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Part 10 Kazuya is Coming

My sweetest angel, I have been waiting for eternity—for thy love.

Then why did you leave me? Stay here always….

Kazuya had spent several days in the bed to move his body properly. As he managed to get up from his bed, he quickly moved to the next step: walking. He didn't want to waste his time. He wanted to recover as soon as possible. Kazuya realized he hadn't much time left. He had to meet Jun and told her that he was alive.

He wanted her. He missed his sleeping beauty.

Kazuya tried very hard to train his muscles. He dragged his stiff body several hours per day and lifted some heavy rocks in the beach. Sometimes he tried to walk. Yes, he fell and hurt most of the time. However, he didn't give up. With bloody face and wounded body, he managed his training.

Yoshimitsu and Lili were glad to see Kazuya's improvements. His health seemed much better improved these days.

In one cold afternoon, Lili and Yoshimitsu were catching fish in the small boat. They used a fish catcher. It was rather useful tool. However, they had to wait several times for it took time for catching the fish. In the mean time, they saw Kazuya who was walking on the sandy beach, dragging his body. Kazuya realized they had been watching him, but he didn't do anything. He completely ignored them and continued walking on the sand.

"The friend of yours is really hard worker, Yoshi," Lili stated, didn't understand why Kazuya should force himself too much. Every night, when she fed him her blood, she always saw him tired, overusing his own body, training with crazy hours. She always saw Kazuya badly wounded, hurt, and tired. "Why should he force himself like that?"

"He works that hard to meet his family," explained the mask man wisely. "You'll understand that if you had got your own family, Lili."

The pretty mermaid looked confused, "he's not a family man type to me."

"He wasn't, Lili. A woman has changed his mind—quite a lot."

Lili chuckled, laughing until her face turned pinkish. "I can't believe that… Stop telling me lies, Yoshi."

"You'll understand that when you fall in love, kid."

Lili snorted her lovely nose, detesting the idea. She hardly imagined man like Kazuya would fall in love that much until he had changed his personality. All of his severe acts and brutally words made her think that way. Then, she waved her hand to Yoshimitsu. "I'm heading back to the undersea. See ya at night!"

As her body clung into the ocean, her feet transformed into tails and several gills appeared around her neck. Yoshimitsu waved her back, telling her, "come on time kid!"

Lili only splashed her tail and swam deeper and deeper. She hardly understood human's life, but she wanted to learn about it. Since her meeting with lovely prince from North Kingdom in a terrible storm, Prince Leo, the beautiful mermaid longed to learn about human's life.

Kazuya's hard work was paid several weeks after. He could walk again. He couldn't wait until his body returned to its normal state. He desired to meet Jun… Moreover, his baby. His baby….

Fucked it. Blasted it.

His baby.

Every time he thought about his baby, he felt guilty.

Kazuya realized that his baby inherited his cursed bloodline. He also realized that his baby inherited the devil inside him. The red flashing mark on his chest had been missing for a while before it appeared smaller—reduced into half. Damn, cursed him to death for giving half devil into his newborn baby. Perhaps the devil had considered his fatal wounded body as useless tool and had wanted to possess new body.

All was his fault. Had he not been too weak and angry he would have never arranged with the devil. At that condition, he couldn't blame his father for making his life miserable. He had done the same to his own child. He had put his own child in danger. If only Jun had listened to him to abort the baby….

Kazuya himself wanted the baby. He desired a family with his beloved woman, Jun. He wanted to live together with her in one quiet place. Jun had told him the same. She wanted to live with him that way. Alas, all was too screwed up right now….

However, Kazuya would never give up. Kunimitsu was right—He couldn't change his blood. He could change his destiny—he would find Jun and his baby, helping Jun to seal the ogre and…. And he would ask her to marry him. Marrying the woman he loved, the idea left him smiling a while. In the end, he would find out how to get rid the devil within his body and his baby too. All would be perfect. All would end well.

Dammit. Kazuya completely forgot Lee Chaolan.

Fuck Lee.

