Here's my attempt at writing fan fictions. Hopefully it's a good enough one. In this one, I decided to do a crossover between Good Luck Charlie and the Suite Life series.

Some of the characters in Good Luck Charlie reminded me of certain characters in the Suite Life series which is one reason I decided to do a crossover between the two shows.

As is the case with this story and future chapters of this story, I do not own Good Luck Charlie, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, and the Suite Life on Deck or its characters.

I am not implying anything about the personal lives or sexuality of the actors and actresses on the shows on which this story is based.

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The Duncan family had just won an all-expenses paid cruise on the S.S. Tipton which included travel and accommodations to Boston where they would board the ship. The Duncans would be pampered throughout the whole trip, both in Boston and on the ship. The timing could not have been more perfect for the Duncans as the date of Bob and Amy's wedding anniversary was going to occur during the trip and Teddy had a difficult time dealing with her breakup with Spencer and felt that she just needed to get away. PJ was looking forward to the trip as he knew that a cruise ship would be an opportunity to pick up girls in bikinis even though he had been dealing with certain feelings of late and Gabe looked forward to the trip because he knew he could get and take advantage of a lot of free stuff. For Charlie, this was the first time the Duncans had been on a family trip together since she was born.

The flight to Boston was first class and of course the whole family felt as if they died and went to heaven as Bob and Amy had as much champagne as they could handle, Teddy indulged in salmon and other dishes which were considered "high-end" as she was always trying to act 45 rather than 15, PJ and Gabe stuffed their faces with as much junk food and soda as possible knowing that it was all free and that their parents said that they can eat whatever they wanted to during the holiday, and Charlie enjoyed all the milk and cookies as well as the odd cup of apple juice. The family looked forward to the rest of the trip if flying first class was this wonderful. The Duncans were to stay at the Tipton Hotel for four nights before they were to board the ship for the cruise. After seeing the hotel from the outside as they got out from their limousine, Gabe just stared at the outside of the hotel and started drooling thinking of all the free stuff he could take advantage of there while everyone else was focused on unloading the luggage from the car and checking in. Norman and Esteban gave the Duncans a hand with the luggage and placed the bags on the luggage cart and wheeled it up to the front desk as Bob and Amy checked in.

Inside the hotel, Bob and Amy were met at the front desk by Mr. Moseby who processed the necessary paperwork and magnetized the room cards before handing it to Bob and Amy. Mr. Moseby had explained to them that they simply had to show the staff their room cards in order to take advantage of the fact that they did not have to pay for any of the merchandise or services. Mr. Moseby was also aware of the fact that Bob and Amy were celebrating their anniversary and politely asked if they had made plans already. After learning that Bob and Amy had not made any plans yet, Mr. Moseby suggested that he make reservations at the hotel's restaurant and that the dinner would be included in the package. Bob simply shrugged his shoulders because he just wanted to get to his room and take a nap while Amy was excited at the thought of eating in a five-star restaurant.

"Who's going to look after Charlie?" Amy asked.

"Oh, don't worry about that Mrs. Duncan. Our fine babysitting service is at your disposal should you decide you and Mr. Duncan want to spend time alone such as tomorrow night. I will make the necessary arrangements," replied Mr. Moseby.

"Oh you're such an angel Mr. Moseby," Amy responded before she was interrupted by Mr. Moseby who said "Please, call me Marion."

"Your mother must be so proud of you," Amy said with a smile.

With a big smile, Mr. Moseby responded "Yes, mother would agree with you."

Amy beckoned her three other children towards her and said "boys, Teddy, this is Mr. Moseby, Mr. Moseby these are my sons PJ and Gabe and my daughter Teddy."

"Pleased to meet you," Mr. Moseby responded with another big smile.

As Mr. Moseby had shaken Teddy's hand and PJ's, he was awaken to a shock when shaking Gabe's hand as he had a buzzer on his hand.

With a big smile on his face as if to show he can take a joke, Mr. Moseby said "I guess I'm going to have to keep my eye on you Za..I mean Gabe. Sorry, you just remind me of a Zack."

Mr. Moseby had informed the Duncans that they would be staying in the penthouse suite and if they needed anything at all, to not hesitate in calling him and also gave them his business card and wrote his cell phone number if they could not get a hold of him. Mr. Moseby had instructed Esteban to take the luggage up to the penthouse and on the way to the elevator with the luggage, Arwin came running out from the back and into the lobby towards the luggage yelling "Mr. Moseby, Mr. Moseby" and without paying attention to the luggage or Esteban, he crashed into the luggage cart and caused all the bags to go flying and as Esteban was knocked backwards and hit one of the tables, the vase started swaying back and forth causing it to fall towards the ground. Almost on cue, Mr. Moseby ran towards the vase and was able to catch it just before it was to hit the ground and shatter into a million little pieces.

"One thousand four hundred thirty-five," Mr. Moseby mumbled under his mouth as he made note of how many times he has had to come to the rescue of the vase.

"What's going on here?" Mr. Moseby demanded to know.

