Ice Cream

(Twis POV)

I ran in the Weasleys, gosh I feel so stupid. They offered Ice cream so we said yes, I wonder if I will get treated different with them not knowing who I really am. I hope so, I just want to be semi normal.

Uh…dad, is there any spell you can put that will show he words at the bottom?

Yes son, I will do it now, but be careful do not tell them who you are.

I wont, trust me.

He put the spell on so I could talk to Ron and Hermione. They asked a lot of questions with me just answering.

"So are you going to go to Hogwarts?"

I don't know, I don't feel comfortable with going into my 5th year at a nw school

"That's understandable." Hermione had said.

They then started to tell him all about Hogwarts. Houses, teachers, and quittage. That's when Twi got 'talking' they talked about that for an hour till it was time to go.

(Snapes POV)

I watched Twi talking, it was good to see him so happy, they got on the topic if Hogwarts, I never even thought about that. I guess that's a talk Twi and I need to talk about. Weasley talked on and on asking me question, which I answered, soon it was time to go.

Twi told me all about what he did with the wolf, then what he, Hermione, and Ron talked about. Then asked me about school.

What do you want me to?

That's your choice

I don't wanna go back as Harry, and they know Twi.

We will figure something out. Go get ready for bed.




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