A/N: A movie Iron Man crossover. I was happy doing my other story, but this little idea couldn't leave me – in my head I had a picture of Death Eaters attacking when suddenly Iron Man flies in and starts kicking ass. Set after the first film and through to the second hopefully, does not follow the timeline of Harry Potter as the novels are set in the 90s – i.e. technology is ahead. If review response is good I'll happily continue without interruption from other muses.

-IM x HP-

"Where are we going, Mr Hogan?" Harry looked out the window in astonishment. England hardly had the best weather in the world, and though he was used to the drizzly grey skies and occasional bursts of blue skies this was an amazing contrast.

"You don't need to be so formal with me," the man said with a grin that had not disappeared since escorting him from the airport. "It's just Happy. We're going to Tony's home."

I can see why. "How does Mr Stark know my godfather?"

"Tony's met a lot of people over the years, it's part of his job to be in the public eye."

Harry relaxed further into the plush leather seats of the limousine. This was a far cry from the harsh environment of Privet Drive. Thankfully he had only been there a month, though it was the toughest month he had ever had at that place and that was saying a lot. Every morning till afternoon, he was forced to do chores, and the rare opportunity he had spare time Dudley decided to make his presence known, having put on lots of weight since he became a boxer. And boy, did he feel it. He had no rest at night either, plagued by dreams of Cedric dying in the graveyard, followed by the cold, chilling laughter of Voldemort…

"So, you in high school?" Happy asked.

"Yes sir, I go to a private school in Scotland." Harry answered honestly.

"Enjoy it there?"

"Very much so sir."

"Hmm, your parents must be proud of you."

"My parents died in a car crash, sir, I live with my aunt and uncle…" the Hogwarts student gasped in astonishment as they drove up to Tony's mansion. "Mer… bloody hell! Is this where Mr Stark lives?"

"Yep, this is Tony's crib, nice place huh?"

If there was ever a bigger understatement Harry didn't know it.

As they drove up, a stunning woman waited to greet them, with gorgeous, fiery red hair.

Harry went for the door but Happy beat him to it, opening it for him. "I'll handle your luggage."

The woman smiled at him as she raised her hand for him to shake. "Hello Mr Potter, I'm Virginia Potts, Mr Stark's secretary."

"We all call her Pepper!" Happy added as he struggled to bring out Hedwig's cage.

"It's just Harry, ma'am," he insisted as he shook her hand.

"Harry, your room is up the left stairway to the end of the corridor. Have you had any lunch?"

As if on cue his stomach began grumbling – he looked up in embarrassment.

Pepper laughed. "Come on in Harry."

She lead him to the kitchens. "JARVIS, could you fix up our guest some food?"

"As you wish ma'am, are you a vegetarian sir?"

"Holy Merlin!" Harry jumped back in shock, nearly fumbling for his wand when he realised it was in his trunk and it wouldn't be exactly a good idea. "Who was that?"

"That's JARVIS, our computer AI, he maintains the house."

"Really?" That was extraordinary, he knew what AI were since Petunia and Vernon liked to turn the television on loud when the news were on and his cupboard hadn't exactly had a thick door. As far as he knew no one had made anything like that. "Um… no, I'm not vegetarian."

"Very well, commencing meal preparation."

Harry watched in fascination as the kitchen began operating itself via mechanical hands – in just a minute a strange-looking meal had appeared on the table.

"Well dig in; I'll be back in a moment."

As Pepper left, Harry poked the food with his fork, before trying a nibble. It certainly tasted strange but in a good sort of way, and it was much better than what the Dursleys fed him. He began eating ravenously, that small meal on the plane had been nowhere near enough, and soon enough settled back in contentment. "Um…JARVIS?" Harry called, feeling like an idiot.

"Yes, sir?"

"What exactly was that?"

"A composite dish featuring all the nutrients necessary for a lunchtime meal."

So that was why he felt so full. He took the plate up, dropping it in the sink and watched in amazement as a nozzle came out and automatically started cleaning it.

Well. He shouldn't have been surprised by all of this. Considering he had been in a secret magical society, what else was new?

