Characters: Castle/Beckett

Rating: K

Genre: Parody/Humor

Summary: Crack!Fic The mystery of Beckett's closet is solved when Castle gets curious as to how Beckett has room in her closet for all the clothes she apparently has.

I do NOT own Castle.

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This is completely blueEyes206's fault, we had a very interesting conversation at 2 in the morning last night about this fic, and I ended up writing it.

One A Day Means The Black Hole Is Here To Stay...

"Castle? What are you doing here?" Beckett asked when she opened her front door one afternoon to find Castle on the other side, getting ready to knock again.

"I'm here to solve a mystery."

"And what mystery is that?" He didn't answer and instead just pushed his way past her and into her apartment.

"The mystery of your closet!"

"The what now?"

"Your closet. I saw it when you were in the bathroom one time and there is no way that little thing could possibly hold all of the clothes you apparently have."

"You snooped around in my closet?"

"No, no!"


"That's what I'm going to do today." He took off at a run towards the closet, not waiting to see what she would to do try to stop him. By the time she had processed what he said, he was already standing in front of the open closet with a confused look on his face.

"There's nothing in here! You must be hiding it all somewhere else, but where?"

"Really? Nothing at all? Close the door and then reopen it." He was confused, but he obeyed anyway, quickly shutting the door and opening it to find a single shirt on a hanger in the middle of the closet.

He closed and reopened the door again, this time finding a pair of ridiculously high heels. Opening it again revealed a pair of pants.

"There is a time-space continuum in your closet! This is so cool!" He continued playing with the closet, revealing increasingly random things- a snowboard, a scarf, a lost sock he could have sworn was his, a living dog that according to Beckett had went missing years ago, a bowling ball- until he finally he revealed the most random thing of all.

"Josh!" Castle heard Beckett call from behind him as the doctor was revealed.

"Kate! Oh thank god! I've been stuck in there for weeks!"

"I thought he was supposed to be in Africa?" A confused Castle said as Josh took a step forward, obviously intending to go towards Beckett. Only he didn't quite make it.

Castle 'accidentally' shut the closet door before Josh could get out. The detective and writer listened as a scream came from the closet, sounding as if it was getting farther and farther away until it was gone completely.

"Castle! He was supposed to be in Africa but my closet swallowed him up instead!"

"Oops?" Castle said, trying to attempt to be sorry for what he had done, but finding it very, very hard. "How about I take you out to dinner, to show how sorry I am for getting your boyfriend stuck in a space-time continuum?"

"Ugh, fine."

"Where do you want to go? Somewhere fancy?"

"Not really, let me change and we'll go to Remy's or something. Anything else would be too much like a date." She said, pushing him away so she could open up the closet herself, revealing a fancy dress that she didn't even remember owning. Knowing that was way too fancy for Remy's she shut the door and tried again. This time revealing a different, but still extremely fancy, dress.

She tried over and over, but still getting the same results, finally resulting in her kicking and cursing the stupid closet.

"You know, I think your closet is trying to tell you something."

"Zip it, Castle."

She opened it one more time, revealing a dress that she was pretty much certain she had never, ever bought.

"I'll just go make a reservation somewhere while you get changed." Castle said, already pulling out his phone to make reservations at a classy restaurant, glad to know that even a space-time continuum knew that he and Beckett were meant to be.