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Chapter 31: Her Whisper is the Lucifer

"What should I pack?" I ran around crazy the first day of summer (aka next week) and I think it was driving Neji crazy.

"God Tenten, it's 2 damn days, you don't need you're whole suitcase!" Neji scolded.

I sniffled fakely. I liked my zebra striped suitcase. Either way, I was only gonna bring my book bag. I packed a nice outfit for dinner tonight and the concert and then pajamas and an outfit tomorrow.

Fully charging my iPod was important so I left it's cord plugged into it all night to make sure it got extra voltage. The train ride was four hours to get to Tokyo, where the concert was.

Then we would go to dinner and leave for the concert. We were staying in a hotel that night so we wouldn't be riding a train home at three in the morning. I was proud to say that I wasn't afraid to share a hotel room with Neji, which was saying something considering the fact that I would never ever say that about any other boy on Earth.


" Nareul mukkgo gadundamyeon sarangdo mukkin chae!" I cried loudly, half singing half not as Neji and I reached the train station.

I had changed into my outfit I was going to wear for tonight, yellow skinny jeans with a thin pink belt and a silver sequenced tank that said 'Another Label, Another Boy' it was one of my favorites worn by Hyoyeon of SNSD. And to top it off, sky blue heels that were Ino's, which she was letting me borrow.

Speaking of Ino, she still can't walk and I was beginning to worry if she was ever gonna get out of her bed. Shikamaru was getting really pissed because Max was always in her room. Ino just growled at both of them to leave but I don't know if they ever did.

"Do you even know what you're singing?" Neji questioned as he took out our train tickets.

"Yeah." I remarked simply. "If you tie me down and trap me, then the love is also tied down."

Neji raised his eyebrow.

"What's the song called?" He wondered.

"Lucifer." I answered with a smirk. "Ironic?"


I shrugged taking a ticket from his hand and boarding the train as the doors eased open.

"Miraedo mukkin chae keojil su eobtneunde" I sang. The future is also tied down. It can't grow anymore


After the first hour on the train ride, I took out food from my bag. It was funny because last train ride I didn't dare sit next to Neji at first but now without hesitation, I plotted myself right by him.

I handed Neji some M&M's. At first he was hesitant to eat the American candy, but I force fed him so it's all good. I, myself, decided to eat Onigiri I had packed in a bento box. It was pretty colorful if you asked me with rolled eggs and some eel. And fruit. And mango flavored candy.

Neji just rolled his eyes as he watched me pig out on my lunch. The lady with the cart of food didn't even ask us if we wanted anything. Of course I hunted her down anyway and asked for some Popsicles.

I was half eating, half listening to music. The song on my iPod right now was SHINee's 'Stand By Me' and I was loving it...


A half hour had now passed and I was beginning to get bored. Even though I had my iPod on hand it was still not enough. Neji seemed just fine sitting in his seat, staring at nothing. I suppose emotionless people were good at that but he was more of the emotion type when it came to getting angry so how could he just sit there?

"Let's play the end letter game!" I announced suddenly.

Neji glanced sideways at me.

"Sounds retarded." He remarked shortly.

I shook my head, used to his obvious insults and cold retorts.

"I'll start." I informed him. "Business!"

Neji just sighed rolling his eyes.

"If you don't answer in two seconds then-"

"Solitude." Neji muttered.

"Elephant!" I quickly countered.


"Yellow!" His enthusiasm didn't seem to match mine.

"Wilted." He droned.


"Loud..." Neji mumbled, annoyed.

"HA! I win!" I declared proudly.

Neji raised his eyebrow, this time amused.

"I assume you know that wasn't my word." He said.

I smirked nodding.

"No matter...I win!"

Neji rolled his eyes 'accepting' his defeat.

Ha. He just can't resist me.


"You gonna get up?"

I rolled off of my boyfriends lap, groggily yawning.

"We there yet?" I asked.

Neji nodded, handing me my bag.

