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Also, please be warned. There are some themes in here that may not bode well with some of you. Read at your own risk!

"Why are we here?"

Kensi rolled her eyes at Deeks, a sigh of exasperation passing through her lips. Her blonde-haired partner strode close to her side, almost too close, as they trailed a few yards behind Callen and Sam. Their shoes made the slightest of crunching sounds as they walked across the blacktop that made up the floor of the old basketball courts.

"There's someone we need to see," Kensi replied, drifting away from her partner in an attempt to keep some space between them.

"Who is it?" Deeks pointed at Callen and Sam. "I mean, it's got to be somebody important, right? They're just about ready to jump out of their pants."

"Look," Kensi snapped, her voice surprisingly quiet, "I really don't know much. I've never met this girl."

Deeks's eyebrows rose. "Oh? So it's a woman! Of course. Why else would Callen and Sam be arguing?"

"Because they're like a married couple," Kensi muttered, more to herself than in response to Deeks. "Anyway, yeah, she's got to be important if we're paying her a visit."

Deeks frowned, his eyes roaming the unkempt school grounds. "So…what do you know about her, then?"

"Not much." Kensi glanced over her shoulder, a string of cuss words floating to her ears. "Callen mentions her from time to time."

"Does Sam know her?"

"Yeah. It seems that way, at least." Kensi shrugged. "Come to think of it, yeah. Whenever Callen mentions her, the both of them get this funny, know-it-all smile and start talking about random memories or something. It's weird."

"Huh." Deeks rapped his knuckles against the nearest pole as they passed the last of the basketball courts. "What are we doing at a school, then? Is she a teacher? A PE coach, maybe?"

"I don't know."

"I thought you knew a lot of things."

Kensi's dark eyes flashed daggers. "Don't even try it, Deeks."

"Alright, alright." Deeks's arms went up in self-defense, already expecting Kensi to smack him. "But, seriously, what else do you know about this chick?"

Kensi pursed her lips. Before she could reply, however, Callen and Sam's voices drifted over to them, booming across the ground as their argument turned heated.

"I get to say hi first," Sam said, glaring at his partner.

"No! I get to say hi to her first!" Callen met Sam's glare with one nearly twice as intense. "She likes me better!"

"You got to say hi first last time!"

"Who cares? You know she wants to see me."

Deeks let out a low whistle. "She must be some chick. Think she's hot?"

Kensi rolled her eyes. "Anyway, from what Sam says, Callen would marry this girl in an instant."

Deeks stopped in his tracks. "You're kidding!"

"Nope." Kensi continued onward without him, topping the small hill emerging from the dying grass.

"Why hasn't he, then?"

On the longest stretch of green grass, a line of teenagers hit golf balls at a small target, hoping to somehow chip the ball into the basket. The clicks and clacks of various contacts with the balls echoed across the way, a wave of white golf balls raining down near the target – and not so near for some. A man stood off to the side, instructing the few teenagers without golf clubs on the basics of the sport. The kids' backs were turned to the NCIS team as they approached.

Callen and Sam stopped arguing in an instant, almost coming to a complete standstill behind the teenagers. Sam leapt forward, eliciting a "Hey!" from Callen.

"Jenny!" Sam cried.

"Why hasn't he married her, then?" Deeks repeated, stopping a few feet away from Callen and Sam.

One of the golfers, hair pulled back into a loose ponytail, slowly turned away from the rest of group. Deeks caught the flash of dark brown eyes. Callen's breath stopped in his chest.

"Sam!" The girl dropped her golf club as Sam pulled her into an embrace. "It's so good to see you!"

"It's so good to see you, too," the black man replied, grinning as he pulled away.

Deeks turned to Kensi, his jaw dropping. She met his astonished expression with one of her own, still overwhelmed from the information Sam had told her days earlier when Callen hadn't been around.

"She's sixteen," Kensi said, finally answering Deeks's question. "That's why Callen hasn't married her."

"Holy crap," Deeks whispered, rubbing his eyes in disbelief. "He would marry her?"

"And what about me?" Callen asked.

Jenny broke away from Sam and turned to face Callen. The NCIS agent, baby blues still open in the expression of awe and reverence that Jenny was so familiar with, offered the girl a crooked smile. They approached each other slowly, a broad grin stretching across the girl's face.

"You know you'll always be my favorite, G," she said.

Callen swooped her up in a big huge, squeezing her tight to him. She squealed in response and laughed, her arms circling around his neck and hanging on for support as she squeezed him with all her might. The rubber band holding her hair together flew off as Callen spun Jenny around, her hair cascading down and around her shoulders, a mass of brown silkiness. Sam folded his arms over his chest and couldn't help but smirk, a light chuckle coming from deep within his chest. Kensi and Deeks stared in surprise and confusion, startled by the display of affection on Callen's part. The man finally set the girl back down on her feet, although he didn't disengage from the hug.

