and the stunned girl allowed her eyes to close.

Truthfully, despite knowing Hunny's strength, she had been scarred. She thoguht she might have seriously gotten hurt for a moment...But then he had saved her.

She could feel his heart beat hammering along with his, and she wondered, if Hunny had also been scarred? But the look in his eye...He had been so calm. But now...Now he was crumpling as he held her so tightly to him. As if she was the most important this on earth.

"H-Hunny...Are you okay?" As asked.

He moved his head to the side, and she shivered as she felt his lips brush against her ear.

"If something happened to you, I'de never forgive myself."

She felt her cheeks heat up even more.

What...waht was he saying?

He softly kissed the part of her cheek next to her ear, and she felt hot. His lips where so soft...she didn;t understand what was going on. The intense feelings she had had during her dreams came back to her. But they hwere more real.

Their heart beats sped now, and she felt like they where one.


"Haruhi, I-"

A vibration and annoying ring tone began to sound loudly, breaking through the heated moment.

Confused as to what was buzzing on her stomach, Haruhi broke free from the boys grasp.

Suddenly, Huuny dug into the front pocket of his jacket and whipped out his pink cell phone. Haurhi only smiled when she saw the bunny key chains.

"WHAT?" Hunny snapped, flipping open the cell phone and giving off a look that could kill.

A voice could be heard, yelling from the other end. Hunny held it away from his face a bit as the voice crackled. Haruhi could have sworn it was Chika's voice, but wasn't sure. Once whoever it was was finished, Hunny placed the phone back to his ear, "We're on our way." Abruptly, the Lolita Shota snapped the phone shut and turned it off, showing it back in his pocket.

He looked back at Haruhi and then reached down his hand.

She took it, and was pulled effortlessly. She found it was pretty hard for her to stand, and she tripped over her feet a little. She was embarrassed, but Hunny wrapped an arm around her waist and supported her.

"You okay?" he asked, looked into her eyes.

They where so close.

So, so close.

She could only nod her head.

The two stared into each others eyes.

What was he going to say!

She really, really wanted to know.

It seemed like he had been about to tell her something...Something really important. She could feel it. She gulped.

His features softened as he lifted his hand and dragged his knuckles on her cheek. She got goose bumps as he leaned in a little closer.

Something in his eyes...Something in his eyes was drawing her in. She felt like she was in a trance...She was drowning in them. His composed, calm eyes that where filled with something. Something that was burning. Her lips twitched as he breath washed over them. They where inches apart now, and his fingers ghosted over her skin in a brilliant way, causing her to get pleasant shivers.

"Haruhi..." he started.

Everything else around them became quiet.

The screaming girls.

The children.


All that was important now was them.

"Haruhi, I-"

"A job well down!"

Suddenly, Hunny was slapped on the back, jostling the two and bringing their attention back to the crowd. Embarrassed, Haruhi pulled away from the now blushing blond as the fat policemen smiled.

"I'm impressed boy! Greatly impressed!"

Haruhi sweat dropped.

"No problem..."

The fat man held out his hand to Hunny, who shook it.

"Sergeant Himan, son. We really appreciate the help."

"You really where amazing!" Mouse man said, starry eyed.

"Thanks. It was really no problem." Hunny smiled his award winning smile.

The crowd of new fan girls gushed.

"He's so cute!"

"Wow! I wish I had a cute guy like him!"

"hey, hey, outta my way dammit!"

Haruhi sweat dropped as she heard Amai's loud voice, and saw some people being gruffly pushed. Amai emerged from the cowed with a wide grin, her scariness fading just as Hunny's had. As she watched over Nemui trailed after her, puffing his cigarette with his hands in his pockets.

"Wow! Nice moves! Where did you learn that?" Amai smiled and held out her fist for Hunny to bump. Hunny, confused, stared at her knuckles (Which held the tattoo LOVE, with each letter written on her finger) while raising an eyebrow.

Haruhi sweat dropped. Of coarse he doesn't know what a fist bump is...

Straight faced, Nemui picked up Hunny's hand, curled the Lolita's fingers into a fist, and bumped Amai's. Hunny looked even more confused but smiled.

"yes! Please tell us!" Mouse man said.

"Um, it's a family thing." Hunny smiled and held up his hands as he backed away.

"The 'Haninozuka way'." Haruhi made air quotations.

