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Part 1 Half God Assassin

Thy, who hadn't suffered enough for breaking the path, should live again…. Regain thy honor!

It was the time where demons, monsters, and gods lived around human, interfering with their lives. Humans tried to capture the root of all demons and put him inside a sacred tree.

Many years passed….

Some people believed they had lived their life peaceful because of the darkest demon had been captured and propelled in a forbidden place.

Decades passed….

It was sunset of a day, at the beginning of early winter. There were little flowers and fruits. Leaves fell gradually and the reddish orange colored the sky. Jun Kazama walked down in the forest, holding a basket of herbal plants and some red cassavas for her dinner. Her deep beautiful eyes shone, reflecting the sun in front of her. Her face was pretty, cheerful, and attractive. That day, Jun reached her twenty.

Jun had lived in the forest alone for almost 16 years, inside a big wooden temple under a very massive tree. Her temple was always dark, especially when night came. Sun couldn't reach her temple. Sometimes Jun wondered how old the big tree was.

Jun was cleaning her cassavas through her way home when she almost fell, hitting a big root of tree. Her basket and her food spread all over. Jun sighed deeply and started collecting them when she realized that wasn't a big root. That was someone.

Jun smelled blood around him. His clothes were painted with blood. His eyes closed, his face looked pale and sick. Jun knew she had no option. She had to help him soon.

Jun quickly opened his clothes, wanted to help him. She touched his body, firmed and tough. She was opening his black shirt when he opened his eyes, grabbing her hands and tossing her aside.

"What the hell are you doing? Trying to kill me?" his voice was hurt and malice. His dark eyes reminded Jun of a wild animal in captivity. He was no less than her age, she thought. He moaned and fresh blood came from his mouth. "Answer me!"

"No…" Jun replied slowly. Fear possessed her body, made her trembling. There's something within the man, which made her afraid. She could feel it. "I was just checking your body; I want to help you if you allow me to do it."

The man sighed several times before finally he turned his face."If you don't mind, do it then."

"Can you walk? You can't stay here; wild animals could smell your blood and try to eat you alive."

"Well, I don't have another choice, do I? Lend me your shoulders."

Jun let the man leaning his body against her. His body was quite heavy. However, she wanted to help him, so she tried her best. She could smell the blood again from him.

They walked toward a big temple inside the forest. The sky was getting darker as they reached that place. Rain slowly poured from the sky when they arrived.

Jun patiently helped the man to get into her bed. Relax, Jun. He is sick. He needs your help. All you have to do is focusing your mind. Consider him as one of hurting animal. However, her face was still red all over. That was the first time she met a man alone for the last 5 years.

"Thanks," the man whispered. "I owe you my life. One day I'll return it."

"No need to think that way." Jun answered. "There's no reason to help others, and I don't expect any…."

"I'll pay it."His stern face made her quiet. Jun exhaled her breath and looked outside through the window. Rain was still falling, and it seemed last for hours. She couldn't ask him to leave. Not tonight, maybe I'll ask him go tomorrow.

"I'll sleep over there, if you need something you can call me," Jun pointed at a long chair opposite her bed. She smiled, "I want to cook something. Do you want to eat?"

"No, I sleep instead. But thanks for your offer," he said harshly.

The next day, when Jun opened her eyes, the man had left her room. She searched him everywhere but she couldn't find him. Jun sighed, wiping her sweats. She had checked some places inside the forest too, but she failed to find him. How could he left without saying anything? He was sick, terribly wounded. How far could he go?

When Jun was back to the temple, he was there, standing still. His hands were holding some fresh berries. Under his feet, a full basket of fish was ready to be cooked.

"I took some exercise," his tone was different. He seemed sweet and polite. "Can you cook these for me?"

Somehow, Jun felt that feeling again, a gloom and terrifying aura around that man. She couldn't explain why, but he was dangerous. She should be extremely careful toward him.

"Yes, I can do that. Hmm…. "

"I'm leaving after breakfast. No worries, lovely priestess."

Jun gulped her saliva hard. He knew that?

