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A Light In The Dark

Chapter 11: You And I

The end of summer was quickly approaching, and many of the campers were getting ready to head home to their parents. Annabeth (along with Clarisse and a couple other campers) were staying of course. But, Annabeth was quite excited because she would get to spend more time on Olympus, continuing to help with the rebuilding efforts. She was also happy because Nico decided that he would spend more time at camp during the off season; usually he would spend a lot of time with Hades in the underworld helping him with certain tasks that needed done.

The atmosphere during the final capture the flag match was…interesting to say the least. Everyone at camp knew about the situation with Annabeth, Nico and Percy and were all taking sides (most of them siding with Percy, which Annabeth could understand). Annabeth's siblings were loyal to her, even if they were a bit angry. The Aphrodite cabin decided to team up with the Athena cabin for the match, because they found Annabeth and Nico's relationship strangely romantic. Nico joined Annabeth's team as well. Percy's team consisted of the Apollo and Ares cabins. Most of the match was spent making sure Percy and Nico didn't try to kill each other again…

Once the match was over (the Athena and Aphrodite cabin winning due to Annabeth's strategy), a large feast was held to celebrate the end of summer. The atmosphere was light and happy, despite the fierce capture the flag match. Annabeth sat with her siblings and Nico, and she couldn't notice Percy looking over at them. Even though they had reached some closure, it was obvious the son of Poseidon was still hurt.

"He's looking over here, you know," said Emma to Annabeth. "I thought you guys smoothed everything over?"

Annabeth took a sip from her goblet before speaking, "I wouldn't say everything is 'smoothed over', but we came to a sort of understanding. He said that he can't forgive me yet, but that maybe someday he could. And…I'm ok with that."

Emma smiled, "I wouldn't worry about him at all Annabeth. Percy's a good looking guy; it won't take long for him to find someone else. Plus, saving Olympus probably helps his chances too."

Annabeth smiled and took another sip from her goblet. She laughed softly when she noticed a couple of girls from the Hermes cabin sit next to him. Yeah, Percy was going to be fine.

Annabeth felt Nico grip her hand. A soothing warmth spread through her body, seeing Nico smile at her like that always made her feel warm. Once they finished eating, the pair made their way from the large group of campers so they could be alone. They walked hand in hand across the field between the cabins and made their way to the Hades cabin. Once inside, they sat in front of the fire like they had always done.

"That wasn't so bad," said Nico with a smile. "They only tried to beat us to a pulp half a dozen times."

Annabeth laughed, "Yeah, but the Ares cabin always does that. I think once camp resumes next summer things will be better. Hopefully this whole thing will blow over."

Nico gripped Annabeth's hand, "It will, don't worry."

Nico looked into Annabeth's stormy eyes. He could not believe his luck; the girl he had been in love with for years was his, and she loved him back. The daughter of Athena ensnared his senses and turned his world upside down. She was intelligent, strong, and the most beautiful girl Nico had ever seen. She was the perfect combination and any man would be lucky to have her. Nico was just happy that he was that lucky man.

"What?" Annabeth said, noticing the way Nico was looking at her.

Nico ran his fingers through Annabeth's silky hair, "Just admiring. You really are beautiful, I hope you know that."

Annabeth's cheeks turned a pretty shade of pink (which Nico thought was adorable), "Thank you. I'm glad you think so. And I hope you know how handsome you are."

It was Nico's turn to blush a little, "If you say so. If you think pale and scrawny is handsome."

Annabeth slapped his arm playfully, "Oh come on, give yourself more credit."

To prove herself, Annabeth wrapped her arms around Nico's neck and kissed him full on the mouth. Nico quickly wrapped his arms around Annabeth's waist, pulling her body flush against his. The softness of Annabeth's lips always surprised him; he never thought anything could feel so good against his own lips. He knew he would never, ever get tired of kissing her or holding her body to his.

Nico pulled away first, "I love you, Annabeth."

"I love you too, Nico," Annabeth replied, her lips practically touching her boyfriend's.

They continued to caress and kiss one another, leaving everything else out of their minds. For so long Nico felt alone and unloved. Even after his father was accepted back on Olympus and his cabin was built, he never felt like he belonged. Kids at camp were afraid of him, and he had a hard time opening up to anyone. Percy, Annabeth and Grover were his only friends and he was thankful to have them in his life.

When his feelings for Annabeth grew into love, Nico remembered the deep sense of dread he felt. 'Annabeth will never love me,' Nico thought to himself on more than one occasion. He feared that she saw him as just a kid, and how could he compare to the hero Percy Jackson? He tried more than once to squash what he was feeling. He would disappear for days at a time in the Underworld, just to get away from seeing Percy and Annabeth together. His heart ached and felt practically broken for the girl he thought he would never have.

But now, sitting the Hades cabin with Annabeth in his arms, Nico felt as though he could soar from the happiness flowing in his body. That may seem strange coming from a child of Hades, but after all Nico had been through, he felt he deserved some happiness of his own. His mother and sister had been taken from him, and his father was still somewhat distant around him. Annabeth seemed to fill the holes those loses left behind.

Later that night, Annabeth lay sleeping curled up against Nico's body. Her breathing was slow and even, letting Nico know she was in a deep sleep. Looking down at the sleeping girl, Nico wanted to sleep this way every night.

Nico's life had felt like it was clouded in darkness. For so long, he thought he'd never been happy and that he was cursed to be alone. But, Annabeth had showed him that life did not have to be wrapped in darkness. She was like a beacon in the night, calling Nico home from the empty sea.

She was his light in the darkness.


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