Hunny shot her a death glare, and she was confused for a moment. But when she saw the faces of the police men and Amai light up, she remembered the family's reputation.

Amai gasped, and placed her hands on his shoulders.

"Haninozuka? As in the developers of the Haninozuka way?" She squealed like a schoolgirl.

"who hold the honor of winning the nation karate tournament four years in a row!"

"Yep. This is my girlfriend." Nemui said dryly as he crushed his cigarette under his battered shoe. Haruhi sweat dropped at how excited she was. She hadn't seen that kind of sparkle in her eye since the shoe sale they had run into five stores ago. Amai had nearly bitten a woman who had tried to take a pair of black, knee length boots before the Yankee did. Haruhi shivered at the memory and returned to the present.

"Aw..." Unaru pouted upon hearing the news.

"Um...Yes?" Hunny answered, sweat dropping at their excitement.

"That's amazing!" The mouse man exclaimed.

"No wonder! The Haninozuka's are famous for their fighting ability!" Himan proclaimed.

The tall Yankee girl began to jump up and down, completely destroying the image of the fearsome street thug she had portrayed moments ago.

"I've always, always wanted to learn the Haninozuka style! Ever since I took karate in junior high! I had to quit because I dropped out!" her eyes sparkled, and Haruhi sweat dropped again.

She dropped out of junior high?

"Why didn't you just rejoin when you went to high school/" Haruhi asked.

"They wouldn't let her..." Nemui whispered to the brunette.

She was about to ask why, but the look on his face told her not to.

"My great great great grandfather was a student of your ancestor!" Tokage proclaimed.

"Ha ha...Great." Hunny said uneasily.

Haruhi felt a little guilty for putting him in this situation. Especially when the Yankee dropped to the ground and bowed deeply at Hunny, who looked baffled and a slight bit embarrassed.

"Sensei!" The Yankee said respectively.

Looking up at Nemui for help, Haruhi frowned when she saw that he was looking at something on his cell phone. She frowned. "um, aren't you going to do something? She's...On the ground..."

And she was causing another scene.

He took his lazy eyes off the screen and shook his head.

"Can't mess with her when she's this serious. I don't wanna die young."

"Sensei, I beg you to teach me!" Amai shouted, then looked back up at Hunny with a focused expression Haruhi hadn't seen before, "I swear I'll be a great student!"

The crowed of new onlookers and the idiotic policemen held their breath. Haruhi flicked a speck of dirt off her shoulder as Neumi light another cigarette.

Haruhi wondered if they where ever going to that stupid banquet.

"Um...I don't know...I don;t really teach anymore." Hunny said.

"Just say yes. She'll bug you for the rest of your life if you refuse." Nemui groaned.

Like Haruhi, he also wanted to leave. Her legs where begging to cramp.

Amai stared up at Hunny with that unwavering, stern face.

Hunny sighed and closed his eyes.


Jumping up in the air and raising a fist Amai yelled in joy as the crowd of people cheered.

Haruhi sweat dropped.

"Oh brother..." She said under her breath.

Hunny held up a finger, "But if I see that your not trying, I'm done! I won't take whining, or excuses!"

Amai clapped her hands in front of her face and bowed. "Yes Sensei!"

Haruhi rolled her eyes, "Um, can we go now?" She asked, holding up her bags.

"Ya, I'm tired and hungry." Nemui complained.

"aw shut up. You ate before we left." Amai snapped, breaking out of her girlish bliss and glaring at her complaining boyfriend.

Fuming, blood vessels began to appear on Nemui's forehead (The ports not concealed by his shaggy bangs). "That was seven hours ago! And all I had was a left over pork bun!, from my lunch"

Haruhi sweat dropped along with Hunny.

"Well that's your fault for not having a better lunch." Amai rolled her eyes, making her way to the limo.

Are they really a couple?

"Ugh! Why can't you be a normal, cute girlfriend who makes her hard working boyfriend a homemade bento! You know, the kind with the onigiri with heart shaped fillings, cute little sausage shaped like octopus...!" He said with dreamy eyes.

Haruhi rolled her eyes while Hunny smiled into the distance, seeing some sort of vision.

"You know I ain't wasting my time cooking when you can just buy school bread!" Amai growled and rolled up her sleeves, then turned to the crowd. She glared at everyone and they all shivered in fear.

"What! There ain't a show go'in on! Scram!"

