After the Storm

Rated T

Inspired by chapter 130 and After the Storm – Mumford and Sons

Also, just in case you were wondering, the reason I switched between 'we' and 'you' is because generally, they were all thought of as a unit. Like they were The Zodiac or the Sohmas or whatever, and then they kind of became their own person once they were released. If it's annoying or anything just lemme know in one of those nice little reviews we authors strive for ;D Anyways, SPOILERRRRS. Don't read if you haven't finished the manga yet.

Disclaimer: I don't own Fruits Basket. Or the song this is set to.

Song: Mumford and Sons –After the Storm (And this is a song fic, so please listen to the song while reading the story, though no one's forcing you to.)


We spent our lives living as two.

Sure, we acted as though we were one. We looked human, acted human, sounded human. But there was always that presence, that undertone of beast that only we could detect. It devoured us. Made us feel that, no matter what we did, no matter how hard we tried, we couldn't ever be normal. We could never fit in outside of our large, broken family. It hurt. It hurt to push away people who tried to get close to you, tried to care. We were only making things harder for ourselves. But we had no other options. It was our very nature, what we were, that made us this way.

"That which feeds me also destroys me."

And then it was there. The day no one thought would come, barely even dared to hope for. The day we were freed of our inner beasts and were

We felt it the second it happened. We just knew. We were walking. Sitting. Singing, sleeping, dreaming as the two we had always been when, suddenly, you felt it. You felt different. Empty. Not you. Alone.

And then you realized it was quite the contrary. You were more you than you had ever been before. And you cried. You cried because suddenly every reason you were ever upset just disappeared and you were free to do whatever you wanted. There was nothing left to stop you. No small voice in your head saying "can't". It filled you with a feeling of victory, like you could fly and the world was yours for the taking. And you weren't alone in your celebration. You could tell by the looks on your companions' faces, the only friends you ever had, that they knew what happened. They had experienced it too.

There wasn't much feeling of abandonment, if any. We were still a unit, though seemingly unconnected by points other than weird coloring and a common last name.

We could walk through the streets carelessly now, and however trivial that may be to others to us it meant a lot. It meant we were free. It meant we were alive. And we did exactly what our hearts told us to, we left. We went to explore everything we couldn't before.

And we were one.

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