"Oh Mr. Moseby, I had this horrible dream where Arwin came running yelling your name and crashed into me and knocked me backwards and there were bags everywhere and you had to save the vase from shattering," Esteban panted in his aloof Latino accent.

With the vase in his hand, Mr. Moseby pointed to the floor in order to draw Esteban's attention to the mess on the floor. Mr. Moseby also demanded that Arwin help Esteban clean up the mess and replace the bags on the luggage cart. The Duncans had witnessed what had just unfolded causing Bob to say "oh great, we've just checked into a mad house, it's like we never left home." Amy was indifferent to what had just happened while Teddy just wanted to get to the room so she could survey the potential damage to her possessions. PJ started to panic about his guitar.

"I hope they didn't damage my guitar," PJ said.

"Uh, PJ…," Gabe responded while pointing to PJ's back.

PJ looked behind him and noticed he was already carrying his guitar.

"Oh cool, so that's where my guitar went," PJ said as he was relieved that nothing had happened to his guitar.

As the luggage cart was reloaded and wheeled into the elevator with the Duncans, the ride up to the penthouse suite seemed like an eternity although Gabe thought to himself in light of the guitar incident how his older brother can be so dumb. That thought quickly disappeared as everyone stepped out of the elevator along with Esteban following them with the luggage and they entered the spacious room. Gabe just ran to the desk containing a phone, stationary, the phone book, and menus and grabbed the menu which listed all the available offerings in terms of room service. Gabe was immediately in seventh heaven as he carefully studied the menu while Amy placed Charlie on one of the sofas as she tried to sort out the luggage only unpacking what was to be used during the Boston part of their trip in order to save time when it came to packing and unpacking.

Before the luggage was even sorted out, Gabe was already on the phone ordering room service, PJ already had his guitar out and started playing, and Teddy had her phone camera out and recording her first video diary entry since arriving at the hotel for Charlie's benefit. After finding out that Gabe was ordering room service, Teddy and PJ told Gabe what they wanted to eat. Almost a half hour passed before there was a knock at the door and the cry of "room service" by one of the members of the hotel staff. Gabe ran to the door and opened it and in rolled a cart with the order. Gabe had ordered a big sundae with six large scoops of vanilla ice cream, a mound of whipped cream drenched in hot fudge and nuts, topped off with a four cherries. He also ordered a big slice of chocolate cake and a large soda. PJ had ordered a hamburger with a thick sirloin beef patty and four slices of Monterey Jack, Cheddar, Swiss, and Mozzarella cheese along with the usual condiments on the side and a large plate of fries along with a large soda. Teddy had ordered a filet mignon with risotto and a large mineral water. Bob and Amy had seen that the kids had already ordered food and were disappointed they were not asked what they wanted to eat. Bob picked up the phone and called room service and ordered food for himself, Amy, and Charlie. As the kids were finishing their food, the second order had come with Bob ordering what PJ had gotten, Amy had ordered linguine with shrimp and alfredo sauce and a glass of white wine, while Amy had ordered some baby food for Charlie. As Bob and Amy ate their food, Teddy fed Charlie before putting her to bed.

After Bob and Amy finished their food and Charlie had been put to bed, Gabe reached for the remote control for the television and started flipping through the channels while Amy checked out of the list of Pay-Per-View movies that were offered. Amy had shown the list to Bob and pointed to some of the adult movies and started chuckling. Bob looked awkwardly towards the children hoping they were not catching on to what was going on but Teddy seemed to catch on and had a look on her face as if to say "ewww, mental image I don't need." Eventually Gabe settled on a monster truck rally program and watched that for about an hour before starting to doze off. Bob told Gabe that it was probably time for bed now and held his hand because he knew Gabe would not make it to the room he had to share with PJ without falling asleep. PJ started practicing his guitar again although Amy told him to keep the noise down so he would not disturb the other guests. PJ simply played random stuff in order to kill the boredom because he knew there was not much for him to do until the morning. Bob and Amy were quite tired themselves and headed off to bed leaving Teddy and PJ alone doing their own thing.

"So when is this Boston Tea Party going to happen that I keep hearing about in History class?" PJ randomly asked Teddy.

"You're over 230 years too late for that," Teddy responded in an annoying tone pretty much thinking the same thing Gabe had thought about earlier in the elevator. How could she be related to somebody so stupid but then thought that even though he may not be the brightest guy in the world, he still had his moments in terms of being a good brother when she needed him the most.

"Oh, I guess that's one less thing I can do in Boston," responded PJ as he struck that off a list of things to do while in Boston.

Teddy rolled her eyes at PJ and his list, but as PJ continued playing his guitar he started to doze off as well on one of the chairs and fell asleep. Teddy started to fantasize about her surroundings and fell in love with the Tipton Hotel and thought how it was the perfect place to spend the rest of her life. Even though Teddy would never be able to afford to live at the Tipton Hotel that did not stop her from dreaming about the prospect and dozed off on the couch dreaming about living at the Tipton with her prince charming whose face she could not see.

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