"God, I missed you," he said, kissing her on the cheek.

"I missed you, too." Jenny kissed his cheek in return, her lips rubbing against his stubble; she finally pulled away from the hug and glanced between Callen and Sam. "What are you guys doing here?"

"Looking for you," Sam retorted before Callen could say anything, a smug smirk stretching across his face as his partner glared at him.

"It's gotta be more than that," Jenny stated, cocking her head to see around Sam. "You brought the whole team."

She approached the two agents who had hung back, their mouths still agape with astonishment. She offered them a friendly smile, the laughter and happiness in her eyes from seeing Callen diminishing only slightly as she focused her attention on the agents she was unfamiliar with.

"I'm Jenny," she said, extending her hand to Kensi.

"Kensi Blye." Kensi shook the girl's hand, startled by the girl's firm and professional grip. "And this douche over here is Marty Deeks."

Jenny extended her hand to the blonde, her brow furrowing. She glanced over her shoulder at Callen and Sam. "He reeks like LAPD."

"Jesus!" Deeks, midway into Jenny's handshake, threw his hands up in the air. "Even a teenager can tell I'm LAPD. What is with that? Is it the cologne I wear? How I dress?"

Jenny laughed, the chuckling of Sam and Callen echoing behind her. Kensi cracked a smirk and stated, "Deeks is our LAPD liaison."

Jenny winced. "Ouch. Did these guys give you a hard time?" she asked, jerking her thumb over her shoulder at Callen and Sam.

"Yeah," Deeks admitted, glaring at them.

"Hey," Callen said, coming up behind Jenny, "he deserved it. You know how we don't get along with the LAPD. We just figured he was another scumbag who – "

Jenny smacked Callen in the gut, cutting his sentence short. She shook her head as Callen darted out of her reach, a playful grin stretching from ear to ear.

"You shouldn't treat the poor man like that!" Jenny shook her head again and offered Deeks an apologetic smile. "You have to admit, they are right. NCIS and local police forces have never gotten along. Just ask Gibbs or Dinozzo. They've had problems with the CIA and FBI since the beginning."

Deeks's eyes widened. "You know the NCIS team back East?"

Jenny's eyes flashed. "I know a lot of people, Agent Deeks."

"It's Marty," he muttered as Jenny left him and Kensi. "I hate being called Agent Deeks."

"Seriously, though," Jenny said, approaching Callen and Sam, "why are you guys here?"

Sam frowned and glanced at Callen. "Your call, buddy."

"You just don't want to make her mad," Callen retorted, glaring at his partner. "Listen, Jenny, we need your help."

"And you thought that would make me mad?" Jenny burst into laughter. "Boy, we have really been away from each other too long, haven't we?"

"I'll say."

"Anyway," Sam said, stressing the word, his eyes darting between Callen and Jenny, "we'll tell you all about it when we get back to the office."

Jenny's face split into an excited grin. "Hell yes! Take me away from this dump!"

"With pleasure." Callen grabbed Jenny's hand and tugged her away from the golfers. "I still can't believe you're playing golf."

"Hey, it's all because of that guy's fault." She pointed to the man who had been instructing the kids. He, along with everybody else, stared at them, their faces expressions of confusion. "He challenged me."

"I thought that was two years ago."

"Man," Jenny whispered, shaking her head as Callen led her away from the field, "it's been that long, hasn't it?"

"Two years, three months, and six days," Callen muttered, meeting Jenny's brown-eyed gaze with his blue-eyed one. "But, hey, we meet again. I told you I would come back for you."

Jenny's grin changed to a pleased smile. "I know."

Still rooted to the spot, Deeks turned to Kensi. "He wants to marry her?" he repeated, eyes wide.

Kensi managed to nod. "But he can't. Not yet, anyway."


"Why what?"

"Why would he want to marry her?"

Sam came up behind the duo, startling them out of their skins with his voice. "Because he loves her." His dark eyes met Kensi's and Deeks's with an intensity that challenged them to say something about the age difference; he shrugged. "He saved her life, and she saved his. They've been close ever since."

Deeks and Kensi shared a glance of surprise. Deeks opened his mouth, said, "But she's, like, sixteen. That's – "

Sam's glare silenced him. "She'll be seventeen in two days."

The duo waited for Sam to get a few yards ahead of them before they started walking back to the car. They lapsed into silence, both battling with their inner confusion and disbelief, along with whatever immoral implications they saw between Callen and Jenny. Finally, Deeks spoke up, his voice utterly quiet.

"What do you think they saved each other from?" he asked, casting a glance at Kensi beneath his eyebrows.

Kensi shook her head slowly. "I have no idea."