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With the Duncans on their way back to Denver, the twins arrived at the hotel and went up to Suite 2330 as their luggage followed them. As they entered their suite, Kurt and Carrie rushed to their blond twins and gave them a big hug. Kurt and Carrie became very emotional when they hugged Cody considering what he had been through while on the ship. Kurt kept asking if Cody was alright and said he would take care of Cody's bullies if necessary. Cody told his father that it was alright and that Mr. Moseby took care of the situation. Carrie could not stop crying as she thought the world of her boys and could not fathom the thought about how she would react if the worst ever happened to them. Cody told his parents that he needed to speak to them as to why him and PJ were picked on. Zack said he would be in their bedroom in order to give them some privacy.

"What's the matter honey?" Carrie asked.

"Well, there was a reason why Jordan and Trent picked on us," Cody struggled to tell his parents.

"Take your time buddy," Kurt said as he could see Cody was having a difficult time saying what he was trying to tell them.

"PJ and I…fooled around…while he was here in the hotel and on the ship. We spent a lot of time together," Cody struggled to say.

"You mean…you like other guys?" Carrie asked as she was caught off guard.

"I don't know," responded Cody.

Both of his parents hugged Cody as they told him it was alright to feel the way he did at his age and that they would support him no matter what even though they were both caught off guard.

"Is PJ your boyfriend?" Carrie asked.

"Well, I don't know. We're just friends with benefits if you know what I mean," Cody responded.

"Do PJ's parents know?" Kurt asked.

"Yes, and they found out the hard way on the ship but they don't have a problem with it now," responded Cody.

"I like PJ. He's a sweet boy and if you were with any guy, I'm happy it's him," Carrie said.

"Ya. He's a special guy," Cody responded which made him miss PJ even more.

"His parents said hello," Cody added as he nearly forgot to mention that.

"I'm glad you came and told your mother and I about this. No matter what, we all love you and we know you're going through a difficult time in your life right now," Kurt said.

"You boys will always be our special little guys," Carrie said as she was also speaking for Kurt.

"Thanks mom. Thanks dad," Cody said as he hugged his parents.

"Does your brother know?" Kurt asked.

"Ya, I told him on the ship. He said it didn't change anything between us," Cody responded.

After telling his parents, Cody went to his room and decided to take a nap and try and think of when a good time would be to call PJ in order to let him know how everything went. Cody eventually got a hold of PJ and let him know that everything went well.

A few months later, Cody received a phone call from PJ telling him that he was able to improve his grades enough to get accepted into college and that he was going to Boston College starting in the upcoming semester. Cody was absolutely thrilled at the fact that PJ was able to do so well academically and knew he could do it. By this time, Cody was about to graduate as well and had been accepted into Harvard. Both of them wished that they would be able to attend each other's graduation ceremony.

Upon hearing the news of PJ attending Boston College from Cody, Mr. Moseby offered PJ a job of the guitar player in the hotel band where he would be performing with Carrie and offered him the same perks as Carrie. The job offer was the idea Mr. Moseby had been contemplating on the ship. Mr. Moseby knew how much they cared about each other and thought it was his way of helping out but tried his best at not interfering. Mr. Moseby also thought the job would help PJ pay for school and other necessities. That meant that PJ would have his own suite at the hotel and other benefits but the biggest benefit in PJ's opinion was that he would be with Cody again. Cody was ecstatic about the fact that PJ would be living at the hotel and working with his mom.

Cody and PJ looked forward to writing the next chapter of their lives together.

The story is finally complete.

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