-IM x HP-

AC/DC music turned up to the max and the roar of a powerful Audi sports car alerted the residents of the Stark mansion that its owner was back, bar one sleeping wizard.

Dressed in a sharp, crisp light white suit with his signature sunglasses, Tony Stark looked every inch the billionaire hotshot playboy he was, stopping the car with a screech as Pepper ran out to meet him. "Where were you?" she demanded as he got out, finishing off his cinnamon bun. "He arrived an hour ago!"

"Oh, you know how the bureaucratic crap goes," he dismissed; throwing the bun packet away (Pepper hastily grabbed it). "So what's the kid doing now?"

"He ate lunch and now he's sleeping; apparently he doesn't use air travel much…"


"Welcome home sir."

"Huh, Sirius said that the kid was a pro with air travel," Tony mused as the two headed to the gym where Happy was currently working out, throwing punches at a bag. "Hey Happy! What do you make of our guest?"

The bodyguard finished off his set of punches before turning to face them. "Pretty quiet kid. Kept calling me 'sir' when I told him to call me Happy. Says his parents are dead and that he goes to a private school in Scotland."

"Huh, so rich, posh and stuck-up…"
"Tony!" Pepper scolded.

"JARVIS, could you please run a search on every private school in Scotland, query Harry Potter?"

"Understood sir, search will take approximately eight minutes."

Pepper frowned. "I thought you knew his godfather…"
"Yes, I also know his godfather is part of some old posh family, I met him a while ago while I was doing a seminar in London on integrated circuits…"

"Let me guess, you met him in an English pub," Pepper asked sarcastically.

Tony narrowed his eyes at her in mock annoyance. "A pub is a perfectly good place to meet people!" He insisted. "But aside from that about a week…or a month, my memory's a little fuzzy, we had quite the party. You know, you don't get to know a guy better unless you're philandering, drinking vodka and drunk off your cahoots. How do you think me and Rhodey became such good friends?" he began chuckling but at Pepper's stern look quickly shut up. "Apart from that, I don't know a thing about him except that about a week ago he posted me asking me to take care of his godson Harry. Said he went through a 'devastating event' and needed some time away from it all."

"And you agreed?" Pepper cried out in indignation.

"Well, I couldn't let him leak any pictures to the press, they've seen me naked too many times anyway. So anyone else want to volunteer something? No? Okay, if anyone needs me I'll be in the basement."

"Wait Tony…"

"What's up Pepper?"

Pepper narrowed her eyes as her sharp mind recalled the odd things. "When he heard JARVIS speak, he said 'holy Merlin', and then reached for something in his pocket."

"Huh." Tony stated. "Didn't know anyone other than naked pagans in the forest swore by a mythological medieval character."
"Actually sir, the character of Merlin pre-dates the Arthurian legends…"

"Don't want to hear it JARVIS," he interrupted. "Happy, you notice anything weird he was carrying?"

"Oh hell yeah. He had a broomstick, an owl, what looked like black robes coming out of his trunk…"

"Sounds like he's going for the whole shish-kabob."

"Search completed, sir. There is no record of a Harry Potter in any private school in Scotland."

Tony frowned in thought. "That's not surprising. JARVIS, run another search on the kid, and pull up anything you can for me, date of birth, potential criminal background, parents, closest relatives, addresses…"

"As you wish sir."

As Tony walked out, he added offhandedly, "tell me when he's awake, will you?"

-IM x HP-

WHAM! A massive crash suddenly awoke Harry as he bolted up, pulling his glasses on. He briefly thought Death Eaters were attacking before realising that he was far away from all that. Putting on his jacket, he got out of bed and walked down the stairway, following the source of the sound, which was coming from the basement.

As he walked down, he saw a large glass wall with a digital keypad by the door – as he didn't know the pin he watched in fascination as a man in his late thirties or forties was using his wrench to smash a pipe, before setting it down. He connected the pipe to a long plastic tube, before turning the wheel – there was a hiss as a blue glow began shooting through it and into a thick metallic circle. The circle began to glow a bright blue before turning white, and to Harry's amazement the man unscrewed a similar but thinner circle from his chest, except that one's light was slightly dim, and put the fresh one in.

The man raised it up, and regarded it for a moment, before noticing Harry standing outside. "JARVIS, could you let the kid in?"