I took it and stood, stretching. It wasn't that long of a train ride. Still...

We exited the station and glanced around. The two of us were in Tokyo now. I'd only been here a few times so I didn't exactly know it like the back of my hand but I could manage. Besides, Neji was most likely some sort of expert by now.

Typically, he grabbed my hand and led me across the sidewalk.

"I remember the last time we went to Tokyo..." He told me upon taking my hand.

I looked upwards as if trying to remember was difficult.

"Stealing my first kiss you bastard." I grumbled.

Neji was once more amused.

"That was your first?" He questioned. "Wow...even though it's someone like you I'd never figure-"

"Shut up! You already knew that!" I yelled, this time taking the lead in our walk.

Neji just smirked the whole damn way too.


"No! Never!" I screamed. "I'm not going in there!"

I fought against Neji but of course he, being the one who trained me for combat, knew my moves too well. Neji dodged my escape attack and started to drag me towards the restaurant.

"I can smell the money leaving my pocket!" I groaned, protesting.

"You're not paying." Neji simply informed my screaming self.

"I can smell the guilt in me then!" I quickly retorted.

Neji just shook his head as he continued to drag me into the very expensive restaurant that was going to haunt my wallet eternally.

My eye twitched as a waitress dressed from head to toe in sleek back greeted us with a sweet smile.

"Do you have reservations?" She asked kindly.

I was about to say no and bolt out the door but Neji held a firm grip on my elbow.

"It should be under Hyuuga." He remarked with the best smile he could manage while trying to contain a wild child.

The waitress glanced down into her book and pointed with an 'ah'.

"Got you." She said. "Follow me."

She led us into an even more expensive room which I assumed was the dining room. The walls were lined with spendy wallpaper and a diamond chandelier hung from the ceiling.

Neji and I took our seats and the menus were placed in front of us.

"I'll come back for your drink orders in a few minutes while you get acquainted with the menu." She announced, leaving us to ourselves.

"Are you going to choose?" Neji inquired, watching me glare at the menu with distaste.

"Why..." I mumbled."Are the drinks 2,000 yen per cup?"

Neji chuckled.

"Have you ever been to a fancy restaurant?" He asked, looking at me with an entertained expression.

I kicked him under the table with one of my heels.

"Well apparently not." I grumbled.

Neji's smirk returned and I was surprised he didn't kick me back. He chuckled, shaking his head.

"What do you want?" He wondered.

"The Pina Colada." I responded, truthfully.


"Not okay, Neji!" I cried, trying to keep my voice low at the same time. "2,000 yen is ridiculous!"

"I'm rich, Panda." Neji replied with a raise of his eyebrow.

He really was just not getting it was he? I didn't want him to buy me all of this expensive stuff. It's not that I didn't enjoy it one bit because I did, every bit. It's just that I felt extremely guilty when he was the one paying for all of it. And also the fact that now he had something to use against me. I don't like being in debt.

"I'll be in debt of you." I spoke my mind.

Neji rolled his eyes.

"I'm doing this for you so you don't have to repay me." He said. "I'm your boyfriend so I'm supposed to be generous, relatively."

"Still..." I carried on.

"And what about the time that I bought you all that sushi..." Neji added. "Last weeks and a couple months ago."

My eye twitched. He had a point.

"If you let me pay for the food this time and calm down, then I'll think of that as repaying the other times." Neji negotiated.

"So basically," I said, displeased. "If I relax and let you pay without giving a fuss I'm forgiven?"

"God you make it fucking sound like you sinned." Neji laughed loudly. "Tenten, please, just enjoy this."

I sighed. I suppose it was okay if money wasn't a problem in his life. Not that it was much in mine but I wasn't exactly this rich.


With my Pina Colada, I ended up having broiled eel over rice which, by the way, is fantastic.

Neji had an espresso with Japanese-style prepared lobster, which I had also.