Jun didn't know the slightest idea about what she was going to say about Lee's proposal. It wasn't the first time he proposed her. She had asked him more time to answer. It was so hard for refusing Lee, again. She still loved Kazuya. She was still in love him with all her heart.

However, all this time Lee was the one who always be with her all the time, soothing her, giving her courage and faith. Lee was always there. He prepared everything she needs, giving her attention and love. Without Lee in her side, she wouldn't bear the pain after Kazuya's death. Every single night she had cried, wishing Gods would have taken her life. She was so distraught. She was so badly depressed. Once, she had tried to kill herself.

With the knife that Kazuya always used month ago, Jun had tried to cut her veins. She had been so depressed and hadn't wanted to live without her Kazu. Jun had felt everything went black and cold until a pair of warm hands had taken her from darkness, wiping away all her misery.

Lee had brought a doctor with him, saving her life. As she had opened her eyes, Lee had been waiting for her, watching her with his dark gloomy eyes. She still remembered Lee's soft voice calling her, telling her to survive. Her bleeding hadn't be able to be stopped.

"Never give up love, please… Do it for yourself, do it for your baby…"

The doctor had wrapped her wounds, stopping the bleed from her hand. However, the blood had kept flowing down. She had been in critical state when she heard Lee's soft whisper, shaking her realm. Jun had realized she couldn't have been selfish.

"Do it for me, Jun…. Do it for me fuck you… Do it for Kazuya that bastard too… He doesn't want his life waste just that, right?"

Amazingly, she had stopped bleeding.

Jun bit her lips. She was so confused. Lee didn't say anything about her suicide attempt. He kept taking care of her as if nothing had happened. She was so thankful because of him. Lee loved her so much—she knew it damned well. It was because of Lee she could survive until tonight. Jun knew she owned Lee love he longing for. She knew how much Lee loved her. Somehow Jun felt like she should love Lee instead cherishing and keeping Kazuya in her heart, but she couldn't control her feeling. She couldn't love someone else. She still loved Kazuya.

Her little baby cried, looking for her breast. The small face looked hungry as he saw his mother. Jun quickly opened her button and breast-fed her baby. It quickly sucked her breast, drinking his milk. His cute face was red due to the cold air and temperature. His small hands lingered around her breasts. She felt so warm having the baby with her.

It was her dream, having her own baby. For years, she had never imagined all what she had right now. She had never expected meeting with someone like Kazuya who had changed her life dramatically, sharing life together, loving her, giving her his life….

All was left from him was only her little baby. It was her baby with Kazuya. The small lovely creature she had always longed for years was now in her arms. Jun caressed her baby's head, tapping it with love. "My sweet baby, tell me, is it wrong to love your father only?"

Jun couldn't find any answers from those dark little eyes. Tears kept on streaming from her face. Dear God, please help me to love Lee as I ever love Kazuya…. Please make me love him as much he loves me…

Moon beamed beautifully on the cloudy sky that night. The street was cold and lonely. There were only several people passed the street at that time. Lee marched on the street alone, pulling out his handsome face. He wanted to drink. He was so disturbed because of woman she loved. He sighed, feeling battered because of Jun's answer.

She rejected his feeling once more. Lee had no idea what were the good qualities from Kazuya Mishima until his unconditional love could be discarded like withered leaves in the autumn, barely nothing and pathetic. He couldn't see love in Jun's eyes. All these months….

All these months she acted as if she only had known Kazuya in her life. She missed him very much, calling his blasted name most of the time….

Lee never thought things like that could occur in his life. He had never expected that, falling in love madly with someone that never paid him any attentions. That was cruel. That was depressing. Jun made him crazy.

Lee slowly entered one bar in side of the street. He looked around for a moment before ordering a glass of whiskey. The bar looked busy that night. There was a fighting in the middle part. Lee unwillingly checked the situation, walking toward the case. His eyes quickly glanced at the red headed boy who was fighting with big fat man. The boy looked stronger than the man did. This is will be… Wait a second… Who the hell is she?

