Never Tear Us Apart

Rating:M for later chapters

Warning: AU! INCEST! will have sexual content in later chapters!

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A/N: This fic is contains incest between two half brother's. Yes, I am aware that this is a taboo subject, so if you don't feel comfortable with the content then please don't read. I gave you fair warning. Also this fic is loosely based on the film "From Beginning To End" but only slightly. I don't really know where this is going, but if you guys have any ideas feel free to let me know. I'm debating whether or not this will be completely AU or if I should weave this into the actual inception plot so let me know what you think. :)

FYI: just to avoid confusion, Eames and Arthur are half brother's on their mother's side. Their mother is American, Eames' dad is English, and Arthur's dad is American.

Never Tear Us Apart (Prologue)

Eames will always remember the first day his life started.

It wasn't on a pleasantly warm afternoon in a London hospital, as is mother fought through agonizing pain to give birth to him in a stuffy delivery room with his father by her side, holding her delicate hand tightly in his own.

No, the first day of his life began on a rainy October morning in the waiting room of a Seattle hospital as he sat quietly on one of the rather uncomfortable chairs, waiting patiently for someone to come fetch him.

His mother's mum, Grandma Helen, had told him to stay put in her rough New York accent (which seemed to dare him to disobey) and then disappeared down the hall with Grandpa George, leaving him with just his Uncle John, who was too preoccupied with chatting up a pretty blonde nurse to keep Eames company.

He can distinctly remember his disappointment at the lack of picture books in the waiting room, and the longing he felt to defy his grandmother and go explore the hospital; perhaps catch a glance of some blood and guts!

Sitting still was not easy for a six year old, especially one who was as fidgety as he had been, and it was it a relief when his grandmother came back to the waiting room, all smiles and warmth as she held out her wrinkly hand towards him.

"Come on Marcus," she said to him, her voice filled with pure joy "It is time for you to meet him."

Eames took her soft hand and she led him down the hall, past doctor's and nurses who smiled down at him knowingly.

It seemed like forever before the reached the end of the hall, where they entered the last room on the right.

Eames can remember the anticipation that had building all morning, reach its peek as he entered the tiny white room and saw his mother lying on the hospital bed; her wavy gold hair curled around her face and her dazzling hazel eyes shining as he quickly let go of his grandmother's hand and rushed to her side.

"Hello darling." she whispered, to him as she carded her long fingers through his dirty blonde hair. "There is someone here who wants to meet you."

Then from out of nowhere, a tall lengthy figure with dark hair and chocolate colored eyes appeared with what looked like a bundle of blue blankets gently cradled in his arms.

This man, Eames stepfather Max, with his ever serious expression that contradicted the warmth in his eyes, signaled for Eames to sit down in the chair next to his mother's bed with a sideways nod of the head, and Eames quietly obeyed.

The chair was a lot more comfortable then the waiting room, but the way his mother and grandparents were looking at him -like a cute puppy in a pet store-made him more anxious than he had been earlier.

"Okay son, hold out your arms." Max ordered gently as moved to Eames' side.

Eames stuck out his arm towards Max, who carefully extracted the small bundle out of the crook of his strong arms, and placed them into Eames' small skinny ones. "Marcus, this is your brother, Arthur."

He looked down at the tiny baby in his arms, who stared back at him through his small, glassy eyes, and waved his tiny fist in the air, as though he was vying for Eames complete attention.

With all the delicacy he could muster at his age, Eames took his free hand and cautiously moved it towards Arthur's little one. Almost immediately, the baby's hand latched onto Eames' thumb, and curled his tiny finger's tightly around it.

A warm pressure formed at the pit of his stomach, as the tiny being—his little brother—lay in his arms, and held his finger. Everyone else in the room seemed to vanish and it was just the two of them.

Eames wouldn't know the full impact that moment would have on both of them until he was much older, but what he did understand was that this was somebody he needed to love and protect with everything he had, for the rest of their lives.