Kid? Harry thought indignantly as the keypad beeped and the door slid open. "Good afternoon, sir. I'm…"

"Harry Potter." Tony noted as he set down the circle. "And jeez, don't call me sir, only JARVIS calls me that, it's Tony, or Mr Stark if you're a politician. Come here for a second."

Harry walked forward as Tony stood up, leaning back on his bench casually as he regarded him, sipping on a weird green shake.

There was silence for a moment, before Harry spoke uneasily. "You know my…"

"Those clothes don't fit you, what, are they hand-me-downs?" Tony asked, but before Harry could reply in embarrassment, he continued. "You're too skinny, especially for a teen, what, you weigh…"
"I'M NOT SKINNY! AND MY CLOTHES FIT ME FINE!" Harry shouted in anger.

"Uh-huh, right. JARVIS, please make a note for Pepper to go shopping with him for a complete set of new clothes, also grab a blood sample while he's asleep and check for nutrient deficiencies. Make sure he gets the right amount of food so he doesn't look like a walking zombie in a couple of months."

Harry began spluttering, trying to think of something to say, but could only visibly fume.

"And yes, I know your godfather, we go way back." Tony laughed. "Good times. Called in a favour and asked me to look after you, can't say any of us have looked after a teen before. JARVIS, which of our employees have teenage daughters?"

Harry blushed red. "Wait…what?"

"Actually, that can wait, you need to grab some dinner. I ordered Chinese takeout so you don't have to eat the gunk JARVIS gives you…"

"Sir, the meals I prepare are more than sufficient…"

"Yeah, yeah, I know JARVIS I'm drinking one of your shakes now – go on up Harry, you're just in time to catch the rest of our small family, uh, unit having dinner. I'll be up in a moment. Another thing, don't come down here if I'm not here already."

"Okay, then si…Tony." Harry quickly corrected.

Tony smiled. "That a boy. Now go on." As Harry went up, Tony sat down at his computer and opened up the new box that JARVIS had sent him. "So what can you tell me about him?"

"Full name, Harry James Potter, parents' names unknown, lives with relatives in 4 Privet Drive, Surrey, specifically a Petunia and Vernon Dursley with their son Dudley Dursley. Vernon Dursley is employed at Grunnings Drills and manages his own branch of the business."

"Huh," Tony commented as he saw the picture of Harry's uncle, then Dudley. "Guess being skinny doesn't run in the family." They could certainly afford to feed him… so why didn't they?

"Harry's first years of primary school test scores indicate talent and intelligence, however, after a certain amount of time there is a noticeably sharp decline in results."

Tony frowned. "So he suddenly out of the blue got dumb, an extremely unlikely occurrence – or something happened to cause his test scores to change.

"After primary school however I can find no additional record of learning. There is no indication that he is attending high school. Furthermore his name is listed in several social service centres."

If Tony was expecting something it wasn't this. "Wait, what?"

"His name appears several times in child service records, however I can find no further information about the incidents. It is as if they have been wiped blank sir."

"That doesn't sound good; in fact I don't even want to think about the possibility. So someone knew that there was something happening in that household, something that wasn't them playing happy families was enough to warrant child services to visit…" Tony stroked his goatee in thought. "Someone knew, and erased them?"

"Surely sir there is another reasonable explanation, perhaps neglectful management…"

"When it comes to child services JARVIS it's usually pretty black and white. There's no way anyone would 'neglect' to put down that a kid was being abused or neglected by their guardians. It seems pretty obvious to me. Someone knew. Someone goddamn knew, and pulled strings to get them erased. I'm thinking some sort of higher up, some Government guy. That sounds pretty farfetched but politics is a crazy thing. The kid's record is patchy, way too patchy, that just screams cover up. How he's important and why there's some cover up, God knows." Tony sighed, massaging his temples. "Crazy old bureaucrats will do anything to save their ass."

-IM x HP-

Several minutes later Harry was sitting at the table, eating from a box of instant Chinese food – he had craved fast food when he was a child, and dug into it enthusiastically.

"Easy there Harry," Pepper laughed. "You don't want to get a stomach ache do you?"