The people jumped and began to clear a path to the limo instead of leaving. Amai growled then turned her attention to the police officers, who (except the blond who was watching the complaining fugitives) where bowing to Hunny.

"And you guys! What kinda policemen are you! Take those two guys to jail!"

The gleam in her dark eyes nearly made the men piss their pants.

"Pleasure meeting you!" Himan oinked to Hunny.

"I'll never forget you!" Mouse man squeaked.

"We're grateful to you!"The lanky man bowed.

"Call me." The blond winked as she blew a kiss to Hunny and slipped a piece of paper in his jacket pocket seductively.

Haruhi's eyebrow twitched as she watched the fools leave through the crowd.

Amai turned back to the three of them, who where starring at her.

"What!" She shouted.

Ignoring her, Nemui turned to Haruhi and grabbed onto her hands.

"Haruhi, do you make Hunny lunch?"

"Are you still on that!" Amai shouted.

"No." She answered, deadpan.

"What! And you seem like the kind of girlfriend who would!"

She blushed but kept a straight face.

"A) we're not going out. And B)Our schools lunch is really good. I doubt Senpai would want a crummy bento when he could be eating divine lunches everyday."

Which was the truth, considering Haruhi's bento mostly consisted of leftovers,while the schools food was prepared by chefs. Plus, Hunny mostly just ate cake.

"That's not true."

Frowning, Nemui and Haruhi both turned to look at Hunny, who was the color of a tomato.

"Huh?" Haruhi asked.

"I would eat a bento if you made it, Haruhi." he said, with seemingly less confidence now.

Simultaneously, she and the blond blushed.

For some reason, Haruhi's heart began to beat faster, and her palms began to sweat.

Hunny and Haruhi stared at each other for a moment, both at a loss for what to say as the crowd of school girls gushed.

"How romantic!"

"He's so cute!"


"A prince!"

"I THOUGHT I TOLD YA TO LEAVE!" Amai raged at the fans.

In a slit second, the crowd was gone, leaving the four.

"Hey Hunny! You gonna stare at her all night?" Nemui asked from far away.

Haruhi jumped and looked back to see he and Amai where already making their way to the limo. She looked over to meet Hunny's eyes, and blushed. Trying to calm herself she briskly made her way to the limo along with Hunny, who kept his distance from her. Sliding in before him, she found Amai to already be lounging in the leather.

"Confessing to each other after he heroically stuck up for you." Amai said as Haruhi took a seat in the comfortable car. "You two are better than a Shojo manga." The Yankee winked.

"We weren't confessing anything!" Haruhi snapped.

Amai smirked.

"Then why are you blushing so much?"

"I'm not."

"Oh ya? Hey Hunny, doesn't Haruhi look a little pin-" Amai shouted to the blond who was still standing outside with Nemui as he finished his cigarette.

Haruhi clamped her hand down on the Yankee's mouth. She narrowed her eyes at the smiling, black orbs.

Just then, the car door opened, revealing and oblivious Hunny, who crawled in. Haruhi sighed in relief that he hadn't heard anything. Hunny and Nemui slid into the seats opposite of them.

"Wow! I've only been in a limo once! And that was when I had to make a deal with a Yakuza lord! This is completely different! You can't smoke in here..." Amai said, completely ignoring the fuming brunette and the prior conversation.

Haruhi and Hunny both sweat dropped, but Nemui seemed unfazed as he took out his cell phone."I hope we make it back in time before curfew. The hotel might not let us in." he murmured, then shot a death glare at his girlfriend, "If someone hadn't taken hours to shop, we would have been at the party by now."

Amai held up her hands. "A girl had to look good. Plus, the people at the hotel can suck it. That place is almost as crappy as my folks house."

Haruhi's eyebrows pulled together in confusion. "Hotel? I thought you lived in an apartment?"

"Ya, we are, but it's going through an extermination right now." He explained.

Hunny and Haruhi's eyes bugged.

"Ya, apparently the people in 3C have rats." Amai wrinkled her nose and leaned down to rummage in the mini fridge. She smiled as she pulled out a coke.

The car was silent as she popped the tab.

"Do you have a nice land lady?" Haruhi asked, her voice dead.

After Amai took a few gulps she smiled, "Ya, she makes us cookies sometimes, and helps me out when I forget my key. She doesn't get pissy like other land ladies." She frowned,t hen continued to chug the carbonated beverage.

