TITLE: The Libido Revelation


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Good Lord how he hated teaching undergraduates. It didn't help that they were staring at him gormlessly. One girl even had the nerve to wink at him. Women were strange. He adjusted the sleeves on his blue dress shirt. Penny insisted that when he was teaching he should look as professional as possible – he'd gone to argue but she'd cited section 23, sub-section A of their relationship contract. Right to veto outfit changes. He sighed mentally. He should have known no good would come of her attending community college – she'd maneuvered her diploma in legal practice management into a law degree.

Writing contracts was now hellish.

He smiled to himself as he wrote the equation on the board. She may have been only semi-serious when she'd first told him about going back to school, but the transformation had been fascinating. She had taken legal practice management when she'd gotten a job as a receptionist in a firm. Once she realized how much she enjoyed law (and he had refrained from mentioning that arguing and reciting were two of her talents), she had applied herself diligently. She may not have been uncovering the mysteries of the universe but she most definitely enjoyed being able to beat him at something.

She'd hidden her law books so he couldn't memorize them.

A worthy opponent indeed.

The door to the lecture theatre cracked open and he stopped dead. "Missy, Mom? What're you doing here?" His mother gave him a smile. "It's time Shelly."

He felt his breath leave his lungs. "Now? It's time now!" His mother nodded as his sister grinned at him. "Come on Shelly, don't keep her waitin'."

He turned to the mass of students watching the exchange with more energy then they'd displayed in the last hour. He cleared his throat. "Class is cut short. I have to leave – my wife is having a baby."

He wasn't entirely sure why he'd felt the need to tell them what was going on, but the warm feeling in his chest suggested it might be pride. Not that he'd ever admit to something as banal as bragging. His mother and sister followed him out of the room just as a surprised voice sounded from the corner, his ears only just picking up a whisper.

"Holy crap, Dr Whack-a-Doodle is married?"

His smile grew as they headed for the car. They'd dated for four months before he'd asked her to marry him. When she said yes he'd let her sit in his spot. Of course, he'd been sitting there too. And neither was wearing clothes. Leonard had moved in with Stephanie. Sheldon had taken Penny on the kitchen island to celebrate, though he'd spent the next week disinfecting it. At the wedding he'd discovered something incredible – apparently the Sheldon of this reality danced with his new bride when she asked him to. He had wanted to see the large Hadron Collider for their honeymoon, she had wanted to go to Hawaii. So they did both.

She was still messy, he was still arrogant. She stole food off his plate, he lectured her on the dangers of sunbathing. They fought constantly and made up even more. She wore his shirts without asking, he rearranged her underwear drawer by day of the week. She bought him a Flash bedspread, he got her diploma framed. She forced him to come to bed when he'd spent three days working on a project, and then hadn't gotten mad when he'd fallen asleep during their goodnight kiss. He took her show shopping, and then didn't complain when she spent six hours dragging him through the mall.

They'd been married a year when they found out she was pregnant. When she'd told him he had spent the next three weeks constructing daily tests and evaluations to make sure she was alright. She'd drawn the line at the home made ultrasound.

When she got morning sickness he'd sung her soft kitty whilst sitting by the door the bathroom. When she'd started craving Thai food the boys had joked about Sheldon's form of procreation always being linked to Thai food. When her hormones had made her alternate between angry tantrums, tearful rants about how ugly she felt, and demands for more sex than a normal human male could safely give he had dealt with it. He found stocking up on cheap glasses, daily reminders of how beautiful she was, and a healthy supply of electrolyte rich beverages helped.

She made him oatmeal on oatmeal day. She got his food order right every time. She let him dictate where their furniture went. She drove him insane daily.

It was perfect.


She was fast asleep. Not unexpected, given the feat she'd just accomplished. She'd refused to allow him to watch the birth on pain of death, making him stay at her head no matter how he lectured her on natural biological functions. Stephanie looked exhausted but pleased as she handed him his son. He wouldn't allow another doctor near Penny or the baby, much to the consternation (and later, relief) of the hospital staff.

Stephanie had remarked that she'd never had a patient provide their own sterilizing equipment before.

He walked towards the waiting room where his friends and family were sitting. He paused just outside the doorway, taking a moment to really look at the tiny person in his arms. Green eyes blinked shyly up at him, dark hair tufted in little spikes on his head, and the strange feeling in Sheldon's chest he had always related to Penny grew tenfold as he looked down at his child.

He kept his voice very quiet as he leant down, pressing a kiss on his son's head. "I hope for your sake you are more of a Homo novus than myself." He glanced back at the sleeping woman who had given him his child. Her sweat dampened hair was plastered to her face and she was clutching the pillow to herself. In their bed she was a complete blanket hog, stealing the covers and using him as a pillow rather than the ones provided.

He smiled to himself, looking back at his son. "Then again, I suppose it could be worse." He grinned as he entered the waiting room to present William Sheldor Cooper to his circle of friends.

He knew he should have waited til the morphine wore off before allowing Penny to fill in the naming certificate.

The End

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