As Harry finished off a chicken wing he looked up. "I'm sorry, it's just I don't get to eat fast food very often. I've always wanted to try Chinese takeout."

Happy gaped. "No way! What about McDonalds? You tried that?"

The boy shook his head.


Again no.

"Taco Bell? What about KFC, you must've tried KFC…"

No either of them.

"Don't encourage him Happy; you shouldn't eat fast food that often anyway."

Happy sighed. "Fine. But you know Tony loves his fast food. Don't forget the first thing he did after he escaped from those terrorists kidnappers is order an…"

"Happy!" Pepper scolded.

Harry's head shot up. "Wait, Tony was kidnapped by terrorists?"

Pepper sighed, giving Happy a 'look what you've done now' gaze. "Yes. It's been a while now, but when he was in Afghan making a weapons presentation he was kidnapped by terrorists who tried to force him to make a missile."

Harry doubled back – this day seemed full of surprises. "So his company makes weapons?"

"Not anymore, after returning from Afghan he shut down the weapons branch of Stark Industries," Pepper explained gently. "So now that you've met him what do you think of him?"

Harry struggled to find the right words. "He's a little…"
"Eccentric? Yeah, don't we all know? Don't worry; he treats everyone mostly the same, and you'll know when you've pissed him off." Happy explained.

"… Blunt. Actually." Harry finished.

"It's not his worst trait," Pepper noted. "It makes him pretty refreshing sometimes…"

"Aside from knowing he's a genius and doing anything and everything he wants without fear of the consequences?" Happy inquired.

Pepper smiled. "Aside from all that. Anyway, enough talking behind my boss' back, it seems he's not coming up so I'll get him."
"You usually just bring him the takeout while he works."

"We usually don't have a guest," Pepper retorted.

Harry finished the last of his noodles before standing up, wanting to make himself useful. "It's alright, I'll get him."

As he walked down the stairs, he yelped and ducked as suddenly a burst of white energy fired and destroyed the glass wall.

"It appears that fixing the fluctuations in energy conversion has also greatly increased the powers of the hand repulsors, sir."

"Huh. JARVIS, redirect the extra energy from the power couplings in the hands towards the chest. That'll decrease charging time should I need to fire my chest repulsor." Suddenly he looked up, noticing Harry with his hands raised in front as a defence. "Uh...that was a flight stabiliser."

Didn't sound like it. "Right... um Tony, Pepper and Happy are waiting for you upstairs."

"Uh, about that, sorry, looks like I'll be busy for the rest of the night, if you don't mind could you bring me my box of takeout?"

Harry however was focused on the small glowing white circle. "If you don't mind Tony, what exactly is that?"

The inventor was focused on what looked like a robotic arm, adjusting the complex circuits inside with a screw. "That... is a miniaturised Arc Reactor."

"What's an Arc Reactor?"

"Don't keep up with much do you?" Tony asked rhetorically. "It's a clean energy source, I had a big one powering my factory but that was trashed by an experimental robot a few months ago. You can have that one."

Harry blinked. "Wait... what?"

"I'm going to make some more of them to power my...power my, uh, robotic, prototype...things." He finished lamely before quickly regrouping. "Anyway, I'm not nostalgic, so you can have it, just make sure you don't go selling it to anyone like Russia or North Korea or I am gonna be pissed."

"I don't think I should..." Harry picked it up and examined it curiously, but yelped when a spark shot out and hit him. "Ouch!"

The Arc Reactor started to send out small, fluctuating sparks. Tony had turned around in absolute surprise. "Whoa. That's never happened before." He thought aloud, looking at it, before reaching out to take it. "Is there some kind of interfere..."

ZAP! The Arc Reactor suddenly glowed hot white, before sending out a large burst of lightning, striking both Tony and Harry at the same time. They both let go simultaneously as a strand of energy shot down through Tony's body, through his chest's Arc Reactor and into Harry before the reverse happened.

They were both thrown back several feet by the force, and knocked unconscious.