"She always makes us dinner whenever Amai burns something." Neumi smiled, but frowned when his shin was kicked. "it's true."

"Is their a little dog named Shinjuku that barks really loud sometimes?" Haruhi asked, testing her hypothesis.

Nemui looked at his girlfriend, who cracked her knuckles.

"We don't speak that name around Amai." Nemui explained, then tilted his head to the side, "Why do you ask anyway?"

Haruhi sighed.

"Ginza Apartments?"

Nemui and Amai both blinked at her.

"I live there."

Amai embraced Haruhi in a bear hug as Nemui began to laugh.

"This is so great Haruhi! Now I can see you all the time!"

Haruhi didn't know why, but she didn't decline. She really liked Amai. For some reason...

"What's your apartment number?" Nemui asked as he went to light another cigarette. Hunny grabbed his cigarette and shook his head.

"Ah! No more! You've had way too many!" The Lolita announced, and put the cigarette in his pocket. Neumi scowled and stuck out his tongue.

"5B." Haruhi answered.

"Wow! That's great! We're in 8B! That's just a few doors down." Amai grinned.

"Who do you live with?" Nemui asked as he frowned at Hunny.

"Just my dad. My mom passed away when I was five."

"Oh, I'm sorry." Amai frowned.

Haruhi smiled the same smile she did at the club, and looked down at her hands.

"Nah, it's okay. I miss her, but I'm doing fine."

It was quiet in the car, and she looked up to see Hunny, Nemui and Amai starring at her in a way that reminded her of Tamaki and the twins. She sweat dropped as Amai hugged her and rubbed her cheeks on the top of her head.

"Your so, so cute Haruhi!"

"Super cute!" Nemui proclaimed.

Haruhi frowned and Hunny just smiled.

For some reason, she felt like she was with the rest of the club.

And that reminded her.

"Hunny-Senpai, do you think Mori-Senpai is going to be at the banquet?"

The Lolita smiled, "Most likely."

"Who's Mori?" Nemui asked, raising his pierced eyebrow.

"Hunny-Senpai's cousin. He's really..." Haruhi thought for a moment for a word to describe their tall, quiet friend. "Stoic?"

"Huh. Sounds boring." Amai said as she held her Coke can over her mouth, trying to get the last drop.

"Oh, Takashi isn't boring1 I've known him since I was born! He's really nice. And honest." Hunny smiled warmly, probably thinking of the gentle giant himself.

Haruhi smiled.

"Wow, since you where born? Are you brothers?" Nemui asked as he took a swig of his own Coke.

"Na, he serves me." Hunny said brightly.

Amai dropped her can as Nemui spit out his coke.

"He serves you?" Amai asked as Nemui tried to catch his breath.

"Well, he doesn't have to, since out families are now joined through marriage. But he just does."Hunny explained the confused commoners.

Haruhi sympathized with them. She felt the same way...

"it's a rich people thing." she simply said.

"Oh..." The pair said, and stared at Hunny (who was oblivious) in awe.

"So," Nemui said, trying to change the subject, "Hunny tells me you two are in a club together."
Haruhi's eyes widened.

"Oh? A club? What kind?" Amai asked.

No, no, no. please don't answer...

"A host club."

Amai crushed her empty coke can, and once again, Nemui's soda was sprayed everywhere.

"A...Host club?" Amai asked, sweat dropping.

Haruhi wanted to die.

"Ya, we entertain the girl at school. There's me, the Lolita-shota. Takashi, the Silent tyre, Hikaru and Kaoru the Little Devil type, Kyoya the Cool type, Tamaki the prince type, and Haruhi," He looked at her and smiled, "The natural."

At the word natural, Haruhi felt like she was stabbed.

"So you...Like what, strip for them?" Amai asked.

Hunny tilted his head to the side and Haruhi blushed and waved her hands in front of her face.

"'s more like a big tea party..." She tried to explain.

"Like a fancy strip joint?" Nemui asked.

"Why are you in the club? Your a girl?" Amai asked.

Haruhi took a deep breath. This was the tricky part.

"Well, I owe them money." The host sighed.

"How much?" The two asked at the same time.

"Eight million yen." Hunny answered simply.

The two fell off their seats.

"E-e-eight m-m-million y-yen?" Nemui stammered as he crawled back to his seat.

"What the hell did you do!" Amai asked.

"She broke a vase." Hunny answered again.

