Hi, Peter Griffin here. You know, for about seventeen years, I've had a useless-than-a-piece-of-crap daughter called Meg and she had never really done anything to impress me. That is until she went into a coma and she, bravely all by herself, came out of it. That really impressed and made me less-worried thinking about of all the horrible times I've treated her. Then I vowed to treat her a lot better and I started to by not calling her names, leaving her diary alone, making sure she's tucked to bed and that no bastard or bitch picks on her, like Connie D'Amico who I beat the crap out off.

Then, one night, the medial student called Michael, who works at the hospital and met Meg when she was there, arrived at the door and had asked her to come on a date with him. I tried to tell him to piss off, but Lois said I should talk to Michael about it and give him a chance. And I did.

But, five minutes later, I felt uncomfortable about losing my only daughter so I went out there and saw that Meg and Michael were happily talking to each other. Then I noticed there were a lot of trees. So I got my leaves disguise and starting walking on the other side of the road.

"What a nice little neighbourhood you live here," I heard Michael saying.

"Well, we do have a cop here called Mr. Swanson, who is one of my dad's friends," answered Meg.

Then they must've heard me walking so I froze like a ballet dancer. "That's Mr. Harrison, Michael," Meg said, not noticing me. "He's quite a fuzzy gardener."

"And so he should be," added Michael.

When they moved, I tried to move only to find them two looking at me and me changing my appearances, like looking George Washington, a karate fighter or me taking a dump.

"Sometime he goes too far," added Meg. And they walked off. I would've moved if a dog didn't come near me and take a piss near my leg! No, it's not Brian.

After thirty minutes of dogs dumping their piss and poops at my feet, I changed into a much smarter suit and caught up with Meg and Michael at the movie theatre and heard they were going to see the latest Pixar movie, Ratatouille. I asked for the same and nicked myself an I Am Legend mask so Meg wouldn't recognize me. I stayed in and watched Michael and Meg enjoying the movie. Then I watched the movie and I found it hilarious that I laughed so much that others must have left because they love it so much that they're going to tell Pixar to make it come out on DVD.

When the movie finished, I stayed to watch Meg and Michael walk out of the theatre. I tried to follow but then I got a huge press conference mistaking me for Will Smith and asking for a lot of questions, like "Are you starting to grow white hands?" and "What's your next movie?", which I did not know.

Then I was approaching home when Meg thanked Michael for a wonderful night out and he asked her if she would like to go out with him again when he can. And she said yes. So I would be on the alert for the next one...