Lee's eyes were focused on one person, Asuka Kazama who was cheering up her butler, Hwoarang. Asuka had spill a glass of pineapple juice on the fat man lap and it had made him angry. As the result, the fat man asked Asuka to pay his wet trousers. Asuka knew the man was only looking for trouble. Instead of asking for forgiveness, Asuka asked him to fight with her. However, the fat man was quite capable to block her attacks. As he returned, Hwoarang had to finish the mess that Asuka had created before his coming.

"Hwo, finish him quick!" the young girl shouted. Her eyes sparkled under the dim light of the bar. Her short thick hair and face remained Lee of Jun. She was Jun's duplicate, he thought. Hey, wait a minute! Could she possibly Asuka, the cousin Jun had been discussed long time ago? What is she doing in the place like this?

Lee stepped forward, holding the girl's shoulder, "Excuse me, can I speak with you for a moment?"

In the dark place in the town far away from Lee Chaolan, an old man was mixing several potions into one bottle. He was solemnly worked in the night—under someone's command. The other man with stern look and strong expression showed up behind him, asking him the final potion.

"Have you finished everything Boskonovich? How long should I wait this time?" the man asked impatiently, looking directly at the bulb potion. "I wonder how long you'll work, Boskonovich…."

The old man stuttered when he answered the question. Heihachi Mishima was a very demanding person. He had spent several sleepless nights just for making the potion he had asked for. All these months, he had failed several times to combine those liquids altogether. He almost made it this time.

"My…. My dear lord, please…. Please give me time, I promise I will…."

"Don't make me killing your only daughter to make you working faster."

"Yes… Yes… I knew that perfectly….." the old man obeyed his command. He was too afraid to tell him that he still needed some time for completing the perfection.

"I only give you one day from now—or you'll have Alisa's head as one of my wall ornaments."

Boskonovich cursed his master silently, and then nodded his head. "Yes, master…. One day is more than enough. Please don't harm my only daughter…. "

Heihachi Mishima left the room laughing. He enjoyed looking at someone's fearful face. He had so many things to do, but the first one was settling down his score with the Ogre. He loathed his last fight with that bastard monster from hell. In his last attempt to defeat the Ogre, Heihachi had lost tragically. The potion which consists of Kazuya's blood and Kazama's blood weren't enough. He needed one more thing to defeat the Ogre. It was the part of Ogre itself.

He had lost, he warned himself. It would never happen again. It was his destiny to beat the Ogre and control all his power and the hell militia under his command. From his family scrolls, Heihachi had found out the secrets, which his cowardly father had hidden for years. Their family had released the Ogre the Great Battle Wars. In fact, his family had started the Great Battle Wars itself.

Since that fateful day, his family had the curse blood upon the bloodline. The cursed of blood hunger, thirst for victims. The blood would always lead them to seek sacrifices until the end of their life. Heihachi knew how suffering his father because of the blood demand. However, everything was different with him. He had no guilt after killing.

He had never felt a slight of remorse after raping, robbing, and torturing people. He enjoyed to the most. Actually, he loved it. He hoped his son would follow his way of life. He had done his best to train his son. He had asked Kazuya to kill people in his early age. He had adopted Chaolan the bastard to grow Kazuya's competitive sense. He had treated him bad to train his surviving skills. However, all of them were useless.

That traitor... Fuck Kazuya for being weak like his father, Jinpachi. What a stupid asshole, falling for stupid woman and ending his life to save her. Well, he couldn't expect any to be like him. His wish was being immortal and having world under his power. He needed none. He could do all by himself because he's Heihachi Mishima.

Kazuya Mishima had packed his stuffs. He felt ready to find his beloved Jun. Both Yoshimitsu and Lili knew that Kazuya was still weak, yet his desire to meet his lover was uncontrolled. Since he remembered, he had left Jun with Lee, his improvement increased significantly. He couldn't wait one single day to find Jun. Therefore, the great ninja and mermaid decided to follow Kazuya for finding Jun and Lee. Just wait up, my sleeping beauty…. I'll be there….

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