Haruhi sighed as the two stared at her like an idiot.

"A vase?" Amai said skeptically.

"Must have been one nice vase..." Nemui whistled.

"So, do you dress like a boy?" Amai asked, frowning.

"Ya, and she looks really good in her uniform!," Hunny smiled, then frowned, "Well, she looks good in the girls uniform too. As long as she doesn't go back to the way she looked before, then it's fine."

Haruhi sweat dropped along with the baffled passengers.

"And how did she look before?" Nemui asked, raising an eyebrow.

Before she could answer, Hunny whipped out his cell phone and showed the screen to the two. On display was a photograph of Haruhi before the club had made her over. A blood vessel formed on her forehead as the two awed.

"Wow! You look so much better now!" Amai awed.

"High five man, nice work." Nemui raised his hand up for Hunny to slap it, which he did.

Haruhi sighed. She guessed that they thought she was some weirdo now, and that they wouldn't want to be friends. And all because of the stupid club...

"Hey," Amai smiled, touching her shoulder, "Don't worry. We aren't gonna stop being your friends just because of that."

Haruhi's eyes widened. It was like she knew what she was thinking...

"Ya, we're pretty strange ourselves." Nemui smiled.

"You may be but I'm not..."Amai said as she popped open another soda.

"Your the one who used to pluck her eyebrows and beat up girls 'cuz they where on your turf or whatever." Nemui snickered.

She kicked his shin again. "Shut up! At least I didn't let myself get harassed by a bunch of chicks! If I hadn't been there, you would have been eaten alive!"

Nemui closed his eyes and yawned. "I could have handled it."

Amai narrowed her eyes and looked at Haruhi.

"Says the guy that can't even make his own bento."

"I told ya, your supposed to make it!" Nemui growled.

Amai leaned back and crossed her arms over her chest.

"This isn't a manga. I'm not gonna be like some cheeky little girl who timidly makes a cute lunch with heart shaped onigiri for the guy I like. Wake up and smell the sake."

Haruhi grinned. She liked Amai. She was sharp, knew how to handle herself.

"Aw, but that's so mean. Nemui really wants to try Amai's cooking!" Hunny said as he consoled a now sobbing Nemui.

"Your horrible! You demon woman!" Nemui sobbed.

"Ah shut up!" Amai growled, kicking him again.

Nemui gathered up his tears and narrowed his eyes at her.

"Fine, then we're not sleeping together tonight."

Haruhi rolled her eyes as Hunny blushed.

"I wasn't planning on it anyway." Amai said as she chugged down her soda.

"What!" Nemui yelled.

"I'm not gonna pleasure you after all you did was whine about how hungry you where all day, and how I don't make you octopus shaped wieners." Amai burped as she crushed the can.

Nemui fainted, and Haruhi sweat dropped as Hunny fretted over him.

"Men," Amai snickered, then turned her attention to Haruhi, "know what I mean?"

Haruhi smiled as she watched Hunny nearly cry over the still unconscious Nemui. She could hardly believe this was the guy who had looked so strong that day.

Had made her heart beat so fast.

How had her breath caught when he hadn't finished one sentence...

"Ya." The girl smiled warmly at her savior.

"Someone's got a crush..." Amai sang.

Haruhi turned to her, about to snap, when the car came to a stop.

"Master Mitsukuni, we have arrived." The driver announced.

"Ooh, master is it?" Nemui teased, coming out of his daze to grin at Hunny.

"This is gonna be great!" Amai grinned rubbing her hands together.

Haruhi felt the dread washing over her in waves as the couple got out of the car.

As she got up to get out, she tripped over Hunny, who was also trying to leave at the same time. They rolled over each other for a moment, and Haruhi opened her eyes to find herself face to face with a blushing Lolita.

Currently, he was sitting back in the seats of the limo, as she straddled him.

Her heart beat wildly, and she could feel her heart beat going up.

She heard Amai and Nemui bickering about how many bags the Yankee has as the girl dug around in the trunk, cussing loudly.

What if they saw them like this?

Surely they looked really...

Hunny smiled, bringing her attention back to him. He wrapped his arms around her waist, surprising her and making her blush even deeper.

"Hi." he drawled, his voice going back to that soft tone it had been when he had first consoled her about the thunder. How it had been when this all started.


Hunny placed a finger on her lips, silencing her.