Jun was a part of Kazama clan who guarded some villages. The clan was known for its generosity toward poor and descent persons. The clan got respect and good name. Every generation, a chosen priestess had to guard the temple inside the forest. 16 years ago, Jun was selected and she had to leave her family behind. She had honor to do sacred task. She was the chosen priestess.

She was the chosen priestess and she had to be proud of it.

She led a secluded life and she had to be proud of it.

"I was looking for a place to live in this village this morning. They told me about a lovely priestess who guard this area. It is you, right?"

Jun nodded, her face was red. "Yes, you're right."

"Ah," the man smiled. "My name is Kazuya. You can call me Kazu."

"Kazu?" Jun raised her eyes in astonishment. She repeated, "Kazu?"

"Nice to hear you call my name. And priestess, I'll live in this village."

"Oh, is that so? Do you move with your family?" Jun couldn't stop her words. She was so excited, "you should inform them about your condition! They must be worried!"

"I don't have family, priestess. I'd got a bad day last afternoon. Some bad guys attacked me and wanted to take my gold. They found nothing because I always keep them in safe place. They became frustrated and attacked me," Kazuya explained. "I thought I couldn't survive last night and you're there, helping me. Thanks."

Jun smiled, "That's just fine. Give me the basket! I'll cook them for you."

Kazuya gave the basket, smiling. All is set for you, priestess. All is ready.

Day passed since their first meeting. Kazuya stayed in the village, working as a fisherman. He always caught many fresh fish. Jun sometimes met him near the river, saying several things and left. Villagers knew Kazuya as an orphan and started his new life there. They always spoke how great and how nice he was.

Jun believed that Kazuya was a great man and completely ignored the strange feeling that sometimes she felt when she met Kazuya. She slowly trusted him and even gave him several useful plants for his lawn.

Winter finally reached their land. Cold temperature and cold breeze made people staying in their bed, spending most time with their family.

Jun glanced toward the white sky. Snow fell down beautifully in front of her. It was all white outside. Thick snow covered all her temple, made her cold. Time might pass like snow, cold and pretty. Still, she would be lonely all her life.

"Ah, what am I thinking? I should regret nothing! I'm a very important person here! I'm the sacred guardian! I'll protect many living people here and I should be proud of it!"

Despite her joyful words, tears came out from her brown eyes.

My sleeping beauty… I came inside the forest and found a beautiful sleeping beauty.

It was dark in the temple. Snow perfectly covered the roof. That night Jun slept early, tired of cleaning whole temple. She always cleaned the temple in the beginning of winter, making sure the cold couldn't enter the temple. He stared at her.

She slept soundless. His sleeping beauty.

He grabbed Jun's body and held her tightly. He made Jun abruptly awake. Jun tried to let her body off him, but he was strong.

"Kazu, what are you doing?" Jun protested, still struggling to be free. Cold blood rushed into her veins. She was terribly scared. "Let me go please."

Jun cried desperately. She realized what Kazuya was doing to her. He demanded her body. She could tell from his eyes. "You're a good man… You'll never do such things."

"Oh, yes. You're right. I'll never do such thing in front of you," he hissed. Jun shocked when Kazuya suddenly turned her body and tied her hands to her bed. "Let's do it this way."

Jun didn't get it, but she quickly realized when Kazuya ripped her white long dress and pulled out her trousers. He wanted to have her from behind.

"You can't do that!" She yelled desperately. "I have to keep the seal locked off! Please don't do this to me!"

Jun's body was the seal of the ogre, which had been kept for decades. She had to keep her virginity until the next priestess came. She couldn't mate with anyone unless the ogre would be free. That was the reason why Jun kept on trying until she lost all her strength.

"Please don't do this to me, I'm the priestess…."

Kazuya caressed her naked skin and touched her gently. She was a real beauty. Her body was perfect in every shape. Her skin was smooth and tender. Kazuya moved his hands and touched her breasts. Jun closed her eyes. She didn't want to feel it. The sensation when he touched her made her dizzy. That was strange. That kind of feeling terrified her.

She was the priestess.

"You can't keep stoic." Kazuya teased her, whispered softly besides her ear. "You can moan and scream if you like."

Her body turned hot as he touched her, here and there. It shocked her. She shouldn't give any reactions to his touch. Jun deeply regretted that fact. However, Kazuya realized Jun was getting wet under his touch.

