A/N: It's 3am and I can't sleep. Have some fluff.

Sokai drabble that's been sitting on my computer for months.


Breathe in. Breathe out. Move a little bit closer. Her eyes are closed; she's waiting on you. She's gripping your collar; she's pulled you as close as she dares, and now it's up to you to close the remaining distance. There isn't even an inch of negative space; but you are still so scared to fill it in. You weren't this hesitant when you cupped her face in your hands; when you first leaned in; when you had no indication that she would even let you get this far. But now you are frozen; eyes still slightly open and captivated by those stiff ebony threads hiding her brilliant blues from you. This must be love, you think. Not the kissing itself, but the moment before; wanting the kiss but being almost too terrified of screwing up to actually go through with it.

Almost. You said you were scared. You didn't say you were too scared…