Love's Curfew

Susan didn't want him. At least, she wasn't in love with him, or so she told herself. It was just loneliness; her body reacting because he was the only one who gave her that kind of attention, who flirted and teased her mercilessly and made her feel like an ordinary girl again. She knew Link only ever meant it half-heartedly, that it was part of their easy banter and that really, truly he had no romantic interest in her whatsoever.

He was her dearest friend. She had changed him for the better and they both knew it. She had warmed his cold blood a little, picked up the tattered remains of his ego and he had rescued her in return, but friends didn't do what she couldn't help herself picture them doing. And picture it she did. And did and did and did. In the dead of night, to the background soundtrack of B.O.B.'s snores and the gentle whirr of the doctor's lab, she pictured him and sometimes a more dangerous part of her mind would wonder if he was in his room, picturing her.

Susan tried not to analyse it or understand it; the way her heart leapt just a little more each time he strolled into the hangar, the way he gently teased her or shared a joke only they were privy to, the way her skin burned as he leaned just a little closer to her. Link was crude, verging on egotistical, and his cynical colouring of the world often clashed violently with her somewhat idealistic views. But he was also endearing and selfless; the level-headed, albeit often sarcastic, voice of rationality to the doctor's eccentric tricks. Even their quarrels made her heart race in a way that both baffled and excited her. She had never fought with Derek, never questioned his ideals or motives, but it was different with Link. When they fought or joked or laughed together it felt real, not contrived and forced as her relationship with Derek had been. Despite their differences, Susan and Link were a team far more formidable than she and Derek had ever been.

She told herself she was mixing up her feelings, that it was just her loneliness and his attention - the way his eyes often lingered on her a second too long, his expression a fraction too intense - that caused her to wonder, just wonder, what it might be like to have him hold her, even kiss her. And in the middle of the night, when everyone was asleep and she was alone, her mind hidden from guilt in the dark and safe to think freely of him without interruption, she told herself it was just a bit of fun. They were only fantasies. They didn't mean a thing. Not a thing. At all.

Except, she knew they did.

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