Her eyes widened, and her heart began to beat so loudly she could hear it in her ears. She felt the same way she had in her dream. Hot...All she could see where his delicate features, his long, thick eyelashes fanning against his pale cheeks as he blinked his large eyes. He gave her a serene, inhumanly beautiful smile that would make angel jealous. He was so...Perfect.

He took his finger off of her lips, but trailed his delicate hand to her chin. He took it in his grasp and moved her face closer to his. His breath tickled over hers, and her lips twitched.

The faint smell of honeysuckle washed up to her nose.

"You scarred me today..." Hunny said softly.

His warm eyes took on a hint of sadness.

"I did?" She whispered.

They where so close, their lips where nearly touching.

"Yes...I thought you where hurt."

She smiled nervously.

"You don't have to worry me Senpai, I could have handled it."

He pulled away from her, his eyes widening.

Not understanding her reaction, she cocked her head to the side.

A smirk formed on his lips, and he dropped his hand.

"Then I guess you won't be needing this then?"

Her eyes doubled as he held up her wallet.

"When did...?"

She hadn't even noticed it was missing!

"He took it when you landed on him. I thought you wouldn't have noticed. He was good at his job..." He looked from her wallet to her, "But, you could have handled it, right?" he asked.

She didn't understand his tone. It was like he was angry or something...

"Hunny- Senpai, why are you angry?" She asked.

A blush spread on his cheeks and he looked away.

"I'm not angry."

She knew he was lying.

"Your lying."

"I'm not." He said fiercely. She couldn't see his eyes now. They where hidden, even though they where so close.

"Senpai, tell me the truth."

He didn't answer.

Angry, Haruhi grabbed the sides of his face and forced him to look at her.

She blushed along with him when she realized how close they where, but she saw the anger in his eyes. The tears in them.

"I was scarred that that man was going to hurt you!" The hurt blond shouted, " Do you know how worried I was? And you just...You think you can handle anything Haruhi. But your a girl...Your," His face softened as he placed his delicate fingers on her cheek...

it was silent as they stared into each others eyes.

"Your...Very important to me, Haruhi." he whispered.

She felt her stomach do a flip flop as Hunny laced his fingers in her hair at the back of her head, drawing her in closer. His scent moved over her, lulling her with it's sweet burning aroma.

What was happening?

Their lips met, and Haruhi closed her eyes.

It was soft, sweet, and everything it had been in her dream.

But this was better. This was real...

His lips molded over her own, and the arm that was wrapped around her waist pulled her in closer to him. She could feel his heart beat against her own. Could feel his warmth. He kissed her lips gently, not moving to go any further, but keeping it innocent and sweet. His soft fingers rubbed on the side of her cheek, and she felt something building inside of her.

A need.

A want.

And Haruhi discovered something...This felt...


No, better than good...She couldn't describe it. She was at a loss for words.

She shivered when he pulled away, and his velvety lips where gone from her own. Her body felt like it was floating, and she opened her eyes slowly to see him looking away from her.

What did this mean? What was happening?

She didn't understand.

The blushing boy's eyes met hers, and she felt herself being drawn in again.

"Haruhi," he whispered, "I-"

"Master Mitsukuni, your friends are waiting."

Haruhi fell off the blushing boys lap as the driver rolled down the divider that was behind Hunny's head.

She felt so ridiculously embarrassed and she scrambled out of the car quickly.

The inexperienced didn't know what to do in this kind of situation...Didn't know how she felt. How she was supposed to feel. She had never liked anyone before! Never been with anyone before! Her first kiss had been by accident! But this...This had been on purpose. He had...

Oh god, he did it! He kissed me!

Her heart was pounding.

This was all happening so fast.

"Wow, you look really red," Amai said, then grinned darkly, "did something happen?"

"Ya, you two took a really long time in there." Nemui wiggled his eyebrows.

Haruhi couldn't answer. She just blushed and looked down at the ground.

"whoa, did something really happen?" Amai asked coming up to Haruhi to inspect her closer.

"Hey guys, lets go inside."

Haruhi nearly fainted at the sound of Hunny's voice.

She could' look at him. She faint. She could feel it.

The host was burning. She didn't know what to do.

What's happening?

Ya, i know. they haven't even gotten to the stupid banquet! ugh, that's gonna be a drag to write. Well, what did yall think? i couldn't take it anymore. They had to kiss! Ah, and so beats their young hearts.