Our food was excellent and I refused to have the appetizers. But of course, being the panda I am, I couldn't resist having a little desert. So I ordered 3 mochi ice cream balls. Green Tea. Strawberry. Mango. Grand.

"Sir are you ready for the bill?" The waitress questioned once the dishes were clear of the table.

I raised my hand immediately but Neji was quicker to call me off.

"Yes." He handed her a credit card, pushing it into the bill slit and then gave me an accusing look when the waitress disappeared from our sight.

"What was that?" he asked.

I gulped.


"I told you I was going to pay..."

At first I thought Neji was mad at me and then I saw the corner of his mouth twitch upwards. He was happy. Happy that I haven't 'repaid' him technically.

I pouted at him but didn't respond verbally, making his victory even more sweet to him.

When his car was returned to him we got up and began to leave the building. It was almost dusk, an hour before the concert was going to start. To be honest, I didn't really know where it was so I turned to Neji.

"Follow me..." He said, pulling my elbow.

We walked for about ten minutes until we reached a large ... outdoor ... auditorium. It was amazing. There were lights flashing everywhere. was purely awesome.

"Come on, Panda." Neji instructed, leading me to the ticket booth.

Neji held up the tickets and the man ripped pieces off then handed them back to us.

"Where are our seats?" I asked, glancing at the tickets. "Daaamn!" Was my response.

We were really close to the stage and I had a feeling that I was going to have a fan girl moment and squeel.

"Shocked?" Neji suggested my emotion.

I just nodded, speechless as we walked in to find our seats through the crowds of people. Our seats were only two rows away from the stage. Perfect. So we could see the whole thing but still be close enough to the performers.

For the next half hour, before the performance started, I informed Neji of all the groups.

"First there's SHINee," I explained. "Made up of Key, Taemin, Jonghyun, Onew and Minho. Minho is the rapper, Onew is the leader, Jonghyun is the lead vocalist, Taemin is the best dancer and Key is the sass master. As in he can do the dances and singing together better than any one else."

Even though Neji was probably being bored to death he didn't show it much.

"And then Hyoyeon's my favorite from SNSD." I went on. "She doesn't get enough attention but she's their best dancer by far and has amazing vocals too."

Neji just nodded and nodded.

"Super Junior is just grandly there." I said. "They've had 13 members in total but right now there are 10. Kyuhyun is my favorite because he has the smexiest smile."

Neji wasn't too fond of that comment.

And as I was ranting about f(x) and how many more songs they should make, all the lights in the outdoor stadium started to dim and I freaked out, trying to mentally prepare myself for amazingness.

"I wonder what they're going to open with." I whispered to Neji.

He shrugged, obviously not knowing.

There was a quiet tone among everyone in the audience as we waited to be entertained by some of the best performers of Korea. YG was great too but obviously this was an SM concert.

Suddenly a familiar beat started to play.

"Soomeul gotdo chatji mothae naneun"

And that was when I started to lose it.

"Piharyeogo aesseo bwado"

I started bouncing up and down as SHINee took the stage, Onew using the mic first, making his voice heard throughout the crowd.

"Geobujocha hal su eopneun"

Seeing them so close made me feel like I was going to have a heart attack. I had to hold onto Neji's elbow to stay conscious.

"Nege gadhyeobeorin na" Taemin's soft voice echoing.

"Neji they're playing Lucifer!" I squealed.

"Sarangieotdamyeon jeongmal saranghaetdeon georamyeon." Jonghyun's strong vocals...

I had to prepare myself once more. The crowd chant was coming up and I knew it...very well. It's what a crowd screams during a dance and it's very intricate.

"Naege ireojineun mala...HER WHISPER IS THE LUCIFER!"

And then it started.

"LEE JINKI!" We cried, our voices resonating in the crowd.


"KIM KIBUM!" And louder.

"CHOI MINHO!" My lungs felt like they were going to burst.

"LEE TAEMIN!" The devil...

"SHINee!" is gone.

And then one last cry, "LUCIFER!"

~ f i n ~

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