"Kazu… Please…." Jun cried. "You can't…."

He ignored her pleas and pushed himself to her. Jun tried to resist him, but he kept entering her, thrusting her deeply. Jun dipped her head into her pillow, too afraid to make any sounds.

It was painful.

Then, there was a sudden blow from outside. That was a very massive blowing sound, as if a thunder had struck near them.

Jun gasped, the sacred tree lost the seal…

Slowly, Jun could felt warmth inside her, filling her body. She bit her lips, trying to keep soundless as possible. Then she felt Kazuya moved again, pulling himself deeper and deeper. She moaned, calling out his name, asking him to stop. Yet he kept continued what he was doing. Jun felt dizzy, haziness covered her mind.

Kazuya let her off. He opened the rope and covered Jun's naked body with his fur coat. He grabbed Jun's necklace, a symbol of becoming priestess, and tied it on his left wrist. Kazuya left Jun in the bed and walked toward the window. He had achieved what he had wanted.

It was almost rising when Jun opened her eyes. She had thought all was just nightmare until she saw Kazuya was there, lying in the bed with her. Once again, tears fell from her brown eyes. What did he do? I'm not a priestess anymore….

"Stop crying will you?"

"Do you realize what you have done?"

Kazuya didn't answer. Instead, he smirked.

"Do you realize what you have done?" Jun repeated. She was deeply hurt. He had raped her. Kazuya had raped her.

"Yes, I knew it."

"I'm a priestess! I… I have to keep my virginity…. If…. If I… ah, the seal…."

"The seal had been broken from the sacred tree, I knew it."

"You knew it?" Jun sobbed again. She pushed herself back into the bed, avoiding Kazuya's eyes. "Then why did you still….? Everyone's in danger! I…. I…"

"What do you want?"

"What do I want? What do you mean?" Jun snapped, anger reflected from her eyes. Kazuya moved closer, pulling Jun's head out from the coat and kissed her.

Jun didn't want Kazuya kept touching her, but she couldn't resist him. He was too powerful.

"Do you want to continue your life here? Secluded and alone? I help you to fulfill your dream come true," he whispered and hugged her closely. "I'm helping you."

"What do you know about me, you bastard! Let me go! Please let me go!"

"You want a normal life. You want a kid, a family…."

Kazuya's sound hypnotized her. He knew it. How could he know that?

"You… You… that's just your imagination! I don't want it!"

"I'll responsible for everything; I'll take care of you whole my life. First, you have to leave this place," Kazuya explained.

"Don't talk that way! I couldn't leave this place! This is my place."

"You're not virgin anymore. This was your place, Jun." Kazuya threw his wicked smile. "You have no responsibility at all."

Jun cried, "This is my fate, my fate decides me to stay here…"

"C'mon, your fate is with me. I'll take you from here."

Jun kept quiet. She was angry and desperate. She had no choice in her head, but she didn't want to go with that rapist. Jun wondered whether Kazuya was his real name or not.

"It's useless to resist, Jun. wear your other dress immediately and leave this place."

"I won't leave this place!" Jun protested, "I'm the priestess!"

"You're not priestess anymore. You're ordinary woman, my woman."

Jun stared at Kazuya directly at his eyes, "You don't understand! I…"

Then Kazuya grabbed Jun harshly, throwing both of them on the cold floor. Some arrows appeared and almost hit them. Kazuya's eyes sparked and he licked his lips, "they're coming, finally. Stay here, Jun. Stop making sounds."

Kazuya jumped out from window fast and Jun heard sound of many people around them, fighting over and over. She closed her eyes, hoping all of that was her imagination. However, the warmth stickiness down there and Kazuya's scent over her body reminded her what had happened few moments ago. She's not priestess anymore, she repeated those words in her head. She failed the mission to guard the temple and the sacred tree. Tears came out again from her eyes. She failed to fulfill her mission. The rotten demon was awakening.

It was her fault. World was in dangerous this time. The ogre was awakening...

Kazuya rushed into her room, blood covered his body. "Let's go. We've got no time."

"No time? What do you mean?"

"They're coming after your head. Like I did."

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