-IM x HP-

Glimpses and flashes flitted through Tony's mind like a swarm of bees buzzing around a flower field. While this was not an abnormal occurrence, as his mind moved extremely fast, and he often designed and redesigned things in his head, the fact that these flashes were of memories not of his own meant it was more than a little odd, and that was a serious understatement. He felt like he was sitting in a cinema watching short video clips of someone else's life. He quickly realised that these were Harry's memories, and then realised that these were a lot weirder than he guessed Harry's life was. A hell of a lot weirder.

There was a sound in the distance now, it sounded like someone was calling his name...


The billionaire opened his eyes and adjusted quickly to the lights, smiling at the person over him. "Hi, Pepper."

"Are you crazy?" She screeched. "Doing another one of your experiments while Harry was in the room? He's just a teen for crying out loud!"

Tony winced. "Pepper...headache. And for your information, that was not caused by an experiment, rather it seems like some sort of accident."

"With you Tony everything is an accident," a familiar and light-hearted voice said.

The billionaire craned his head. "Hi Rhodey."

His best friend crossed his arms, looking at him thoughtfully. "When I heard you were in hospital you can understand why I was freaked out, something big enough to take out Iron Man?"

"For your information, I wasn't using the suit, I feel fine, and..."

"Iron Man?" A tired voice called out. "Is that what this thing is called?"

The trio turned their heads to see young Harry in a matching bed right next to them. He had pulled away the curtains and sported a similar bandage over his head. In his hand was a notepad, with a surprisingly neat sketch of the layout of an Iron Man suit.

Rhodes gasped. "How does he..."

"Magic," Tony interrupted. "No seriously," he added at Pepper and Rhodes' annoying looks. "I guess bringing two interfering energy sources together especially when magic already casts a disruptive field doesn't really work huh?"

"No, it doesn't." Harry's mind began working at a rate much faster than before. "So, I have your knowledge. And it bumped my IQ points up a bit as well, if my math is right. And I think this time it is."

"Goddamnit, why do I always get the short end of the stick?" Tony grumbled. "Your knowledge is embedded in your memories, I'm trying to mentally sort them out as we speak, uh, and it could take a while. You get any of mine?"

Harry shrugged. "Don't think so."

Completely ignoring the confused looks his companions were throwing him, Tony began a mental check as well as checking himself physically. "Oh yeah Pepper, this isn't what it seems – I feel about the same, Arc Reactor is looking fine, I don't think any personality traits carried over... hey Harry, what's the best drink to make for twins?" His blushing face confirmed it all. "So yeah mostly the same except for extra viewing material. What about you?"

"Hey, can someone explain to us what the hell is going on?" Pepper demanded. "Magic? Viewing material?"

"This isn't something to be discussed in a public hospital," Tony said as he began to pull himself up.

"Tony, wait, the doctors said you needed..."

"JARVIS is more than qualified to take care of me, come on, this really can't wait."

-IM x HP-

In the basement, when Tony had learnt of their new guest he had thought it prudent to cover up the suits' display cases with shutters lest it lead to awkward questions, however now he unveiled them for all to see, including Harry who regarded them with simultaneous astonishment and understanding.

"The Mark III needs some serious repairs," Harry noted as he surveyed the battle damage.

"Yeah I haven't gotten around to that, I've just given the go-ahead to JARVIS to start building the Mark IV," Tony answered. "The time it'll take for me to repair that takes longer for me to build a new suit with three times the firepower. You can do it though, help you get familiar with the suits, knowledge is useless unless put into practice."

"Wait, what?" Rhodes yelled. "You're saying that this kid knows how to work the Iron Man technology?"

"He knows it just as much as I do, since in theory his brain pretty much copied and pasted the information from mine into his," Tony said. "But as an actual suit operator, yeah, that's a little while off."

"Can someone please tell us what this is about?" Pepper asked in absolute confusion. "And please start speaking English?"

It was Harry who answered. "I'd better tell them," he finally spoke up. "It sounds crazy but it's the truth, and it's the only reason this happened. Tony, I'm really sorry about this, I know how dangerous knowing all this is..."

Tony waved his hand in dismissal. "Ah come on, it's not a big deal, you seem like a good kid anyway, maybe this was 'meant to happen' or some other prophetic BS like that."

"Yeah," Harry answered, unsure. "I guess I should start at the beginning then. I guess it started on Halloween, in..."